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13th January 2012, 4:23 PM

A newsreader behind it's desk, brings the daily news. 'Today is the day that it's the 100th birthday of- A presentator comes smiling and waving on stage. 'Welcome to Poké-challenge! The be'- An evil Tyrinitar with red eyes roars, followed by a black sreen with the text. 'Pokémon Ranger, The Dark side. Soon out'- A chef with a Grovyle as souschef is, throws tomatoes in the air while the grovyle slices them in multiple pieces.-
'Come on! There's nothing good on TV tonight,' I said, as I zapped from channel to channel. I sighed, and stood up. 'Let's get something to drink then.'

With a can of coke I walked back to the couch and took a draught. I looked back to the television. There were still advertisements on. I sighed again, grabbed the remote and put my finger above the button to switch channels-
'4 Tribes, dropped on a beautifull island, match up against each other. They have to take on the toughest challenges, vicious collusions will be wrought and friendship and fights originate in the tense head of the battle.'
Curious, still with my finger floating above the button - So, at the first moment of uninteresting I could change channels- I gazed at the screen.
'Do you want to take on the challenge in this thrilling and exciting competition and win 1 MILLION dollar!? Enter the competition and maybe you will be the last trainer standing and crowned as the...Amazing Master!' said the voice-over.
'That's pretty awesome!' I said excited.
'For the rules and more information, visit www.amazingmasters.nl. Applying for a place in Amazing Masters will be until 21 January 2012. One island...16 trainers...one winner...Amazing Masters!

In this pokémon fanfic, every 2 weeks one contestant will drop out of the competition. There will be 'test episodes' (in this episode the contestants will face a test/challenge) and 'elimination episodes' (in an one vs one pokémon battle will one player be eliminated). A test episode is always followed by a elimination episode. So with each week a episode, there will be each two weeks one contender less.

It's in the style of a reality television program, hence the trailer in the prologue. And I thought it would be fun if I don't come up with the characters myself, but let you take part in the story.

So pretend that you are the 'I' in the prologue and that you just saw the trailer, would you apply?

A few hints for your character:
- Look at the number of males and females. For example: you notice that a lot of entrees are male, than you have higher chance that your character will be applied if you chose a female character.
- Don't make your character to powerfull. Everybody has his strong and weak points.
- To have a higer chance of being applied into the fic, look at the characters that already have been made and make you character special (for example: a vicious player, a sneaky person, or very sweet)

Name: (please use normal names, no Menadi Ferisakisoko or anything like that)
Age: (between 16 and 20)
Pokémon: (which pokémon has your character. You may choose 3 pokémon from all the 5 regions. NO LEGENDARY POKEMON. Choose wisely..)
Gender: (if you can't choose, please take a look at the number of Male and Female)
Personality: (small personality discription)
Good qualities:
Bad qualities:
Special information: (little details, like 'His mother died three years ago')
Something else worth to mention/Extra:
Avatar:(you can make your character to life, via this site: http://www.tektek.org/dream/. Please save as .PNG. Give them normal clothing (no flames, frog suits) and no attributes like swords or shields etc!)

Note: That I may slightly change your entree if needed. You can apply until 22:00 21st of January, 2012.

So do you want to win $1.000.000 (fictive money of course! that means no real money people :P)!? Enter this fic and maybe your character wins Amazing Masters!

13th January 2012, 5:44 PM
Sorry, but asking for people to submit characters for your fic is against the Fan Fiction Rules. All fic characters should be made by you. Additionally, this is just too short.

However, if you do want to moderate a competition like this, you can do so in the section for Role-Playing Games (http://www.serebiiforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=44). You would post the information about the plot and signing up in the Sign-Up (http://www.serebiiforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=73) Forum, and then start role-playing in the Role-Playing Games forum. Please be sure to read the RPG Rules (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=415090) first, though, since it has minimum length requirements for your plot and certain things that must be included in character sign-up sheets. Good luck! :)