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30th January 2012, 5:25 AM
Hey everyone, just starting to write a new story here like the most of you. The majority of it is based off of my various Pokemon games that I'm playing off of at the moment, with the various "agents" coming from all the characters in my games. So here's the prologue! I'd like feedback from anyone willing to give it. And if this plays out well I think I might make stories for other agents. This one will focus on the takeover of Johto. So enjoy! (:
PROLOGUE: A World Of Corruption

In the land of Unova existed a powerful pokemon trainer. He owned nearly every pokemon to known existence. He loved pokemon, they were his pride and joy, he wanted to live and grow amongst all of them. Growing up as a child, he and his friends strived to challenge the league, but only he was able to defeat the champion. He was offered to be the champion of Unova, but declined. If he had to deal with novice trainers all his life, he’d never be able to meet as many new pokemon as he could.

For a while, a global system existed for the use of trading pokemon across the world. Using this system he met all sorts of new pokemon, making and giving away new friends. He was never sad about giving them away; he knew he’d have friends if he ever decided to travel. A lot of his knowledge came from Professor Juniper while he searched the region for various creatures, but eventually he surpassed her. He was introduced to her father, Cedric, where he learnt all of the pokemon of the world.

One day things changed. A force of strong pokemon trainers came in bearing new ways of life. They suggested this way of global trading was cruel and wrong. They instated themselves as a government by force and were barely opposed. This young trainer couldn’t stand for this and attacked the government with his loyal team of companions. Sadly, he was no match for all of the trainers the newly formed government had hired.

He was exiled from Unova, and told to forfeit all of his pokemon for them to be sent back to their original owners and into the wild. He was devastated. If he followed the order he’d have to give up his dreams. He sent a note to Cedric, who took care of all of his pokemon, to give every one of his pokemon to his 2 best friends. He knew he had to find a way to complete his dream.

The government forces sent him to the Kanto region via Lugia Jet, and he was told to live a quiet life, and that the league would not accept any of his challenges under the rule of the Champion, Red. As he searched the land for someone to help him he found an inventor, Bill. He told Bill of his stories in Unova and how he needed to get his pokemon back safely. Bill told him of his storage system to hold pokemon via computer technology and how it would solve everything.

The trainer sent a transmission to his friends from Bill’s Xtransciever and how to transfer them to the storage system. The plan went off with out a hitch, and this was the last time the trainer heard from his friends. The trainer, now reunited with his team knew he needed to overthrow the Champion Red, but he couldn’t possibly do it alone.

Bill also mentioned this government was leaking its way into Kanto, and stole his technology for their own use. The trainer and Bill devised to recruit young and coming trainers to overthrow the Champion and allow the trainer to get back to Unova. Sure enough, a trainer was found and fought along side their cause and defeated Red, allowing the trainer travel around the world via Lugia Jet.

He returned to Unova but knew he couldn’t keep his real name, as they’d throw him back out and notice his actions in defeating Red. He informed the new Champion to create an alias to prevent being detected. The trainer was now known forever as Mes.

His dream was now back on track. He noticed in the pokemon centers that Bill’s storage system was set up for easy access as he had said before. Seeing this reminded him that though the government force existed mainly in Unova, they must have branched out further too. He wanted to fix all the regions he could; Sinnoh, Hoenn, Johto, and eventually his own region, Unova. With Bill’s growing force of assistants in the world, he knew he could recruit more young trainers to defeat the corrupt Champions of the land, and allow them to help him complete his dream of catching every pokemon in the world. Together, Mes, Bill, all of his Aides, and the young trainers, created the secret union, known as The Shadow Union.

31st January 2012, 4:48 AM
Chapter 1: Fears End and Adventures Beginning

Roy Torrente awoke in his hometown of Hearthome City. He was 12 years old and dying to be a pokemon trainer. Sadly, his mother would have nothing of it. Roy’s father was a firefighter, and worked alongside pokemon to put out various blazes around the city. But when Roy was 9 a terrible accident happened. The Contest Dome in Hearthome City had lit on fire. Roy’s father had left to fight the blaze, with his trusty Kingler, and Starmie and promised he’d always be with him. Roy’s father never came back.

Ever since the accident Roy’s mom hated pokemon. She felt as though pokemon were to blame for her husband’s death, that they set him up for failure. Roy knew that his ambition was to become a trainer, and one day he’d find a way.
Ready and prepared for a bright day, Roy headed towards the newly built Contest Dome. He looked towards the gleaming sky read one o’ clock on the city’s clock tower. He knew the contest started at one thirty, but he rushed to be punctual anyways. Once he reached the Dome’s doors, he took a deep breath and entered.

Inside the dome, Roy was overwhelmed with glamour. The lobby of the Dome was covered by a spotless crimson carpet that had a black diamond pattern on it. Two desks with female clerks in red blazers stood attentively to check in contest participants. Gold posts with red velvet ropes were set in front of the dressing rooms of contestants who wanted privacy. The most eye-catching accessory of the room was a gigantic diamond chandelier, which sat flawlessly in the middle of the room.

Roy was glad he had finally conquered his fear of this building, but now he had to find the one who made this possible. After much searching amongst the crowd, he saw her across the room. Elizabeth Slade, a 14 year old girl he had known almost all his life. She was wearing a sparkling red dress which depicted her amazing figure quite well. She also had flashy black earrings and her hair was worn down long. While Roy was examining her in awe they locked eyes from a distance. Roy quickly looked away in shame and embarrassment but could hear her high pitched voice coming towards him.

“Roy! I’m sooooooo glad you could make it! I need your support like, really badly.” Elizabeth said as she embraced Roy in a hug. If the embarrassment he already felt wasn’t bad enough he felt that he was beat red now.
“Yeah, no problem happy to be here…For you I mean!” Roy stumbled as he spoke, but Elizabeth didn’t seem to notice at all.

Suddenly, an announcement was made through the speaker system.
“Would all of the Group A contestants please make their way backstage. The show is about to begin! Elizabeth quickly ran off and made her way to a velvet roped door. Roy definitely started to believe Elizabeth finally wanted nothing to do with him and his awkward antics, but he still heard her over the roar of the crowd saying goodbye to him. He never quite understood why she continued to be around him, but realized he had made it through another round.

Roy made his way to his assigned seat in the stands and noticed he was sitting by a particularly odd looking man. He appeared to be a few years older than him, but he never saw him at the high school ever. He wore a cool blue jean jacket, grey straight jeans, and a blue hat that had a Pokeball with a lightning bolt embroidered on it. The first thing he noticed about him was a loose belt holding 6 Pokeballs. The man stared into open space but he appeared to be deep in thought.

Roy took his focus off of the man and noticed Cameron, the government representative sitting in his throne intently. Roy stared angrily at the man who was responsible for the loss of so many jobs. After he shut down the GTS, all of the scientists responsible were sent out of the region to find work somewhere else. Suddenly he stood up to speak. Roy’s head turned towards him along with the rest of the crowd’s.

“People of the Sinnoh region, I am Cameron your mighty leader. I want a wonderful contest and wish all of you luck and enjoyment!” He spoke in a royal tone. Roy looked towards the man and noticed him become slightly annoyed with Cameron and his speech. The first 6 contestants stepped out to be introduced and the man begin smiling again.

Elizabeth was first up, and sent out her Riolu. It stumbled out of its Pokeball and looked confusingly at the crowd. Elizabeth threw 3 discs as her Riolu lunged towards them and broke all three flawlessly with a Force Palm. Then, Elizabeth fired 3 more discs towards the newly hatched companion, causing it to create a protective wall and stop them dead. The crowd went absolutely wild.

After being completely dazzled by the routine Roy looked over at Cameron. He seemed absolutely enraged, while the mysterious man was now snickering. Roy noticed Cameron pointing towards an empty space on the sandy stadium field, which caused one of his guards to send out an Absol. The Absol looked confused as he saw a flash of light jolt around him until the shadowy figure finally showed itself. Roy knew that it was a Luxray. The canine bit into Absol, causing a jolt of electricity to go through its body, immobilizing it.

The crowd was not focused on the next contestant but the scuffle between the two pokemon. Government guards were now walking down the aisle with Absols, who were searching for the cause of the disaster. As a guard got close to Roy’s row, the Absol roared towards him. The man quickly reacted and pulled out a Pokeball, releasing a balloon like pokemon. Without command, the pokemon shot off a Shadow ball towards the Absol and caught it off guard. The man then hung on to the balloon and right before it flew away, grabbed Roy’s wrist, taking him with him.