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11th January 2012, 2:12 AM
I will admit this team is not the greatest. I need some tips on making it more effective.

Gliscor @ Yache Berry ~ Sand Veil #Impish
EV's: 252 hp/152 Def/104 spe
Stealth Rock,
Aerial Ace.

If i think the opposing lead is literally there to just stealth rock, i will taunt (if i also think i'm faster). Then setup my own SR unless their lead is also a spinner. Aerial ace over EQ, probably not recommended but i am finding EQ way too easy to dodge.
I am VERY tempted to change my item into mail as trick leads are annoying me loads.
Tempted to switch to Skarmony for whirlwind so roar isn't needed elsewhere or to have a backup phaze.

I will "often" follow with Bronzong or this guy:

Umbreon @ Leftovers ~ Synchronize #impish
EV's: 252 hp/252 def/4 spd
Rain Dance,
Heal Bell
Payback is there to not be shut down by taunt and can be useful.
Not using Damp Rock as i need this thing alive and wish sometimes isn't enough.
Rain Dance as one of my two weather effects.

Rain Dance abuser #1:
(also "fair" in sandstorm)
Kabutops @ Choice Band ~ Swift Swim #adamant
EV's: 252 HP/252 ATK/4 spe
Brick Break
X Scissor
Rock Slide
Rock slide over edge as i prefer the reliability. Brick break as i wished my team to have a shield breaker, could come in handy. Waterfall for absolutely crazy effects in rain. X scissor is probably unneeded?

Rain Dance abuser #2
Starmie @ Wacan Berry ~ Natural cure
EV's 252 Hp/252 spe/4 spa (change the HP to SpA?)
Rapid Spin
Thunder Wave
Thunder wave is actually incredibly useful, as people keep bringing in blissey's and it often get's the odd switch in which it can catch out and it's now slow. Rest is obvious except for lack of recover, tempting to replace TW with it, but atm Starmie is dying WAY too easily anyway.

Bronzong @ light clay ~ Levitate #Impish
EV's: 252 Hp, 168 def, 88 spd
Light Screen
My 2nd Rain Dance setup and sets up both screens. It's ridiculously weak to magnezone but it will have done it's job and will let my any of my sweepers get through a tonne of damage without taking much back.

Sandstorm and special defense:
Tyranitar @ Lum Berry ~ Sand Stream #careful
EV's: HP 252/80 def/176 spd
Dragon Dance
Stone edge/Rock slide (currently edge)
Currently my only phazer in the team, this thing can be exceedingly useful for that. Otherwise it's the secondary sweeper. With both shields in place only physical fighting types are even worth thinking about. Or stuff with brick break.

So what do you think?
Any decent team i find runs rings around this team, had a iron head jirachi which was literally unstoppable, luck didn't help but still, that thing hurt!
Against less equipped teams, the kabutops just tore them to threads in the 4 turns of rain. 4 waterfalls was quite often 4x pokemon dead thinking what the heck was that?

The sandstorm is a bit weird. It has Ko'd a few things quite handily, but mostly it isn't particularly effective. Also i have only one status in here, i'd like to have more, perhaps toxic on the Gliscor?
I like how both weathers can be "good" for kabutops, although i very rarely use the sandstorm for him, especially seeing how ridiculous he is in rain and that both him + my sandstorm setterupper are both fighting weak.
And if it's not a fighting move being used tyranitar simply happily sets up anyway, I think it needs substitute though (as lum isn't overly efficient in keeping all the status effects away)

13th January 2012, 12:48 AM
Well for your Jirachi problem maybe a fast pokemon with a super effective move, but if it has substitute then there is not much to do :/ Its so hard to counter, maybe electivire could work... It gets a speed boost from thunder wave and with a jolly nature it could easily outspeed Jirachi. It has immunity to iron head, and several super effective moves. Its electric typing and speed boost from jirachi could also allow electivire to faint pokemon who may try to abuse your rain dance. Ice punch could allow electivire to faint grass pokemon who have a advantage to several team members. And X-Scissor can hit Celebi incredibly hard. This is just an idea but you may want to try Electivire out:D

17th March 2012, 10:54 PM
as opposed to electivire, instead, try jolteon. jolteon can make a great rain abuser and phazer, along with t-wave.

jolteon @leftovers
252 s. attack, 252 speed, 4 s.
moves: t-bolt/ thunder, roar, t-wave, pin missle

with your starmie problem, try a standard special attacker...look on smogon for other movesets for your team