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24th January 2012, 5:04 AM
So I posted a grass deck a while back and now I have modified it to make it better and now I want to see what other people think or if I should change anything. Here's what I got:
-A counter to fire decks. Reshiram/Typhlosion is the most popular deck right now, and it'll tear apart ANY grass deck, so I needed some counter. Samurott BW takes care of that, as its attack only requires colorless so I can use a DCE and a grass to power it up
-4 Pokémon Collector. Without getting basics my deck is just dead in the water
-I have at least 2 catchers and at least 3 junk arms, among other things. Rare Candies will allow for faster setup, so they're a necessity.
-Thicker lines of better Pokémon. Tangrowth, it can be competitive, especially combined with Lilligant EP and Fliptini. Virizion is a very competitive Grass starter.

So, this is what I have, to start:

+2-1-2 Samurott Ability BW
+3-3 Lilligant EP
+2-2 Tangrowth CL
+2 Victini NV 14 (Fliptini)
+3 Virizion NV
+1 Cleffa HGSS

+2 Juniper
+3 Cheren
+4 Collector
+4 Communication
+3 Catcher
+3 Junk Arm
+2 Rare Candy
+2 Twins

+11 Grass
+3 Double Colorless

Since 2 of my Pokémon can paralyze, I simplified the deck to make it so that can happen much more consistently. Serperior was unnecessary and clunky, as it may have healed between turns but all of my Pokémon are OHKO-able anyways. Samurott will help much more in my bad matchups and is just an overall good attacker (when my opponent has a fire or fighting deck, that is).

Please feel free to give any opinions. I'm still not sure if I should keep the Samurott set in but not sure what would be good to replace it.

27th January 2012, 8:29 AM
I noticed you're using samurott for a fire counter, might I suggest using something like kyurem instead, it's much more flexible in the department of making a fast counter, for instance, when you play against a deck like reshiram, they deal 120 per turn, minus the up take, let's say you can't draw into the samurott fast enough, and a majority of fire deck's do this, if they find something even in a deck like this they will catcher up whatever is there counter and end it before it can respond, kyurem is literally a wall used as a feint play, basically giving you the advantage in both speed and consistency.

I would also suggest taking out 4 collector for 4 dual ball, it has a fast rate on efficiency and taking out the cheren for more pont as if you're just using lilligant victini without trainer lock it slows down this deck's stall and power, how? easy, lillligant victini mainly rely's on that combo, however it does have the off hand advantage of shutting down deck's right, but it has a window, everytime you tko, you have to plan for them to die into you're turn or send out an attacker to take the heat, and you're not going to go against pokemon with even hp to pull that off so it's not as possible. so all i'm saying is one turn for that combo really does make it or break it, so by putting in cards that actually make the combo run faster, and collector does not, is a good idea.

Also I would consider putting in rocky helmet's, let's say you take damage you win by draw, hehe.

27th January 2012, 6:06 PM
^Thank You I really like your idea here. Although if I add Kyurem in my deck I would have to add water energy to my deck because it's attacks require water energies. So should I just put them in my deck?

As for dual balls though I could get tails every time, so I thought it was a bad card because you have to flip? I think it is a great idea to put in more PONT and take out Cheren. What do you think if I put in Sage's training?

Also like the idea of rocky helmet lol