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24th January 2012, 8:38 PM
hey. i`m a 10 year old Pokemon player. since the city states are coming up, i wanted to know if my deck is good enough for the cities or if it will be destroyed. please tell me what you think, or post the changes you would make. Or, if it's true, be totally honest and tell me i'ts a load of garbage.


Pokemons: 19
4-4-3 hydreigon
3-3 eelektrik
2 tornadus
1 zekrom
1 zekrom EX

4 double colorless
4 special dark
5 lightning

2 N
2 pont
2 rocky helmet
2 eviolite
2 professor juniper
2 dual ball
2 switch
4 pokemon communication
2 heavy ball
4 cilian
2 flower shop lady

thanks! ;D

27th January 2012, 8:32 AM
then suggestion, run defender's in this deck so zekrom can do the 120 without taking damage, that and choose eviolite, rocky helmet, or not 4 of both.