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28th January 2012, 7:14 PM
Note: Hello People of Serebii.net! This is my first story,a stepping stone in my path to become a decent writer.Being a novice I need your help,do not hold back while reviewing my stories!

Also I have read the rules Completely, I haven't seen a rule that says I need the moderators permission to start posting,so I am posting this straight away! Apologies to the concerned people if I broke any of the rules!

This particular story is a simple,One shot and my main focus is on the Pokemon battle,so the story line might be slightly lacking!

Here it is~

“Just a little more.” Harry wiped the sweat off his face. The temperature is very high deep inside the Stark Mountain. It is not surprising for one whose volcanic activity died down pretty recently. A normal person cannot bear the temperature for more than one hour. But Harry wouldn’t give up so easily. Something like this shouldn’t be an obstacle for the future Pokémon master.

“Uggh, looks like I am deep down in trouble.” He checked his surroundings. Hot molten lava leaked out from the fissures making him wonder if it is really a dead volcano. None of those dangers stopped him. He promised to not get scared of such things ever since he promised that he would take the dangerous route to become a Pokémon master. After studying various courses regarding Pokémon battles and training, he graduated from the trainer school. He received his first Pokémon on his eighteenth birthday. Promising that he would return back as a Pokémon master he parted with his Mom and girlfriend Emily, along with the Pokémon he set on his long journey all around Sinnoh defeating gym leaders and capturing new Pokémon.

After collecting the eight badges, instead of leaving for the league which is about to start in two weeks he decided to train in the survival area. This is when he learnt about the existence of the legendary Pokémon Heatran that resided deep within the Stark Mountain.

“A Pokémon like that will definitely ensure my chance if victory in the league!” he is determined to win the League no matter what. Having decided that he entered the Stark Mountain in search of Heatran.

He realized that he has finally reached his destination, for what stood before him is a deep sea of lava. Even fire type Pokémon might not survive if they fall into the lava. But the Pokémon he is searching for is different. It isn’t your average fire type Pokémon. This Pokémon literally bathes in lava and perhaps drinks it too like one would drink a glass of water. This bottom less sea of lava is where the Pokémon must be waiting for him to capture it.

“I wonder where that Heatran is…” his eyes searched around for the Pokémon he came searching for. He ignored a couple of timid Magcargo that crawled away. Suddenly his instincts told that there is something wrong. He might not be a trained fighter who has a good sense of danger but travelling around Sinnoh for one whole year made him got used to dangers. He looked up as he noticed a burst of flames coming towards him out of nowhere. He jumped back immediately.

The place he was standing till then turned into molten rock. Terrified by the power of the flames, which is an attack called ‘Flame thrower’ he looked up. There a Pokémon was hanging—no standing on all its fours on the roof of the cave.

He reached out to the electronic device in his pocket. No matter how dangerous the situation is he made it a habit to check the data when a new Pokémon appeared with the device in his hand, a digital encyclopedia called Pokédex.

‘Heatran, the Lava Dome Pokémon’ a voice came out from the Pokédex. ’It dwells in volcanic caves. It digs with its cross shaped feet to crawl on walls and ceilings. Boiling blood like magma circulates throughout its body.

The Pokémon slowly descended and stood before him.

“Yes” his eyes gave out a determined look. The creature that stood before him is the Pokémon he has been searching for. Its body covered entirely by lava save its face. The orange spots on its body glowed, the metal jaw moved slowly as it grumbled something, and its orange eyes were steadily fixed on the human before him.”I am going to catch you; you will be my trump card.”He removed a Pokeball from his belt. A small click on the centre made the ball expand.

“Let’s see how a legendary fire type can handle my—” he readied as he was about to throw the Pokeball in its hand. “Floatzel” he released the Pokémon from its Pokeball.

The weasel Pokémon materialized giving out a battle cry. It placed its hands on its hips looking at its opponent, a legendary Pokémon.

Understanding the intentions of the Human and the creature he sent out, Heatran gave out a roar, indicating that it was ready to battle them any time.

“Let’s finish it off quickly with a Hydro pump.” He ordered. The floatation sacs hanging on its back bulged immediately as the Pokémon let out a huge jet of water like water coming from an overflowing canal. The jet of water went on to strike Heatran. Steam formed as the water landed on the fire type Pokémon.

“That should have knocked it out, even if it’s a legendary Pokémon. Good job Floatzel” His Pokémon turned around and smiled giving a thumps up.

‘Grrr’ a growl came from the disappearing steam. There the Pokémon that should have been knocked out stood as if nothing happened. Both the trainer and his Pokémon were surprised but regained their composure readying for the next move. This time it was the Magma Pokémon that took the initiative, the orange spots on its body shined brightly resembling torch lights. Its mouth opened as it prepared for the attack.

“Damn it, I should have figured this out earlier.” Harry panicked. The surroundings are too favorable for the fire type Pokémon. The high temperatures weakened the water type’s attacks but strengthened the fire types instead. The type advantage was merely a joke against this Pokémon from the start.

The flames coming out its mouth split into five directions creating a shape resembling a Chinese letter. The Pokémon’s orange eyes flashed a white light as it set its aim on the trembling weasel Pokémon standing in front.

“F-fire blast” he voice shook in fear. He suddenly felt that he is going to die pretty soon. Heatran launched its move against the Pokémon who was standing petrified without taking any measures to defend it.

An explosion was created as Floatzel was hit by the fire blast. The smoke cleared out soon as its trainer watched it faint.

“Return, Floatzel!” a red ray of light shrunk the crisped Pokémon into its Pokeball. He gave priority to the Pokémon’s life over his situation. The Pokeball has a special property that prevents the health condition of the Pokémon from deteriorating. Of course, it cannot do anything to heal the Pokémon, but a dying Pokémon can be placed in a Pokeball preventing its death till it is taken out of its ball.

“Well, I guess it’s time to run away, bye.”He waved the Pokémon goodbye as he started running out of the cave. It wasn’t a friendly bye. A wild Pokémon no matter how weak it is tries to attack the trainer responsible for the battle after defeating his Pokémon. Based on his observation, Heatran is a slow Pokémon so he started running before it caught up with him. He looked back while running as he saw no signs of the Pokémon pursuing him.

NO he screamed inside. The Pokémon instead of running behind him let out a blast of flames from its mouth. He jumped down dodging the flames. It was a flame thrower.

The flamethrower was slow; I can dodge even hundred of them and run away from here. He thought to himself and started running again while constantly observing the Pokémon attacking him. Another burst of flames were released from its mouth as the trainer dodged for his life, even getting close to the flames is death to him. The flames grazed past him.

Harry turned back again, anticipating an attack. Few more steps and he will be out of the cave. It will be easier to dodge the slow monster then. That is what he thought until he saw a small glint in the Pokémon’s eyes. It might be his imagination but he thought he saw a smile on the rugged face made of steel.

The magma Pokémon opened its mouth wider this time. Its mouth was wider than when it used fire blast. Harry stopped in his tracks. He knew something is going to happen. He wanted to run away but his legs froze. The energy coming out of its mouth was something he has never seen. Unlike the attacks till now, which were merely bursts of flames; a circular shape made up of flames was formed in its mouth. After seeing the huge energy forming in its mouth, his legs started responding to him. He started running without turning back. Before he realized it he was trapped in a ring of flames. The flames weren’t intended to kill him, but merely trap him. It was as if the monster wanted to play before killing its prey.

Magma Storm, Heatran’s signature move. This is basically an enhanced version of Fire Spin. It is a move that traps the Pokémon in a circle of flames.

“I guess I can’t run away that easily.” He laughed in despair. He made some quick calculations in his mind. He has only one Pokémon other than Floatzel that can handle Heatran type wise. Floatzel was the only Pokémon to have a complete type advantage against Heatran. He thought that his Floatzel was enough to beat Heatran. He cursed himself for being overconfident. No matter how intelligent, hardworking he was he had one weakness which always held him back, overconfidence.

“I am counting on you, please save me from this.”He kissed the enlarged Pokeball in his hands.

“Infernape, come out!” he tossed the Pokeball into the air. Amidst the bright light the Ape Pokémon appeared. The Pokémon standing in front of him with intense flames coming out of its head is his first ever. He has caught and made friends with many Pokémon, but this Pokémon is something more than a friend. This Pokémon who has shared every of the difficulty he has faced till now is more like a— “I am counting on you, my brother.” To him the Pokémon was a brother. Being the only son of his parents he never knew how is it like to have a brother. But he was sure that their relation would be no different than he has with his Infernape.

The Volcanic Pokémon looked at its opponent. Its eyes showed confidence as it knew its flames were clearly superior to the apes. If it were to be a match between their ‘fire’ powers Heatran would easily overpower Infernape. But Infernape didn’t care about it. Providing victory to its master was the only goal. The battle between the two fire types started. This battle decides the trainer’s fate; it is obvious that he won’t escape alive after being defeated as he was struck inside the magma storm.

Heatran took the initiative shooting out flames from its mouth.

“Let’s counter a flame thrower with flame thrower” he forgot about the dangerous situation he was in, his battle spirit returned. Infernape followed its trainer’s order. Both the flamethrowers struck in the middle .It was a contest of raw power. The winner was obvious.

Heatran’s flames pushed back Infernape’s flames and went on to strike the flaming ape. But Infernape wasn’t a slouch. The main advantage it has over Heatran is its incomparable speed. It dodged the flamethrower skillfully by jumping to the right. Heatran moved its head as if anticipating it and shot out another flamethrower forcing the ape to jump. This is when the lava monster shot out a third flamethrower into the air.

“Watch out” its trainer warned.

Any normal Pokémon wouldn’t have dodged the flames easily. But Infernape wasn’t an ordinary Pokémon. Researchers proved that the species of Infernape are said to have various styles of martial arts embedded in their genes. It must have started when the Pokémon started to observe humans fighting techniques. Apes are well known for imitation, which is perhaps how the species called ‘Monferno’ evolved to another species called ‘Infernape’.

Just as the flames were about to strike it, Infernape dodged it in mid air by flipping backwards. It was an impossible acrobatic movement for humans and a simple one for the Pokémon. Having landed firmly on the ground it glared at the opposing Pokémon who was surprised by its feat. For a monster that can hardly move while attacking Infernape’s movements is an impossible dream.

“That’s the spirit, bro. Now use Mach Punch.”The trainer fully knew that this was a situation he has to take advantage of; he doesn’t waste a single moment. For a trainer judgment of the situation is important, and this particular one is good at that.

The Pokémon lunged at its opponent without hesitation. As much as judgment is important for a trainer, hesitation is fatal for a Pokémon. In high level Pokémon battles between trainers, even a millisecond of hesitation from the Pokémon is enough for the Pokémon to lose the battle. But for a Pokémon to move like that, immense trust between trainer and Pokémon is a must. The Pokémon should be able to jump from the top of a cliff without thinking if it trainer orders so.

After closing in the distance between Heatran and itself in a fraction of second Infernape almost smacked a powerful punch onto the Heatran’s face. But as it went closer Infernape could feel the hot breath of the opposing Pokémon. It looked into the eyes of the Pokémon; the reddish orange eyes of the legendary Pokémon intimidated the ape Pokémon making a small delay in its attack, that delay was enough for Heatran. Ducking its head below, it smacked the ape as the white fur came in contact with its steel head.

The attack didn’t have much impact on Infernape, but it was enough to knock it into the air for a second. Taking its aim at the falling Pokémon the other one shot out the flamethrower. A powerful thrust on its stomach threw the Ape away by a few feet.


A crashing sound, it took some time for the trainer to understand that his Pokémon was knocked out pretty easily.

“Infernape, are you all right?” he asked worried about his Pokémon.

After struggling awhile the Pokémon slowly got onto its feet. What was the move that hit it? A flamethrower? There was no way that could be a flamethrower. A flamethrower should not do this much damage to it. Both the trainer and Pokémon found it hard to accept the opposing Pokémon’s prowess. Accepting so was accepting that all the training they did till now was a joke. Such was the power difference.

Infernape nodded at its trainer telling that it was fine. It looked at Heatran with a determination to win.

“So you are thinking the same thing I do, eh?

Let’s do this one more time, Mach Punch.” He pumped his fist into air as if he was the one punching.

Infernape charged once again, concentrating the energy in its fist as it closed in, and punched the opposing Pokémon with a punch that can put Mike Tyson to shame. In Heatran’s view it was hit by something it couldn’t see, but its senses told that it was a fist. Its head spun in a direction it could not normally turn, the metal joint between its head and the rest of the body creaked creating immense pain, to compensate the unusual movement made by its neck the body had to take the impact forcing to move backward. It used its legs to stop itself from being blown away.

With fury driven by pain the Pokémon turned in rage to burn the Pokémon in front of it to death. But the Pokémon which was supposed to stand right before it was standing few feet back prepared to dodge any attack.

“Good Job, bro.” The trainer appreciated his Pokémon.

“Mach Punch!” he sent another order. The Pokémon jumped without hesitation. Why would he make it to use the same move again? Perhaps he wanted to play it safe by using the move that ‘always strikes first’ again and again against the Pokémon which has below average reflexes.

A move that always strikes first. It isn’t exactly true. Even if it is a fast move, there are moves which are faster than Mach Punch. In addition to that Pokémon like Conkeldurr can never strike first even if it uses Mach Punch if it has to fight against a projectile attack. Mach Punch is often misunderstood to a move which makes the user move at a high speed and punch the opposing Pokémon. Mach Punch refers only to the speed of the punch rather than the Pokémon. If two Pokémon were to involve in a close ranged combat the one using Mach Punch would always strike first but at the same time sacrificing its attack power.

Heatran wouldn’t fall to the same move again; it wasn’t called a legendary Pokémon for nothing. The fist strikes the Magma Pokémon at an incomprehensible speed. The Pokémon staggers as it tries to bear the pain. Concentrating the energy in its legs it pounded its feet against the ground with immense power. The trainer took a while to realize his folly; the crack in the ground travelled to the place Infernape was about to land back.

After its first Mach Punch, Infernape jumped back to avoid a closed range attack by jumping back. Sensing that would happen again, the Heatran used an attack that would prove fatal to a fire type, Earth Power.

However the human before him was someone who earned eight badges and vowed to be a Pokémon Master. His response time was very fast.

“On the ground, flamethrower.” His order was quick. No matter how legendary it is, its intelligence could not be compared with a Human’s.

Infernape let out a burst of flame from which acted as a support for it to regain balance in the air. It jumped back slightly behind the region where the crack was made.

“Now that’s what you can expect from a legendary.” He was somehow enjoying the battle despite the fact that he was trapped in a vortex of flame.

“Now let’s finish things off with Close Combat” he pumped his fists into the air. Infernape’s eyes turned into a red flash of light. It jumped towards Heatran. Heatran roared as if it was angry with the trainer who underestimated it, a powerful flamethrower was released .The Pokémon approaching it was engulfed in the flame creating an explosion.

“Infernape!” he screamed. Judging from the damage done by the first flamethrower has done, there was no chance of survival for Infernape. From the beginning he knew that. The only way for victory was to make a fast paced attack and dodge its attacks. But his overconfidence clouded his judgment and commanded the wrong attack.

Close combat an attack which works the same way like Mach Punch. The user approaches the opposing Pokémon and makes a continuous barrage of attacks. It should not be confused with the likes of ‘Thrash and Outrage’ which use brute force over skill. While using Close Combat the Pokémon makes use of its fighting skill be it Kung fu or Karate or boxing, it depends on the species’ genes. But at the same time the Pokémon will completely lower its guard making it vulnerable to any offensive move. Unlike Mach Punch the Pokémon strikes at a relatively lower pace, but the impact made is enough to knock the opposing Pokémon completely, which makes it a good finishing move. Using it at the beginning of the match is as good as throwing it off. This is why judgment of the opponent’s condition is necessary.

Unfortunately Harry’s overconfidence made him ignore that fact. The result he is going to die soon in the hands of the Pokémon he tried to capture.

The vortex of flames around him died down. He was surprised at first but realized that this was because it was preparing for its final attack. Heatran opened its mouth, its eyes now turned onto a flash light. The fire in its mouth spread in five directions.

Fire Blast, a move which resembles in shape with a Chinese letter called Daimonji which is linked to the ancient custom done to ‘send off’ the spirits of the dead back to the spirit world. Harry felt that it was quite ironic that he was going to be killed by that attack. The incoming attack has the same power as five flamethrowers put to together and puts immense recoil pressure on the user itself. Even a well trained Pokémon cannot use more than eight of these attacks. But he doubted if the monster before him was bound by such thing. The incoming attack has enough force to turn him into ash and kill his Pokémon. He cannot dodge it even if runs, the impact will destroy the cave itself. He closed his eyes accepting his death.

The cave shook as the Fire Blast destroyed everything in its path; he felt the heat coming closer. Harry gave up on living, he wondered if anything will be left of his dead body so that his friends can recognize it.

I should have written ‘Harry was burnt to death here. Damn if I had that marker pen, I would have written that.

His mind thought about a lot of things in that little time. What will Emily do if she knows he can’t keep his promise? Will she marry another guy? She might be already cheating on him. What about his mother? Her mother’s health became worse after knowing that his father died. Maybe she would die because of a heart attack as soon as she hears the news.

The flames approached him as his thoughts diverged further and further. Suddenly the rumbling stopped.

The flames that should have destroyed him were stopped. There stood the ape Pokémon stopping the Fire blast with its bare hands.

“I-Infernape” his voice shook. The Pokémon whom he called his ‘brother’ stood there like an elder brother who wants to protect his younger one. Nobody needs to look into its mind to know what it was thinking.

I must protect him. I must protect him. I must protect him. I must protect him. I must protect him.

That was the only thing in its mind.

“I-Infernape!” he shouted. Did he shout because he didn’t want to see it in pain? Or was he encouraging it? He didn’t know. But that scream was enough motivation for Infernape.

At first the flames pushed the Pokémon back slowly. Just when it heard its master shout for him, everything changed.

I will protect him. I will protect him. I will protect him. I will protect him. I will protect him.

The flames were slowly pushed back by sheer physical force. The Pokémon which was supposed to enjoy its enemy burning down to crisp looked aghast. The Pokémon before is pushing back a fire blast. If the opposing Pokémon had that much energy it could have easily defeated the magma Pokémon. No, it isn’t its power but determination and will that made it push the attack back slowly.

‘INFERNAAAAAAAAAPE’ the Pokémon cried out as it put its final strength in pushing the attack back. The fire blast was completely disintegrated because of the force. But Infernape didn’t stop after that. It lunged at the surprised Volcano Pokémon.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

The sound of steel cracking could be heard. Harry lost the count as Infernape was continuously ‘thrashing’ the Pokémon in front with powerful punches and kicks which neither lacked in skill nor power. A final kick onto its chin sent the Pokémon flying into the air.

He has seen it! A kick that could actually send a Pokémon that weighs about 500 Kg fly into the air.

Heatran crashed few feet away exposing its grey bottom. The Pokémon didn’t even twitch its finger after that.

We won. Harry stood there still finding it difficult to believe. His Pokémon managed to defeat a legendary Pokémon in a one on one battle.

Infernape turned back to its dumbstruck trainer and growled telling him that the battle wasn’t over.

“That’s right. This isn’t over yet.” He took an empty Pokeball from his bag.

“You will be mine Heatran. Pokeball, go” he threw the Pokeball on the fainted Pokémon. Red light engulfed the Pokémon. The Pokeball landed on the ground and wobbled. The centre of the Pokeball blinked indicating that Pokémon inside was still struggling. Both the trainer and his Pokémon waited eagerly

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.

“So did you catch the legendary Pokémon?” Barry asked him as soon as they met. It was two weeks since his adventure in the Stark Mountain ended. He was currently in the Pokémon League Village as the league was about to start in two days.

“Well, I wanted to capture a legendary Pokémon to ensure my chances of victory. But—“He looked at the Pokeball in its hand.

“I thought it’s a waste because I have a stronger Pokémon.”

“A Pokémon which is stronger than a legendary? What Pokémon is it?” Barry exclaimed.

“Yeah, it is called an Infernape.” He smiled as he tossed the Pokeball into the air. A Pokémon materialized after the bright flash of light.

“Huh, have you gone nuts or something?”

Ignoring his friend he turned towards his partner. “With your power, I can win the Pokémon League. Will you lend me your power?”He placed his hand in front of the Pokémon.

“A-aaaape” the Pokémon growled as it placed its hand on his. They looked at each other with a determination that they won’t stop till they reach his goal.

And his goal is—

“I want to be a Pokémon master.”