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16th January 2012, 4:08 AM
so first of the two cities I ran

2-2 lilligant
1 victini

5 grass
4 fire
2 electric

I made out of 5 I made 2-3 win/lose, round 1-3 loss round 4 bye, round 5 win against durant. Ironically enough me and another player made the same result's. Deck test's: 0 (zero).

next week--> durant/reshiboar

4 durant
3 reshiram
2-2-2 emboar

4 metel
8 fire
2 dce
and 4 evolite

i made out of 6 I made 3-3, round 1 loss against chandibeach, round 2 win against feraligatr prime deck, round 3 win agains durant, round 4 win against durant, round 5 against 5-0 chandebeach, loss, round 6: kyurem/blastoise/feraligatr, way to slow, I couldn't setup because I was waiting for him to kill some one so I can black belt revenge kill with, nope he's just a straight douche about it and attacks everything there, then does nothing, does nothing, does nothing, does nothing, this is gay I scoop cause I'm not playing I'm falling asleep. Deck test's: 0 (zero).

I the hall of the second cities while waiting for a buddy because he made it to the top 4 of 8 I made this

2-2 lilligant
2 victini
2 mewtwo EX

currently 2-0: Deck test's: 0 (zero).

next is prov's/states then regionals for me, and the plan is to increase the wins with the current deck-list for the next month, peace.

16th January 2012, 11:40 AM
This seems like way too little energy for decks in the current format. You're running a high risk of being locked out of energy.

16th January 2012, 9:30 PM
Energy lock? Do you mean drawing energy, in which due to the dual shuffle I can always make certain I grab what I want out of my deck for my deck to work for what it does. In the master's division where you're running against a wide variety of deck's you mainly only run 9-12 energy in your deck's, the engine's are made up of pokemon and energy being fairly low while the t/s/s line allows for more actual play, even if you minus or add onto an existent card in your deck allows you to get more of what you need instead of getting what you don't want when you don't need it.

My current deck only runs 12 energy.

17th January 2012, 1:51 AM
I'm fully aware that you don't need a boatload of energy, I just don't think that kind of energy spread is healthy enough in making sure you've got the right energy when you need it, even with whatever draw power you have that you have chosen not to list that you have included in your decks.

18th January 2012, 12:00 AM
Well, my energy build works for my play style, for instance, I had more problem's setting up pokemon for the ross/lilligant build then I did energy, so much so that for my actual win in the first cities I seeker donked durant t3 of the game with reshiram, I had to use 2 dual ball to grab.

And yes what T/S/S you run with makes anything work even if your energy or pokemon don't.