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20th January 2012, 4:20 AM
So my first deck I'e made in years. I went out and bought a ton of cards, starters, and boosters.
I've only used pokemon from the Johto and Kanto and so far I havent lost. And I've played a decent amount of people. Im missing a few cards that ive sent for in the mail, just better trainers, ect. Because obviously, I just dont have the cards. Basically, it's just an evolutionary beatdown deck. I know there are alot better versions of trainers I have, but I have to make do with what I got. And no. I'd prefer not throwing in your trash *** 500th gen legendary ********.

Basic Pokemon:
Ponyta( Ascension one. ) x2
Cydaquil x1
Druddigon x1
Teddisura x1
Promo Pikachu 2010 ( Recharge/Thunderbolt ) x3

Evolutionary Pokemon:
Rapidash ( Rising Lunge ) x1
Rapidash ( Shooting Fire ) x1
Raichu (IronTail/Thunderbolt) x3
Quilava x1
Typhosion Prime (Afterburner/Flare Destroy) x1
Ursaring Prime (Hammer arm/ Meaton Lariat) x1

Bill x4
Cheren x1
Greatball x2
Team Rockets Trickery x1
Energy Search x4
Pokemon Collector x2
PokeRadar x1
Pokemon Communication x3
Technical machine ts-1 x1
Energy Retrieval x3

10 Fire
12 Lightning

22nd January 2012, 1:50 AM
you might as well reshiploshion, base set or other wise, better results are better result's.