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26th January 2012, 3:48 PM
Aerodactyl@Focus Sash
252 speed/ 252 Hp
Stealth rock
Stone edge

Starmie@life orb
Rapid Spin
Ice Beam

252 hp/ 252 Attack
Meteor mash
Zen headbutt

Dragonite @ leftovers
252 Hp/252 Attack
Dragon dance
Dragon claw

Gengar@ life orb
252 speed/252 spa
Shadow ball
Sludge bomb
Dream eater

Heatran @ leftovers
252 hp/252 sp Attack
Fire blast
Earth power
Metal sound

26th January 2012, 4:55 PM
No explanation? meh, i suppose it's fairly obvious.
i'll have a look in detail of weaknesses later, i don't see any glaring weaknesses in this though, looks fairly strong against most threats.

For movepools:
Gengar: dreameater is generally a bad idea, too unreliable especially with hypnosis having low accuracy and they can wake up at any time. Also with a life orb, you need to be dealing damage out asap, not just lazing around trying to sleep them. If the sleep misses gengar is likely to be OHKO'd as well.
Personally i would add hidden power fire and another special attack.

as said i'd look at your weaknesses:
Aerodactyl: Electric, Ice, Rock, Steel, Water
Starmie: Bug, Dark, Electric, Ghost, Grass
Metagross: Ground/Fire
Dragonite: Dragon/Rock 4x: Ice
Gengar: Dark, ghost, Psychic
Heatran: Fighting, Water 4x: Ground

On this front it actually looks good! a maximum of 2 weaknesses to everything.

On a resistance from, you have nothing for electric attacks and seeing 2 are weak to electric, i think it's a problem.
I dont think there is an "obvious" way of dealing with it.

Also, it should be mentioned that if a pokemon gets set up, there is literally nothing you can do about it. The best you have is getting heatran to explode on it.
As you lack haze/roar to deal with such threats.

As an example, you send out gengar which has slept something.
On his turn he sends out a specially defensive suicine. You use dreameater as gengar is low hp (or you deal ~20% of its hp with a special attack).
You can either attempt to sleep it, switch out, or continue to attack it, and if you continued to attack it, i can tell you now you'd lose that fight badly as it begins to use calm mind and sets up on your gengar.
If you had a wall which can use haze + toxic or roar, you'd be able to deal with it.
For dragonite would be fairly easily KO'd by a suicine which leaves metagross to explode on it.

I would switch out gengar for celebi. This would than give you an electric resistance.
Can also provide all sorts of useful moves such as heal bell/thunder wave and still be able to have 1-2 aggressive moves. Heck, could also use perish song to scare off baton pass teams/boosters (by this i mean pokemon who boost their stats with stuff such as swords dance/calm mind)

Although adding whirlwind to aerodactyl could provide a way of dealing with stat boosters also, although he's a bit too fragile for that business and you may find skarmony more effective for the job.

One last note is that you have no weather, whilst this isn't needed being able to disrupt teams who rely on weather can be very useful.

27th January 2012, 7:01 AM
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