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27th January 2012, 7:02 PM
Alot of people I have been playing against can't stand this deck, It's really slow, and when playing a game shortly after my last cities my friend steve, "I've been teaching my cleffa's and smoochum's new move's", so I stall kill 3 cleffas and smoochums, and then I let him use his last smoochum in which He declares "I use time control", and he won, I couldn't help myself it was so funny.

The biggest thing and problem I had with making my past lilligant victini deck's, was the fact that there was no other mainline attacker to take the heat, pick up the pace, etc, dragon's couldn't pull it off, other type's of attacker's died, then my friends we're all on about mewtwo EX and I just didn't care for it, but then after the last cities something clicked inside my head and it all started to make sense. I do have some people against wanting to show this decklist while other's think it's a good idea for the current format, however since I am sporadic and the strategy for this deck changes daily there's no point in giving one.

2-2 lilligant
2 victini
2 mewtwo EX
1 cleffa
1 shaymin
1 celebii prime
3-1-2 vileplume

6 grass
4 psychic energy

3 pont
3 dual ball
2 cheren
3 rare candy
4 copycat
3 seeker
2 communication
1 black belt
1 burned tower
1 flower shop lady
2 twins
2 IQ
1 elms
1 eviolite
1 fisherman

27th January 2012, 7:16 PM
The deck isn't that bad, if you ask me. My own deck is cruddier than that.

28th January 2012, 3:38 AM
I let you die into my turn then ohko your bench, it is a pretty good strategy.

Then again I have no idea what you meant.