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6th January 2012, 12:22 AM
I haven't played pokemon in awhile so I'm getting back into the thick of things.. Here goes..

Nidoking@focus sash
Poison point
Ev: 252 sp.att , 252 speed , 4hp

Earth power
Ice beam
Stealth rock

Ok so he is my lead. Set up rocks . The sash provides me with that. Then switch him out. A great stall breaker. Thunderbolt takes care of any water stalling pokemon. Earth power provides the coverage along with stab and ice beam is for general cover agianst dragons or bulky grass,although dragon types are faster than him..

Heracross@choice scarf
Ev: 216 attack,248 speed,40 hp, 4 sp.def

Close combat
Stone edge

Ok so this is my physical attacker. The ev spread is given to push up attack and speed.. I think the speed stat makes it to 350 plus not to sure to be exact.. And there's a little in hp for some extra bulk..regarding the moveset, its pretty standard. Megahorn and CC provide stab . CC for chansey or blissey.. Maybe skarmory too..stone edge is in to go up against and flying types.. Even against gyarados or dragonite.. Nightslash is in for any pyschics.. Since I've got nothing else super effective on team.. But EQ also makes for an interesting move as well.

Pidgeot@Choice band
Tangled feet
Ev: 252 att, 252 speed,4 def

Brave bird
Quick attack/pursuit

Ok this Is my scouter or revenge killer wana be. Yeah I know this bird useless but wotever. Evs try to give it a change of hitting hard lol. Brave bird is his stab. U turn is in for scouting..
Return provides stab and stab too.. Tailwind is an odd one.. But keep it in mind when looking through my entire team. Quick attack to try and finish off something or pursuit for anyone trying to switch..

Typhlosion@choice scarf
Ev: 252 sp.att, 224 speed, 32 hp

Focus blast
Hp Grass

Ok this is my special spweeper. Max sp att evs to crank up its power and since its scarfed I shipped some evs from speed into hp just to ghive it some bulk to compensate for its stealth rock weakness. Eruption is in cause hey max power eruption who wouldn't? Lol. Focus blast for any rock or ground pokemon that may be about.flamethrower is my consistent stab.but my last slot I'm worried about.. I've got no idea how to get the right hidden power on my pokemon.. I've never had to breed for a specicfic hidden power before and don't kow how.. So yeah epic fail. Overall on paper he provides some speedy powerful attacks..

Ev: 252 hp, 252 def,4 speed

Light screen
Synthesis/leech seed

Ok so here's my support my poor meganium.max hp evs to get the full amount of leftovers and max def so hopefully he can wall something lol XD. Toxic is to cripple any switch ins and hopefully force swith outs. Energyball for some kind of stab attack.light screen cause my team badly needs it!!!!!!!!!! Now I'm leaning toward synthesis because it offers meganium to maybe atleast put it another screen or toxic or something. With leech seed , yes it will force more switch outs and support my team but the amount I'll regain won't help this green dinosaur sigh..

Ev: 56 hp, 252 attack, 200 speed

Sword dance/ dragon dance
Waterfall/ aquajet
Ice punch

Ok my set up sweeper . I've been having a headache with gatr. If I go sword dance I go with aquajet.if dragon dance then I'll go with waterfall. The evs in attack give him a good attack stat. A little in hp cause he has some nice bulk and it can help to get an extra boost in and speed ofcourse to take to 250 I think.Anyways ice punch is in there for any dragons coming in or for stuff like sceptile or venasaur.earthquake would be in cause of any steel types hanging around or wotever. EQ is EQ lol..coverage in other words lol.. I'm really struggling to decide. I just want something that's consistent for competitive battling..

Hope my analysis is alright.. Please help a noob :D haha thanks in advance

Aura Sensei™
6th January 2012, 1:06 AM
Here is a Feraligatr set:

Feraligatr Jolly Nature
~Ice Punch
~Dragon Dance

I will help again later.

6th January 2012, 10:49 AM
Ok cool. But quick question why not the sd set for gatr?

8th January 2012, 4:52 PM
I think nidoking would be a better physical attacker especially sense he can use the three elemental punch and earthquake

Aura Sensei™
8th January 2012, 6:03 PM
You use DD because it raises your speed and attack,and Feraligatr dosen't have very good speed.

9th January 2012, 8:05 AM
And because when you raise his speed and attack he will be able to use waterfall which is stronger than aqua jet

9th January 2012, 12:41 PM
Ok thanks alot guys!