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12th January 2012, 9:33 PM
Shadows and Elements

The dreaded (and often ignored) Authors Notes

First off, before any of you get excited, this Fan-fiction is a version of Romeo and Juliet, so if you hate Romance; hit the Back Button now. OR you can stay on and read, you never know; you might like my take on the old story. I'm not normally a Romance person, but Romeo and Juliet is an exception, it is a story that I love and will never get bored of. The very basic plot will be the same, but I'll throw in different events, jumble the characters around, change some scenes. Old habits die hard, so I won't be able to resist throwing in a good blood-thirsty battle or two, but I promise there will be no horror. Just to be safe, I'll rate the FF PG-14, for bad language and violence.

I'll be surprised if no one has done a Romeo and Juliet FF before, but I'm still going to write this one. Thanks for reading, please comment; I'd love to know your opinions/ideas! Now, I bid you farewell as you set off into the Adventure, see you at the other end!

Chapter 1: Shadows

I sighed as I looked into the mirror; a seventeen year old Houndoom stared back. The Houndoom had emerald green eyes, a spark of excitement and daring shone brightly out of them. I grinned at my reflection, my pearly white teeth tapered down into deadly points, and thankfully they were in proportion with my mouth; many Houndoom ended up with huge fangs that looked far too big for their jaw. My glossy black fur shimmered in the candlelight that lit up my bedroom, causing me to look more like a ghost than a solid being. My charming smile widened at the thought; Romeo the ghost Houndoom? Sounds pretty pathetic. I had long, muscular legs, with a broad chest, I was unusually big for a Houndoom, around a foot taller than any other I’ve met. My horns grew out of my skull just behind my ears, they curved round and the points stopped just before reaching the back of my head. One of my ears was torn from a fight, giving me a ‘dangerous’ look, however, despite the ‘dangerous’ and ‘dark’ looks, I had quite a charming and attractive appearance, so I couldn’t complain.

“Do I look sexy? Or am I sexy?” A sly voice came from behind me. I twisted round and saw Charlie, my best mate, standing in the doorway with his hands planted against his hips and coyly leaning against the doorframe. Charlie, or also known as ‘Fluffles’ and ‘Charles’, was a sly looking Zoroark, same age as me. He was taller than me, I barely reached his shoulder, but I was by far the most muscular; Charlie was long and lanky, thin as a twig. Although he was stick thin, his slim features were quite attractive, and he was often the main talk of the ladies’ gossip. Long, dusty-grey, shaggy fur covered his body, although his chest was covered with slightly longer black fur. He had a mane of long, tangled, dark red hair that was shoved into a loose ponytail, the ends tipped with a deep purple colour. His eyes were an unusual purple that could melt a woman’s heart with one look, although they had a dangerous glint in them. Charlie’s ‘rugged’ and ‘unkempt’ style made him very good looking. And he knew it.

“Your mum’s sexy.” I retorted, pathetic, I know. Laughing as his attempt at putting on a seducing face turned into one of mock rage.

“Hey!” He yelled, pouting his lips. “Not only is that the worst attempt at a come-back ever, you’re just jealous that I have a sexy mum, unlike you!”

Now it was my turn to pull an enraged expression. “Oi! My mum IS sexy thank you very much!” I snapped back.

“Hmm, I agree.” Charlie said, giving me a sly wink. “And she’s also great in bed!” He laughed hysterically as I chased him round my bedroom; jaws snapping, teeth bared. I knocked almost all of the furniture over in my room trying to pin him down. He giggled as I pounced onto his chest and clamped my jaws over his throat. “Down boy, DOWN!” He snapped his fingers and pointed to the floor, I just hate it when he teases my like that.

Finally getting bored, I let go of Charlie, who scrambled back onto his feet. “Woof, woof.” I said unenthusiastically. “Submit to the Alpha dog.” I bowed down in mock respect, twirling one of my paws round and round.

“Fox actually.” Charlie said with a grin. “Unlike you, my very close biological relation, I don’t go round sniffing people’s buts and pissing against every vertical object I come across.”

I flung a paw across my chest and stumbled backwards in pretend hurt, giving him my puppy-dog eyes. “Ouch! That’s a bit harsh!” I stood upright again and prepared to run as I yelled behind my shoulder. “Well, unlike you, an unfortunately close biological relation, I don’t go round eating crap out of bins and living in ****-holes in the ground!” I pelted down the corridor, and just as I expected, Charlie was hot on my tail sending curses in my direction.

“I’m gonna get you for that, Romeo!” Charlie yelled, sprinting after me. I just laughed as my four legs outstripped him completely; I was running so fast it felt like I was flying.

“You’re gonna have to catch me first!” I shouted back, grinning like a maniac, sprinting down the corridors of our home. “Come on!” I mocked him. “I’ve seen Slugma walk faster than you!”

Charlie began to speed up, a wolf like grin on his face. He sidestepped a chair I had managed to tip over, and roared. “Actually, Slugma SLIDE! They can’t walk ‘cause they have no feet-” He was cut short as he ran into a marble pillar. There was a loud crunch as muffled groans and curses filled the air.

I skidded across the floor trying to turn around. I started to panic, my heart started to thud in my chest as the furry heap didn’t move. Was Charlie okay? “Charlie? Are you alright?” I asked, tentatively, not sure I wanted to know the answer.

“Immfallykeshat.” A muffled voice said as I leaned over the top of him, my brow furrowed in worry.

“What, Charlie?! What?! I don’t understand you?!” I said, trying to figure out if I should call for help or not. I pawed the ground as I panicked and didn’t know what to do.

I sighed with immense relief as Charlie peeled himself away from the pillar, a slightly dazed expression on his face. “I feel like ****.” He repeated. “I swear this pillar never used to be here before!” He said in confusion, he shook his head and looked up at me. “How do I look, sexy?” A grin crossed his face as I groaned and rolled my eyes.

“Trust you!” I moaned as I swatted him across the head. “To be honest, you look fine. Well actually…” I scrutinised his face, looking for damage. “Actually, you seem to have sprouted a huge, ugly lump in the middle of your face.” I smiled slyly as Charlie reached up and felt his face, a horrified look in his eyes. “Oh! Wait! Sorry, it’s just your nose!” I laughed as he glared at me and tried to scratch my face.

“Ha! Ha! Very funny!” Charlie said sarcastically while struggling to his feet. He pulled a strained expression as he stretched out, his joints cracking, going all stiff. “That hurt like Hell.”

“I’m sure it did!” I laughed. “Look! You made a dent in the pillar!”

“So I did!” Charlie said in amazement as he studied the small hollow that had appeared in the marble. “I think I did that with one of my teeth.” He scratched the back of his head as he thought. “You mum’s gonna kill me, isn’t she.”

“That’s if she finds out.” I winked. “Remember, we were never here!” I said, my voice trailing off into a dramatic silence.

“Good point.” Charlie agreed, he shut his eyes for a moment, as if trying to remember something important. His eyes snapped open as he shouted. “Oh yeah! Your mum wanted me to tell you that you’re late for the Shadow Gathering.”

“WHAT?!?!” I screamed with disbelief and panic. “Why didn’t you say before?! Now she is REALLY gonna kill us!” I head-butted him down the corridor. “Come on! It’s the Shadow Gathering! We’re late!”

We pelted down the corridors of our huge marble castle, I was beginning to pant as we finally reached the large, wooden, double doors that were the entrance to the Dining Room. I was thinking of different apologies and excuses in my head; although I knew I had no chance of getting out of trouble. The Shadow Gathering was held once a year, it was where all the Dark and Psychic Pokemon would all meet up for a feast and to discuss our next moves on our enemies the Elements; Water and Fire Pokemon. There had been a feud between our groups for over thousands of years, and although we all lived in the same city, we competed for rightful leadership of the place. For the past hundred years, the Elements had been leading the city, and our group was plotting to take ownership. Since I was the son of the Shadow’s leaders, Simon and Jane, Gallade and Gardevoir, there was a big responsibility for me to keep up the family honour. A responsibility that I had just failed; by arriving late for the most important event of the year. “Shhh!” I whispered. “If we sneak in, they might not notice us.”

It turned out that my plan to ‘sneak in unnoticed’ didn’t work. We slid the giant doors open and slipped inside, I was a wreck of nerves as a giant Spiritomb, sitting at the head of a humongous table, suddenly stopped speaking to the hundred or-so Pokemon listening and stared at me and Charlie. “Err…. Hi?” I said with a weak smile. The other Pokemon didn’t return the smile and just stared at us coldly as Charlie and I shuffled to our seats.

“As I was saying.” The giant Spiritomb said loudly, clearing his throat. Throwing disgusted looks at me and my friend. “The rule of the Elements has lasted to long! It’s time to strike back!” A cheer ran through the crowd.

I stopped listening after a while; it was always the same stuff: Down with the Elements…. Blah blah blah…… We must work together….. Blah blah blah….. Shadows are the rightful leaders of the city…. Blah. I turned my gaze away from the Spiritomb, who was actually my Grandfather, called Rodger, and looked around at the decoration of the hall. The ceiling was thirty feet high, made entirely out of white marble, as were the walls. Intricate carvings ran along the walls, showing famous battles or people. A personal favourite showed a Darkrai taking down an Entei and Suicune with ease. Purple banners, fringed with black lace, adorned the ceiling. The long wooden table was set out with the remains of dinner, it seemed Charlie and I had missed the feast completely. Although, Charlie was happily tucking into other people’s left-overs as their attentions were directed towards Rodger. I rolled my eyes, despite being skinny; Charlie ate like a pig, and would never refuse a chance to eat.

“While most of us are prepared for the fight.” Rodger drawled on. “Some of us, mentioning no names, need to get their act together before we have a chance at bringing down the Elements!” Rodger stared at Charlie and I deliberately, all the other Pokemon in the room turned to us and scowled, muttering under their breath. While I was completely embarrassed and begging for the floor to swallow me whole, Charlie was paying no attention to anyone around him and was entirely focussed on stripping off all the meat on a chicken drumstick.

I elbowed Charlie in the ribs, causing him to grunt. “Put it down you ****!” I whispered urgently. “Everyone is staring at us, including Rodger!”

I had to bite back a grin as Charlie mumbled. “Rodger the Old Codger.” Spraying bits of chicken everywhere. Seriously, that guy was unbelievable; he didn’t once take his eyes off the food in front of him.

As the meeting went on and Rodger finished his speech, Pokemon began to chatter among themselves. I was talking to Charlie about the meeting. “So, I take it you didn’t listen to a single word of that speech?”

“Nope.” Charlie said with a smile. “I have nothing against the Elements, well, they are posh twats, but they haven’t done anything to make me hate them. AND some of the girls are right babes, Flareon for example.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Flareon?”

Charlie looked a bit sheepish. “Well, not just Flareon there are other hot girls! There’s Arcanine, Rapidash, Suicune, Typhlosion, Milotic, Infernape, Simipour, Keldeo-”

I quickly cut Charlie off. “Wait a minute! These are all Pokemon with manes or long hair!” I gave him a funny look.

Charlie stroked his long, tangled hair. “Well, anyone who follows the same fashion sense as me is classed as sexy in my books!” He said with a wink. I just rolled my eyes.

22nd January 2012, 4:46 PM
This is really good so far. I have to do Romeo and Juliet in English at the moment and I think that starting the story from a completely different angle is a brilliant idea. My favourite character has to be Zoroark and his sly, immature sense of things. Keep up the good work!