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4th January 2012, 11:24 PM
This is some what of a deck repost, but the idea had been looming ever since the creation of both of the deck's I last posted, what about magnezone in vile/reuni and in theory looks bad in actual play is rather smooth, so here's the re-mod deck list,

2-2 lilligant EP
1-1-1 magenzone prime
1 zekrom b/w
1 kyurem NV
1 victini (victory star)
1 shaymin UL
2 cleffa
3-1-2 vileplume ud
2-2-2 reuniclus b/w

3 electric energy
5 grass energy

2 dual ball
2 twins
1 prof elms
3 seeker
3 rare candy
3 pont
4 copycat
1 flowershop lady
2 burnt tower
3 communication

after various testing this is the one probably best suited for cities play, the biggest issue I had was the downfall I could have had from only paying zekrom as a back drop attacker, and since I'm stalling in theory I might as well set up 300 point's of damage for the finisher, hehehe. now after finding a way around that and putting in magnezone, there is some obvious adverse health issue's for instance, you run one of the biggest issue's of running out of energy which is just a bad idea on whole (even if this is a t1-t2 top's deck, 1 energy is worth everything), another issue you run is bad luck, but you can't say what kind of luck you'll actually have until you play.

Now I assume that you guy's know how the deck work's, if you have any other questions about the engine, pokemon, energy please don't mind to give me a hollar.