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17th January 2012, 11:16 AM
The Prologue -

Oostabelinia is an unknown world with a mysterious secret. Six animals called Guardians roam this beautiful land and oversee the animals living in each town. At the time of this story's beginning, these animals are just what outsiders would think they are. This changes in a very unique way. The world is divided into four towns each with very unique traits.

The six Guardians had different duties to serve to protect the world and the residents of each town. The leader, a moose named Brucious the leader of the Guardians and oversees everything in the world that happens. The eldest bear, a female Brown bear named Starvita keeps a close watch over the children and guardian children of the world. Starvita's lover, a Polar Bear named Judicious also keeps a close watch over the Guardian children. Judicious observes and oversees the work of the appointed land Guardians. Judicious' older brother Narodicious watches over the plant life and has the ability to restore lives lost. A pit bull named Bitolo is the Guardian of the weather affecting the world. Squitolo is the youngest guardian of all six. Squitolo oversees all changes that take place in the world, new upcoming Guardians, and training of the new Guardians.

As the towns grew larger, and more animals started living there, these six Guardians appointed four Town Guardians to look after the towns and the animals living there. The original six Guardians decided to create a temple which they named the Darklite temple, on a tall mountaintop so they can see everything that goes on and leave the protection of the individual towns to the Town Guardians. The story begins with a very small town named Lavira and its Guardian a shaggy dog named Slovito. Lavira Town is known for its beautiful grasslands and a large lake. The animal residents of this town love to have friendly battle games which became something even more fun for them.