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17th January 2012, 1:59 PM
I joined a training ground for Pokemon that was being managed by a Pokemon Sensei, that really had some experience in Pokemon Rescuing so that I can be part in a rescue team with Razau as soon as I master all of my moves. I'm a male Tsutarja named Hikaru, and I'm with my friend, a Rioru named Razau. Razau's also male like me. He's friendly by being always there for me. He's too nice if I were to judge him by the way he acts. He really likes Rawst berries while on the other hand, I'm the opposite. I hate to taste bitter-tasting berries. Anyway, sadly when I got to meet him back then, he was living alone. Wait a minute! I haven't told you how I met him.

Well it was back 3 months ago...

I was kind of roaming in a street leading to a forest. Well the reason is that I was about to go home. I consider the forest my home, even though I didn't particularly live in a habitat like caves or trees or the likes. I don't stay much in the forest, that's why I don't build myself a nest. Going back to the story, after taking my first step off the concrete road, I felt a little raindrop. Looking up to the dark sky, I predict that it was going to rain heavily. I ran into the forest as the raindrops progressively drops faster, making me more wet. I looked to the left and to the right, trying to find a place to prevent me to getting more wet. A few minutes of running, I saw a tree with a hole that appeared to be vacant. I ran towards the tree as fast as I can and as I arrive to it, I quickly climbed up and hid inside the tiny tree hole. I squirmed as I go inside of it. When I did, I was a little scared. I was a little claustrophobic. Not considering my fear, I just stayed inside of it, even if my back is killing me. I curled up, and it wasn't easy, but it was more comfortable than the previous position I was in. Slowly dozing off, I fell asleep by accident.

The rain subsided after a few hours. The Sun was brightly shining, along with a wide ray of rainbow. I got irritated of the bright light and decided to squirm my way out. Totally forgetting that I was in a high place, I fell as I freed myself from that tiny hole. I landed chin first and the pain really made me wide awake and I stood up and held my chin as soon as I stood up. Luckily, there's no scratches or something, it was just a pain I felt after a fall. I opened my eyes and finally, the Sun is boasting it's vivid light, along with a rainbow that can really make your eyes glued to it because of it's beauty. After some sleeping problems and my ‘‘horrid’‘ accident, I looked around if I could see any berries around. Scanning the area, I saw a tree with a blue berry on it. I walked up to the tree, climbed up, and get at least 5 pieces, as long as I remembered. ‘‘Finally, something to eat!’‘ I said with joy. I took a bite of it and kind of squinced. It was really that bitter, and I don't like bitter things like I said. Turns out it was a Rawst Berry, I completely mistook it's appearance for some other berry. Since I didn't have any use for these anymore, I planned to just leave it lying on the ground. I was going to leave it, until I heard something moving, some kind of small footstep sound. Not wanting anyone to saw me litter, I hid around a nearby bush and locked on my eyes to the direction where I think the sound was coming from. I see he's coming near, the shadow was beginning to gain height. Then I saw him, he was a Riolu. Apparently, he was interested in those Rawst Berry I left over there. I don't want him seeing me here so I slowly tiptoed away. When I was walking away, I stepped on a branch and broke it, making a snap noise. He heard it, his aura sensor thingy flicked. I could be going down to a battle here, better to say sorry for spying on him before any more things happen. He asked as he face the bush I was previously in, ‘‘Who's there?’‘ I really had no choice, I came out of the bush, looking like a Snivy that was left on a clothesline or something. ‘‘ Don't be mad, sorry if I was spying on you.’‘ I said while I offer my hand to him for a handshake. He didn't really looked mad, but just in case, I just said it. You know how timid I can be when it comes to these situations. He replied, ‘‘ Don't worry, I am not mad...’‘ while he extended his paw and handshaked, ...’‘ but I think you look like a mess there, buddy.’‘ he said after releasing his grip on me, leaving his paw with some dirt and a little sloppy. Sighing of relief and a little angry since he complimented my look, also a little confused that he said ‘‘...buddy.’‘ when we really didn't met yet, I just shrugged it off. I mean, this could be a perfect opportunity to live with someone. I want the lonely feeling from me away. Starting a conversation with him, I said, ‘‘Hi there! I'm Hikaru. I'm a Tsutarja.’‘ ‘‘How about you?’‘ I asked. ‘‘ I'm Razau! I'm a Riolu! Nice to meet you!’‘ he said while he showed a bright smile on his face. His happiness affected me a little, it's like his happiness is airborne or something. I feel a lot better and I think I just wanted to jump of joy just meeting someone new in these part of the forest. ‘‘Nice to meet you too!’‘ was the only reply I could think and I indeed replied him back with that. He said, ‘‘Hey buddy, if you don't have any place to stay, why not go to my place and do so?’‘ he requested. ‘‘R-Really?!’‘ I started to wag my tail. It's like, the most nice thing a person can do to me in my entire life. ‘‘Yeah! I'm a bit lonely too, and I wanted someone to stay with me and you could really get some help. You're currently homeless, am I right?’‘ Razau asked. ‘‘Well unluckily, I am.’‘ I stopped to wag my tail and looked down. He placed his arm around my waist and pulled me towards him, ‘‘Don't worry Hikaru, I'm sure that my hut would be a good place for you to stay for a while!’‘ he exclaimed. I suddenly thinking deep, is this really the thing I really asked for for quite some time now? I mean, hello! This might be my only chance to get a good home with a good friend! I said, ‘‘ Oh what the heck, Sure!’‘ I replied fast. He hopped happily as I said that, ‘‘Great!’‘ he was giggling. What more could I say? I just went along and hugged him as we both happily hop and I said, ‘‘Thanks!’‘ I couldn't hold my smile, so I really let out a big one and started giggling also. We sound like children getting a new toy or something that makes children squeal out of happiness. We stopped, and he said, ‘‘Well, we could go there now I mean, you must be really hungry I guess?’‘ He asked. ‘‘Well umm...’‘ then my growling stomach interrupted. He chuckled, ‘‘I guess you are! Well then, let's go!’‘ he grabbed my hand and ran off with it, dragging me along. We were giggling as we went to his house and there, that's how we met.

Now, something about the training grounds we were in. We’re 40 in the batch. Our masters change from time to time. They’re like trained to the extreme, they’re all in their top-notched potentials. The true leader of the group was a Swampert named Juraru. Now he’s the real deal! Mostly he handles the class on wet conditions. Oh, and another Sensei, he’s a Grovyle named Sirzuki. He is the new one, but I have doubts letting someone as, let’s say ‘’not yet fully evolved’’. Maybe he just made him lead the exploring or some kind of field trip activities since he’s pretty well-adapted at forests.

Sometimes, I skip the class and do something else. I mean, come on. I need some break though we were given at least each 4 weeks, but I think I’m really overworked. Unlike Razau, he’s really been trained, he wasn’t even tired even at rigorous workout. You know what? I think he’ll make a good Lucario someday when he evolves. A true fighting spirit, I like that. He’s always present, at every end of the 4 weeks, he always gets a ‘Perfect Attendance Award’. He deserves it. He worked really hard each day, even overworking himself if he must. He has a lot of friends, even the Sensei! I only have like, 6 friends including him. Their Suba, Tsu, Kuro, Strike, and Kim. They’re Eevee brothers (I say, their mom is successful!) and they dream to be different Eevee’s someday.

One day, we had a trip to a faraway forest. Of course, Grovyle was in charge of all of us. We lined up, each divided into 2, meaning that each line has 20 Pokemon. It was just a normal getaway to the stress we’re experiencing from the training, and the training ground was messed up after a classmate caused little trouble in handling an Earthquake attack. As usual, we we’re right beside each other, me and Razau, while dipping our feet at the pond, talking about things. Each Pokemon were busy doing their own businesses while Grovyle is relaxing on a high place on a tree, taking a nap.

At a distance, I saw something flashed. I asked Razau if he would come to escort me and find out what he is. He agreed, no problem. So we marched to the other side of the pond and went deep to the woods. When we got there, we never saw anything. In shame, we decided to come back.

I started a conversation so we won’t get bored. “So umm, great fieldtrip huh?” I asked. He answered, “Of course, buddy! Being your friend is the best thing I can ever receive!” he said happily. A tear dropped from Hikaru’s eyes as he hears those words coming out from his best friend’s mouth. “Well, best friends forever?” Hikaru asked with a smile. “Of course, buddy. Forever and ever best friends, the two of us.” He said then hugged each other. After having their moment, they moved on to walking back the campsite.

When we did came back, it was already sunset. Nobody was there to accompany us, even Grovyle. We panicked, “W-what do we do now Razau? I’m scared!” I hugged Razau’s arms while terribly shaking. He held me close, saying with confidence, “No matter what happens, I will protect you buddy.” At least he was able to boost my confidence a little. He set up a bonfire so we could have a little visibility as the moons and stars appear at the sky.

We fell asleep, well, I was the first one. Then suddenly, I heard a growl, much like a Mightyena’s. I woke up and shook Razau to wake him up. He was a little fuzzed up and as he sits up while scratching his eye, he said, “ What is it Hikaru?” “I heard a growl and it’s really near us! I heard it really!” he said with a shaking voice. “Well , we better get out of here, quick!” he stood up and took Hikaru’s hand and runs away as quick as they can, just to escape the thing that they fear the most.

At one point, four Mightyena’s blocked our way. They were after me! Slowly they were approaching towards us but Razau fend them off, saying “Get away from my buddy!” A Mightyena smirked, and said, “You got a lot of guts kid. Get out of my way or I’ll have to deal with you personally.” “I am not scared of you, bring it on!” he challenged him and shouted “Run Hikaru!” and shot a Aura Sphere at the ground, causing smoke to at least buy me some time to run away. We both ran away while the Mightyenas are hot on our trail. They were after for Razau first, so that he may not distract them from eating me. One leaped very high and was about to pounce me but Razau blocked him and he got pounced instead. The Mightyena said, “ I just had enough of you and I’m gonna get rid of you once and for all!” I can’t let him get beat up just like that! I ran towards him but Razau shouted at me, “Save yourself!” “But Razau…” I have my doubts. “I said go! Go!” he fought with the Mightyenas himself just to let me escape. When I was running away, I cried hard and whispered to myself, “I thank you Razau, I will come back for you.”

I lost them. Luckily, I saw Swampert, doing his daily meditating on a lake. I ran up to him and said, “ S-s-sensei!” He replied with a little confusion, “What is it my boy?” “Razau… He’s being killed!” I said in a shaky voice. “What?” he stood up, “I’ll call the others, you get some rest. You should not deal with this situations.” He said in a hurry while running off. I have no choice, Sensei’s orders. I ran up to our hut, shut the door and slept. I remembered having a dream, Razau’s was getting beated up, and he blames me. “ I’m sorry buddy! I didn’t mean to…” He interrupted, “We’re not buddies anymore…” That’s all that I can recall that day.

At morning, I came to the training grounds and I saw Grovyle and asked about Razau. “Razau huh? He’s in critical condition and now being treated at the Pokemon Center at town.” He said. “I’m sorry, truly I am…” he followed up and hops from tree to tree away from me. I was really worried, is he.. dead? No! He’s not! Impossible! He’ll be okay. Who am I kidding? Time will tell…
Our secretary, one of the Eevee bros, always report the attendance.

“Sorry to tell you that Razau’s absent…”
He’ll be okay.

“Sorry to tell you that Razau’s absent…”
He’s probably recovering by now right?

“Sorry to tell you that Razau’s absent…”
Not to long, he’s going to come back with a big smile and surprise us all.

I just wanted to hear an “ I’m happy to tell you that everybody’s present!” from Eevee.
He’s been saying that each time we made an attendance check. It lasted for about 3 weeks. I promised myself that I would not ditch another session of practice so that I may get an Perfect Attendance Award, for Razau.

A week later, he did came back for a day when we were having a daily meditation. He looked so frail, and he’s being assisted by Grovyle, at least, that’s the only way that he can repay for failing to make the headcount before they left (it’s a little fault on ours too so, Even.) He still has that smile. He told us what really happen, it was devastating. I don’t wanna hear it. I can’t even remember what he really particularly say but I remembered one phrase, “… because my friend was in trouble.”

My heart sank, it’s like he really did this all for me. I couldn’t thank him for more. I owe him my life. Before he departed back to the Centre, he said goodbye and he’ll be back after a month! That’s a huge relief! We’ll be able to have more fun and be able to hear what I really wanted to hear for a long time. Plus, I’ll not be lonely on the hut anymore!

But, destiny didn’t let us meet again.

Razau died after a week of heart failure. [ January 13, 2012 ]

We were completely shocked, I thought he was going to be back! But no, he can’t fulfill his promise. Also at January 13, I received a “ Perfect Attendance Award “. It was for him, but he passed away. What now? I hope this would make me a better rescuer aspirant with inspiration to move on.

I didn’t expect that I’m gonna hear the perfect attendance like this! Not with 39 Pokemon! I wanted it to be 40, Razau!

After the ceremony, Eevee done the report.

“I’m happy to tell you…” my classmates and I were starting to cry

Eevee smirked, and said, “Nevermind what I said, Everybody is present” and dropped a tear.