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Rated PG 15, for some Violence and implied swearing.

One thing I feel I should mention, this is not a story that blurs the lines betweens humans and pokemon. While there will be some characters that are both, and some characters that are neither, this is first and formost a story about people. a story with pokemon, a story featuring pokemon, a story set in the world of pokemon, but about humans. Also, this thing might get pretty long, so I'm worried it might start out slow. Don't worry though, there's a lot of action planned..

Also, this is my first ever time sharing anything I've been seriously thinking about. So I just love comments and questions and criticism to a nigh euphoric level. If you want ask or tell me what I'm doing wrong, please post! If its short, just VM me! I seriously love to hear from people who have read this to get their opinions, nothing makes me happier.

Anyway, Lets start the story, shall we?



“The living together of two dissimilar organisms, as inmutualism, commensalism, amensalism, or parasitism.”

This story's prologue starts with an end. Perhaps not the end of a terribly important character, all things considered, but still he holds a key place in the following narrative. His name is Nostradamus von Asphodel, age 115, and he is dying.

(Expect to see a lot of that, where we're going.)


The room is dark and grimy, made so years of neglect when no one has bothered cleaning or, judging by the air, opening a window in far too long.

A thick antique plush carpet lies on the floor, and book cases cover every wall but one, where an enormous bed has been pulled behind a mahogany desk.

The desk is covered in papers and dirty dishes, and on the bed lays a very old man.

You can tell this because of the air he holds himself with, a mustiness of sprit that years of inaction have made all the more potent.

He is wearing a tweed vest over an ancient white dress shirt, hands trembling as he grips the desk, pulling himself upright out of his bed. He sits upright and brushes at his hair, white yellowing slightly, and blinks at the door.

His face is a mass of wrinkles, fairly stern and not vacant as one would expect. There was iron in this man once, long ago, and you can see traces of it in his grey eyes.

He picks up a stained and scrawled on piece paper from his desk, and give it a cursory glance before his shaking hand drops it on the floor. He sighs, and turns the dim lamp on the desk up a bit, looking to the door on the far side of the room.

"Come in children." The door creaks open, and three young boys walk in slowly, closing the door behind them.

"Today is your eleventh birthday today, is it not?" The three boys nod solemnly, saying nothing.

The first boy is rather fat, with curly brown hair and worried but honest looking eyes. He was wearing threadbare footy pajamas, and was wringing his hands out wretchedly.

The next boy in line had hooded blue eyes and a wide smirk on his face. His hair was near shoulder length golden ringlets, and he looked no older than seven or eight. He was wearing a purple hoodie with a smiley face on it that was obviously far too large for him, the hem was around his knees and only the tips of his fingers showed out of the sleeves. He had smaller, but still to large tan cargo pants on underneath.

The last boy was standing a little behind the others and was much taller. He had the same resentful glow in his eyes as the old man, but that's where the similarities ended. He looked much older than the other two; he could have easily passed for fifteen, or maybe even sixteen. He was certainly tall enough. His face had an unhealthy grey parlor, as though he didn’t get out into the sun very much.

the tallest had reflective golden eyes that shone dully in the low light, from underneath his heavy eyebrows. His hair was black, and combed back, the only concession to common hygiene that any of the three seemed to show. His cheeks were gaunt, and a thin blue tracery of veins could be seen lacing across all the exposed skin, little of which there was.

He was wearing a faded black suit, the sleeves rolled back and the pant leg's rolled up. Threadbare old dress shoes that were too large were on his feet, and he was carrying a heavy tome in one hand.

"Listen to me, children." The old man continued, coughing a little.

"And I will tell you a story. Parts of it you already know, but I hope to finish the narrative today..." He rubs at his eyes, and leans back against the wall. "Long ago, longer than any human book or knowledge or society, there was life. A great and powerful race, a race that could not be collectedly counted for its scarcity and unique form and figure. These beings were called ancients. There were exactly five hundred and twelve of them."

The young blond boy rolled his eyes, and sat on the floor with a thump.

"You've told us this before." the black haired boy frowns down at him, but says nothing.

"Indeed, indeed." Says Nostradamus, looking at his desk. "Patience young master Regulus, I will expound at greater length this time..." He coughs a little again, and dabs at his mouth with an off white hand kerchief.

"And so these beings danced around the earth in a great loop, near perfect in harmony. We do not know how, and we do not know why, but fighting did break out among them. They fought, and one died. The ring broken, they fell down to the earth, and from the single one's ashes rose new races. Men watched them grow and hatch from eggs, and called them andere, which means the other. They lived in uneasy peace with man, for many years.

Meanwhile, the other ancient's continued to bicker, descending closer to the earth. With the circle of their existence broken, degenerated, becoming weaker and pettier as time went by, becoming terrible boggles and horrors on the outside of human knowledge. Men gave them many names over the ages, and used many generalizations, but the name I choose to use is ancients."

He pauses here, to fumble about on his desk for a pipe, and the youngest pipes up again.

"I heard that's what legendry’s are!" Nostradamus shrugged, and lights his pipe.

"Master Fin, explain our opinion to your brother." The eldest one nods, and looks down at the youngest. He spoke in a harsh voice, like the grinding of metal on rock, the voice of one far older than he.

"Regulus, you know that cannot be. Some legends yes, have traits of legendary Pokémon, uhh sorry Sir. Legendary andere. But to say such is true of some is not to say such is true of all. Arceus, Groundon, Kyorge... I am fairly sure we can assume those are some of the lowest, but many other legends are simply too weak, or do not match the criteria, scarce as it is."

Nostradamus nod's shakily, puffing on his pipe. "That was awkwardly worded, but basically correct. Push yourself for elegance of speech master Fin; I know it's not beyond you." Finitevus nods, and leans against a bookshelf.

"So, returning to my narrative. Those boggles, those fallen ancients were thought to be immortal by many ancient people, were revered even as they were despised. But this was not to last.... the pugnacious degenerates warred among themselves to long and too hard.

Eventually, one of their number fell, with human witnesses. This caused a ripple throughout the whole world, as you can imagine. Man realized he didn’t have to be slave to the dark, hiding from the night, a horse shoe over his door and a bowl of milk on the step. With new iron weapons, man looked to his andere comrades for help.

"Rise with us!" They told them. "Join us in over throwing the ancients!" But for reason's unknown the andere refused. Perhaps, being being's closer to nature, closer to the ancients they felt this treachery to their kin. Perhaps they were scared, or pacifists, which I feel is most likely. Compared to man in his natural state, andere are far more constructive and peaceful. "

He pauses to cough, smoke rising from his nostrils and filling the narrow rooms ceiling, swirling about and dimming the already dark room. The brown haired child, Prometheus, coughed, and sat down on the floor fanning at his face. Finitevus gives him a derisive look, and Regulus actually seems to breathe the smoke in happily.

Nostradamus chokes again, body constricting and clenching. When it subsides, he wipes his mouth again with his handkerchief, putting down the pipe. It comes away from his mouth red, and he grimaces. "Blood, how typical. The rest of the story plays out as you can well imagine; man with cold iron and numbers over threw his rulers, one by one.

The ancients were too fractured by then to even think of joining forces... of course, not all died out. From my studies, I estimate somewhere around one hundred and seventy walk the earth this day and age... Some in the form of a man. Some andere. Some neither, but trees or astral body's... Who knows?"

He grimaces, and his voice grows fainter, so that the boys have to lean in to hear.

"But... The real point of my story... Has little to nothing to do with all that. What I really am telling you is more subtle. You see how even the ashes of a single early ancient had enough life in them to bring about a whole new race? The andere? Imagine the power a preserved body would have..."
He wheezes, and trails off, laboring to speak.

"Sir." Finitevus says, looking up. "I think I see what you’re saying. You think that... With the power from an ancient you could finish you project and recreate life?"

Nostradamus has a choking fit, and turns grey. Prometheus runs up to help, laying him down on the bed, and fanning away the smoke. The other two come over to his bed side to eager to hear.

Nostradamus's coughing fit recedes, but leaves his lower face and upper chest sprinkled in blood.

"What I'm trying to say lad.... Is I already have." He turns a burning gaze on all three of them, equally proud and triumphant.

"You are my beloved sons. blue blooded, hot blooded, And thick blooded... You three are my legacy. A bright point of hope in this darkening plane."

With a shuddering gasp, his eyes glaze, and his last breath sighs easily out, as though he has been holding it in for a long time, and it was a relief to finally let it out. Prometheus gently closes his grey clouded eyes, wiping the tears from his own.

"So the old blow hard's finally kicked the bucket!" said Regulus gleefully, jumping to his feet and prodding the body.

The eldest snarls, pulling him away from the body, and crossing himself. "Irreverent fool. Show the dead the honor they deserve."

Regulus blows a loud raspberry, and flees the room, smirking. Prometheus slumps to the floor, wiping away at his face with his ragged sleeve. Finitevus kneels next to him.

"Prometheus, will you help me carry the body outside? I'm going to bury him in his garden." The brown headed boy nods wretchedly, and stands up.

Finitevus eases the body out of the bed, and together they carry it to the garden. Prometheus makes to set it down on the wild green lawn outside the building, but Finitevus shakes his head.

"Follow me to the far wall." Leading gingerly, they make it to the far courtyards stone wall, crumbling masonry covered in hanging ivy. Behind the wild and dying sunflowers, a grave has already been dug. Prometheus gives his brother a distraught face.

"You knew he was dying? I would have helped dig the hole..." Finitevus shakes his, head, not meeting the others eyes. "I didn’t want to worry you. It was coming for a while now. I am the eldest. Problems are mine to bear."

He sighs, and they lower the old man's thin cadaver into the fresh grave, and then kick the pile of earth into the hole, covering it up. They stand awkwardly, looking at it for a moment, unsure of what to say.

Finitevus pulls uncomfortably at his rolled up sleeves. "Come on. Let's go back in and find Regulus. I think it's time to leave this place."

"But... but... Fin... Where will we live? Where will we go?" The tears start pouring down his chubby face again, and Finitevus looks uncertain.

"I... we will-" "It’s obvious, isn't it?" says Regulus, grinning at them through the sunflowers.

"What can a bunch of kids to do go where ever they want, whenever they want? We become Pokémon trainers." Prometheus wipes at his face and looks to Finitevus, who is grimacing.

"Oh please. What do you know about andere training? Nothing. Anyway, you need a licence and what are the odds we can afford even one of those?" Regulus rolls his eyes.

"I know more then you, obviously. They show stuff about it on TV all the time. There's this kid named Ash, and he-" This time the eldest cuts him off.

"Those shows are thirty year old propaganda they play to promote the government's biggest source of income. None of that garbage about trainers, "bonding" with their andere is real... It's lies to tempt more kids into a hard life, and ease the parent s conscious a bit."

Regulus pulls on the skin under his eyes, and sticks his tongue out. "Nehh! Shows how much you know! According to the news, they're giving out free licences this year to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the first champion's victory, for all the promising kids!"

Finitevus frowns. "How do you know this?" Regulus lets go of his eyes, and rolls them.

"Because I watch the news, duhh. Maybe if you watched more TV instead of reading all those musty old books-" Finitevus waves his hand.

"Silence now. What do you think Prometheus? Would you be willing to take up this life style?"

Prometheus shrugs. "I'll be fine as long as I'm with you two." He says in a small voice, not looking either in the eyes.

Finitevus sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Fine then. Prometheus, go pack all the unspoiled food that we can travel with. Regulus, go pack whatever clothes are clean and serviceable. I'll go..."

He blinks, pinching the bridge of his nose. "I'll go and see what money is left in the strong box.... It'll be a long walk to the nearest town."

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Feminine nominative singular of the Latin adjective novus (new). The feminine is used since the Latin word for star, stella is feminine; thus nova is a shortening of nova stella (new star).


Finitevus quickly walks off to the study, frowning. Could this really be a viable plan? He knew they andere training was a harsh life, but if so many people did it every year, how hard could it be?

He quickly ran through a mental checklist of things a good trainer should know- andere types were very important, he knew. How many where there? Sixteen? Eighteen? Water, grass, ice, fire, dark... Too many to easily list.

And then there were the two "special" elements that he had read about. The type of man and the ancient type. And what of other trainers?

Most would doubtless be spineless fools, falling before more than a few weeks had passed. But what of the greater trainers? Even he, could list a few off the back of his hand. Origin, Hate, Legacy.... And of course, Red.

He shivered a little. How old would Red be now? Forty something? Finitevus made it back to the study, and walked behind the professor’s desk, pulling open a drawer. The professor had kept every object of significance to him here, and there was a fair amount of it.

Finitevus pulled out the iron strongbox, but then paused and looked at the rest of the objects in the drawer. The professor was dead, wasn't he?

Surely he was free to take, as the son of the man... With a quick look out the door, he rummaged through the desk for anything useful. A used diary, and old clockwork watch on a chain were the first things he pulled out.

Then, his hand touched something more interesting. "What is this...?" Finitevus pulled out a pokeball, antique and bronze, an ancient pressure clamp wrapped about it.

"An antique ultra-ball. Interesting." He dropped it into his coat pocket, and the other five that were in the dresser before moving on.

Some faded boat tickets. A strange glass dome with dirt in it. A few test tubes with samples in them. And then his next interesting find. "Hmm. A photo."

A much younger picture of the professor smiling and waving at the camera, a lady in a white dress next to him. Finitevus dropped the picture back in the drawer after a moment, and finally opened the unlocked strongbox, and counted the money inside.

"Barely 42000 poke." He frowns and sweeps it into a hidden pocket inside of his coat, and headed out to gather up Regulus and Prometheus.

As he enters the main hallway though, a booming knock rings through the house. He hurry's to the door to find Prometheus reaching for the door knob, and shakes his head, mouthing no.

Prometheus nods and shows of a bag he has slung over his shoulder, no doubt full of supplies. Finitevus looks through the peephole, and views a distorted tall man in a long coat standing at the door. He has a bored and annoyed look on his face, and is somewhere in his late thirty’s.

Despite this, he has a piercings all over his face. From his eyebrows to nose, lips to ears. His hair was a deep burgundy, shoulder length and shaved on the left side and pushed over on the right of his face.

A twisting salamence tattoo wraps around the left side of his face. His eyes are a muddy purple and blue, as though he had cosmetic eyes surgery a while ago and couldn't make up his mind about what color he wanted.

He's chewing his nails as he waits, which are long and yellow, not to mention pointed as though he had spent time grinding them down beforehand. Glaring, he reaches out his hand to knock again on the door, and Finitevus opens it just before his fist makes contact, causing him to stumble a bit.

"Can I help you?" Finitevus try’s his best to act imperious, standing as tall as he can and keeping his face disdainful and neutral. The man pushes his cloak back, revealing his clothes underneath; a dark blue stained doublet and matching riding pants with high navy boots.

He pulls an ID slip out of his pocket, and flashes it so fast Finitevus has no idea what was on it. Then slouching enormously he strides past Finitevus into the house, eyes twitching a little as he surveys the house, mouth working as he chews a nail. Finitevus moves over to Prometheus, and whispers. "Go and get Regulus. We are leaving now." He says the last bit with heavy emphasis, knowing how dim Prometheus can be.

Prometheus nods and hurry’s off to get his brother. Finitevus watches the man, and feels his pulse speed up. Could he hate this unnamed stranger? He tries to build up a feeling of rage, fury, even petty anger, and fails, as usual.

Life had been so grey lately..... It was hard to work up steam about anything. Even the professor’s death.

He watches the man until he swaggers into the study before speeding of to the kitchen. Shabby as it was, they had an impressive selection of knives. Something to do with the culture the professor had come from, Finitevus thought.

He looked over the hanging collection and quickly grabbed a pair of thick sharp stainless steel knifes, not serrated but kept sharp by Regulus when it was his turn to take care for the kitchen chores.

After of a moment of hesitation he grabbed a much longer thinner grey ceramic steel knife to. It was brittle and wouldn't stand up for long in a fight, but it was by far the sharpest knife in the house and Finitevus didn't want to lose it.

We are defined by what we hang onto as life goes by... Thought Finitevus smiling grimly. For me, a knife. How ironic.

He hides it in his coat, after sheathing it in a basic leather piece they kept around for safety; since he had been diagnosed with hemophilia he had been a little more mindful of these things. The two matching knives he held backwards, point down, and held them against his wrists carefully.

With his arms at his side, only an especially sharp eyed man would be able to spot them. He slunk back out to the mud room, where the door was still hanging open. Regulus and Prometheus were standing there, looking bored and scared respectively.

"You got extra clothes?" Regulus rolled his eyes, hefting the backpack he had on.

It was a nauseating yellow, with Ash on the back, making his signature pose. Finitevus grimaces, but nods.

"Follow me then. I'd like to get out of here before whoever that is finish's up and comes looking for us." Even as the words leave his mouth a loud snarl and crash come down the hallway. They hurry out as the man's inaudible shouting grows louder, and sounds of ripping wallpaper and cloth follow them.

He had a voice like some sort of beast, deep and unpleasing to the ears.

Outside the door however, Regulus halts, and grins, reaching for his bag. "What is it Regulus?" Growls Finitevus angrily.

"I got uhh, just the thing for this guy. One second." He pulls out a water bottle, and splashes a clear strong smelling fluid from over the door, and pulls out a lighter. Finitevus eyes snap wide open.

"Burn the house down? Are you mad? All the professors research... I must have stopped you from pulling this insane stunt at least ten times this year!" "And there’s someone still in there!" Adds Prometheus horrified.

Regulus gives Fin a flat look, and flicks the lighter, dropping it onto the oil and starting an inferno. "You may be my elder, but with the old man gone I have no reason to listen to you anymore. You aren't the boss of me."

Finitevus seems to have trouble breathing for a moment, a mixture of outrage and shock as the heat builds painfully, and they all unconsciously back away from the house. Finitevus panst with rage, eyes focused unblinkingly on Regulus. Prometheus watches Finitevus pleadingly, hoping that there would be no violence. Regulus snorts, turning away. "Ha. Brotherly love. It really is the strongest, isn't it?"

Finitevus shakes his head, and breathes heavily through his nose. "You are a monster."

Just then the house creaks massively, its wood shifting in the heat. That wood was very old, and very dry. And the inside of the house was insulated with century old sawdust. Nearly every room had a few book cases. Filled with very flammable books.

It took minutes for the fire to spread, and soon the entire building was burning. A great roar came from the inside, and they could hear somehow, a rush of air as the man charged through the doorway to them.

Finitevus pushed Prometheus away from the house, and grabbed Regulus by his hood roughly, jerking him nearer so he could hear. "Let’s get going. That man isn't normal."

They managed to get few hundred feet down the dry dirt knoll the house was on before the man broke the door down. His hair was blackened at the tips, and his clothes were smouldering in places, but other than that he seemed fine.

He slapped the fires he could reach out, and turned his furious gaze down on the three brothers below him. His left eye had a tick going in it, and his hands were clenching and unclenching.

He shrieked at the sky, head tilted back, before raising his hands and charging after them, smoke and steam trailing from his body in the cool air. He moved with unnatural speed, feet barely touching the ground, hands wide open, nails pointed at them.

"You two go ahead!" Snarled Finitevus, stopping and turning. His heart was throbbing with tension now, like a train on a track. Show me what it’s like to fear then. I dare you.

He could feel the adrenaline rush that always accompanied danger, but still felt no panic. If anything, he felt hate at Regulus for burning the house down. He took the few seconds he had before the man impacted him to brace himself, and then the man struck.

Hands together, he jabbed mightily at Finitevus solar plexus, but Fin caught the blow smoothly on his left forearm without flinching. He leaned in to the man, eyes, narrowing in the closest he could get to hate, mouth curling, yellow eyes glinting maliciously like those of a hawk.

The man's eyes widened for a moment and he broke nearly all his fingers on the blade Finitevus was holding in his sleeve, but before he could draw back Fin's other hand already had lashed about, slashing he man across the stomach with his other knife.

It passed through cloth and skin without a whisper in a perfect shallow cut, coming out the other side red. The man gasped shuddering, and backed off, doubled up, clutching at his stomach.

"Leave us." said Finitevus, his voice even, holding the bloody knife out at the man. The wind picked up, and blew his hair out of his face. It must have been an impressive sight; his coat tails flapping along with his black hair, rain clouds closing in, for the man crouched there transfixed.

"I'm warning you. But I won’t again. Go." The man snapped out of whatever he was thinking and stood up, wiping the back of his hand across his chest one last time, and licking the blood from it. His hair was in his face now, and as the first bolt of lightning struck he laughed.

His voice was inhuman and awful, it sounded like a gasping giant, a dying dragon. It had power and depth, but was wheezing and pained not to mention slurred and incomprehensible in parts.

"I see it now in you, what the old man finished, brothers. I see him in you, but 'so the-" And Fin threw both his blades one after each other at the man’s gut. One missed and stuck in his right arm just above the elbow, but the other struck true, impaling him in the gut.

The man fell to his knees with a hiss, panting heavily. Finitevus already was running to catch up with the other two when the man pulled the knife out. He looked down at the blood staining his shirt. "steel." He hissed to himself, holding one hand against his torso tight to plug the wound a little, the other groping at his belt.

He pulled out a pokeball, glossy and spray painted, releasing a massive Pokémon. "Luck keeps me yet. Fly."


Finitevus caught up with the others in the rain at the bottom of the hill. Darkness was nearly complete, and the rain was coming down heavily. Finitevus was shaking from the cold. and adrenaline wearing off he noted miserably.

He grabbed the backpack from Regulus, and pulled out a patched greatcoat, pulling it on over his suit. "You two had better get some more gear on to." He advised tiredly. "Meh." Regulus shrugged, and pulled the backpack back on. Prometheus gave Finitevus an uncertain smile. "I'll be fine. I'm still warm."

"Yeah Fin, not every ones as fragile as you." Laughed Regulus gleefully.

Finitevus raised an eyebrow as Prometheus was wearing his footy pajamas still, with a yellow rain jacket pulled over and some peeling trainers. Regulus on the other hand was probably wearing another t-shirt or two under his to hoody, so he should be fine.

"Is that man dead?" Asked Regulus eagerly, "Did you kill him?" Finitevus frowned, and motioned that they should keep walking forward across the plain. "I don’t think so. That fire barely fazed him, whatever he was it was unnatural. I did give him a few good scars though." Regulus grinned and nodded, and Prometheus paled.

"How long do you think it will take us to get to town Fin?" Finitevus waved his hand around. "Maybe eight hours of solid walking. If you two get to tired we can stop for the night somewhere, I suppose. It will be wet though."

"You mean... sleep outside? In the cold and wet?" Prometheus lip trembled, and Finitevus grimaced. "This is what being a trainer will be like. Roughing it is the least of your worries." Prometheus nod's miserably and together the three start slogging off into the wet plain.

"Hey Fin." Regulus speaks up after a few minutes of walking. "You wonder why the guy showed up today? I mean, on the very day that the old fart died?" Finitevus scowls.

"I don't believe in coincidences. That said, I cannot even begin to fathom why he would be here, or how he knew of the death. Ahh, I also have some keep sakes of the professors, not that you two value such things. Here." He reaches into his pocket, and passed the other two a pair of antique pokeballs each.

"I took these from his desk. I haven't checked to see if they have anything in them yet, but I doubt it. They are far too old and cold for anything to be living inside."

Prometheus nods, and holds it up to get a better look, stumbling a little as he does so. Regulus's disappear into his voluminous hoody almost immediately, and Finitevus pockets the others. They walk a little farther before Prometheus speaks up.

"Umm, hey Fin. Didn't you find it kinda strange how he just walked out of that fire like it was nothing? I know you already mentioned it, but that place of going down in smoldering wreckage, and he just pats the fire off his clothes? He should have been screaming and flaming..."

Finitevus shrugs unhappily. "There are more things in heaven and earth then you have dreamed in your philosophy." Prometheus wrinkles up his face, and Regulus laughs.

"Always like to have a quote handy... Don't you ever have anything original to say? Don't you have an opinion of your own? A need to express yourself?" Finitevus shrugs, and says nothing.

"You’re setting a poor example for your brother." Regulus chuckles, looking at Prometheus. "And he's enough of a follower as it is. Aren't you Pro?"

"Sure Regulus." Agrees Prometheus absentmindedly. Regulus shakes his head, and Finitevus scowls forward across the plane. "No more talking now you two. Let’s just focus on getting there soon."


They arrive in town exhausted and drenched, Finitevus’ ill temper spreading as the first glow of dawn rose up in the sky.

"Let's find ah, uhh, hotel quickly." Said Finitevus, swaying a little on his feet. "I want to sit down now before anything." The town they made it to was small and flat, a neutral pretty place with thin streets and matching white houses. Prometheus yawn's enormously, eyes nearly closed, leaning on Regulus who was looking a little steadier then Finitevus, but not by much.

"Look for, um, a Pokémon center thingy." He said quietly. "They provide lodging for trainers...” "But we aren't trainers yet."

"They don’t know that..." Regulus trailed off tiredly. Finitevus nodded. The Pokémon center was bright and easy to spot, its glowing neon lights bathing the whole area around it in a warm orange light. The Pokémon center was clean and bright, furnished with everything a trainer could need.

There were booths with computers for mail and storage, and a few low teak tables with cushions by them for talking and eating.

The three walked in, and Finitevus approached the counter, were a nurse was sleeping in her chair. Finitevus rang the small bell on the counter, and she woke up instantly, springing to her feet and looking at him dazedly.

"Can I, can I help you young man?" "Yes please." Finitevus nodded, eyes drooping.

"Can we get some beds for the nigh- for a while?" She nodded sympathetically. "You poor dears. Follow me right this way."

She stood up and led them from the comfortable lobby and its plush carpets and teak tables to a hallway on the right. She pulled a ring of keys from the pocket in her skirt, and a pulled a door open.

The room inside was much more Spartan then the nicely furnished lobby they had left. The cream carpet with a pokeball pattern was gone, leaving a smooth concrete floor and simply painted green walls made of some sort of concrete. A thick rug lay on the floor, and two bunk beds made of thick steel rods stood against the walls. A large wide window against the far wall gave them an excellent view of the growing sliver of sun on the horizon.

"Go right in. Uhh, I regret to inform you that breakfast is only for trainers who can, um.... prove they are actively participating in our community, which means you need at least one badge. OK?"

Finitevus nods, and pushes Prometheus over to a bunk bed on the side of the room. Regulus was already climbing in another, his bag thrown on the rug next to Prometheus who needed to encouragement to drop his.

Finitevus managed to pull himself into the top bunk without even touching the ladder. They were all asleep in moments, and the nurse closed the door behind them, smiling faintly.


Regulus was the first to wake that day. It couldn't have been more than five hours, and his legs still felt weak and shaky, but acceptably so.

He sat up in his clothes; leg's hanging off the bed. He looked for at the other two. Prometheus was almost completely under the thin red blanket, and Finitevus was lying on top of his bedding, suit scuffed and scrunched. Regulus walked to the door, and pushed it open.

The sun was pretty high in the sky, but he hoped it wasn’t past lunch time yet.

His heart fell as he realized that it wouldn't matter, as the nurse's words from last night returned to him. "Pah. Actively participating..." he scowls, and looks over at the bag Prometheus had dropped the night before. Smirking to himself, he unties the knot at the top of the sack, and plunges his hand in, only to whip it out disgustedly.

"What... ice cream? He packed ICE CREAM?" He wipes his hand on the outside of the sack, before he slinks out to the lobby, looking about. The nurse was smiling at something on her computer, and didn't notice him.

He walked to the doors, which slid smoothly open when he got in range of there sensors. Regulus raised his eyebrows, walking out into the town. There weren’t many people about.

He walked down the main street, looking for either food or the building he could get a Pokémon in. Regulus' mind ran on a pretty basic level most of the time. Nothing immediately
presented itself, so he kept walking. It was only about a fifteen minute walk through own, and Regulus strolled about breathing in the misty after storm air, good spirits returning.

He could hear the sea, and smiled broadly redoubling his pace. The town didn't have much by way of a dock he decided with a slight tinge of disappointment, loosening his hoody's drawstring.

It was made of wood and only had room for about four boats at a time, and none of them could be very large. Three were already docked at the moment though, all slick speed boats, owners absent. The beach next to it was clean and white, though equally small.

It stretched along the cost as far as Regulus could see in both directions, about wide enough for two people to lay down head to foot on towels. Regulus took it as a good omen that it was empty, and sat down by the water, watching the clouds.

Back at the Pokémon center, Prometheus woke up and was blinking from under his blanket. He slid from bed markedly less graceful then Regulus had earlier, landing on the floor with a bump. His brother above him started, legs and arms contracting as though he was snapping out of a nightmare.

Finitevus opens his eyes a little, and looked down at the floor. "Prometheus... What time is it?" Prometheus blink's owlishly, looking around the room. "No idea. I could ask the nurse..." Finitevus slides down the steel ladder, landing gracefully on his feet

"Excellent idea. I'll come with you." He rubs the sleep from his eyes, and pushes open the door again, striding into the lobby with Prometheus at his heels. "Hello?" The nurse looks up and smiles at him. "Hello dear. How can I help you today?" "I could use the time and some directions if it is not too much trouble."

"None at all. She smiles. "It is... one thirty. Directions to where, exactly?" Finitevus grimaces a little.

"I'm afraid we haven’t been totally honest with you. I and my brothers are not, in fact trainers yet. We came to town in hopes of becoming such." The nurse frowns a little. "I'm sure the league can forgive a little deception once, but don’t mention it to anyone, OK?"

Finitevus nod's grimly. "Absolutely." "You can get Pokémon in umm, the Official Journey Starting Point for Talented Young Men and Woman." "The OJSPTYMW?" Added Finitevus absentmindedly.

"Ermm, yes." She said, frown deepening a little. "They keep changing the name... Anyway, it's down main street, second last building on the left." "Thank you." Finitevus nods and Prometheus smiles at her as they leave.

"Ahh, Prometheus, where is Regulus?" Prometheus looks at him unhappily. "I don't know. I woke up and he was gone." Finitevus frowns. "Mm. No doubt he can take care of himself."

As it was, they met Regulus walking back up the road after picking up the two bags, and he fell in line next to Prometheus without a word, although Finitevus gave him the evil eye. The building was square and white, and had the same archaic wooden push and latch doors that the professor’s house had. The outside was dull and shabby; a few red tiles missing from its roof and the walls had a few cracks in them.

They walked in a little hesitantly, Finitevus leading as always. The room inside was dusty and dark compared to the bright white sunlight outside, and they all blinked as their eyes recovered. At the far side of the room, a old man with an enormous white bed head was sitting behind a large desk, face lying on his folded arms, motionless.

"Hello?" Finitevus walked up cautiously. When he got no response, he looked back at the others, and rapped on the desk. The man sat up with a start, and looked miserably at Finitevus. "Hello. I suppose your here for a Pokémon, huh? Two of you are in for a ride."

His voice had obviously been powerful and charismatic in the past, but something had happened that had robbed him of self-confidence, and through that charisma. He had a wilted, somehow drained air about him. He was wearing an off white lab coat, and had thick grey eyebrows.

"What do you mean by that?" Asked Finitevus a little non-pulsed. "Do not you give us each a Pokémon? Is not that how this goes?"

The man slammed his head back down onto his desk, and spoke in a muffled voice. "Two have already been taken, and I don't get replacements till the next month. I am legally obligated to suggest a list of useful alternatives to this quandary."

"I'm sorry?" Said Finitevus confusedly. "If you do not have three then-" "One." The man droned on. "You could wait a month. Two. You could go to another OJSPTYMW. Three-"

Finitevus waved his hand, cutting the man off with a little more force than before. "Wait, there are other centers?"

The man raised one hand to point at a machine against one wall, and then let it fall back onto the desk with a thud. Finitevus looked at the other two. Prometheus looked a little blank, and Regulus just shrugged.

The three walked over and looked at the black screen. Finitevus reached out a long thin finger and tapped the screen lightly.

It booted up immediately, with a bright yellow flash and stunningly loud party music. A cheerful yellow Pokémon ran across the screen, followed by a rolling pokeball. The upbeat music dimmed, and stopped.

"Welcome new trainers!" Boomed the machine happily. "I am happy to be your guide to the wonderful life ahead of you! First, I'd like to ask you some questions. How many of you are there?"

Nine glowing yellow and blue numbers lit up the screen, and Fin hesitantly touched the three. "Excellent! Three is the magic number after all, I'm sure you will all lead exciting adventures!" Regulus shuddered in the back, wondering if it said that to every trio to pass through. A canned prophecy- an offensive idea to any one as superstitious as him.

"Next! I need to know- are you boys or girls?" Three sliders appeared, and Finitevus pushed them all to boy. "Excellent! Childhood friends I suppose huh? Next! I need all of your signatures! Please note that signing means you have read and agree with all the terms and condition's which can be easily viewed by asking your nearest league official."

The machine says this last part rather fast, as though they were slightly dirty and it wanted to get them out of the way as soon as possible.

As one, the three turn to look at the old man again.

Back to the machine, they all sign awkwardly with their index fingers. There is a pause as the machine scans the names. They wait impatiently, and then a bright flash makes them all jump.

"Congratulations!" Says the machine happily, and three red cards print out of a slot on the machine. "These are your official Pokémon league trainer cards! Keep these safe, as they are needed to verify your trainer rank and level at several facilities! Now, it’s time to pick a starter Pokémon! Who's excited!?"

There was a total absence of excitement outside of whatever little world the machine lived in, as the mortified three scanned the cards pictures of them, each of which featured them flinching away from a flash of light. After a moment it moved on.

"So, youngest to oldest please. First trainer, step up!" They looked at each other, and Regulus stepped forward before the others had a chance to, tapping his name on the screen. "Excellent! So, what type of Pokémon do you like Regulus?"

A red button labelled fire with yellow cartoonish flames on it appeared, along with a green button named grass covered in ivy and a blue button dripping water named fittingly, water. Regulus looked at them nonplussed. "Uhh." He looked back at Finitevus and Prometheus. "Which is best?"

"You tell me." said Finitevus irritably. "You dragged us into this after all." "Right, right..." Regulus grimaced, and stabbed at water. "Stupendous!" Shouted the machine happily.

"Now, pick your water type." A list of Pokémon popped, up, along with a cartoonish little picture and a short bio. A few were white, but most were greyed in. "This one!" said Regulus happily, jabbing at the little grey squirtle. The machine made a mournful little toot.

"I'm sorry, but that Pokémon is currently unavailable. Please choose one of the available water type Pokémon." Regulus scowled. "All the other Pokémon are in other regions! How am I supposed to get over there?!?"

Finitevus had no answers, so Regulus gloomily tapped on the next Pokémon down the list, which gave a gurgling cry, and swelled to cover the screen. "You've chosen totodile, congratulations! Totodile's a severely under rated Pokémon! It's snapping fangs mean even the most skilled trainer has to be careful! A boat ticket will be provided for you!" Another card printed out of the slot, and Regulus took it with ill grace.

"Next please" Prometheus approached the machine nervously at Fin's prodding, and tapped fire. This list of Pokémon was almost completely grey, with only one single option left. Torchick.

"Torchick!" said the machine happily. "It's a Pokémon well loved by girls, thanks to its soft and forgiving nature! Many trainers who lack confidence choose torchick!" Regulus laughed from the back of the room where he was skulking.

"Ha! You got the bottom of the barrel Pokémon! At least mine has fangs!" He grinned nastily, and Finitevus shot him a withering look.

Another ticket printed out of the machine, and Prometheus took it in his trembling fingers. "Last one please!" Finitevus approached the machine and selected grass. The grass list was fairly empty to, but not nearly as bad as fire.

Finitevus didn't even look at the list, he just tapped the first option and waited for the bio.

"You have chosen bulbasaur! Bulbasaur is a hardy grass and poison type, who grows slowly but surely! It's been a favorite with determined trainers for a long time!" The machine rattled alarmingly, and a small pokeball popped out of the top of the machine, and Finitevus barely caught it in his hands.

"That concludes your trainer sign up! Good luck and have fun!"

With that, the screen died, and the room was plunged back into a murky darkness.

26th January 2012, 7:04 PM
If I may make a small suggestion, how about you cut down on the blocks of text. It makes it very hard to read and I found myself skimming over it. Maybe more paragraphing with a tad less description.

Besides that, it's coming on nicely, I like the ending especially.

28th January 2012, 1:48 AM
If I may make a small suggestion, how about you cut down on the blocks of text. It makes it very hard to read and I found myself skimming over it. Maybe more paragraphing with a tad less description.

Besides that, it's coming on nicely, I like the ending especially.

thanks very much for the input~!
yeah, looking back its a little of an eyesore.

the next chapter will be formatted properly, and when i have the time ill fix the first two...

thanks again for reading/commentating!


Kutie Pie
26th February 2012, 5:56 AM
I'm here for the review game.

Okay, first off... *points to face* See the bloody holes? That's from me clawing out my eyes at the paragraphs. They are too blocky, have a bit too much information at once, and you have more than one person speaking in a single paragraph. You do not do that with dialogue. When a new person is speaking, you give that piece of dialogue their own paragraph. There's also some grammatical issues, such as mixing up "there" and "their", and "your" and "you're".

Next, I have issues with the characters. You only have two chapters up, and they play a crucial part in introducing characters. However, you have not convinced me to care for them very much. In fact, because they burned down the house (for whatever reason, that wasn't explained very well), I am not liking them because of that. I don't know who this Nostradamus is, and why he had three young boys at his place. I don't know who the creepy man who barged into the house and tried to attack them is either. And the boys' names are... um... is there a reason you gave them those names? They're hard to remember, for one thing, and you're giving them the impression they are important to the story. Now what do the names mean? Are they made up?

I went ahead to Google the names, and this is what I found (to the best of my ability with the amount of time I have):

Finitevus - name of a villainous fictional echidna in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic

Prometheus - a Greek Titan who stole fire from Zeus to give to mortals

Regulus - name of the brightest star in the constellation Leo, but was also the name of a Christian saint, and is the Latin name of the Basilisk

Judging by all this, you gave them these names for a reason. Why, though, remains to be seen, as I am not pleased with their characters as of this writing. Regulus came off to me as a nasty boy, and as that was the better of the characterization, I don't know anything else about the other two, except Finitevus is the eldest.

I don't know what the story is going to be about, but you did give us a hint by defining "symbiosis", so thank you for that. Still, that doesn't mean the storyline is going to be any good. I'm fairly certain you know what you're doing, at what's going to happen, and what the ending is going to be. A story with that title sounds very complex.

Now I can see this takes place in the near future, about thirty-odd years after the (original) game's timeline, which crosses over into the anime spectrum. This is confusing because you mention Red and Ash, who despite Ash being the anime-counterpart of Red, are different characters. I don't believe I've ever seen a story that has Red and Ash together at once because games =/= anime. Anyway, back to the future. The ending of chapter one is rather interesting. There is no professor giving away Pokémon, just a machine that allows you to pick your Pokémon no matter where you live. I take it this is a clue as to what the future is. This is the only fact that has me wanting to know what this is all about, at where the story is going. That, and also because you feature Mewtwo in your banner, but I digress.

A story of this complex structure needs to be handled carefully, and written in a way that keeps the reader's interest (as well as correctly). I'm going to guess this story has a lot of suspense in it. Make it suspenseful without going overboard. Understand? While I'm not happy with what I've read, I can tell this story can be interesting, thought-provoking, and have a complex theme as time goes on, as long as you write to the best of your ability. That will get you readers. You must plan this out carefully, and nurture these characters so they aren't uninteresting, dull characters with unexplained spiteful actions that make us want to strangle and violently shake them while screaming in their face, "What is your motive?!"

I'm not asking to be put on a PM list. I'm going to wait a few more chapters and see where it goes before I decide to pursue this story or not. I wish you well, and good luck.

6th March 2012, 9:58 PM

The imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, orinformation by speech, writing, or signs.


FROM: TrainerRegulus@Jhotto

TO: TrainerFinitevus@Kanto

hey bro

im finally giving into your demands for news updates and stuff, and writing to you
im just outside petal burg right now, thinking about challenging the GL
good news on the pokemon front- this starter is amazing! he has fangs like pencils and knows hwo to use him!
he also like rock music like me, and is a big eater ill think il name him blue jaw or fang
ive spent a bit more then half of the cash you sent me with on a music app for my pokedex and some cool ear buds
the rest went to food and i should be cool for a few weeks or so
the trainers here are terrible ive only been training for a week and they are easy pickings already
still, ill have to move on eventually and find some easy targets with more cash
still havent met up with the other two guys who launched with the matching starters to my pair, but there trainer ID were in my pokedex when i got it
thinking of changing my name since nobody here knows me
im thinking dusk




FROM: TrainerPrometheus@Hoenn

TO: TrainerFinitevus@Kanto

Hello Finitevus

I'm writing just as agreed Fin. The weathers really nice over here, and there are beaches every where! The people are really nice to. I've had about a dozen total strangers say hi and wish me good day! Its kinda unnerving, but nice. I got my Torchick from the machine over here, and my pokedex from the guy taking care of it. He was kind of chubby, but nice. I called up my new team mates right away, and we talked a bit. I tried to call you afterwards, but Kanto dex's only have email?


Any way, they were really nice. Offered to help teach me about effort training and stuff I have no idea what it is.... And guess what? They’re both aces already! Ones named Henrietta. She has dark purple hair that she wears in a bun and is kinda stressed from what Ive seen. Her partner is marshtomp, and she travels with Xavier, the other ace. he likes bird types he said, and has green hair, which matches his sceptile. He also has the biggest bed head I've ever seen. I thought Regulus had bad hair days, but he has nothing on Xavier!

Since you stressed it so much, here's how I'm going money wise. I've fought twelve battles, and won two, so i have a few hundred poke left. I know it sounds bad, but my partner just isn’t ready for serious fights yet! it’s so small and warm, and every time it’s time to fight he gets the shivers... I'm thinking of training him on jogging or something till he’s a little stronger. Other than that though, he’s a really game little guy. it took a whole day of coaxing, but he’s finally talking to me! Mostly he just talks about worms and how good they taste, or how nice the grass is. Xavier tells me i should keep him in his pokeball, but its just nicer for both of us when he rides my head.


wishing you well



Finitevus closes his black pokedex, and puts it back in his coat. It’s good to finally hear back from them. He reflects moodily. It’s only been a week, and I was already half expecting them to have died. He sighs, standing up and brushing at his black over coat fussily.

"I can’t believe Regulus is taking opportunity of this separation to change his name.... ridiculous. And Prometheus defies all standard trainer conventions... Honestly, carrying it on his head?" He looks down from under the tree he’s sitting under at viridian city.

It was a scorching and bright day, with just enough wind to make the tress sigh and leaves blow. The painted terracotta house stood in neat rows, and to his left he could see the white brick road that led to the indigo plateau.

He shouldered his single strap back pack, and headed down the hill into town. It was quiet today, since most people stayed indoors in this heat. The streets were all clean white brick, and he made it quickly through the main street to the pokemon center, breathing a sigh of relief as the glass doors slid shut, closing out the hot air and replacing it with a crisp air-conditioned breeze.

He scanned the teak tables quickly, looking for his rivals. No one here yet. Good. They had all agreed to meet in Viridian two days ago, and Finitevus had to hike all day from dawn till dusk to get to town by today. He had also promised him self to be sociable and try to make friends with whoever his rivals were, although he wasn’t sure that had been wise.

Taking a cushion seat, he reached into his pocket and drew out a shiny new red pokeball, and rapped it smartly on the table, swelling it from the size of a cherry to that of a soft ball. "Come out bulbasaur."

He clicked the button on the table, releasing a hefty dino-like pokemon. "Let’s just run though this once more before the others arrive, hmm?" The pokemon blinked its red eyes at him, but made no move.

"My name is Finitevus. Could you tell me yours?" The pokemon looked at him intensely, eyes narrowing slightly. Finitevus leaned in. "Come now. Every single bug catcher and youngster we have fought to get here had at least a rudimentary understanding. So why can’t you speak to me? Just say anything."

The bulbasaur scratches its ear, looking away. Finitevus sighs, and returns it to its ball. "I hope this is not my fault. Maybe the bulbasaurs defective..." He trails off in thought, worrying.

Then the sliding glass doors whoosh open, and a short girl walks in. She has a crumpled and smudged white dress shirt on, and a red argyle tie loosely tied around her neck. Her hair is short and brilliantly red, and she’s jelled her entire scalp to stick straight up in a wavy sort of way.

Her face is heart shaped, and has very large eyes. Overall the effect is that of a punk pixie that over dosed on caffeine. She has a red backpack slung over one shoulder, and tosses it onto the table that Finitevus is sitting in, sitting down on the other side and giving him a sardonic smirk, and smoothing out her skirt.

"So, you’re the new trainer in our little trio. Finitevus right? Do you mind if I call you Fin?"

She reaches out a hand and Fin shakes it across the table, caught off guard. "I suppose it won’t harm anything."

He concedes a little defensively, irritable that she caught him off guard.

"And what may I call you?"

She draws her hand back and reaches into here bag, pulling out a pokeball.

"My names Irene."

She tosses her pokeball a little in the air, and a charmander materializes onto the floor by her.

"I’m from Cleadon city. How 'bout you?"

"Pallet out skirts. Shouldn’t there be one more trainer?"

Irene shrugs.

"Yeah, his names Trellis. He has squirtle, obviously."

Finitevus nods.

"So, about meeting up. I thought we could travel together. Pool resources and stuff. You know. I heard it’s just easier until you have like, four pokemon to travel in groups. I won’t ask you for an answer yet,"

she said quickly, waving Fins surprised face aside.

"Let’s wait till you meet this last guy. You seem… nice, but if you don’t get along well with Trellis there’s no point."

Fin nods, struggling a little for words. He was unused to new conversations, since the past few years had been the same few over and over again with his brothers, and his conversational ability’s were a little rusty.

"You certainly are.... prepared. I haven’t learned nearly anything but the basics since I started. I’m still looking for a strategy of some sort."

She laughs a little, and grins at him.

"Aww, you don’t need one of those. As long as you and your pokemon get along well, that makes up for pretty much everything. You do get along well with your bulbasaur, right?"

Suddenly serious, she looms at him, or rather attempts do despite being more than a foot shorter than him.

"Of course."

Finitevus nods bleakly, uncertain if honesty was a wise choice at this point. Just then the door whooshes open again, and a young man walks over to their table. He is holding a water bottle filled with tea, and a stretchy white work out shirt. He has some slick plastic jogging pants on, and a basic brown backpack that looks like it’s built for heavy duty hiking.

"Hey. You’re Trellis, right?"

Irene sticks out her hand.

"Yeah. Hi."

Trellis shakes it, and looks over Finitevus and Irene quietly. His face is thick boned and broad, with sleepy tilted eyes and a wide jaw. He has a light mint green hair, but at its roots it’s a pleasant wood brown. Finitevus decided he must be from Hoenn in that case. Brunettes came from Hoenn, and he was evidently dying his hair. Green hair though? What was he trying to pass himself off as, Unovan?

Trellis sits down carefully, and set his bottle on the table, then laid his bag on the ground behind him. Finitevus, floundering already in a one on one conversation, chews his lip awkwardly, wishing that he was anywhere else.

Over that last few days, he had learned talking with people could be as excruciating as squirting lemon juice into paper cuts. Trellis looked over at Irene, and raises an eyebrow.

"So. Who is this?"

Irene required no further encouragement, waxes forth immediately.

"Come on, you know me I’m Irene from celadon, daughter of the famous flaming family of celadon. We went over all this in email."

She pursed her lips, and raises an eyebrow at Finitevus, indicating that it was Fins turn to introduce himself. Finitevus gives Trellis a deep frown, trying to get a reading on him.

“My name is Finitevus Von Asphodel. Good to meet you Trellis.”

"Its nice to meet you to Finitevus."

Trellis smiles sincerely, as he reached a large hand across the table and shook Finitevus'.

"So tell me. What do you think of being a trainer so far?"

Finitevus looked askance at Irene, and ran his hand through his hair.

"It hasn’t been what I’ve expected. That said, it hasn’t been miserable. Most of the people have been pretty good sports."

Trellis nods unblinkingly, watching Fins face.

"Mm. What about the pokemon? have they been, "good sports?""

Finitevus floundered at this unexpectedly sharp comment, and then surfaced with an answer chosen at random.

"Oh yes, absolutely."

Trellis nods, looking down into his tea.

"That’s nice."

An awkward silence spread for a minute before Trellis continued.

"You haven’t spoken with your bulbasaur since you got it, have you."

A new silence dragged on for what felt like an eternity, before Finitevus responded.

"No. how did you know?"

Trellis nodded his head, swishing his tea around a little, and looks at Irene.

"I can tell.”

Finitevus raised an eyebrow questioningly, but Trellis just nodded peacefully, and lifted his eyes back up to Fins.

"Truth can’t be hid from those who search for it.”

He looked back passively to Irene, who was scowling irritably. "I like him. I like you. If you want, I will join you two for a time."

Irene closed her eyes, and lets a breath out slowly.

"Yeah, ok. But you and I Fin,"

she scowled up at him,

“are going to have to have a match very soon. Come on guys."

She stands up, and grabs her bag.

"Let’s go shopping. I’ve wanted to pick up a sleeping bag like Trellis has, and I’m sure we could all use more medicine and food."

Finitevus shrugged.

"Sure. I need a sleeping bag to anyway."

Irene nodded, pushing her hair to the side, and picked up her bag. "Let’s get going then."

Finitevus picked his bag back up, and Trellis picked his bottle back up. The two boys followed Irene through the sunny streets of Viridian to the blue ceilinged pokemart, where she stopped and chewed her lips.

“All right, Fin you want to give me or cash and I’ll get a sleeping bag for you? Then you can go pick up medicine and Trellis can pick up food. We’ll split the money three ways.”

Finitevus gave a suspicious look for a second, but caught himself quickly.

I promised to try to make friends on this adventure. I have to keep my promises to myself. It’s not like many others will.

“Sure Irene. Let’s pool it before we split up.”

The other two nod, and fumbled about in their backpacks. Trellis pulled out a wad of bills, and Irene brings out a slightly smaller wad looking very proud of herself.

Finitevus emptied his pockets. He has a little more than half again of what Trellis has, and Irene gives him a scandalized grin.

“Have you even lost a single match since beginning your adventure?”

Finitevus shook his head mutely, and divided up the bills quickly.

“There. One thousand seven hundred poke to each, give or take a few. That should be more than enough for all our needs.”

The other two nodded, and pick up their third. Irene gave Fin another odd look, and walked into the pokemart, turning for the camping supplies department almost immediately. Trellis gave Fin a faint smile, and heads off to the canned and preserved food isles, leaving Fin to find medicine and supplies on his own.

Luckily, Finitevus found the area easily. Nearly everything in the place was double or triple labeled to make up for the scarcity of workers, and the whole place was scrupulously clean. The trainer supplies section has a wide variety, each of which has a micro add video playing beneath them, along with a small bio on the product, listing its benefits and weight along with bulk prices.

After a few minutes of hesitation Finitevus picks up a few herbal cures. After comparing the costs and effects, it was a pretty easy choice for him. He picks up two paper slips containing energy powder and a single heal powder before heading to look at pokeballs.

“Wow. Two hundred poke for the cheapest… maybe this money wont go as far as I thought it would.”

Finitevus shakes his head, and grabs a single pokeball, before heading back to the check out near the entrance.
Irene is already checked out, holding two large book sized objects, one brown and one green. Trellis is checking out, while speaking quietly to Irene. Finitevus takes the next place in line, listening in.

“Oh, hello there Fin. Irene and I are just arguing over the food I chose.”

Irene blows through her nose, face nearly red.

“both of you two are crazy. Fin, look at what he picked.”

Fin leans around Trellis, and peers at the goods. There was a great deal of canned vegetables, and some crackers, rice and other wise. Trellis had also picked up a six pack of energy drink and some fruit juice.

“He didn’t pick up any jerky or meat of any kind. Not to mention chocolate…”

Finitevus snorts at this, and Irene flushes even deeper. Trellis gives her a grim look.

“I don’t eat meat. And you shouldn’t either.”

Finitevus looks from one to the other, trying to decide if they were joking. He liked meat, But surely it wasn’t worth this much excitement.

“Why shouldn’t I trellis?!”

Irene ground her foot into the floor, hand reaching for her pokeball, like a gunslinger of the old west. Trellis held up a hand, for peace, and passed a plastic bagged of canned goods to Fin.

“I’ll explain once we’re on the road, ok? Fin, you should pay. The sooner we get out of here the happier I'll be.”

Finitevus looked askance at the cashier in embarrassment, and passed the goods over. The man coolly scanned it all, and Finitevus passed over the money. The transaction only took a minute, and then he hurried out the door after Trellis and Irene.

Surprisingly, they aren’t arguing when he gets out. Trellis is feeding his squirtle some brown dry canned food, and Irene is breathing slowly, calming herself.

Hmm. Maybe their more mature then I thought. Lets see how long it lasts though…

“Here Fin.”

Irene tosses him a folded neat square of cloth with a ripcord, and he places it in a interior pocket in his jacket.

“I got these herbs and such. There’s a single pokeball to, if any wants it. They were surprising expensive for such common tools.”

Trellis ignored him and goes on feeding his squirtle, but Irene grabbed it.

“Huh. Ill hang onto this Fin. I’m looking forward to making my first capture.”

Finitevus shrugged.

“Best of luck to you. Let’s get on the road now, I’m interested in what Trellis has to say.”

Trellis looked up clamly, and nodded.

“Allright. Follow me you to, I’ve been to pewter already. I’ll lead the way there through the woods. And ill explain as we walk.” Intrigued by the cloak and dagger, Fin falls in line quickly, a faint smile on his face. Irene follows after a moment to, with a marked improvement in temper.

Viridian was a fairly large town, but in this heat it was lazy and slow like a great terracotta beast, its residents sleeping in the heat or moving slowly. They pass through town in silence as Trellis waves away any questions with, “I’m still figuring out how to tell my story.” Soon they reach the dirt road, Trellis leading leisurely and Irene sweating irritably in the back. Finitevus removed his coat some time ago, and was carrying in folded over one arm, mindful not to let any of his possessions spill out. The dirt path winds for a while over a clean turf, where a few trainers are battling uncompetitively. The battle pauses every round so the trainers can puzzle out what happened, as the pokemon roll their eyes and lick their wounds.

No one bothers to ask them for a match, and they continue down the road. As they get farther away from the town, the graas gets higher and higher. Finitevus can here rattata and pidgey cheeping and arguing, but ignores them. Who would want one of those on your party anyway? as Finitevus muses this, Trellis clears his throat.

“So, why you shouldn’t at meat. You two know what meat is right?”

Finitevus and Irene look at each other unimpressed.

“Of course. Continue please trellis.” Trellis nods at Finitevus, and continues in his slow voice.

“Meat is the flesh and organs of animals. Have either of you ever seen an animal?”

Finitevus shakes his head, and Irene shrugs.

“In books and some old movies yeah. But not ever in person, no.”

Trellis nods.

“That’s because animals are nearly extinct now. They have always been in danger, but in the last few hundred years it reached a critical point. Humans have been keeping a few species alive for food, mostly cows and chickens. It hasn’t been easy, since animals are both weak and foolish. Pokemon feed off them, and humans feed of them, and they feed off them selves. I think about ten years ago there was about five thousand cows in unova. I doubt there's half that now.”

Finitevus looks up at the sky where clouds were beginning to gather, blessedly dimming the sun.

“Well where does the meat come from then?”

Trellis looks grimly ahead.

“There’s plenty of theories. Unova has the largest animal population since they specialize in agriculture, but their going out of business now. Some people in unova think the league is beginning to slaughter pokemon and feed it to people under the guise of meat. miltank, and combusken, you get the idea.”

Irene gives trellis a look of blind revulsion.

“You must be joking! They would never get away with that! People eating pokemon, disgusting! humans might as well eat humans!”

Trellis gives her a bland look as they reach the edge of viridian forest.

“Some people did, a long time ago. Never under estimate the evil in the human heart. Or the hunger in their stomachs, I suppose. Anyway, that’s not the end of my story. As I said, that was just a rumor. My father was a leading rancher back in unova, and he did some investigating in the records of the league. Apparently sixty eight percent of all meat now comes from Kanto, a region with a zero animal population. There hasn’t been a farm or ranch in Kanto for decades. “

As trellis finishes speaking, a bright flash and distant rumble of thunder warn of impending rain.

“Looks like we made it to the forest just in time.”

Trellis looks up at the sky as it starts to rain, lightly and then harder and harder on the tree they were standing under. The whole world is drowned in the peaceful natural sound of rain falling in the forest, a dull tapping roar of thousands of drops hitting leaves and sliding to the ground. The air had chilled already, but it was a welcome relief to the stifling heat of the morning.

Irene sits on a tree stump and sighs, closing her eyes.

“Well go on trellis. I want to hear to the end. This is some pretty interesting stuff.”

Trellis shrugs, and leans against a tree, rubbing his throat. Finitevus stands under the canopy of leaves, watching the grey blue sky, listening quietly.

“Anyway, my father discovered that all of this meat, not just a fraction but all, was coming from one man. His name was on every document about meat from kanto, but never in full. Only ever a bizarre messed up signature and N.A. nice initials huh? None of the above? Well I don’t know what they stand for. My father tried investigating them. He had his hopes pinned on a couple of people, and apparently it worked out.”

Trellis pauses here, and sighs.

“I think he found his man, although he never shared his identity with me. All that seemed to matter is what he found out what N.A. was doing. His amazing no animal meat, it was all done in a lab. A new level of cloning or genetic tech, I don’t know. But I do know what I saw in the pictures he had. Endless tanks of flesh, all of looking like it was rotting but truly it was just the opposite,. Growing like some undersea sponge. Submerged in this cloudy orange water, they were growing meat…. my father died three days after bringing this evidence home. We never found the body. The pictures were gone before the police even arrived.”

Irene and Finitevus both look at him concededly.

“That is an amazing story Trellis. I’m.. I’m sorry for your father.”

Trellis nods a little at Finitevus.

“Its alright. I’ve come to grips with my loss.”

Irene clears her throat, which sounds a little clogged as though with emotion.

“Im sorry to Trellis. I should have just gone with what you said before. I was so harsh on you… I really am sorry.”

She wipes at her eyes, and trellis smiles sunnily.

“both of you, its fine. I’ve just traveled to Kanto to see my country that spawned this whole mess, and its people. Deep in my heart I was almost hoping it would be rotten to the core, a modern Sodom and Gomorrah. But at least you two are good people. I’m just here to see what I can. Try to make something of my life. Spread the news.”

Irene nods again, pensive.

“Hey Fin, we still unfinished business. And now that Trellis his finished his story, maybe there’s time.”

Finitevus looks aside at her, pulling his face from the rain streaked sky.

“What business?”

Irene rolls her eyes, energy returning.

“I demanded a battle before, remember? It’s the trainer code. You got to accept it now. And since we are waiting for the rain to clear, I thought it might be a good time.”

Irene is already reaching for her single pokeball, and holds it at him like a gun.

“Come on Fin! This is what being a trainer is all about! I’m going to prove its wrong to treat pokemon the way you have! Pokemon carefully trained with love are always more powerful than human slaves!”

Finitevus scowls at that, and pulls his own pokeball out.

“I don’t treat my bulbasaur as a slave. But if you want a battle, I’m more than happy to oblige. Trellis, would you judge our match?”

Trellis nods sleepily, and Finitevus raps his pokeball on the front, releasing his bulbasaur as Irene tosses hers in the air, sending a charmander flying forward and landing between them.

“This will be your first official competitive match Fin! Win or lose, whatever happens next will be on your official record for ever!”

Finitevus narrows his eyes, and ready’s himself.

“Then I can’t lose.”

11th June 2012, 7:58 PM

a high or inordinate opinion of one's own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in bearing, conduct, etc.


"Here we go Fin. There is no turning back now!" Irene smiles triumphantly, her charmander flexing its back and waving its tail to and through, the flame flaring aggressively.

Finitevus releases his bulbasaur onto the mossy Forrest floor, and looks down at it resignedly. "Ladies first Irene. Show me the best you have." He straightens his lapels haughtily, raising his chin. Irene raises her eyebrows, grinning.

"Aren't you the gentleman. You'd better not regret that choice Fin. Flare, use ember! Don't hold back, this is a true battle. Pride won't allow fin to accept any less, and yours won’t let you get away with any less! You have the heart of a dragon!"

Finitevus rolls his eyes, sticking his hands in his pockets. "Spare me the melodrama. It is quickly becoming incredibly embarrassing. Bulbasaur, I want you to get out from under the canopy of the tress, into the rain. Try to burrow into the wet earth a bit if you can."

Even as he finished his command, Irene's charmander was already flying across the small area between them, whipping its tail to and thro, building a small bonfire, and slapping at bulbasaur. The bulbasaur managed to jump backwards barely, backtracking as quick as is stubby limbs could into the light rain fall.

The charmander attempts to snarl at it, but its high squeaky voice is more pathetic then intimidating, and Fin smirks.

"So far so good Irene. let’s see how long your little flare can hang on. Perhaps you should have chosen the time and place of out battle closer, hmm? bulbasaur, leech seed."

Irene flushes a little, and clenches her fists. Looking over at her bulbasaur unhappily. she opens her mouth to utter a command, but Fins bulbasaur has already launched its attack, bulb convulsing and firing brittle brown seed pods at the lizard. They bump it with all the furious force of popping popcorn, breaking on impact. Instant thin ivy like lines spread across the charmanders body, constricting its movements and stabbing with its pointed ends into its flesh, draining its sweat and going for blood next. The charmander winces and wails, and Irene gasps.

"What sort of terrible inhumane move is that!?! That could kill him! Call it off Fin!"

Finitevus raises his eyebrows at here, frowning.

"Says the girl who only moments ago was trying to burn my pokemon alive."

"Fine, that’s how you want to play it!"

Irene snarls, and scans the battle enraged, pokemon waiting for their next orders. One sitting contentedly, the other squirming in discomfort.

"charmander, use ember on the vines! Burn them from yourself!"

"Bulbasaur, poison powder. Don’t give it an instant to recover."

Bulbasaur gives Finitevus a bland look, and shoots a flurry of purple spores into the air, which blow softly over to the charmander, who promptly inhales them in one of its terrified gasps, panting faster and faster as the vines constrict tighter, even as he sets them a flame. The vines burn quickly, but the damage is mostly done. innumerable tiny needle like wounds bleed badly onto the wet forest floor, tiny burn scars marking where the vines used to be. The charmander gasps, pained, choking a little as its saliva foams around its mouth, eyes blurring.

Irene sobs, once, and fumbles for her pokeball.

"Bulbasaur. Vine whip. Finish this fight."

"No!" Irene shouts terrified, and flings her pokeball out, returning the wounded charmander to its pokeball.

Finally paying attention to her, Finitevus turns to Irene irritably.

"You asked for this fight. Try to have the decency to finish it. Send your pokemon back out. Ugh, the hypocrisy..."

Trellis, who has so far been silent raises his voice and hands, stepping between them.

"Finitevus," he begins in his slow deep voice. "Part of being a good trainer is knowing when to quit. It was a good call to. I would have called it sooner even."

Finitevus sighs, releasing tension from his spine and relaxing his posture a bit, staring back down at the ground. Irene looks depressedly at her pokeball.

"Irene, do you willingly and with full understanding of the consequences of your actions, surrender to Finitevus?"

Trellis looks compassionately at Irene, and then over at Finitevus with a slight frown.


Irene looks up resignedly, looking at the other two. Finitevus returns her gaze levelly for a few seconds, then looks aside at the rain, and motions his bulbasaur to come to him. Trellis smiles sadly at her, and reaches out his hand.

"All right. Your pokedexes please. I’ll sign as witness to the battle."

Irene digs out her orange and red pokedex, adorned with stickers and spray paint patterns. Finitevus passes trellis his black glossy pokedex silently, and then returns his bulbasaur to its ball.

Trellis walks a few paces away, tapping options on his silver and green pokedex as he configures the battle settings and results, leaving Finitevus and Irene alone.

They avoid each others eyes for a few seconds, before Finitevus speaks awkwardly.

"I’m.. sorry for your loss. I’m sure you didn’t have time to weigh all the variables prior to the match. Also, there was no way you could have known how much training I have done. I’m sure next time you will do fine."

Irene snorts, but smiles. Then she frowns, and glares at him.

"You really don’t care at all for my charmander do you? To you, it was just another pawn to take down. You didn't even have any more compassion for your bulbasaur. I thought you were just some punk at first, acting cool and distant."

Finitevus raises his eyebrows, standing back a bit.

"What do you mean? I never pretended I was some empathetic bleeding heart. I would have hoped by now you accepted my way of battle to be superior."

Irene shakes her head angrily, and looks down at the pokeball in her hand.

"I can’t accept you way on principal. Pokemon are intelligent, sentient beings. Treating them as individuals will ALWAYS be more effective than using them as tools. I'm certain of it. And I know your better than that, even if you believe it. You have a good heart Fin, I’m sure of it. I just can’t understand how you could be so callous.."

Finitevus shakes his head sadly, and looks over to Trellis, checking if he was done yet. His eyes widen and he reaches for his pokeball immediately, striding forwards and standing before Irene.

Trellis is sitting on the ground where he fell, leaning back, and slowly retreating without making any sudden movements. A huge cobalt pokemon, easily over six feet tall is regally walking past, two equally enormous quadrupeds in its wake. It has huge gold fins on its front shoulders, and a snow white ruff on fur coming down the front of its throat. Two golden curling pushed back from its head, each pointed to a razor like point. It has grey and black hair over each of its four long bony legs, obscuring whatever hooves or paws it might have.

Its face is steely grey, with sharp golden eyes and a thin hair line above its mouth, similar to a humans moustache. Other than the snout, its face is remarkably similar to a human. It has a dignified cast to its features, now twisted with hate and outrage. It’s golden eye keeps flickering to trellis, and then forward again as it marches through the forest clearing, forward always. as it walks away from them, Finitevus notices there is a massive gash in its left flank, a clean cut, with no rips along the flesh, as though cut with a laser.

The two other pokemon following it are also in a bad state, one fighting to keep its head up and eyes, open, head bloody and yet unbowed. The other is swaying slightly, legs bleeding and stained red.

Trellis has backed up to the rest of the group, and is slowly getting to his feet beside Fin, who has his hand on his bulbasaurs ball still.

"Trellis." Finitevus speaks in a low voice, "What do we do? They look... dangerous."

Trellis nods his head shakily, eyes locked on the three unbelieving.

"I got a scan with my pokedex before I realized what they were. These things are on a whole another level of power. Back in unova they are stuff of legend. I grew up hearing story’s of the three nightmares, Deimos, Phobos, and Eris. Terrible horse like pokemon that loathe humans, stirring up discord everywhere they go. The leader is the blue one at the front. Try not to make eye contact. They all look wounded, so if we are lucky they might just move on."

The three stand as still as possible, and with a nearly human sneer the leader sweeps past, as elegantly as possible with a lame leg. The other two stumble after it with markedly less grace, stumbling back and forth. The trees and bushes seem to part and make way for them though, and in seconds all three have vanished into the woods. Trellis releases a breath that he must have been holding, and rubs his heart, standing up.

"That was far too close for comfort. Those three together have more human deaths on their hands then any one species of pokemon. They must have been very badly wounded to avoid conflict, usually they go out of their way to attack humans."

Finitevus lips twitch upwards, and Irene wraps her arms about herself, shivering.

"You know what question that arises though, don't you Trellis."

Trellis nods, staring at the forest floor. Irene looks at him and then Fin, uncomprehending.

"Yes. What or who did that to them."

As one they turn to look where the pokemon had emerged. Blood was thick on the leaves, and many small plants had been crushed by the stumbling heavy set one.

"Well. I say we find what did it."

Irene's face is set, but she checks the other two. Trellis looks faintly alarmed, and Finitevus is still smiling faintly.

"I second that."

Finitevus adds, raising an eyebrow at Trellis.

"I’m curious to see what man or creature could wreck such havoc."

Trellis sighs, shaking his head.

"Then I will accompany you two, before the rain washes the blood away. I wash my hands of whatever awaits us at the end of the trail though."

Irene smiles, and Finitevus shrugs, already following the bloody smears into the forest. Trellis follows behind them a touch, face set in a easy distaste. They didn’t have to walk long before coming to a very thick part of the forest. The blood here was all over the lower branches and high shrubs, to the point where it was nearly dripping on their heads. Finitevus surveys the gore complacently, unable to pin point where they had come before here,

"Could this be where it happened?"

He mused out loud, putting his hands in his long black coats pockets. He pushes a finger through a hole absent mindedly, and startles badly when a voice that's not Irene’s or Trellis's answers him.

"Oh absolutely."

The voice is like oil over ice, smooth and cold, so powerful it nearly conjured a face in the darkness on its own. The face would be smirking, Finitevus decided shaking himself a little, to get over the shock.

"Who are you?"

a very tall man leans casually around a thick tree, swaggering towards Finitevus. He is wearing a outdated suit of undefinable origin, but it puts fin in mind of a traveling gypsy of some sort. it’s a deep lacquered red brown, with tasselled shoulder pads and a small folded down collar. The man has a tall similarly colored top hat on his head, the kind Finitevus adored. It was considerably more thread bare then the rest of the man’s suit, and had a number of small thing objects tucked into its brim. Despite its obvious patches and age, it shone like it had been waxed only moments ago.

"I have a lot of names."

Finitevus gives him a hard look, waiting for him to continue. The man meets his glare with a casual smile, which is no mean feat. Finitevus could crack ice and sour milk with a glare, his brothers feared it with a terror that most children have for the bogeymen. Surprised by the stalemate, Finitevus goes for his next favorite style of getting answers.

"I have a lot of questions for you, if you would be so kind to answer then."

He pushes his hair back, and lessens the harsh cast of his look, trying to act as mannerly as possible.

The man laughs childishly, and makes as though to clap his hands.

"What a come about! What a performance! So this is how you fooled those two and joined them ja?"

This rings numerous alarm bells in Finitevus head, and he starts to back away into the forest. The man follows easily, his long strides closing the distance in an instant.

"Alright boy, I like you. As I said, I have a lot of names, but you can call me Kione. I've come a very long way to speak to you, specifically. I'm convinced your.."

He pauses, waving his hand about dramatically.

"Ahh, words fail me. They aren't exactly friends; you'd need to care about them for them to be that."

Finitevus’s eyes narrow suspiciously, and his whole body shifts into a more aggressive cast, as though he was ready to tackle the man.

"I do care about them."

But the words are a knee jerk reflex, and fall dead even to Fin's ears. Suddenly he is stricken with a nearly crushing feeling of guilt, and falls to one knee with a strangled gasp. The tall man laughs, teeth somehow flashing even in the dim forest. A small part of Fin's mind that's not screaming with guilt is repulsed by horrified with himself. Finitevus, feeling guilt so strong he fell to his knees? He Hadn't felt guilt in years. There had to be some other factor at work here.

"I should have warned you boy. The first gate doesn't work around me. Unless I want it to, anyway. I suppose you could shut this off yourself, if you knew what we were doing of course. That would require a little more truth then either of us is comfortable with unfortunately."

To the man’s surprise, Fin staggers to his feet, and looks in him the darkness where his eyes should be with disdain.

Fin's heart was beating like a gang of monkeys trapped in a room full of drums, but he stood as tall as he could anyway. Analytic thought. That was the key to clearing ones mind. Think clearly and emotionlessly, only in a void could true logic flourish. He focused on the old professors words, taking a deep breath.

"You are mad. I have no idea what you’re talking about. If you have something to say to me, say it or leave."

The man laughs again, leaning back against a nearby tree.

"Oh boy, oh laddie. if I told you now you'd reject it the rest of your life. So I can only hint, and hope you’re as bright as you think you are. Anyway, I’m not at my best either at the minute. Our big friend has been coming down on me hard, and I’m so full I could burst. Tell you what though; I will drop in on your brothers later. I’m sure they will each grasp the truth a different way."

Finitevus shakes his head at the man’s ranting. He was clearly delirious, or his mind was addled from some sort of drug abuse. And yet... even as he mentally decided to walk away and find the others something rooted him in place. This man... something about him was familiar. Something inside him recognized this tall man and his flashing smile.

"Anyway, you want the truth. I can see it in your heart. I really do have to go, so I’m going to drop as big a hint as I feel you’re ready for and dash, all right?'

the man smiles painedly, and Fin notices for the first time his suit seems to be dripping.

"Is that... blood.."

Finitevus trails off as he makes the connection.

"You’re the one who did that to the three pokemon we saw, aren't you?"

The man laughs again, and ineffectively wipes at his coat, spattering the ground with drops of a thick red brown blood.

"You caught me. here’s your truth Finitevus, before I go."

The man sobers up more for the first time, and seems to grow as he straightens up. His collar pops on seemingly its own and blood runs off his jacket onto the floor, leaving it a deep rich black with red ornaments. Suddenly, Finitevus is struck for the second time in his life with emotion strong enough to move him physically. He manages to stand this time, swaying and shaking in attempt to control his fear. He can feel cold sweat beading and running down his back, but holds strong.

What is this man? How was he doing this? Some sort of psychic suggestion? Drugs he somehow ingested?

"Ambition, boy."

The voice is many times deeper than before, but has lost none of its amused tone. now rather than sounding immature he sounds like he is laughing at the world and all its misery, laughing in the face of death and injustice, laughing because sometimes that’s all you can do in he face of human malice and evil. And near the edges, there is a slight crack to the laughter.

"Or rather the imitation of ambition will carry you far. Your blood holds more secrets then even you can guess, and in time I’ll help you find them all. Hold on and aim for the top. Invent a dream, and get close to the league. When your name carries weigh even there, I’ll see you again. Good luck, Finitevus."

Out of the darkness, Finitevus again sees the flash of bright teeth in a near perfect half circle, and then the darkness swallows up everything, sights sounds touch and taste, leaving him in the void of unconsciousness. The last thought Finitevus thinks before he blacks out completely rings through his head.

"I never told him my name..."

20th June 2012, 8:17 AM

the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner; also : the capacity for empathy.


Fin's friends managed to wake him up back on the path later that day. The sky was still grey and cloudy when he opened his eyes, and as he lay there staring into the sky he felt as though somehow the entire ground had shifted, and he was clinging to the ceiling of the universe, the milky wastes of universe laid out before him, and should he fall he would fall for an eternity before finally impacting the moist earth, an angel without wings. His mind flew through these day dreams rapidly, without emotion.

He hadn’t had his eyes open for more than a few seconds before Irene wandered past and noticed. She looked tense and drained; carrying what appeared to be his bag. She dumped it next to him on the ground and sat down next to him, leaving his range of site. Fin closed his eyes, and with a sighs that would have done Atlas proud sat up, looking about. The moon was rising, and he was lying on a sleeping bag in front of a small fire. Irene’s was set up on the other side, and trellis’s between, although he was nowhere to be seen.

“We were worried about you Fin. When we caught up to you in the undergrowth, you had passed out on the ground. Trellis and me carried you all the way back to the road, and we were carrying you to pewter for medical assistance…”

Fin smiled faintly, and tried to work up some empathy in his tired soul.

“You two are such wonderful selfless people. don’t worry about me though, I think it was just..”

And he trailed off there, looking back through his own mind. The whole experience had an air of the surreal about it, the lighting, the language, everything. Perhaps he had just passed out when he entered the clearing. He had passed out before; he had a history of low blood pressure after all. And yet, he was trying to reason with himself, for after all that he couldn’t believe that it was anything but real. Surreal, yes, but it also had a sickening sensation of reality, the kind of numbing feeling that shoots through you when you miss a step on the stairs.

“I suppose I just passed out Irene.”

He finished eventually, staring into the fire, preoccupied.

“I suppose I should have mentioned it before, but I do have a history of rather poor health.”

Irene looked at him across the fire, and he was struck with how small she was. Usually her larger than life attitude covered it up, but really she was just an eleven year old girl away from home the first time in her life, traveling with a boy who had medical problems that she might have to help with. He could just see the nightmarish scenarios flash through any one paranoids head. He could pass out while climbing up the many hills around kanto, and smash his head open. He could pass out while battling a wild pokemon. There was so many ways this could go wrong.

He saw all this in a flash empathy for the girl. And yet it was not empathy as much as understanding. He understood what she felt keenly, it was obvious in her face and posture. And yet he could not emotionally emphasize. He knew this was cruel, but he just couldn't work up the energy to assure her, to calm her fears.

Im through being the leader of what ever group I cast lots with.

He mused sourly to himself, staring back into the fire.

Let someone else quiet her fears. Let trellis take lead.

He sighed, exhausted. It has been over thirty hours since he had last slept properly, even when he was suffering from is chronic insomnia he had been able to take cat naps. Without even bothering to get inside the sleeping bag, he fell back over and was asleep in moments, the heat of the fire warming his bruised body, the birds and crickets above and around singing a somehow peaceful melody.


Fin woke up early the next morning, feeling little better than he had the night before. The air and sky were as chill as it ever gets in this part of kanto, brisk and clean. Finitevus shivered a little, and considered wrapping his sleeping bag around himself, but decided against it; comfort is no fair trade for dignity. Instead he climbed to his feet, and folded his hands into his jacket.

Irene was still sleeping where she was sitting last night, and at some point Trellis had returned to his sleeping bag. Fin ran his hand through his hair, pushing it back. It was early, very early. Should he wake them? He sighed, and grabbed his backpack, checking for his pokeball. It was still there in his coat pocket, and he winced to think he could have ended up sleeping on it all night.

He took it out of his pocket to look at it in the silence, and feel it’s warm weight in his hands. It was smooth and glossy still, not like some of the pokeballs the professor had kept about the house as decorations. He closed his eyes and held it in his two hands, trying to feel that life he knew lived inside. When he concentrated, he could feel something beyond the warmth… it was a kind of faint but deep vibration with in the ball. He knew that particularly skilled trainers could tell what pokemon was in a ball just by touching it.

He smiled crookedly. That sounds like a useful skill, now that he thought about it. It would probably come with time. He decided, putting the ball back. Once he had more pokemon anyway. He looked back up at the sky, and felt someone watching him.

Trellis was awake, sitting up in his sleeping bag soundlessly. His eyes were as dull and calm as always, and Finitevus couldn’t start to guess at what he was thinking. This made him uneasy deep down. Finitevus had always been fairly good at judging peoples moods and mindsets from looking at them, he had read enough books on the subject to be able to judge when someone was lying correctly over eighty percent of the time. Of course he added mentally, those had been the same two people over and over…

But Trellis had no tells as far as he could see. The boy was a stone, unmoving and unblinking. Under Trellis’s watchfull eye, Finitevus started wadding up his sleeping bag, to fit it in his backpack. He was half done when Trellis spoke.

“How are you feeling Fin? I trust you got over whatever it was you saw yesterday?”

Fin looked at him askance, not pausing in his work.

“Saw something? I passed out just entering the thicket, or so Irene tells me. Did you see what could have happened to those pokemon, by the way?”

Trellis looks hard at him for a few more minutes, before unzipping his bag and wadding it up to.

“No. I looked a little before carrying you back, but I didn’t find anything.”

Finitevus finished, and shoved the lumpy plastic sphere into his bag. Trellis finished a little later, and climbed to his feet. The sky was just lighting up now, and the pidgey were beginning to chirp. The noise was soft now, just like the suns first light. Trellis rubbed his face with one hand, and looked over at Irene and then Fin.

“I suppose we should wake her?”

Finitevus shrugs noncommittally. He was sure he could use more sleep. But if they wanted to make it anywhere, he supposed she should wake up.

“Go ahead. I want to take a look at the road.”

So as Trellis started nudging Irene to life, Finitevus set out down the dirt road on his own. He wasn’t sure how far they had dragged him since last night, but the forest certainly had thinned. There was only a single tree every dozen feet or so now, and the gaps in the canopy were much larger. He strode for a few minutes, enjoying being alone. The road left the forest behind soon, and before him stretched the rolling green hills and valleys that make up most of kanto, with a large busy city ahead, smoking and bright even this early. Fin smiled a little to himself, and pulled his coat collar aside a little. So that was Pewter city, Home of kanto’s first badge.

As he strode back to his friends to tell them what he had seen, he could already feel his spirits rising. He felt unusually good natured, as though he had just won an award. Was it because this was the farthest he had ever been from home? Was it because now, he could see with his waking eyes the first challenge he would have to face on his journey? Rather than over analyzing it, he just smiled and walked back. His story was Starting now, And no one was going to get in his way.

29th June 2012, 8:30 PM
Hey, I really like this story so far, and it's good to see you've spaced things out better. I love the immaculate description f the house at the beggining - I feel like I'm actually there. You've also done a nice job of giving all the brothers different personalities, though it would be good to hear from them more - I'm shocked enough they'd all agreed to go on without each other anyway. I must also admit that I find it hard to match each personality with each brother - I think it's just a me-thing with long names.

I loved:

The voice is like oil over ice, smooth and cold, so powerful it nearly conjured a face in the darkness on its own.

It's a very effective simile, and is very imaginative, too.

Overall, I noticed quite a few small mistakes, but because of the size of this thing I'll give a few only:

Irene smiles, and Finitevus shrugs, already following the bloody smears into the forest. Trellis follows behind them a touch, face set in a easy distaste. They didn’t have to walk long before coming to a very thick part of the forest. The blood here was all over the lower branches and high shrubs, to the point where it was nearly dripping on their heads. Finitevus surveys the gore complacently, unable to pin point where they had come before here,

"Could this be where it happened?"

He mused out loud, putting his hands in his long black coats pockets. He pushes a finger through a hole absent mindedly, and startles badly when a voice that's not Irene’s or Trellis's answers him

You do this constantly thoughout the entire story - you flit between past and present tense so often that it's a bit jarring for the reader.

"I can’t accept you way on principal. Pokemon are intelligent, sentient beings. Treating them as individuals will ALWAYS! Be more effective than using them as tools. I'm certain of it. And I know your better than that, even if you believe it. You have a good heart Fin, I’m sure of it. I just can’t understand how you could be so callous.."

This is at COMPLETE odds with her 'callous' nature at the beginning of the battle - she comes off as too hypocritical. Also, the ! and capital in Be is unnecessary, it would make more sense to write: Treating them as individuals will ALWAYS be more...

Also, very often you write Fins when you should write Fin's, as quite often you use the former when you're talking about ownership, which is wrong. You also sometimes forget to put a capital at the beginning of each name, which is slightly jarring.

His story was Starting now, And no one was going to get in his way.

Needless to say, the capital S in starting is completely unnecessary.

Im through being the leader of what ever group I cast lots with.

he mused sourly to himself, staring back into the fire.

This could be written better and more accurately as:

I'm through with being the leader of whatever group I cast lots with, he mused sourly to himself...

"Ambition boy."

OK, so here there should be a comma between the words, becase the subject is being separated.

I also find Fin's emotional breakdowns a bit... over the top, really. Maybe there's a medical condition for him that I missed, but falling to the ground from fear of a man you just met seems a bit extreme.

Also, I'm a bit confused as to why neither of Fin's friends where there when the man appeared. Where they not behind him yet a second previously?

Finally, at the very beginning it is very difficult to know who is described as they are all referred to as 'he', and although I told you that you needed to put more spacing, the extact below could all be put together as it all descibes the same thing:

The last boy was standing a little behind the others and was much taller. He had the same resentful glow in his eyes as the old man, but that's where the similarities ended. He looked much older than the other two; he could have easily passed for fifteen, or maybe even sixteen. He was certainly tall enough. His face had an unhealthy grey parlor, as though he didn’t get out into the sun very much.

He had reflective golden eyes that shone dully in the low light, from underneath his heavy eyebrows. His hair was black, and combed back, the only concession to common hygiene that any of the three seemed to show. His cheeks were gaunt, and a thin blue tracery of veins could be seen lacing across all the exposed skin, little of which there was.

He was wearing a faded black suit, the sleeves rolled back and the pant leg's rolled up. Threadbare old dress shoes that were too large were on his feet, and he was carrying a heavy tome in one hand.

Well, in conclusion, the way you wrote this, although it had a few minor errors, is brilliant - each step of the way felt so real, you personalised each character very well and I love the emails/texts you included from Fin's brothers - this captured each of their personalities beatifully. The beginning and end to each chapter is well done, the last chapter having an especially good cliff-hanger. All in all, I really enjoyed this and would love to see some more. Keep up the good work!