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20th January 2012, 7:57 PM

Many years ago there was a great war. A war that was greater than any other. This war was Dragons VS Phoenixes. Dragons and Phoenixes hated each other and were natural enemies. This war went on for many until the Dragon King came into the battle and ended the war. The Dragon King was so powerful and smart that it could understand and talk to Humans and so it tried to teach other Dragons how to speak. The Dragon King looks out of his hidden nesting place to watch the war.

“This war has gone on long enough. Its time I stepped in and ended it” the Dragon King spreaded his giant wings touching the side of the volcano. He flew up and into the battlefield. When the Dragon King entered the battle all the Dragons stopped fighting to look at the amazing sight. The Phoenixes shivered as the great Dragon came closer. As the Dragon King came in reach of the Phoenixes he shouted and roared.

“Come my fellow Dragons let us end this war.” the Dragons rushed on to attack and finish off the phoenixes. They used their most furious attack. Marked for Death

“KRII LUN AUS!” the dragons shouted which decayed and destroyed their enemies. The Phoenixes collapsed to the ground and the Dragons had one more enemy to kill The Phoenix Leader.

“I shall kill the leader myself. Do not follow me or death shall fall upon you!” The Dragon King went on to kill the Phoenix Leader. As he expected she was their waiting for him.

“There you are Dragon. Don’t move stay and sit where you are my pet.” The phoenix laughed at the furious Dragon. The phoenix learned to talk by slowly in time listening to the Dragon King.

“I have come for your head. We shall fight in honour and shall we use dirty tricks our honour will be lost.”

The two soared into the black cloudy sky and fought long and hard. Many days had past and the two were on the blink of giving up. Only just the Dragon King won the war by using his most effective and strongest Dragon shout Ice Form.

“IIZ SLEN NUS” The Dragon King roared and the Phoenix Leader was frozen solid. She fell and smashed to the ground. The Dragons celebrated their victory but now the war was over and the threat to their existence was gone. Now they had to recover from the damage they’d had taken. So they rested and trained for 200,000 years. Until the year 2011 and the Dragon Born race was created to kill the Dragon King. The Dragon Born were becoming famous and gaining trust. They could use the power of the Dragons and absorb our soul to become stronger and also erasing us making it impossible for the Dragon King to revive the dead Dragons and so some Dragons started to become rouge and attack the Dragon Born thus dying in the process making the Dragon Born even stronger which made us weaker.

They learned our weakness and used Storm Call or Dragon Rend to being us to the ground and slaying us. If we didn’t act now we would soon die. So the Dragon King flew off trying to find as much help as possible. Over the years many Dragon Born came obsessed with power and went out to seek the Dragons training. Only a few was still hunting them. The Dragon species was still endangered so they came to a last resort and that was breeding. All Dragons hated breeding as they found it dishonourable but Dragons bread in secret trying to make their race stronger.

So the Dragon King searched for a female Dragon and soon days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Lastly he had found what he was looking for and so he took her to his secret cove to proceed with the breeding session.

End Of Prologue