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12th January 2012, 1:14 AM
Hello! this is my first serebii fanfiction, so I'm kind of scared if this will interest people or not. It is PG-15 so keep that in mind. My story is the story of the Pokemon Champion Hector and an crazy journey has, so please read it and thank to the people that do.

Hector and the Old Pokemon League
Chapter One:
God Hunting

You could imagine one’s surprise to see a legendary Celebi staring at them through their bedroom window. Any normal trainer would have called it a miracle sighting and let it be, but I wouldn’t. I was Hector, the Champion of the Sylphia region and I would most definitely go look for it.

Sylphia was a relatively small region, only eight major cities and only eight gyms. When I set out on my quest to become a Pokemon master five years ago, I never expected to get this far. Two years after starting my journey, my partner and I, Sheba, became the strongest figures in the entire region. She and I battled trainer after trainer after trainer, they all lost against us. In fact, we haven’t lost an official match since I battled my seventh Gym Leader, whom I am now good friends with. So, I was a little cocky.

Now I’m in my truck, with Sheba in the back. I brought two other Pokemon with me, Rake and Drake. All three of my Pokemon needed to be extremely powerful, which they were, for what they would soon face in the forest. When Celebi was peering through my window, I immediately ran outside my house. It had gone away by then, but the little bugger left something behind. It was a leaf sitting outside my window, but not just any leaf. It came from a specific species of Tangrowth-Mock that grows only on Mt. Horus. It must live on the Mountain, that is where I had to go. I was going to catch the little guy.

Was I unprepared? not in slightest. As an expert Pokemon trainer, I had already done research on Celebi thousands of times in the past. I even spent all morning refreshing my memory just in case I forgot something. Any time not spent researching I was preparing my three Pokemon. I ran Rake and Drake through practices how to immobilize a grass type, and how to avoid the quick hit from leaves or vines. Drake was a Charizard and Rake was a Weavile, so I expected them to do well against Celebi. It was Sheba I was mostly worried about. Sheba was a Raichu, an electric type with no real advantages against the grass and psychic Celebi. Sheba was getting old too, starting to want to battle less and less….but I could not leave her at home while I went out and caught a powerful Pokemon with unknown powers.

Speaking of Celebi’s powers, they were hard to determine. As a legendary, not much is known about it and many stories about are old myths and legends. Some stories about it say it can travel through time or other crazy stuff like that. Ultra rare Pokemon always get mixed up old legends and stuff, though, so naturally people invent magical voodoo powers to go along with them. I believe I read a page on the internet once about how ancients worshipped legendaries as gods, because of their power and rarity.

“Whelp, Sheba!”, I said, “It looks like we are going to defeat a god today!”. She gave me an excited look and blasted out static from her cheeks, making my black hair frizzy. After a long drive, we finally arrived at Mt. Horus. I knew a secret hiking path that strays away from the camp sites and wildlife centers. Sheba and I got out of the truck, her tail whipping me in the face on accident, and started walking up the mountain side.

We started following the ancient, beaten up path I’d traveled in the past. This was the place I had caught Rake, only it was during the winter. No Sneasel would be roaming in this beautiful warm forest during spring, but apparently Celebi did.

For hours we hiked, Sheba and I. I looked at every thick, viney, Tangrowth-Mock I could find. They only showed evidence of Spearow living in them, or some other bird. Sheba demanded a drink of water, so I stopped at a spring. She lapped the water up and I splashed some of it on my sweaty face. I stared at my reflection for a few seconds. My black hair, my square jaw, my blue eyes. Yeah, I was hot.

I bent back up and looked at my watch, nine PM. We had been on this mountain eight hours. “Hey Sheba, I think I’m we’re gonna call it quits. Maybe come back tomorrow, lets see If Drake will let us ride him home”, I shouted at her, as she was quite a ways from me. I waited for her to respond, and got no answer.

“Sheba!”, I called. I knew something was wrong immediately. I ran towards where I thought she was.

“Raichu!”, I her scream in anger. I ran as hard as I could towards the direction I heard her. I tripped on twigs and branches scratched me, but I kept going. “Sheba!”, I kept screaming. Eventually I made myself into a clearing and I sighed in relief. She was here. But then tense up.

Sheba looked like she going to pounce like a cat, something she does when she’s about to use thunder. She gave no attention to me, instead she looked at a tree top. Celebi was there, staring down at her angrily. Leaves were floating and whirling around Celebi, and I could tell it was whipping up a Leaf Storm. Suddenly, the leaves shot at Sheba, who dodged. Sheba threw herself at Celebi, using Iron tail. Celebi must had been expecting an electric attack, because it was knocked to the ground in clear surprise.

“Rake, Drake, go!”, I threw my two Pokeballs, which opened and Rake and Drake sprung out. “Fire blast! Ice beam! Now!”, I shouted at them and they immediately did as they were told. Both attacks missed Celebi, who was in the air again. Celebi sent blasts of psychic energy at the three of my Pokemon. The one going for Drake missed, and Sheba dodged out of way. Rake tried to dodge but was to late, he was sent tumbling away. “No!”, I said watching Rake as he lay still on the ground. “Drake! Flamethrower!”. Drake started blasting a stream of flames at Celebi, who kept dodging. I ran towards Rake, leaving the other two alone. I checked Rake’s body, making sure he didn’t just faint. He looked find so I gave my attention back to Celebi.

The forest was on flames, “****!”, I said. Drake hadn’t even hit Celebi, and instead ignited the entire forest on fire. Celebi looked at me, a cold and ugly look. Rocks, dust, and burnt plant matter starting floating in the air as Celebi’s eye glowed a bright green. Sheba and Drake backed towards me and Rake slowly. Why in the name of Hell did I bring a fire type to forest!, thought to myself, Now Celebi is going to ****ing kill us for burning it down!

I scared out of my wits now. I had faced hundreds of opponents in my three year reign as Sylphia Champion, and my Pokemon and I were going to be killed by a creature some didn’t believe to exist. The blinding green light in Celebi’s light grew bright, and then brighter, It grew until it engulfed me and my Pokemon. The horrible, blinding, burning, green light.
But then, everything was dark.

The next Chapter will be here soon, I'm started school again soon so that may put it off for a little bit. Remember: I'm grateful to all readers, again, thank you.