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7th January 2012, 4:27 PM
Hey all,

first time posting a deck list here so play nice :D

I'm running this on the TCG OL at the moment, finally managaged to trade the cards I needed to make it work.

So far its pretty 50/50. Its a rogue deck, I'm bored of playing Reshi-Boar and wanted something different. Problems are it is very slow, doesn't seem to give me the drawing power I need (my reshi boar has Magenzone and Ninetails to get me the cards I need) and gets totally hosed by trainer lock.

So, help me make it stronger please. I'm not going to be taking this to worlds any time soon, just getting into the game seriously and trying out something a little different to the norm.

Basic plan is the deck starts with Druddgion out with a helmet on him scattering damage while Hydregion sets up.
Then he step in and with Dark energy and plus power scatters as much extra energy, picking off weak backfields and putting damage counters out.

Finally, Darkrai/Cresselia step up and redistributes the damage to where it needs to be to pick off threats and steal double or even triple prizes winning the game.

The deck will usualyl go down a prize or two, hence twins. I think more black belt could be good to take Hydregion's damage up to silly levels.

Really looking forward to the next set as there is a lot of dark boosting in there which might help tweak the deck, but that's for the future.

Tempted to add a couple of Jirachifor the devolution trick, as well as maybe finding some other ways of getting more damage out, but that's slowing the deck down even further which is the opposite of what I need.

So, here is the list so far...

Hydregion Line - 4/1/3
Druddgion - 3
Darkrai/Cresselia ledgend - 2

Energy Search - 2
Great Ball - 2
Junk Arm - 2
Plus Power - 4
Catcher - 2
Communications - 2
Rare Candy - 3
Switch - 2
Pocky Helmet - 3

Black Belt
Cheren - 3
Twins - 2

4x Dark Energy (special)
4x DCE
4x Psychic

8th January 2012, 5:32 AM
Even one Jirachi can be a useful tech in this deck, surely.
Great ball isn't a trainer I'd recommend, and 4 plus powers doesn't seem too needed. With the low amount of draw power, it's obvious you're having trouble getting setup, you should put in some PONT, Juniper, etc. Judge isn't a very important supporter, and it'd be worth switching out some plus powers, catchers, energy search for them.

This seems like a rough deck, but props for being creative :D

8th January 2012, 11:56 AM
Cheers, will make some changes today and run it a few times, see what I can switch up.

I agree the deck needs draw. Jirachi is a card I'd like to add for sure.

My only slight worry is rotation could happen fairly soon, so then I lose a lot of the cards that make this work (in theory at this stage :D)

Rogue deck planning seems a lot more fun that using the usual stuff. reshi boar is good, but a bit boring...