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30th January 2012, 5:06 AM
Greetings, viewers of this thread. I have been writing a Pokemon Fan Fiction recently (I've been uploading it to DeviantArt) and I decided to use the forums here as another outlet. I will post chapters on this thread, and on my DA channel, Tadashihiku. I appreciate all feedback, and I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing. Cheers :D


The above rating is necessary as throughout my story there will be themes of mild sexuality, some language, and violence. If you are not at the above age, please do not read my fan fiction. If you are at the above age, enjoy.

Chapter 1-Corey

Corey awoke to the familiar feel of soft fur gently nuzzling his face. He slowly opened his eyes and reached over to the source of his awakening.

"I know, Herdier, I'm up," he mumbled sleepily. Herdier barked with excitement and began to race around his master's bed, waking up Corey's other Pokemon that were sleeping in his room. His Liepard opened one of its eyes drowsily and looked at the bounding pup. He shut his eye defiantly and curled up at the foot of Corey's bed even tighter.

The young trainer sat up and grabbed his always energetic Pokemon, ruffling its fur playfully before returning it to one of the Pokeballs on his bedside table. He also returned his Liepard and his Munna, floating lazily through the air.

Today was his final exam at the Trainer's School in Striaton City, and in order to pass, he had to defeat the examiner in a Pokemon battle. Corey was a little bit nervous, but he had faith in his Pokemon. He had trained them well over the years, and now that he was eighteen, he was ready to graduate and attend the Pokemon League University to follow his dream of becoming a Gym Leader that specializes in Ice-type Pokemon.

Corey got dressed quickly, and brushed his long white hair out of his blue eyes. He opened his laptop to check his email and paused a moment to look fondly at his desktop background. It was a picture of him and his friend, and mentor, Brycen; the seventh Gym Leader in the Unova Region. Corey had taken to Brycen as his father when his actual father left him and his mother to go pursue his career as a trainer. Corey rarely saw the man, and he liked it that way, he had Brycen instead, and the wise Gym Leader had taught Corey everything he needed to know about life, Pokemon, and being a man. Brycen had even given him his first Pokemon, a Dewott.

It had been almost eight years since Corey and his mother had moved to Accumula Town, and he hadn't seen Brycen since. Corey's thoughts were interrupted by a loud "Bing," and a small, red notification on the bottom of his screen. It was an email from his pen pal from the Kanto Region, Terry. He and Terry had been exchanging emails for years, when they were assigned pen pals in Trainer's School.

Corey opened the email and smiled as he read through it.

Hey Man!

I hope you do well on your exam today, bud. I sure hope my Pokemon are ready, I'm kind of nervous and freaking out just a little bit, but I think we'll be okay. You better pass so that we can see each other at PLU, man. Anyways, good luck! Not like you'll need it, though...

From, Terry

Corey laughed at his distant friend's email. Typical Terry, rambling on about anything that comes to his mind. Corey knew that they'd both pass and that he'd definitely see Terry at PLU.

Corey grabbed his other Pokeballs and walked out of his room into the kitchen drawn in by the smell of bacon, pancakes, and fresh eggs. He greeted his mom and hastily devoured his breakfast.

"Slow down, honey," she laughed, "We still have an hour before your exam."

Her request was ignored as Corey finished his meal and stood up, racing towards the door.

"Bye Mom!" he called as he grabbed his bike and his grey backpack, taking off down the road towards Route 2. He raced through Route 2, avoiding any trainers and wild Pokemon along the way.

When he arrived in Striaton City, he rode past the Gym and shuddered, for Terry's three brothers were the Gym Leaders of the City, and Corey disliked them. They were always showing up his friend, and had lead Terry's parents to believe that Terry was a failure.

Corey rode through the familiar streets until he made it to the Trainer's School, which was already buzzing with excitement. Corey locked up his bike and strode into the building, looking around at all his fellow classmates. He found his friends and went to sit with them, who all greeted him excitedly.

His one friend, Jasmine, greeting him a little bit more excitedly than everyone else. Corey knew that Jasmine had feelings for him, and they were definitely reciprocated, but he couldn't let anything distract him from his goal to be a Gym Leader, and she couldn’t be included in that dream; she was going to become a Pokemon Ranger and was therefore going to a different region than he. Long distance relationships never work out. He smiled and sat down beside her, pretending not to notice that she had inched closer.

Corey and the rest of the students quieted down as their teacher entered the room, Mr. Undel. When all of the students had quieted down, the stocky, bubbly man began to speak, “Good morning class!” he said, smiling ridiculously, “As you all know, today is the day of our exam. Now, I’d like to introduce you to the examiner, Prof. Dregg.”

A tall woman with short, black hair and a white coat entered the room. She was wearing big, expensive-looking sunglasses that made it impossible to see her eyes, and Corey felt a mysterious, tense air of intimidation fill the room.

“My name is Professor Dregg,” she said with authority, “And I will be your examiner and battle opponent.” she then turned to Mr. Undel, “Get the children to form an orderly line, explain the rules, and send them in one at a time.”

Mr. Undel nodded as the Professor walked past him and into the battle arena in the back of the building.

“Alright students,” Mr. Undel called out, grabbing the attention of his class, “Please line up alphabetically against the back wall, and bring your Pokemon with you.” Corey and his friends stood up, grabbed their Pokeballs, and lined up according to their last names. Corey was near the front of the line, for his last name was Banaszynski. When he was younger, people would often make fun of him for his long and hard to spell last name, and because of this, he began to go by Corey Zynski. His shortened name also earned him many nicknames dubbed to him affectionately by his friends.

When everyone was lined up, Mr. Undel began to speak again, “Alright guys, this match will be a bit different than most battles you have been in. All of your Pokemon will be used in a six on six battle against Prof. Dregg. You will each send out one Pokemon at a time, if your Pokemon wins, then you receive a point, and that Pokemon can not be used in battle again. To win, you must score at least four points against Prof. Dregg. Do you understand?”

Everyone nodded in understanding, but no one said a word. The intensity in the room was evident, and there was a heavy silence in the room until Mr. Undel spoke again.

“Good luck to all of you. I have greatly enjoyed being your teacher. I’ve watched you grow from little kids into true Pokemon Trainers, and I’m so proud of you.”

Mr. Undel’s little speech lifted some of the tension in the air, and everyone in the room was smiling with gratification, and Corey could hear faint sniffling coming from a few of his fellow classmates, Jasmine included.

“Now,” Mr. Undel said, all business, “First up to take their examination, Aiden Atkinson!” Aiden walked towards the door to the sounds of cheering and calls of ‘Good luck’.

When Aiden entered the battle arena, the room fell silent again. The excitement was gone, and many students sat down, lost in thought. Corey was one of them, and he leaned his back against the wall, thinking of all of his Pokemon and their abilities, coming up with strategies for each of them.

After what seemed like hours, Aiden emerged, covered in sweat, but beaming. Everyone cheered at their first victory and Aiden was dismissed, and running home to tell his parents, but not before a few final, and somewhat tearful, goodbyes. A few more students where sent in the arena to battle, some emerged victorious, some crushed with defeat. They would have to take another exam after a course of summer school for failing their exam.

“Corey Banaszynski!”

Corey jumped with surprise at hearing his name, and his heart began to race as he approached the big black door that would take him to the Battle Arena. He looked back to his friends and smiled, giving them a thumbs-up. He noticed Jasmine behind the crowd looking at him sadly. The young Trainer was confused at his friend’s expression, but shook his head and pushed through the door, racing down the narrow hallway and bursting into the Battle Arena.

“Good day, Corey Banaszynski,” a voice called from across the battlefield, “Are you ready for battle?”

“Yes, Ma’am!” Corey called in return to the Professor.

“Then let us begin,” she called, “We don’t want to keep the other children waiting.” And with that, she pulled a Pokeball out from within her jacket and pointed it towards Corey.

“Show me what you’ve got!”

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Chapter 2-Terry

The sun was still hiding between the tall trees of the Viridian Forest when Terry Munroe snapped awake.

“Oh man, I’m so late!” the young man yelled, startling even himself. He began to bustle frantically around his room, getting ready for school. It was only when he had a comb stuck in his hair, half a piece of toast in his mouth, his large black-framed glasses askew, and everything in his backpack strewn about the floor that he looked at the clock and noticed that it was only 5:00 in the morning. Terry sighed and dropped to the floor, panting as the adrenaline slowly left his body. His upcoming exam was causing him to be a little bit more jumpy and anxious than usual, and the fact that he just woke up from a dream about showing up late for his exam didn’t help calm his nerves.

Terry sighed and sat up, shaking his messy brown hair. He looked over to his open laptop, mesmerized by the Pokeball on his screensaver bouncing around casually. He had carelessly left his computer on all night again, and a small, red, battery shaped icon on the bottom of his screen notified him that it was nearly dead and needed to be charged.

Terry crawled over to his dresser and pulled out his charger, plugging in his computer and shaking the mouse to get rid of the screensaver and check his email.

“No new messages,” he mumbled to himself, “Well I guess I could wish Corey luck on his exam...He’ll get it when he wakes up!”

Terry quickly typed up a new message and sent it to his pen pal in the far away Unova Region. He stared at the screen for a few moments, seemingly lost in thought, then shut his computer and stood up, noticing his wild appearance in the mirror hanging on the back of his bedroom door. He quickly pulled the comb from his hair and used it to tame the unruly mop upon his head, looking satisfied at his reflection. He adjusted his glasses and began to casually pick up his things from the floor, organizing them in his backpack.

The young man sat down on the edge of his bed and pulled a Pokeball out of his bag, gazing at it and thinking about his upcoming exam. He had spent weeks planning multiple strategies for all of his Pokemon, making sure that any of them could handle any situation. Terry was anxious, and perhaps seeing one of his prized Pokemon would help calm him down. He pressed the button in the center of his Pokeball, and with a bright flash and a loud pop, Terry’s Raichu appeared on the floor with an energetic cry.

“Rai raaai!” the small orange mouse called out.

Terry smiled at his Pokemon, “Come here, little guy,”

Raichu happily jumped onto his lap and sighed contently as Terry scratched his ears.

The moment of bliss was interrupted by a loud bang from somewhere in the house, and furious stomps echoing from the stairs as someone climbed up to Terry’s room on the second floor. Terry’s door swung open and his father glared at him intensely.

“What the hell is all the noise up here?!” he yelled.

“Umm, Dad, I can explain...” Terry mumbled.

“Quit mumbling and spit it out!”

Now Terry’s Raichu didn’t take too kindly to his master’s father, for he hated it when people made Terry anxious. He jumped from his Trainer’s lap and growled menacingly, small sparks dancing across his yellow cheeks. Terry’s father ignored the small Pokemon’s warning and advanced towards his son, who was still fumbling for words in his father’s intimidating presence. Raichu’s response was to release a large burst of electricity, electrocuting Terry’s father with such force that it threw him from the room and out into the hall.
Terry panicked and returned his Pokemon before his father freaked out and attacked it. The last thing he wanted was one of his friends to be injured before his exam.

His father didn’t come back into his room after that, and Terry sighed with relief. He lay back down on his bed and closed his eyes, hoping for sleep, he needed some rest if he intended to be fully prepared for his final test today, but sleep did not come. He rolled over, his mind racing with strategies and thoughts of his emotionally unstable and abusive parents. He was relieved that he was going to University in a completely different region and would never even have to set foot in this City again if he didn’t want to. He would finally be free of his black hole of a family, and not to mention, he would finally get to meet his pen pal Corey. All he needed to do was pass the exam today and his life was great.

Terry was too excited for today, and he ended up lying awake for a few hours, and finally decided to permanently get up at 7:30, putting on a pair of his favourite grey shorts and his white t-shirt with a Pokeball on it. He grabbed his necklace from his dresser and examined it like he did every morning, intrigued by the purple crystal that hung from the chain. He put it around his neck and kissed the crystal for luck. This particular necklace held sentimental value for Terry; it was given to him by his idol, Koga, when he was only 6 years old. He had loved the Poison type ever since, and vowed to honour said type when he became a Gym Leader, despite the fact that his parents had forced him to apply to major in the Grass type at the Pokemon League University. However, Terry secretly fired off an email to the University, changing his major to the Poison type behind his parents’ backs.

Terry tied his grey shoes, grabbed his bag, and looked around his room. He wouldn’t miss it.

He ran down the stairs and through the kitchen, slamming the door as he left just to piss his parents off.

He ran through the familiar streets of Viridian City to the Trainer’s School and swung the doors open to the sight of...nothing. No one was there. Terry was seemingly the first to arrive, and his excitement dropped when he looked at the clock hanging high up on the wall.
“8:15,” he muttered to himself. The exam didn’t start until 10:00, but that was okay with Terry. Better early than on time, he thought. He walked over to his desk and sat down, pulling a Pokemon League Official Handbook out of his bag, reading about some of his favourite Pokemon. That was when he noticed the light snoring coming from the front of the classroom. He put his book down and walked over to his teacher’s desk. He peeked over the large wooden desk and saw Mr. Demitrio curled up in his chair, sound asleep. Terry chuckled to himself and walked back to his book, picking up where he left off, reading about his favourite Pokemon, Muk.

As the clock struck 9:45, Mr. Demitrio snapped awake, mumbling something about not trading a virtual Pokemon because of its full HP.

“Good morning, Mr. Demitrio,” Terry said calmly, without looking up from his book.

“Oh, uhh, good morning Terry,” he replied sleepily.

“Did you sleep well?” Terry asked politely.

“I guess so,” he answered, composing himself, “I was having this crazy dream about Pokemon in a virtual game of sorts.”

“That does sound crazy,” Terry laughed.

“So, I guess you’re the first one here?”

“Yeah, I couldn’t sleep, so I ended up coming here a bit too early...8:15 to be exact.”

“Well I’m glad you’re motivated and devoted to passing this. You studied, I presume?”


Mr. Demitrio laughed, and soon a huge crowd of students poured into the classroom, bustling about noisily. Slowly but surely, the students began to settle into their seats and calm down. Terry greeted a few politely, but he had few friends in this room. He was lacking in his social skills, but that was due to him being an easy pushover. He was more bullied than anyone else at school, Corey was his closest friend, and he had never even seen his face.

There was one particular bully, Kris, who had been a pain ever since he had first been enrolled in the Trainer’s School. Unfortunately, Kris was also going to PLU, so Terry still had to deal with him, but he knew Corey would help protect him.
When the last of the students had sat down, Mr. Demitrio stood up to speak, “Good morning, students. Today is the day of your final exam, and as you know, you will be examined by an official Pokemon League Examiner. Now, without further ado, your examiner, Mr. Yukki.”

At the sound of his name, a short, wiry man jumped through the doors that lead to the battle room.

“Hello kids, I’m Mr. Yukki!” the man exclaimed, his wild eyes darting around the room excitedly from behind his thick, round-framed glasses, “I’ll be your examiner today. I must warn you; however, this won’t be an easy test. You’ll have to go all out if you intend to defeat me in battle.”

Mr. Yukki’s expression suddenly became one of stone-like seriousness as he spoke, “As for the rules. You will all be using six Pokemon each. You will battle six of my Pokemon, which will be different for every match by the way, and you must defeat at least four of my Pokemon if you intend to pass. You may not switch out, and you may not use a Pokemon more than once.”
His expression returned to being wild, “Now. Let’s get started!”

He laughed giddily and skipped down the hallway to the battle room. There was a long pause, which was broken by Mr. Demitrio clearing his throat lightly and announcing that the first student to take his exam would be Branson Addler. Branson stood up and smiled at his classmates, waving as he walked through the doors and down the long hallway for the last time in his life.

The students busied themselves with whatever time consuming activities they could think of, and it seemed like hours before Branson finally emerged. He was carrying his prized Kadabra in his arms, and he had a look of complete and utter defeat on his face. Terry could see in his eyes how disappointed he was in himself.

His loss was met with empathetic remarks, and although everyone was saddened at this defeat, in the back of everyone’s minds they were thinking about how powerful Mr. Yukki must be if he was able to beat Branson so easily.

“Umm...Garret Anton,” Mr. Demitrio called, his voice cracking.

Garret was shaking in fear as he exited the classroom and walked to his final exam.

After a long while, Terry’s name was finally called. Up to that point, everyone had failed their exam, and Terry was feeling less than hopeful that he could be the first trainer to pass.

Terry swallowed heavily and pulled the door open, neatly polished Pokeballs hanging from his belt. He entered the battle room, squinting at the bright lights shining down from the ceiling of the dome shaped arena. The bleachers that lined the round walls were empty, and Terry’s footsteps on the concrete floor echoed back at him hugely. Terry stood in the center of the white Pokeball on the floor that designated the spot where a trainer would stand during battle and faced his opponent. Mr. Yukki gazed casually at the young trainer from across the battlefield, sitting in a lawn chair silently. Then, suddenly, he jumped from his seat, knocking it over backwards, and pulled a Pokeball from the inside of his tan leather jacket, pointing it at Terry, a wild smile from ear-to-ear spreading across his face.

“Bring it on!”

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Chapter 3-Denarah

It was the same nightmare every night for the past few weeks. A little girl wearing a pink dress with a white, frilly lace collar and two pink bows tying her long brown hair into pigtails standing in the middle of a room clouded with dust. Then, the large shadow of a Pokemon sweeps over the girl, causing her to cringe. The force of the swooping Pokemon blasts some of the dust from the air, revealing the shattered remains of a laboratory. Broken glass littered across the tiled floor, sparks flying from crushed machines, the remains of concrete wall crumbling to the floor.

The little girl walks through the wreckage, hearing groans of agony coming from under piles of rubble. Her mind is numb. She is unable to process the recent events; it had only been a few minutes ago that she was warmly greeted by a man wearing a black suit, a Murkrow looking at her with happy eyes. She was holding her father’s hand out of nervousness around the Pokemon, but he had assured her that it was friendly.

It had only been a few minutes.

The little girl stopped in her tracks at the sight of the man in the suit, the Murkrow nowhere in sight. He looked at her over his shoulder and then walked into the dust, disappearing.

Then there was the gradual sound of sirens wailing from somewhere beyond the destroyed lab. The little girl stood as the police cars and ambulances appeared, dragging the various men and women from the wreckage. She stayed transfixed on a lone man viewing the scene casually as he paramedics dragging her away, asking where her parents were. She couldn’t respond; she couldn’t look away from the man with the navy cape and the spiky reddish-purple hair, the man with the huge orange dragon standing beside him.

Denarah snapped awake from the nightmare, breathing heavily and soaked in a cold sweat. She ran her fingers through her brown hair and began to calm down.

“Again?” she asked herself. The figure of the man with the orange dragon had haunted her dreams for as long as she could remember, and she swore she had seen him somewhere many years ago.

Her train of thought was suddenly interrupted by a loud buzzing from the Electrode-shaped clock on her bedside table. She turned the alarm off and crawled out of her bed quietly. She looked at herself in the mirror and pouted, “Today’s my exam, and I already look terrible.”

She quickly showered, brushed her hair, and threw on her favourite grey t-shirt and pair of black shorts. She buckled her pink belt that held all of her Pokeballs and grabbed her black bag from the side of her bed, stringing it over her shoulder.

She looked back into the mirror, somewhat satisfied with her appearance and exited her bedroom on the main floor of Walker’s house. Walker was her Grandfather’s friend, but ever since they had a falling out, Denarah had been living with Walker and his son Falkner.
Denarah was about to leave through the back door when she heard footsteps coming from upstairs.


She turned around to find Falkner standing there, dressed in his blue pyjamas, decorated with images of sleeping Pidgeys. His dark blue hair was a mess, and he was rubbing sleep from his eyes, and in Denarah’s mind, he was the cutest thing she had ever laid eyes on.

“Uhh, hey Falkner,” she whispered, not wanting to disturb his father, “I’m leaving now, got to go do my exam.”

“Oh, okay,” he mumbled, “Good luck.”

He quickly turned and ran up the stairs from the awkward situation, and Denarah found herself hanging in the moment, lost in her many thoughts about him. She snapped back to reality as she felt a tear well up in her eye, charging from the tall house behind the Violet Gym towards the Trainer’s School just down the block. Her exam was in half an hour and she needed some time to think of strategies and clear her mind before she took the test to become a Gym Leader.

Her Pokemon were well trained, and she knew she’d have no problem with any situation that they were presented with, but one could never be too careful.

She walked into the Trainer’s School, nodding at her acquaintances and hugging her friends. She walked right over to a short girl with shoulder-length blonde hair sitting on a chair, her feet swaying above the ground and a Typhlosion lying at her side, sighing contently as she scratched behind its ears.

The girl’s face lit up as soon as she saw Denarah, and the two shared a long hug.

“Hey, Crystal,” Denarah exclaimed, excited to see her best friend. She sat down on the floor beside her friend’s Pokemon and began to pet it affectionately, something most people wouldn’t dare to do.

“So Denarah, do you think you and your boring old Feraligatr are up to the challenge today?” she asked teasingly.

“Shut up!” Denarah exclaimed lovingly, “You know we could beat you and your Typhlosion any day.”

The two friends laughed, but were silenced by the presence of their teacher, Mr. Pyrell. He looked casually at the crowd of students, waiting for them to quiet themselves and sit in their seats. Crystal returned her Typhlosion and Denarah jumped into her seat.

“Today is your exam,” he began, “As you should all know. Now, in order to pass the exam, you must win in battle against an examiner from the Pokemon League.”

As he announced this, a tall woman with curly red hair and green eyes entered the room and greeted the students with a warm smile and gentle eyes.

“Hey, guys!” she said in a cheery voice.

“This is Mrs. Ferra,” Mr. Pyrell introduced dryly.

“Please,” she interrupted, “Call me Mary!”

“With all due respect, Mrs. Ferra, I would like my students to practice proper etiquette when addressing a person of stature such as yourself.””

Mary stared at him for a moment, and then turned back to the students, “He’s an uppity one, isn’t he?”

This resulted in slight laughter from the crowd, and Mr. Pyrell’s face to turn an unsightly shade of red.

“Alright, I think it would be best for us to begin testing now, Mrs. Ferra. Please return to the Battle Room.”

Mary laughed and strode casually back to the arena where the students would be tested. Mr. Pyrell quickly ordered the students to prepare their Pokeballs and explained the rules of the battle. It would be a six-on-six battle, and a point would be awarded to the challenger for every Pokemon of Mary’s that was defeated. Switching Pokemon would not be allowed, and a passing grade was four points or higher.

Denarah and Crystal sat together, strategies forming, and Mr. Pyrell began calling names to challenge Mary.

Some emerged victorious, and quite a few were crushed with defeat. Finally, Crystal’s name was called, and she gave her best friend a long hug before entering the Battle Room.

It felt like hours before Crystal finally came out of the arena, breathing heavily, her Typhlosion lumbering along behind her, smoke trailing from the corner of its mouth. She looked up to her friend and smiled. The two jumped for joy and began to discuss the battle until Denarah was called.

“Denarah Lee,” Mr. Pyrell called monotonously.

Crystal wished her luck, and she made the long walk down the hallway to the Battle Room.

“Hi!” a voice called from the other end of the arena as soon as Denarah entered, “You must be Denarah, and I’m so looking forward to battling you!”

“Yeah, me too!” she called back.

Mary continued to smile as she pulled a Pokeball from her belt, kissed it, and threw it into the center of the Pokeball-shaped field.

“Let’s begin!” she called as her Pokemon began to appear in a bright white light.

30th January 2012, 5:09 AM
Chapter 4-Monica (June 29)

“Good morning, students,” Mrs. Kennedy announced to the room full of eager Trainers, “As you know, today is the day of your final exam, and this exam will be a little bit different than your past battles.”

This announcement was met with a murmur of speculation from a few students among the body, but they were silenced as their teacher continued.

“In order to pass your exam, you must score four points. Now, in order to score points, you must knock out your opponent’s Pokemon. Now, the rules of engagement are slightly different. You may not switch your Pokemon in any form or way, even if you are at a disadvantage. This way, you can truly show how well you can command your Pokemon. Your opponent, of course, is an examiner from the Pokemon League, and he’s waiting in the Battle Room.”

Monica was excited, she always looked forward to a challenge, and she knew her Pokemon were well trained. She was also excited because she knew she wouldn’t have to wait long before her battle; her name was second alphabetically.

She began to fuss with her golden brown hair and tap her foot impatiently, waiting for the guy who went before her, Tyler Anston, came out and it would be her turn. What seemed like ages later, he finally emerged, with a look of relief; he explained how he managed to barely escape defeat on the last round, but his Pokemon pulled through and he was victorious.

Now Monica began to worry, for Tyler was the one of the strongest Trainers in the whole room, next to her of course, and she wondered how she’d fair against this mysterious opponent.

“Monica Asper,” Mrs. Kennedy called out.

Monica was feeling mixed emotions as she made her way to the door. She was excited, nervous, terrified, worried, and happy all at the same time. She made the long walk down the hallway to the battle room; her favourite pair of green flip-flops making slapping noises that seemed to sound louder and heavier with every step, and emerged in the closed dome to find it bathed in sunlight.

“Sunlight?” she murmured to herself. She then noticed that the roof of the Battle Room was open, and a man was standing across the field from her. He had spiky, light green hair, and blue eyes. He wore a white shirt with faded blue jeans and he was wearing a green cape, decorated with a pattern of yellow rings.

“Ah, I just love the sky,” the man called to her, “The clouds, the beautiful summer sun, the wind...The air is beautiful, is it not? Is it not important that we take pleasure in the simpler things in life?”

“Umm, yeah I guess so,” Monica answered.

“I apologize for my rambling, I must be boring you,” he said with a sigh, “You must be the next challenger. I’m your opponent from the Pokemon League; my name is...Professor Sky.”

Monica had to hold in her laughter. This guy seemed like a joke. His name was Prof. Sky, he had a crazy sky obsession, and he had no sense of fashion; seriously, he wore a cape. She had to fight hard not to ask him if he was for real.

“Well I think we should get right to the battle!” he called excitedly.

“Alright!” she called back, grinning.

Prof. Sky pulled a Pokeball from his belt and threw it onto the battlefield, spinning dramatically as he did so. In a brilliant flash of white light, a Pokemon appeared before Monica, growling viciously.

“Soool...” it cried under its breath.

‘An Absol, huh?’ Monica thought to herself, ‘Well I guess I have to send out the first Pokemon in my party.’

“Alright, go Tropius!” she called as she threw out her Pokeball.

“Troooooop!” her Pokemon called out as it came out of its Pokeball, towering over the Absol with intimidation, spreading its green, leafy wings wide, but the Absol stood its ground, growling even louder.

“Alright Absol, use Double Team!”

The Absol began to make duplicates of itself, circling the confused dinosaur.

But Monica was prepared, “Tropius, Leaf Storm!”

Tropius began to flap its four leafy wings, releasing tons of razor sharp leaves into the air. Then, with a powerful flap of its wings, Tropius released a blast of leaves in all directions, destroying the duplicates and sending the real Absol flying through the air.

“Now, Aerial Ace!”

Tropius leaped from the ground and began to soar towards the falling Absol, one of its wings glowing as it raced through the sky.

“Sucker Punch, Absol!”

Just before Tropius’ wing made contact, Absol’s paw began to glow a purple colour and it slashed Tropius across the face, knocking it off course. The Absol landed on its feet as Tropius awkwardly crashed to the ground, flailing as it tried to stand up.

“Swords Dance!”

Absol released a blue, misty aura that took the form of a sword, whirling around Absol before fading away. Monica noticed the Absol looked even fiercer than before, and she willed her Tropius to get up quicker.

“Charge up, Absol!” Prof. Sky called.

His Pokemon responded by raising its horn to the open roof, and Monica could hear the faint sound of whipping winds as a small whirlwind formed on it.

“Come on Tropius, use Magical Leaf!”

Tropius had managed to stand up and then released glowing leaves from its wings, launching them at its opponent.

“Now, Absol!”

The Absol made a slashing movement with its horn, launching a blast of wind towards Tropius, tearing all of the leaves to shreds in the process. Monica had no time to react before the blast hit Tropius, knocking it to the ground.

“Get up Tropius, please!”

Absol still remained in a menacing stance, waiting to see if its opponent would stand up or not. Suddenly, Tropius flapped its wings, rocketing into the sky. Absol jumped in surprise and Monica smiled at her Pokemon’s perseverance.

“Alright, Magical Leaf!”

Tropius shot the glowing leaves once again, and Absol attempted to dodge them, but to no avail; the leaves were faster, and they never missed. Absol struggled to its feet, shaking and covered in scratches.

“Now finish it with Body Slam!”

Tropius then dropped from the sky, and landed with a thud on the wounded Absol. The huge Pokemon then jumped from its opponent, standing proudly in front of its Trainer.

Prof. Sky returned his Pokemon, “Alright, I’ll give you this one. Now, let’s see if you can handle this!”

He threw out another Pokeball as Monica returned her own. A small bluish-purple dragon with a claw on each short arm appeared, glaring at Monica with intensity.

“Nice Gabite,” she said, “We don’t see a lot of them out here in Hoenn, but my Breloom is better!”

She threw out her Pokeball, and her Breloom appeared, hopping around energetically. The green fungus-like Pokemon shifted from foot to foot, staring intensely at the dragon, daring it to make the first move.

“Alright Gabite, Slash!”

The Gabite let out a battle cry and charged Monica’s Breloom, its white claw gleaming in the sunlight.

“Dodge it!”

Breloom jumped quickly out of the way, just barely dodging Gabite’s attack.

‘Wow,’ thought Monica, ‘That dragon is fast.’

“Dragon Claw!”

The Gabite immediately skidded to a stop, whirled around, and charged Breloom again, this time at a closer quarter. Monica barely saw the attack coming and neither she nor her Pokemon had the chance to react before Breloom was launched through the air in a flash of bluish-purple light.

“Now, Dig!”

The Gabite immediately began tearing at the dirt field, disappearing in a cloud of dust. Monica’s falling Breloom finally got its bearings midair and began to look for its opponent as it landed quietly on its feet.

Breloom suddenly looked down, startled at the moving ground. As it began to crack, Monica called to her Pokemon, “Breloom, use Counter!”

At that moment, Gabite burst from the ground, slashing Breloom on its way up. However, Breloom immediately recovered from the hit, and smashed into the dragon with its hard, green head, knocking it into the ground. Its short arms shot from its body, grabbing Gabite by its claw and whipped around, tossing it across the field.

“Alright Breloom, now use Sky Uppercut!”

With a cry, the Pokemon leaped, using its powerful legs to rocket itself towards the midair dragon.

“Gabite, use Slash!”

The Gabite made a quick manoeuvre, dodging Breloom’s attack and slashing it right out of the air. Breloom crashed to the ground below, struggling to stand. The Gabite landed in front of the downed Pokemon, shaking dust from its body. It was still full of energy despite Breloom’s attacks.

“Breloom, please! Stand up!” Monica shouted in desperation.

Breloom stood up shakily, grimacing as it balanced itself.

“Gabite, now.” Sky ordered calmly.

“Gabiiite!” it cried out as it jumped towards Breloom, claw glowing the bluish-purple hue once again. In one swift move, the Gabite slashed Breloom, knocking it sliding towards Monica, fainted.

“Breloom!” Monica exclaimed in shock, dropping to her knees in front of her Pokemon.

“Please send in your next Pokemon, Miss Monica.” Sky called from the other end of the Battle Room. He stood proudly, one hand resting on his hip, his other hand returning his Gabite.

“Fine,” Monica said, full of vengeance. No one ever defeated any of her Pokemon and got away with it. She was the best Trainer in the whole school, maybe one of the best in the Region. Everyone back in her home town of Fortree knew she couldn’t lose, and her track record did nothing to disprove that common conception.

With a fire in her eye and renewed vigour and clarity, Monica reached into her bag, pulling out a pair of ear plugs and inserting them into her ears. The Professor gave her a quizzical look as she pulled out a Pokeball with a music note sticker on it and smiled. It was the smile of a Trainer who knew how much pain they were about to bring their opponent.

She threw her Pokeball into the air and shouted, “Go, Exploud!” barely hearing herself.

In an explosion of white light, Monica’s prized Exploud burst on to the field, roaring with such volume that the bleachers shook and Prof. Sky was knocked to the ground, where he lay clutching his head in his hands. Even after Exploud quieted down, the echo was loud enough for anyone in a mile radius to hear.

Prof. Sky got to his feet, visibly shaken, and grabbed a Pokeball, clutching his ear as he did so. Sky threw out his Pokeball and a Throh appeared, staring down its opponent. The red Pokemon grabbed the black belt around its uniform and tightened it without taking its eyes off of Exploud.

Exploud looked at the Throh, crossing its arms and turning its body sideways, gazing casually from the corner of its eye.

“Alright Throh, use Body Slam!”

“Throh,” the Pokemon cried obediently as it began to charge towards Exploud head first.

Monica couldn’t hear Sky with her ear plugs in, but they were necessary when battling with her Exploud. She had to rely on sight and instinct in this fight. She watched Throh charge Exploud and waited for the right moment.

Seconds before impact, Monica shouted, “Circle Throw! Now!”

Her relaxing Exploud immediately jumped into action, grabbing the Throh by its shoulders and spinning around, tossing it through the open roof of the dome and into the sky. The Professor stared up in awe as his Pokemon grew smaller and smaller, then remained the same size for a moment, until it began to grow larger as it hurtled towards the ground.

“Exploud, Thunder Fang when it lands!” yelled Monica, executing a common strategy of hers. Exploud nodded to its Trainer and positioned itself right under the falling Throh. Suddenly, electricity began to dance along its body, collecting in around its closed mouth. As the Throh tumbled back into the dome, Exploud opened its gaping maw, clasping it shut just as Throh landed in it. Exploud released all of the electric energy on to its victim in a brilliant flash of bright yellow light.

“Now, use Deafening Toss!” Monica called.

“Deafening Toss?” muttered Prof. Sky, “Not a move I’ve ever heard of.”

Exploud reared its head back, releasing its opponent and tossing it a few feet in the air. Its now free mouth opened to its maximum size and released a blast of sound that shot Throh backwards; landing fainted at Prof. Sky’s feet.

The Professor stared at his Pokemon in shock, which was clearly illustrated by his jaw hanging to the floor.

“I don’t think your Throh shares the same affinity for the sky as you, Professor!” Monica called jokingly.

If looks could kill, Monica would be dead at the hand of the Professor’s eyes, but he muttered something to himself and his expression softened to a smile. Monica put her ear plugs back in her bag and returned her prized Pokemon.

Prof. Sky made the first move and sent out a Crobat, who began to circle the dome at insane speeds, awaiting orders. Monica sent out her Roselia in response, and the small flower-like Pokemon had a hard time keeping her eye on her darting opponent.

“Roselia, use Extrasensory!”

Roselia’s eyes began to glow a bright blue and a low humming sound began to fill the room. Suddenly, Crobat stopped in midair, glowing blue and suspended high above the ground. Then Roselia looked down to the ground, telekinetically slamming the huge bat to the ground directly in front of it.

“Now use Poison Jab!” Monica ordered.

The flowers on Roselia’s arms began to glow a vibrant shade of purple as it made a move towards the downed Crobat.

“Cross Poison!” called the Professor.

His Crobat immediately snapped to life as Roselia brought her attack down towards it. It threw up its purple wings, blocking the attack, and they also began to glow the same purple colour. It then whipped its wings through the air, knocking Roselia backwards through the air and landing with a crash next to her concerned Trainer. Monica dropped down to her Pokemon, picking it up.

“Are you all right Rosie?” she asked as she cradled her beloved Pokemon. Rosie was an affectionate nickname she frequently called her Roselia. Her Pokemon jumped to life and leaped from her Trainer’s arms, assuming an assertive stance against her opponent. The Crobat hovered lazily, less interested in its tiny opponent and more interested in the open roof.

“Roselia, use Petal Dance!”

Roselia began to spin in a melodic way, petals flying off of its body and creating a whirlwind of red and blue petals around itself. Roselia’s dance began off slow and almost trance-like, but it quickly sped up as the tornado of petals grew bigger and bigger. Finally, Roselia reached such a speed that it became a blur, not that anyone on the field could see it threw the thick wall of red and blue.

“Crobat, dodge it!” called Sky pre-emptively.

The petals suddenly began launching themselves at Crobat with intense speeds. Crobat cunningly darted out of the way and began to zigzag around the room, avoiding the torrent of petals.

“Now use Bite!”

Crobat stopped and brought and began to fly towards Roselia, whose attack finally met its target. Crobat disappeared in the flurry and Monica shared a silent victory with herself. Suddenly all of the petals stopped flying through the air and gently floated to the ground. As the air surrounding Roselia began to clear, Monica was shocked at what she saw, Crobat fluttered gently above the ground, holding Roselia tightly in its mouth. Its purple skin was covered in small scratches, but it didn’t seem very injured.

“Grass isn’t very effective against the Poison or Flying type,” called Sky, “I relied on the double type advantage to protect my Pokemon from the attack.”

“But, what if your Crobat had fainted?” Monica retorted, “Petal Dance is pretty powerful, it could have been knocked out. Why would you take such a risk with your Pokemon?”

“Hey,” Sky defended, “These are Pokemon battles. Battling is about taking risks, predicting your opponent’s moves; you have to be two steps ahead of your opponent. Sometimes, they’re two steps ahead of you, and you lose, but you have to keep working towards seeing the future. I can tell you barely planned for this battle, your strategies are reckless and uncontrolled, but at least if you pass this exam, the University can fix that.”

Monica clenched her fists and bit her tongue; this wasn’t even constructive criticism to her, it was a cold-blooded insult meant to hurt her feelings and make her self-conscious about her battle style.

“Finish it with an Air Cutter!” he ordered.

The Crobat tossed the small Pokemon to the ground and flew through the air, fluttering above the already exhausted Pokemon. It slashed its wings towards the earth, launching two blasts of rippling air towards Roselia down below.

“Rosie, dodge it!” Monica cried, but her order had no effect.

The blasts of wind ploughed into the small Pokemon, sending up a cloud of dust and petals. Monica held up her Pokeball and returned her fainted Pokemon.

“If only you had thought ahead,” muttered Prof. Sky loudly.

Monica glared at him and pulled another ball from her belt, her hand shaking with restrained anger.

“Go Kecleon!” she called as her Pokemon exploded on to the field. Monica knew her Kecleon was not the strongest Pokemon and she always had a hard time winning battles with it, but she knew it had a powerful tactic that would help trump the opponent, if only just for a bit. Prof. Sky grabbed another Pokeball and stared at it lovingly.

“I’ve noticed you like Grass type Pokemon. If only I had used this one earlier,” called Sky, “Come on out, Arcanine!”

The huge dog burst into the Battle Room, letting out a roar as it towered above the small green lizard that cringed and tucked its tail between its legs at the sight of its fierce opponent.

“Alright, start it off with a Flamethrower!”

The Arcanine reared its head and released a column of flame towards Kecleon, who became consumed in the flames. Monica cried out in panic, as her Pokemon disappeared in the heat.

“Your Pokemon stands no chance!” yelled Sky, “With the fainting of this Pokemon, you will fail your exam and never become a Gym Leader!”

30th January 2012, 5:10 AM
Chapter 5-Corey (June 29)

“Luuun!” cried Prof. Dregg’s Pokemon as it popped from its Pokeball in a flash of light. It was a beige Pokemon shaped like a crescent moon, a Lunatone. They were rarely seen in the Unova Region, but the Sharaku Region had many Pokemon from all regions, and Corey guessed that that was where the Professor came from. The Lunatone floated calmly above the ground, slowly bobbing up and down gently, like a boat resting in water with the slightest hint of a wave.

But someone had to end the calm mood, and who better to do so than Corey’s most energetic Pokemon. He smiled and pulled the first Pokeball from his belt, “Alright Herdier, come on out!”

Corey’s Herdier immediately began to run around, barking excitedly and smelling at the ground. His Herdier was always energetic and, like the Battle Room, thought places they went commonly to be new adventures in a new world.

Corey looked up and across the room, noticing Prof. Dregg standing with one hand on her hip, tapping her foot impatiently. He could feel her disapproving glare through her dark sunglasses and felt embarrassed.

“Herdier, it’s time to battle,” called Corey, adjusting the tone in his voice to sound more formal and in control. His Pokemon heard the word “battle” and its ears instantly perked up and it stopped moving, getting in a low stance and started to growl at its opponent, trying to intimidate it.

“Lunatone, use Cosmic Power!” called Prof. Dregg.

The Lunatone’s eyes suddenly began to grow a bright shade of blue, and the image of a starry sky formed over head. Corey’s Herdier was looking up at the stars and barking at them. The stars then began to whirl around the sky, and shot towards Lunatone, who absorbed them. Then the Lunatone’s body began to glow the same colour as its eyes, and a slight hum could be heard in the room.

Corey was unimpressed, “Herdier, use Take Down!”

Herdier barked excitedly and began to charge at the Lunatone full force.

“Psychic,” ordered the Professor.

The blue glow around Lunatone got extremely bright before it burst, sending a ripple of pure power through the air towards Herdier. Herdier began to glow blue and was then thrown across the field and into the bleachers with a loud thud. The cloud of dust created by the attack began to settle, and Corey’s Herdier stumbled out of the bleachers in a daze.

“Herdier, shake it off!” called Corey. Herdier rustled its fur and refocused on the Lunatone.

“Now, Thunder Fang!”

Herdier growled and sparks began to dance across its jaw as it bared its teeth. The small pup then leaped into action, charging the Lunatone with increasing speed. Prof. Dregg had no time to react before Herdier had tackled the floating rock out of the air and slammed it into the ground with its powerful jaw muscles, releasing all of the charged up electricity from its mouth onto its fallen opponent. The Lunatone released a small blast of psychic energy, throwing the Herdier off of it, and Herdier flew through the air, landing on its feet, sparks still hopping from its mouth.

The Lunatone slowly began to rise from the ground and reposition itself floating in the air, eyes still aglow.

“Lunatone, strategy number twenty-six!” ordered Prof. Dregg, as she began to file her nails. Corey glared at her and clenched his fists. How could she be this uninterested in the battle? He was sweating bullets and she was yawning at every move he made.

The Lunatone’s eyes began to glow once again, and the rock slowly began spinning in the air. It gradually gained speed, creating a blue ring around itself.

Corey had had enough of this show, “Herdier, use Crunch!”

Herdier barked in understanding and charged towards Lunatone, who had become a blur. Suddenly, the blue ring burst outwards, shooting dust up from the field and blinding both Corey and his Pokemon.

Corey could see nothing, “Herdier!”

His call was answered with a bark, but Corey was disoriented and couldn’t hear where it had come from. Then, through the dust, two bright blue lights appeared, growing brighter and bigger. There was a loud hum that grew until there was a blast of the blue light and Corey saw a shadow sliding towards him along the ground. Corey looked down and saw his Herdier fainted at his feet. He pulled out his Pokeball and returned his injured Pokemon.

As the dust began to settle, he saw Prof. Dregg standing there with her hand on her hip, a Pokeball in the other, and a new Pokemon hovering in front of her. It was a huge yellow and black-striped bee with a red pattern on its forehead and red eyes.

“Veeesp,” it cried out in a buzzing voice that caused Corey to cringe.

“Well,” the Professor called out, “What are you waiting for? I’m sure the other children would like to finish their exam today.”

“Fine,” Corey responded, throwing out another Pokeball. His big purple cat, Liepard, burst onto the field, already in a ready stance.

“Well, it would seem that you’re already at a type disadvantage,” said Prof. Dregg, grinning. Corey couldn’t help but shudder. Seeing such a cold woman smile was scarier than seeing her furious. And the comment didn’t help him feel any better about her.

“Time to prove her wrong, Corey,” he muttered to himself, “Liepard, use Fake Out!”

The fast and nimble cat quickly dashed towards Vespiquen, darting across the field so as to disorient its opponent. It then leaped gracefully from the ground towards its airborne opponent, holding up one of its powerful claws as if to scratch it, but instead leaped over the hovering bug and used its muscular tail to smack it in the back and knock it from the air. Vespiquen crashed to the ground, flapping its wings in a fury to get up. Liepard turned around and began to hiss under its breath at its opponent, a look of pure focus in its cold black eyes.

“Vespiquen, use Power Gem!” yelled the Professor.

Vespiquen put its arms to its chest and they began to glow white. With a loud burst, Vespiquen extended its arms and launched a flurry of pointed white stones at Liepard.

“Dodge it, Liepard!”

The prepared Pokemon expertly avoided the stones as they crashed into the ground around it. Corey smiled as Prof. Dregg shifted her feet nervously. She caught his glance and instantly straightened up.

Still smiling, Corey called, “Now Liepard, finish it off with Pursuit!”

Liepard’s body began to glow a dark purple as it rushed its opponent. Vespiquen darted away from the purple cat and fluttered across the room, but Liepard’s speed and endurance got the better of it, and Vespiquen crashed to the ground, Liepard standing triumphantly on top of it, the purple aura fading away.

“I guess that didn’t finish it off,” said Corey to himself as the Vespiquen began to flutter lazily away from Liepard. The cat was closely watching its opponent, awaiting orders.

“Let’s finish this for real, Liepard. Use Giga Impact!”

Liepard jumped into the air, growing a bright white, and began to shoot through the air until it looked like a comet racing around the arena.

“Power Gem!” ordered Dregg.

The Vespiquen once again used its attack, shooting the glowing stones towards the racing comet, but they shattered upon impact, and Liepard’s attack hit perfectly, slamming Vespiquen into the ground, sending a blast of dust throughout the arena that shot up to even the top row of bleachers. Liepard walked back to its Trainer as Dregg returned her fainted Pokemon.

Corey pet his exhausted and panting Pokemon, “You did a great job Liepard.”

Liepard purred in glee before being returned to its Pokeball.

“Now, let’s see if she underestimates this Pokemon as much as I hope,” he muttered to himself, “Go, Munna!”

The small pink ball of a Pokemon floated through the air, calling out excitedly, “Muun!”

He heard the Professor laughing to herself as she pulled out a green camouflage ball that Corey had never seen before. She tossed it out, and a flash of green light released a huge, roaring grey Pokemon.

“Rhyyy!” it cried. It was covered in spikes and had a drill on its face for a horn which spun menacingly, making a high-pitched whirring sound.

Corey had never seen this Pokemon in his life. The closest thing to it he had ever seen was an Excadrill, but this Pokemon would tower over any Excadrill.

Corey looked nervously at this intimidating opponent, and he couldn’t even imagine how terrified his Munna was. He looked to the little pink ball, and was shocked to find it glaring intensely at this huge opponent. His Munna always managed to surprise him with its battle prowess and courage, but this opponent still worried him.

“Alright Rhydon,” called the Professor, “Use Rock Blast. And make this battle quick, I can’t stand to see weak Pokemon like this get defeated so easily.”

The Rhydon then put its massive arms together, creating a rock between its arms, and threw it at Munna.

“Use Psychic!”

Munna’s eyes began to glow a bright blue and the rock hurtling towards it began to glow and then shattered. The Rhydon tried again, but to no avail.

“Use Take Down!”

The Rhydon began to charge Corey’s Pokemon, the drill on its head spinning furiously as it picked up speed.

Corey had an idea. It was risky, but it was worth a shot.

“Munna, use Zen Headbutt!”

Munna’s body began to glow blue and it shot off through the air to its charging opponent. The two met in a head on collision, and in a flash of blue light, Rhydon stumbled backwards, but remained standing, and Munna was tossed aside, bouncing along the ground before coming to a stop on the ground.

“Munna!” Corey cried out.

His Pokemon gently floated from the ground and regained its focus. The hit hadn’t done as much damaged as he had expected to his tiny Pokemon.

He heard Prof. Dregg sigh in frustration, “Rhydon, Take Down, again.”

The lumbering creature once again charged Munna, and Corey knew that it would be dangerous to try to use Zen Headbutt again, so Corey got another idea.

He waited until the Rhydon was very close before calling, “Hypnosis, and then dodge!”

Munna’s eyes glowed a pink colour as it shot out three glowing pink rings that enveloped the close Rhydon and caused it to doze off, mid attack. The now sleeping Pokemon crashed to the ground, lying flat on its stomach and snoring as Munna floated above it, awaiting more orders.

“Now, use Energy Ball!”

Munna shot a green ball of energy from its snout at the sleeping beast, knocking it sliding across the floor.

“Wake up, you stupid Pokemon!” yelled the Professor.

“Keep using Energy Ball, Munna!”

Munna kept berating the Rhydon with blasts of green energy until the Pokemon was thrown through the air and crashed at its Trainer’s feet. She returned her Pokemon, muttering to herself.

Corey gave his Pokemon a hug before he returned it to its Pokeball. The Professor said nothing as she threw out her next Pokeball. It was a huge blue beetle, with a gleaming, sharp horn protruding from its head. Its back opened up and a pair of clear wings extended out. It jumped into the air and fluttered around for a while before landing. It then began to examine its arms, claws, feet, and horn. Corey looked at the peculiar Pokemon looking at itself as if for the first time and shook his head. He accepted it as a behaviour of the Pokemon, considering he had never seen one like it before.

“Let’s go, Mienfoo!” Corey called out as he tossed another Pokeball onto the field. His small, cat like Pokemon leaped from its ball and quickly caught sight of its opponent, asserting a ready stance. Corey was excited, his Mienfoo always performed well.

“Night Slash, Heracross!”

The bug then began to run at Mienfoo with incredible speed. Corey had never seen a bug move that fast on land before. However, Mienfoo always reacted quickly and got out of the way of the bugs huge horn, which was emitting a dark purple aura.

“Mienfoo, Force Palm!”

Mienfoo quickly thrust its powerful arm at the Heracross, paw opened, but the bug was too fast and quickly hopped out of the way.

“Now, U-Turn!”

The Heracross shot at Mienfoo, slamming it with its horn and knocking it backwards, then launching backwards to land right beside Professor Dregg, who was smiling again.

“Hey,” Corey called out, “Doesn’t U-Turn switch your Pokemon?”

“In this battle, a Trainer cannot switch,” the Professor responded, sounding annoyed, “Therefore a move that would force switching loses the ability to switch. Now, Fury Swipes, Heracross.”

Heracross charged at the refocused Mienfoo, claws outstretched.

“Mienfoo, use U-Turn!”

Mienfoo shot at the charging Heracross, knocking it into the air, then shot back to Corey. In mid-air, the Heracross began to blur and reshape itself. By the time the Pokemon had landed, it was a large black fox with red hair tied back in a ponytail. It shook itself and glared at the Mienfoo, grinning menacingly.

“I can see that my Zoroark had you fooled, Trainer,” the Professor called out, “But if you want to be a Gym Leader you have to be able to deal with all sorts of tricks. You pulled one on me just now, asking about a move you were about to use. Very clever, but you’ll have to do better than that if you intend to beat a powerful Pokemon such as Zoroark.”

“Mienfoo, Force Palm!”

“Zoroark, Night Slash!”

The two intense Pokemon charged each other, and caught each other right in the middle of the field, Zoroark holding its glowing purple claw against Mienfoo’s palm. Mienfoo was struggling to hold its palm up against this tough opponent and was shaking from the strain, but he couldn’t let the bigger opponent get the better of him because of size.

“Zoroark, strategy thirteen!”

Zoroark suddenly jumped from its battle with Mienfoo and landed on all fours, opening its mouth and blasting the unbalanced Mienfoo with a column of flame.

“Mienfoo!” called Corey, as his Pokemon disappeared behind the flames. He could hear Professor Dregg laughing.

30th January 2012, 5:11 AM
Chapter 6-Terry (June 29)

Mr. Yukki began to dance excitedly as his first Pokemon burst onto the field. It was a Pokemon that Terry knew well. It was a yellow rodent-like Pokemon that’s back was entirely covered in long brown spikes. It had beady black eyes and long white claws that would strike fear into any Pokemon; except the one Terry had chosen to use first.

“Alright Raticate, let’s go!”

Terry’s Raticate leaped onto the field, sniffing the air and keeping its eyes on its opponent.

“Raticate, use Flame Wheel!”

Raticate cried out in understanding and began to smoke from the mouth. The quick Pokemon charged into action, speeding towards the Sandslash. The smoke around its mouth became fire as it built up speed and Raticate jumped into the air, doing a barrel roll at intense speeds. The fire from its mouth enveloped its body, and Raticate became a flaming bullet on a collision-course with the still calm Sandslash.

“Alright Sandslash,” Mr. Yukki piped up, “Rapid Spin time!”

The Sandslash curled up into a ball and began spinning on the spot, shooting up clouds of dust. Raticate made impact, but was shot back through the air, the flame dispersing as Raticate skidded to a stop along the floor. However, the energetic Pokemon quickly snapped to its feet, covered in a few scratches.

“Sandslash, use Rollout!”

The Sandslash rolled back up into a ball and shot at Raticate, gaining momentum.

“Dodge it, Raticate!”

Raticate jumped out of the way at the last second, but the spiny blur quickly made a turn and was back on track with its target. Raticate jumped out of the way once again, and the Sandslash made the same adjustment after missing its mark.

Terry was getting tired of this game of chase, “Raticate, Iron Tail!”

As Sandslash was making its way towards Raticate again, Raticate’s tail began to glow a bright white, and it whirled around, smacking the bottom of the oncoming spike ball and launching it into the air.

“Now, Flame Wheel again!”

Raticate shot into the air, once again on fire, towards the falling Sandslash. Sandslash uncurled itself and got its bearings, a panicked expression on the tired Pokemon’s face as it stared into the oncoming wheel of flame.

Mr. Yukki didn’t miss a beat, “Sandslash, Crush Claw.”

Sandslash brought its glowing white claws up into an X-formation above its head and smashed them into the oncoming bullet of flame, knocking the Pokemon out from within it and sending it crashing to the ground below. Sandslash landed gracefully on its feet, claws up and ready to deliver a final blow.

“Sand Tomb,” called the now serious examiner.

Sandslash raised its claws to the ceiling and, with this motion, the ground around Raticate exploded and trapped it, holding it in place halfway buried and struggling to escape.

“Raticate, get out of there!”

Terry could see his Pokemon was trying, but couldn’t break free.

“Now finish this with Crush Claw, Sandslash!”

Sandslash nodded and slowly made its way to the struggling Raticate, its claws glowing white. It brought its raised claws down with such force that the ground exploded, sending a cloud of dust into the air. When it cleared, Mr. Yukki had returned his Pokemon and Terry’s Raticate was lying, fainted, in a small crater.

“I’m sorry about your Raticate, Mr. Munroe,” called Mr. Yukki, “I really am. I don’t like to see Pokemon get hurt, but I’m afraid it’s in my...business. Now, let’s get on with this battle!”

Terry returned his Pokemon and sent out a new one. It exploded onto the field, crying angrily as it was released. Its eyes whipped around the field, looking for its opponent, which had just arrived. A small, purple scorpion-like Pokemon was slowly gliding through the air directly across from Terry’s Primeape.

“Prii!” Primeape called out angrily, trying to get the Gligar’s attention.

“Gligar, use Acrobatics!”

The Gligar whirled around and began to dart around the room, performing fancy aerial manoeuvres and gaining speed as it spun its way towards Primeape, doing its best to keep up with the evasive opponent.

“Wait until he gets close, Primeape!” Terry called out, a strategy forming in his head.

Primeape stood and waited, preparing for his Trainer’s next order as the Gligar finally did a back flip and began to dive downwards, claws stretched towards Primeape.

“Now Primeape, dodge and use Seismic Toss!”

Primeape dodged, as ordered, sidestepping Gligar as it whizzed by, but grabbed the scorpion by its outstretched arms and threw it upwards, using its momentum against it and sending it crashing into the ceiling of the battle room.

“Karate Chop when it’s in range, Primeape!”

The wounded and dazed Pokemon dropped from the ceiling, and just before landing in front of its opponent, Primeape brought up its open hand and slammed the Gligar to the ground, assuring that it had landed.

“Gligar, get up and use Slash!” called Mr. Yukki.

The exhausted Gligar stood up and began to swing its claws at Primeape, who dodged and ducked away from the attacks. Terry commended the Gligar silently for being so durable, but he had to win this battle and let his dream live on. He couldn’t lose, or he’d have to keep living with his awful parents.

“Primeape, Rage Block!”

Mr. Yukki shot him a confused expression, but Primeape knew exactly what to do. He grabbed both of Gligar’s claws and rolled backwards, tossing his opponent aside. Primeape quickly scrambled from the ground, charging at the dazed Gligar with a furious battle cry and fists swinging. Just as Gligar stood up, it received a punch to the jaw, knocking it sliding backwards to Mr. Yukki, fainted.

“Very impressive, Mr. Munroe, I would have not expected such a tactic from a Pokemon with such a typing disadvantage. Your Primeape performed much better than the other Primeape I’ve battled here today. Their Trainers had no idea how to control such wild and unruly Pokemon.”

“That’s quite a compliment, Mr. Yukki. Your Gligar should be commended for its endurance.”

Mr. Yukki smiled, “I can tell that the Professors at PLU are going to like you very much. That is, if you make it to PLU, which would require defeating me in battle! Let’s get back to that.”

He sent out another Pokemon, a small white and blue squirrel with yellow cheek pouches. Kind of like an oddly coloured Pikachu.

“It’s a Pachirisu,” called Mr. Yukki, reading Terry’s mind, “There’s been no sightings of them in the Kanto Region as of yet, so it’s very far from its home in Sinnoh.”

Terry nodded and sent out his next Pokemon.

“Let’s go, Beedrill!”

Terry’s Beedrill buzzed through the air, eyeing its tiny opponent and rubbing its needle-like arms on one another in an attempt to intimidate the Pachirisu. Pachirisu just tilted its head and looked at Beedrill quizzically.

“Let’s start it off with Fury Attack, Beedrill!”

“Drill!” replied Beedrill as he buzzed off towards the Pachirisu, needle arms gleaming from the lights above.

“Quick Attack, Pachirisu!”

The Pachirisu jumped through the air at intense speed, dodged neatly between Beedrill’s arms, and hit it in the face with full force. Beedrill crashed to the ground, Pachirisu dancing around on its back, but Terry’s Beedrill was far from damaged, and shot into the air, sending Pachirisu flying.

“Poison Jab, Beedrill!”

Beedrill whirled through the air and jabbed the still falling Pachirisu into the ground with a glowing purple stinger.

Terry could see that the Pachirisu wouldn’t last much longer, “Beedrill, finish it off with X-Scissor!”

Beedrill stood above its opponent on its wiry black legs, its arms glowing a bright green colour.

“Pachirisu, use Endure!”

Pachirisu steeled its gaze on Beedrill and began to glow a shade of red. Beedrill brought its attack down upon its opponent and Terry was sure that he had defeated another of Mr. Yukki’s Pokemon. Beedrill hovered above its opponent, looking down at the fainted Pachirisu.

“Discharge,” said Mr. Yukki giddily, smiling from ear to ear.

Terry looked at him with confusion before a burst of electricity shot from the downed opponent and threw Beedrill through the air and crashing to the ground. Pachirisu struggled to its feet, its yellow cheek pouches glowing yellow, and fixed its gaze on Beedrill, who also began to stand on its thin black legs, twitching as sparks danced across its thin body.

“Beedrill, use Poison Jab!”

“Pachirisu, use Discharge!”

Pachirisu summoned up all of its strength and released a burst of electricity as Beedrill shot through the air, stinger glowing purple. Terry couldn’t see his Pokemon through the electricity and dust, and he could only hope that Beedrill made it and hit Pachirisu. After a moment, the dust settled, the electricity stopped, and both Pokemon were lying on the ground.

“Uhh, Mr. Yukki?” Terry called, “What do we do in the event of a tie?”

Mr. Yukki looked up, “Well I suppose we’ll have to-“

Just then, Mr. Yukki was interrupted by a slight buzzing as Terry’s Beedrill struggled to lift itself from the ground.

“Beedrill!” Terry exclaimed.

His Beedrill slowly fluttered over and was returned to its Pokeball to rest. Terry’s relief was indescribable. Had he lost this match, Terry would have to have had a flawless battle, but his Beedrill pulled through, and Terry still had a good chance of passing. Terry suddenly snapped back to reality, noticing that he was staring at his Beedrill’s Pokeball and that Mr. Yukki had already sent out another Pokemon, and was tapping his foot impatiently.

Mr. Yukki’s new Pokemon was one Terry had never seen anywhere in his life. It was a huge blue turtle with a hard black shell, and long flipper like arms. It looked slow and heavy, but it seemed immensely powerful.

“Alright, come on out Pidgeotto!”

Terry’s prized bird flew from its ball, making its way around the room, getting a bird’s-eye view of the battlefield.

“Carracosta, use Smack Down,” ordered Mr. Yukki casually.

Terry had never heard of that move before, but he had to be ready for anything.

Mr. Yukki’s Carracosta opened its jaw, and launched a stone in the air towards Pidgeotto, which exploded into a wave of soaring rocks.

“Pidgeotto, dodge it!”

Pidgeotto pulled an evasive manoeuvre, attempting to dodge the flurry of stones, but to no avail. The rocks crashed into Pidgeotto, throwing it to the ground. Pidgeotto got right back up and ruffled its feathers, awaiting orders.

“Pidgeotto, get back into the air!”

Pidgeotto flapped its wings in an attempt to shoot up into the sky, but found itself stumbling and falling over.

“What’s the deal with my Pidgeotto not being able to fly, Me. Yukki?” asked Terry from across the field.

“It can’t fly. My Carracosta used a move called Smack Down. It prevents any Pokemon it hits from becoming airborne.”

Terry gulped nervously. If his Pidgeotto couldn’t fly, there wasn’t a lot it could do in a battle.

“Pidgeotto, use Air Slash!”

The tip of Pidgeotto’s wing began to glow a bright blue colour, and the faint sound of whipping wind could be heard. With a swift flap of its powerful feathers, Pidgeotto sent a blast of glowing blue wind rocketing towards the ever so sturdy Carracosta.

“Carracosta, Protect!”

Carracosta recoiled into its shell, creating a blue force field around itself, deflecting the oncoming attack as it made contact.

“Carracosta, use Brine!”

Carracosta popped out of its shell sending a torrent of salt water from its mouth, arms outstretched, sea spray soaking the ground around its firmly planted feet.

“Dodge, Pidgeotto!”

Pidgeotto, forgetting its inability to fly, made an attempt to launch itself into the air, but once again stumbled and fell right into the oncoming torrent of water, shooting Pidgeotto steadily into the bleachers, soaking the plastic green seats.

Mr. Yukki made a motion with his hand, and Carracosta obediently stopped blasting the bird and stood, waiting for Pidgeotto to stand up.

Pidgeotto stumbled out of the bleachers and towards Terry, sopping wet.

“Pidgeotto,” Terry said, worry creeping into his voice, “Do you think you can keep going?”

His Pokemon’s answer was to collapse into his arms.

“Alright, you did your best,” said Terry, “Return.”

He returned his drenched Pokemon and shook the water from his arms as Mr. Yukki spoke, “You have to defeat my next two Pokemon if you hope to make it to PLU, Mr. Munroe. I wish you all the best luck fighting my next teammate.”

“I could say the same to you, Mr. Yukki,” Terry responded, pulling out a perfectly polished Pokeball, and he caught a reflection of his own grin in its red surface.

“Let’s go Raichu!”

“Let’s go Gengar!”

Terry’s prized Pokemon stood proudly on all four legs in front of its Trainer, sparks dancing across its yellow cheek pouches.

“Gengaar,” cried Mr. Yukki’s Pokemon, a purple ghost with spikes covering its back and an evil grin spread across its wide face. Terry was fascinated by the Gengar, as it was one of his favourite Poison-type Pokemon. However, Terry knew that Gengar was a formidable opponent, and he would have to work pretty hard if he ever hoped to defeat it and win the battle to continue on his dream.

31st January 2012, 1:23 AM
Please read the rules before posting in a section. Your first post must contain the first part of your story. I will merge your intro post and Chapter 1, but please be aware of this for the future. Also, please do be aware that all chapters must be at least two pages long on Microsoft Word, but this shouldn't be an issue if you use proper spacing between paragraphs. Since we can't indent on the forum, we skip one line between each paragraph to make it easier to read. This way it isn't a big block of hard-to-read text. So paragraphing looks like this.

I read over your first chapter (the lack of spacing made it hard to read more), and it looks interesting so far. There are some things you can work on, though. Mainly, this falls under "show, don't tell." This means, for instance, that you tell us how a character feels instead of showing us, or telling us that Corey "burst into the Battle Arena" instead of showing us what it looks like. If you show us that "the doors swung open to reveal a huge, brightly-lit room that made Corey feel tiny in comparison, his opponent standing firmly at the opposite end, seemingly miles away," then it paints a picture in the reader's head of what the arena looks like how it's so big that it feels a little intimidating. Describing the arena and how it makes Corey feel is much more exciting than just saying he entered it.

You should let us get to know more about your characters and their feelings by showing us their thoughts, actions and dialogue instead of telling us. From what I saw, the characters all just sort of react to things that are happening around them, but everything happens so quickly that we don't get a clear idea of what each character is like. Slow it down! As Corey wakes up, you tell us he's getting ready, but he doesn't think about what's going to happen or react with any strong emotions. We don't know if he's excited or nervous, if he's afraid to fail or confident that he'll do well. This is an exciting moment, and we need to know how he feels.

You did a nice job characterizing his Herdier and Lierpard, showing us what their personalities are like by having them act and interact, and that was fun to see! You did a nice job establishing their characters even though they weren't there for very long. Munna, however, didn't actually do anything, so that felt a little boring. It's exciting seeing Pokemon not just taking orders, but acting like real characters who feel real emotions and do real things, so don't forget about them while writing.

Your spelling and grammar were overall good, but there were some minor things I noticed while reading.

He found his friends and went to sit with them, who all greeted him excitedly.
His one friend, Jasmine, greeting him a little bit more excitedly than everyone else. Corey knew that Jasmine had feelings for him, and they were definitely reciprocated, but he couldn't let anything distract him from his goal to be a Gym Leader, and she couldn’t be included in that dream; she was going to become a Pokemon Ranger and was therefore going to a different region than he. Long distance relationships never work out. He smiled and sat down beside her, pretending not to notice that she had inched closer.
Here you say he sits down with his friends, but then refer to Jasmine as "his one friend." This implies that she is his only friend, which probably isn't what you meant. :> Remember to describe other characters and have them act and interact, even if they're not all that important.

After that, I rather liked the relationship you have going with Corey and Jasmine set up. However, remember that these are two teenagers who like each other! Sure, Corey doesn't want to get involved with her, but if he clearly still wants to be with her, how does that make him feel? Is it awkward? Does he often have to ignore Jasmine's attempts? Does he secretly want to be with her? Show us more of their interactions, their emotions, and that awkward teen romance!

Corey was near the front of the line, for his last name was Banaszynski. When he was younger, people would often make fun of him for his long and hard to spell last name, and because of this, he began to go by Corey Zynski. His shortened name also earned him many nicknames dubbed to him affectionately by his friends.
This is definitely not the right place to throw this kind of information at the readers. Corey's getting right for a fight that will decide his future! We don't need to hear about his last name right now - it's distracting. You can just change this to something like "Corey Banaszynski took his place hear the front of the line." If you want to inform us about his nickname, again, do so by showing instead of telling, like by having his friends call him by his nickname! :>

“My name is Professor Dregg,” she said with authority, “And I will be your examiner and battle opponent.” she then turned to Mr. Undel, “Get the children to form an orderly line, explain the rules, and send them in one at a time.”
Punctuation is a little problematic here. Remember that if a sentence it complete, it ends with a period, and the next sentence starts with a capital letter. "she then turned to Mr. Undel," comes after a period, so it should be "She," and since it is a complete sentence, the comma after "Undel" should be a period. The basic laws of punctuation don't change just because of dialogue - if it can stand on its own, then it's a proper sentence with a period. :>

I also imagine it's annoying if there's only one invigilator for an exam that at least 20 students have to take in a row. In most exams there's more than one person directing it, so I think it makes sense for there to be more than one person to battle all the students, especially if the battles are really long and some kids will be waiting for a few hours for their turn. Also, after the first test, that student could tell all the others what to expect, so it wouldn't be fair.

Those are just a few things to think about. This does look good, but there are definitely areas that you could spruce up. Using the right spacing will definitely make this easier to read and get you more readers, and by adding description, showing us more about your characters, and using "show, don't tell," you can go far! Remember - no writer is perfect, so don't be afraid to edit your work!

Good luck! ^_^


31st January 2012, 3:21 AM
Thank you very much for your feedback! I will take all of it into consideration, especially the show, don't tell, and the spacing issues. I appreciate your thoughts and ideas, and hopefully my writing abilities shall improve! Cheers! :D

27th February 2012, 3:08 AM
Chapter 7-Denarah (June 29)

Denarah grabbed the first Pokeball hanging from her belt, feeling its cold, hard surface. Gripping it tightly out of pure nervousness and excitement all mixed up in one. She brushed a runaway lock of soft brown hair from her forehead and threw her Pokeball to the middle of the field with expert form.

“Gool!” cried her Pokemon as it burst from its ball, standing tall, its huge blue wings folded across its usually gaping jaw. The light of the arena reflected off of its sleek blue back and its wide, black eyes shot cold glares at its opponent, a yellow chicken-like Pokemon, standing on its two clawed feet and stretching its muscular arms. Its legs were covered in orange plumage, and its head was decorated with a tuft of orange and yellow feathers, creating a flame-like pattern. It flexed its gleaming white claws menacingly and gestured for Denarah’s Golbat to make the first move.

Denarah easily took the chance to strike first.

“Golbat, use Hypnosis!”

The huge bat extended its wings to reveal its full wingspan, its eyes glowing pink with psychic energy. Three rings of psychic power shot from Golbat’s huge hole of a mouth, heading straight towards Mary’s Combusken.

“Get out of there, Combusken,” called Mary, “Hit it with a Slash!”

Her Combusken gracefully jumped out of the attack’s range, performing a front flip while doing so, not missing a beat and landing on its feet, immediately taking off in a full on run towards Golbat, claw glowing white as it charged.

Before Denarah could react, her Golbat was knocked sliding across the ground by the Combusken’s powerful blow.

“You’ll have to react faster than that if you want to be a Gym Leader, dear!” Mary called from across the field.

Denarah ignored the comment.

“Golbat, Air Slash!”

In one swift move, Golbat swung its wing, shooting a blade of air towards Combusken, and flipped itself from the ground, flying above the Combusken as it was blasted backwards, soaring through the air and coming to a crash behind its Trainer. However, it recovered quickly, jumping to its feet and ruffling its feathers to rid itself of the dirt and dust.

“Combusken, use Mirror Move!”

Combusken’s eyes quickly flashed white, and it shot a blast of air flying towards the Golbat with a swing of its gleaming claw; executing an Air Slash as if it had known the move forever. Denarah’s Golbat was tossed from the sky and into the ground below.

“Flare Blitz!”

Combusken began to charge, fire pouring from its beak and covering its body, turning itself into a speeding wall of flame.

“Golbat, get out of there!”

Her Pokemon began to struggle to its feet, turning around in time to see a huge ball of fire hurtling towards it. Golbat was rammed by the loose cannon of an attack and was slammed into a nearby wall, flaming embers sent spewing across the room.

Denarah’s Golbat was lying on its back, Combusken on its stomach, smoke pouring off of both Pokemon’s bodies.

“Golbat!” Denarah cried out, worried about her fallen Pokemon, who was glowing red with burns.

Just as she had grabbed her Pokeball to return her Pokemon, it pushed itself from the ground with a singed wing and stood above the still downed Combusken, wincing.

“Alright, Golbat!” she called excitedly, “Use Hypnosis!”

At such a close range, there was no way that the attack could miss, and the pink rings enveloped the already face-down Pokemon and sent it into a deep sleep.

“Now, Launch Slash!”

With one wing Golbat swept the sleeping chicken from the ground and into the air, and with the other wing, sent a blast of air towards the Combusken, tossing it through the air, its limp body coming to a crash beside its Trainer’s feet.

“Very good, Denarah!” called Mary, pouting as she returned her Combusken, “That’s one point for you!”

Denarah didn’t respond. She was in the zone. Without missing a beat, she returned her injured, but still conscious Pokemon and pulled out a new Pokeball.

“Go, Graveler!” she called as she tossed out her second Pokeball.

Her boulder-like Graveler burst onto the field in a burst of white light, extending its four, three fingered, arms. Two were balled in fists, and two were open in front of its round body, ready to defend.

The stocky little rock’s opponent quickly appeared. It was a graceful looking Pokemon, floating gently above the ground, with ice crystals protruding from its large head, and a red ribbon around its body that made it look like it was wearing an ice-covered kimono.

“What’s that?” asked Denarah, never having seen this Pokemon before.

“It’s a Froslass,” she responded, “One of my oldest Pokemon.”

Denarah looked at the new creature. It looked elegant, graceful, and speedy, but it didn’t look like it could take a hit, unlike her Graveler, who could easily defend itself.

“Graveler, focus up and charge!” ordered Denarah, beginning the battle.

One of Graveler’s arms stretched out, pointing at Mary’s Froslass, the other was raised and ready to strike. Right before the charging Graveler was in perfect range to strike, Mary called out.

“Froslass, use Double Team!”

Froslass instantly began duplicating itself, getting lost in a crowd of its own clones. With a powerful swing, Graveler blasted away a large group of duplicates, but its own momentum got the best of it and sent it tumbling to the ground.

“Froslass, use Blizzard!”

Froslass’ eyes began to glow bright blue, the ice crystals on her head following suit. She stretched her thin arms to her sides, and the temperature of the room began to drop. Denarah found herself shivering as winds whipped snow from nowhere towards Froslass. The elegant Pokemon became lost in a flurry of snow and ice crystals.


The wintery blast shot from Froslass, throwing the heavy Graveler into the air, only to come crashing down beside its Trainer, unresponsive. The winds slowly died down, and the temperature returned to normal, the now melting snow blanket soaking the bleachers.

“You defeated my Pokemon with one attack...” mumbled Denarah, astounded. She shook her head, “You won’t get the best of me now!”

She returned her fainted Graveler and sent out her third Pokemon, a pink brute she knew would not disappoint her.

“Licki!” cried her Pokemon in a loud voice, spittle spraying everywhere.

Mary smiled brightly, “I love Lickitung!”

Denarah was puzzled; most people thought her Lickitung was repulsive with its huge slobbering tongue, but Mary seemed to appreciate it. She seemed nice. But it was no time to be complimenting her opponent. It was time to battle Mary’s next Pokemon, whom she had sent out already. It was a dark grey dragon, decorated with a green back and two blade-like tusks protruding from its mouth, each with a red tip.

It stood on its hind legs and cried, “Xuure!”

“In case you were wondering, this is a Fraxure,” called Mary, reading Denarah’s mind.

It didn’t matter what it was, Denarah knew it had to be defeated.

“Lickitung, use Wring Out!”

Lickitung’s long tongue shot across the field, grabbing the surprised dragon.

“Tuung,” Lickitung growled as it clenched its tongue muscles, squeezing Mary’s Fraxure. The dragon struggled and struggled, but to no avail; Lickitung’s grip was too tight.

“Now, Lickitung!”

The small pink Pokemon knew exactly what to do; Fraxure was helpless to escape Lickitung’s powerful muscles as it was whipped through the air, landing with a heavy thud as it was brought crashing to the ground. The fire of passion was burning now in Denarah’s stomach, fuelled by her Pokemon’s strength. However, Mary felt the same fire, and the twinkle in her eye was evidence that she would never give up without a decent fight.

“Fraxure, Swords Dance!”

The small green dragon whetted its huge, blade-like tusks with its claws as a blue mist poured from its mouth, forming the image of a sword. The sword swirled around the Pokemon and dissipated, Mary’s Fraxure now growling with renewed vigour. Denarah’s skin tingled as she felt a bead of sweat run slowly down her neck. She was too intensely focused in the battle to bother wiping it away.

“Lickitung, Rollout!”

“Tighten your position,” called Mary to her Pokemon as Lickitung dived towards Fraxure, rolling itself into a ball and kicking up dust as it went. The pink blur of Pokemon shot off towards its opponent, gaining speed like a boulder hurtling down a hill.

“Dodge it, Fraxure!”

The hurtling blur of Lickitung shot right by Fraxure as it quickly and expertly rolled out of harm’s way. Not a moment was missed by Denarah’s well trained Lickitung, however, and the almost stubbornly persistent Pokemon whipped itself around, roaring towards its already once-missed target. At such close-quarters, neither Mary nor her Fraxure could react in time to prevent the impending strike, and Denarah did a small, out-of-character, jump for joy as her opponents Pokemon was sent flying through the air and into the bleachers behind her with the sound of cracking plastic.

“My,” Mary exclaimed in bewilderment, “Never in my life have I seen a Lickitung that strong and well trained. Not often are they that focused. I commend your abilities as a trainer.”

Denarah smiled with pride; briefly, for she knew well enough not to show any emotion to her opponent. Unfortunately, to Denarah, most people she met in her life turned out to be her opponents, including her grandfather, who had unwillingly taken her in when she was so young and so naive.

A flash of bright white light quickly brought the young girl out of her thoughts and back to reality. A slight hum filled the room as Mary’s Pokemon hovered gently above the ground, staring intensely into her eyes. She could feel the Pokemon’s gaze penetrating her mind, and the image of a crumbling lab flashed through her head. The sudden picture made her gasp and step backwards, averting her eyes from the Pokemon’s and collecting herself.

“Go, Girafarig!”

Mary’s Alakazam lowered itself to the ground, its eyes never looking away from Denarah. The image of the lab from her dreams had been a shock to her system, and she just wanted to get on with the battle and forget that anything had happened.

Alakazam finally averted its gaze as Denarah’s Girafarig cried and reared up on its hind legs, its wild black tail biting furiously at the air.

“Girafarig, use Charge Beam!”

With its legs firmly planted, Girafarig reared its long neck, sparks dancing between the white prongs on its head.

“Alakazam, use Calm Mind!”

Closing its eyes, Alakazam lifted itself gracefully into the air, the spoons it had been holding glowing pink with psychic energy and orbiting around the meditating Alakazam.

“Now, Girafarig!”

With a flick of its head, Girafarig launched a beam of crackling electricity across the field, the lights overhead flickering, and the electricity illuminating the arena, casting long shadows of the two Trainers facing each other, one casually standing, hand on hip, one in a stance of pure intensity; knees bent, arms up, hands balled in fists, leaning forward in anticipation.

“Psychic,” called Mary. The Butterfree in Denarah’s stomach suddenly flapped frantically upon seeing the casual smile of knowing on Mary’s face.

Without any sign of effort whatsoever, Mary’s Alakazam deflected the beam, sending it hurtling into the ceiling, light bulbs overhead exploding with the overload. The excess of electric energy thrust the entire Battle Arena into darkness. Denarah heard Mary laugh.

“Now we fight in the dark!” She called out, voice filled with an almost little-girlish excitement.

28th February 2012, 12:05 AM
Chapter 8 – Monica (June 29)

Through the wall of flame, Monica could see nothing. Her little Kecleon had disappeared in the Arcanine’s powerful Flamethrower. Monica could feel the heat of the fire beating against her face, drying her eyes and forcing her to squint.

“Kecleon, use Psybeam!” Monica coughed out over the roar of the flames. Professor Sky seemed puzzled. Arcanine would easily defeat this puny Kecleon with its Flamethrower, so why would this Trainer be giving a surely fainted Pokemon orders? Prof. Sky jumped back when a beam of pink psychic energy shot from within the flames and caught Arcanine in the head, knocking it onto its side.

“It can’t be,” exclaimed Prof. Sky quietly, “Arcanine, get up.”

There, standing amidst the dwindling flames, was Monica’s Kecleon, its skin changed from a bright green to a bold red colour.

“Of course,” Prof. Sky chuckled, “How could I forget Kecleon’s Colour Change ability, changing it to the type of the move being used on it. You’re lucky, Trainer, without it becoming a Fire type, your precious Kecleon never would have survived that blast.”

Monica opened her mouth, and closed it just as soon. No matter how deep her urge was to yell at the increasingly obnoxious and condescending Professor, she had to restrain herself for the sake of her dream.

“Kecleon, use Psybeam again!”

The little lizard opened its mouth wide and blasted the Legendary Pokemon with a beam of pink energy, knocking it sliding back along the ground.

“Arcanine, use Reversal!”

Arcanine shook off the blow and took off at Kecleon with amazing speed.

“Kecleon, Sucker Punch!”

Kecleon leaped from the ground, fist glowing with a dark purple energy. With a swift blow to the face, Arcanine was knocked off course, slamming into the bleachers, dazed by the blow.

“Arcanine, Flamethrower!”

Arcanine ruffled its mane and blasted Kecleon with scorching flames yet again.

“Kecleon, Psybeam,” called Monica, “Give it your all!”

The beam shot from Kecleon’s mouth, forcing the fire back towards Arcanine. The two Pokemon were at a standstill, embers and sparks of psychic energy spewing from where the two attacks met. Suddenly, Monica got an idea.

“Kecleon, put your hand in the Psybeam!”

Kecleon gave her a sideways glance of confusion, and Monica nodded in reassurance. The Pokemon, trusting its able Trainer, stuck its claw in its own attack, changing its skin from a red to a bright pink colour.

“Now,” Monica called out, “Full power!”

“Keec!” Kecleon cried out as the blast of psychic energy grew three times its original size, overtaking Arcanine’s Flamethrower and forcefully slamming the wide-eyed Pokemon into the wall above the bleachers.

Monica jumped for joy, her heart racing with excitement and victory. Her Kecleon ran to her excitedly, and she swept it off the ground, holding it proudly in the air.

“You did it Kecleon! I was so worried for a second, there. Are you alright?”

The little Pokemon’s response was to lick Monica’s face affectionately with its long, pink tongue. Monica laughed at its good intentions. It had taken her a long time to train Kecleon. It had a history of disappearing on her, constantly turning invisible and causing mayhem, playing pranks on every person and Pokemon they met. It had taken her utter defeat at the hands of Gym Leaders Tate and Liza to bring a change in the Pokemon’s behaviour. The two had pretty much been inseparable ever since.

“This is all very touching, but we have a battle to finish,” Prof. Sky called, annoyance creeping into his voice.

“Alright,” Monica said excitedly. Not even Prof. Sky’s bad mood could bring her down now that she had a feeling she could actually win. She returned her Kecleon and pulled the last Pokeball from her belt.

“Come on out, Grovyle!”

Monica’s Grovyle burst from its Pokeball, stretching out its thin, yet muscular green limbs; ruffling the long sharp leaves on its forearms.

“Where’s your last Pokemon, Professor?”

“This is the last round of the battle,” Prof. Sky said, ignoring her question, “If you win, you move on to the Pokemon League University, where you can chase your dreams to become a Gym Leader. If I win, you have to go to summer school and take this exam all over again, but your confidence will all be gone, and you’ll forever blame your failure on that Grovyle you have right there. Everything is riding on that Pokemon, so its only fitting that I use my most powerful and favourite Pokemon in this most crucial of battles. A Pokemon who has been flying over this Arena the whole time, soaring through the beautiful open sky, evaluating your tactics, understanding your every move. It is beautiful and terrifying, and instils fear into all who face it in battle. Come to me, Salamence!”

With an ear shattering roar, a huge blur of blue and red shot through the opening in the ceiling, slamming to the ground, landing menacingly on all fours. The landing shot a blast of wind through the arena, Prof. Sky’s cape flying out behind him, the light Grovyle bracing himself against the force. The huge dragon was planted firmly on the ground, fangs bared and wings spread wide, making Grovyle look like a Joltik in comparison. Monica stepped back, half in awe, half in terror. She had never seen a real Salamence, as they were extremely rare and hard to train. Prof. Sky easily took advantage of her dazed state.

“Salamence, use DragonBreath!”

“Dodge it, Grovyle!” Monica yelled, now completely focused on defeating Sky. It had all come to this; one of her oldest Pokemon. It seemed as if it was just yesterday when she had found it in the trees behind her house in Fortree City, picking a fight with some Mightyena. But those days were long gone; she had moved to Verdanturf to attend Trainer’s School in Rustboro City and become the greatest Pokemon Master the world had ever known.

Grovyle leaped into the air, avoiding the column of purple flame shooting from Salamence’s gaping jaw, enflaming the ground where it had been only a moment before.

“Grovyle, Aerial Ace!”

With a flap of its feather-like arm leaves, Grovyle shot forward, claw glowing white. It flew smoothly over Salamence’s attack, slashing its face before landing gracefully on its back. Grovyle was rocked as Salamence whirled around, doing its best to reach the Pokemon on its back, but to no avail.

“Grovyle, Crush Claw!”

The little green Pokemon dashed and scrambled to the top of Salamence’s head, like a mountain climber scaling a small hill, and smashed its powerful claws into the hard skull of the dragon below. Salamence roared in pain, charging around the field, flailing and throwing Grovyle from its head in a rampage.

“Salamence, Fire Fang!”

Salamence locked eyes with Grovyle, embers pouring from its mouth as it advanced. With a flap of its wings and a huge leap, Salamence pounced on Grovyle like an Ariados on a Yanma, using one huge leg to pin it to the ground, as it opened its flaming maw wide.

“Grovyle!” Monica cried out in panic. All the strategies she had come up before the battle had disappeared in her fear of losing at the hands of this immense beast of a Pokemon.

With one swift movement, unlikely by such a big creature, Salamence lifted its leg from its opponent and snapped it up in its flaming teeth, tossing it around like a rag doll being viciously played with by an angry Stoutland.

“Enough Salamence,” Prof. Sky called, “We’ve won.”

Salamence dropped the Pokemon, thinking not of its safety as it collapsed with a thud on the ground. Monica’s eyes welled with tears; she gave no thought to the fact that she had lost this battle, but cared only for her injured Pokemon. She dashed onto the field, falling to her knees and holding Grovyle’s leaved head on her lap.

“Grovyle, are you okay?” Monica whispered, her voice shaky and hoarse with worry.

The movement was fleeting, but Monica saw it. Her Pokemon’s eyes were opening. Grovyle stirred in her hands and pushed her away, struggling to its feet.

“Grovyle,” Monica muttered to herself in amazement.

Prof. Sky looked over at the weakened and wincing Grovyle with disapproval.

“Give up already, Monica,” he called, “Your Pokemon can not win this battle.”

“Then why don’t you just finish it?” Asked Monica, luring him into her trap.

“Fine, as you wish. Salamence, Zen Headbutt!”

Salamence twisted its head, looking back at its Trainer tentatively. Even this relentless Pokemon didn’t want to hurt something so injured, but orders were orders, and Salamence charged with all its strength, head glowing pink with psychic energy.

“Grovyle, dodge and use Crush Claw!”

With renewed vigour, Grovyle sidestepped, avoiding Salamence’s attack by a hair. With all of its might, Grovyle brought its claws crashing into Salamence’s head, slamming it to the ground and sending it sliding along the floor on its stomach.

You could hear a pin drop in the silence that followed. Salamence lay on the ground, dirty from its trip along the ground, Grovyle panting heavily, gazing at its downed opponent, Monica’s jaw hanging open in shock, and Prof. Sky standing there silently, no expression crossing his face. Then he began to chuckle quietly, then the chuckle became a noticeable giggle, then a full roaring laugh that echoed from the empty arena, making it sound like a chorus of laughter rising through the bleachers.

He smiled, returning his Pokemon to his Pokeball, Monica doing the same.

“Congratulations, Monica Asper. You have defeated me in battle. You have been awarded four points, a passing grade. I applaud your battling prowess and look forward to seeing you again in the future. Have a good summer, young Trainer.”

And with that, he turned around, pressing a button on the far wall and entered the healing room to revive his Pokemon for the next battle.

Monica still stood there dumbfounded, overcome with so much joy that it was as if the joy was swelling up in her, pushing her out from the inside so that she couldn’t move her body. The pressure of happiness in her body burst out of her in a high pitched scream of, “Yes.” She put her hands to her mouth, embarrassed by her outburst of joy, and ran to the doors. She burst through the heavy doors, shocking the remaining Trainers taking their exam that day.

“I won!” She yelled at the already startled group of about a dozen, met with appropriate applause and shouts of “Congratulations!” She hugged her few friends in the group and half ran, half leaped through the doors into the streets of Rustboro.

She was so filled with joy that she barely remembered her walk home through Rusturf Tunnel.

13th March 2012, 12:50 PM
Chapter 9 – Corey (June 29)

“That’s enough, Zoroark,” called Prof. Dregg. Her Pokemon shut its mouth and stood up tall, smirking with satisfaction at the damage it had caused. Mienfoo lay on the ground, burned and smothered in black soot from the force and heat of Zoroark’s powerful Flamethrower.

“Mienfoo!” Corey called, taking a panicked step towards his Pokemon. But the act was unnecessary, as Corey’s Mienfoo pushed itself onto its feet, ready to continue battling.

His Mienfoo always amazed him with its inability to accept defeat without first proving its worth in battle.

“Zoroark, use Night Slash,” Prof. Dregg called, seemingly bored with the battle, “And make it quick, more students are waiting.”

Zoroark charged once again with that blinding speed that truly characterized its species, claws glowing purple with dark energy.

“Mienfoo, use U-Kick!” Corey yelled, filled with newly arisen hope at his Pokemon’s swift recovery.

Mienfoo leaped into the air, its nimble size and powerful legs launching it into the air over Zoroark, who rushed right underneath, stopping abruptly, dark energy fading from its sleek black claw. Glowing with a light green energy, Mienfoo shot, feet first, at the Zoroark below, slamming it into the ground with immense force, gravity providing even more pain to the blow. Bouncing from the downed Pokemon’s back, Mienfoo landed soundlessly beside its Trainer, standing at ease in belief that its opponent had been defeated.

Corey crouched down beside his Pokemon, ruffling the short fur on its head with pride.

“You did good out there, Mienfoo. Now return.”

“Foo!” the Pokemon squealed in glee as it was sent back into its Pokeball home with a beam of red light.

Corey looked up at Prof. Dregg, and she gazed at him expectantly. Corey blushed in embarrassment again, even more than he did when around Jasmine, thinking of her made him blush even more, until he felt he looked like a Magikarp, red and standing around dumbly.

He fumbled nervously at his belt of Pokeballs and found the one he was looking for. Throwing it up into the air he called, “Come on out, Druddigon!”

His Pokemon came crashing clumsily to the ground in front of its Trainer, finding its footing. He whirled around sniffing the air, stumbling over his tail and landing on its face, sprawled out across the floor.

Prof. Dregg roared with laughter, “What kind of Druddigon can’t even stand? Do you truly expect me to believe that you’ve trained this Pokemon to the best of your ability?”

“Yes,” Corey responded matter-of-factly, no doubt in his bumbling Pokemon. His Pokemon even looked clumsy, its tail was longer than most Druddigon, its wings almost twice as large as most, its legs considerably smaller, and its size in general shorter than every Druddigon most Trainers had ever seen. But Corey knew that his Druddigon had abilities most Pokemon of his species could only dream of.

“Hydreigon, come on out and take care of this pitiful thing!”

With a roar that would strike terror into the most fearless of Arcanine, that caused most Trainers to hide inside upon its faintest echo, the huge dragon burst from its Pokeball, soaring through the air to get a feel for its surroundings. It kept one of its three blue heads watching its opponent below, who began to yelp in fear and made a move to cower behind its Trainer.

“Druddigon,” Corey said reassuringly to his Pokemon, “You can do this. All of the training we’ve been doing has led up to this moment, where you win the battle against the big scary Hydreigon and celebrate as the most powerful dragon in the Unova Region!”

Druddigon sharpened its eyes and roared in agreement, flapping its huge wings and shooting up into the sky, faster than any Druddigon ever could. The Pokemon who stumbled over its feet on the ground was now ready to battle in its true home, the sky.

“Druddigon, Dragon Claw!”

With the grace of a Gardevoir, Druddigon soared through the air, flapping its wings until the wind whistled around it with speed. Faster than any of Hydreigon’s three terrifying heads could react, Druddigon blasted by, slashing the huge black dragon across the chest. The force of the blow knocked the airborne Pokemon off balance, throwing it backwards. With precision that could only come from years of experience, Hydreigon regained its balance and quickly honed in on Druddigon racing through the air, flapping its six thin, furry black wings and chasing after it.

“Dragon Pulse, Hydreigon,” Prof. Dregg called from below.

While keeping its main head focused on the target, Hydreigon’s two heads, attached to the end of its thick black arms, shot huge blasts of bluish-purple energy from their mouths.

“Druddigon, dodge!”

With the aerial prowess of a veteran pilot, Druddigon swiftly and efficiently rolled out of the way of the blasts, which exploded on the far wall from Corey, raining little purple sparks and dust on Prof. Dregg’s coat, much to her dismay, and Corey’s pleasure.

“Hydreigon, don’t give up!”

Every blast sent its way, Druddigon avoided smoothly and without slowing down. In a fury of failure, Hydreigon opened its third and largest mouth and launched an even larger blast of energy hurtling to Druddigon, along with the two from the smaller heads. In its attempts to dodge the largest ball of energy, Druddigon was caught with a glancing blow by one of the smaller blasts. Being thrown off balance midair at such speeds sent Druddigon hurtling off course, tossing it into the ground below. Druddigon crashed to the ground like a ragdoll, tangled up in itself.

“Druddigon!” Corey called, his heart leaping to his throat.

The heap on the ground, in response, spread its wings and flapped them heavily, launching into the sky towards the Hydreigon hovering calmly above.

“Hydreigon, Tri Attack,”

Hydreigon opened its mouths wide and sent a burst of fire, electricity, and ice towards the Druddigon climbing towards it. The blows rocked Druddigon and sent it hurtling back to the ground.

“Finish it with Body Slam!”

Using gravity’s boon to build up immense speed, Hydreigon launched itself into Druddigon, already unable to move. The impact sent a blast of dust into the air, and Corey’s heart fell from his throat to his toes. It was now extremely probable that he could lose this battle. Only one more loss and he would fail. The hard truth of that statement hit Corey like a bowling ball to the gut, and he felt his whole body ache with anxiety. But he couldn’t give Prof. Dregg the satisfaction of seeing him in a state of weakness, so he steeled himself and returned his Pokemon from the settled dust.

“Alright,” called Prof. Dregg, “The final battle of this exam. Do you think you are ready Corey Banaszynski?”

“Absolutely,” his voice cracking as he responded, blowing his ice cool composure. He couldn’t help it, the way she said his name sent a shiver down his spine and back up again.

“Then let’s go, the other Trainers are certainly anxious to get on with their exams.”

With this last statement Prof. Dregg grabbed her last Pokeball from her coat and tossed it casually into the air, the blue beetle Corey had faced earlier landing on the ground, an air of confidence immediately surrounding the Pokemon.

“This time it’s not an illusion.” Called Dregg in what could only be described as chilling mockery.

Corey reached to his belt to grab the sixth ball on his waist. It was an old ball, scratched and scuffed, with a dent in the top from when he had dropped it down a hole in Twist Mountain back when he lived in Icirrus City. The dent always brought back fond memories of his childhood, a wave of nostalgia always washing over him. His index finger fit perfectly in the groove of the dent, and an almost serene calm passed over him as he felt the familiarity of this Pokeball.

“Bryce, come on out and win this for us!”

With a burst of white light his Pokemon took its place on the field, already lowering itself on its four muscular blue legs and zeroing in on the horned beetle across the field. His Samurott’s long whiskers twitched in anticipation, its horn gleaming from the artificial light.

Corey had taken to calling his Samurott Bryce after his old friend Brycen when he had moved to Accumula Town. Samurott always made him feel more at home.

“Alright Heracross, use Night Slash!”

Heracross took off towards its opponent, claw glowing with dark energy.

“Bryce, use Aqua Tail.”

His Samurott quickly spun around, smashing its tail into the nearby Heracross, tossing it aside with a blast of cold water that sprinkled Corey’s face.

He wiped the droplets from his face and called out another order, “Bryce, use Ice Beam!”

As Dregg’s Heracross struggled to maintain its orientation, Samurott blasted him with a beam of cold ice, freezing Heracross’ sturdy feet to the ground and dropping the temperature of the room.

Corey stood up straight, “Water Pulse,”

Samurott shot rings of water from its mouth, a torrent of water knocking Heracross from its place frozen to the ground and throwing it through to the air, coming to a crash beside its Trainer, Prof. Dregg. It was knocked out.

“That was...That was...” Prof. Dregg mumbled, “That was magnificent! Rarely have I seen a Pokemon commanded so well by its Trainer. I must say, Corey Banaszynski, you have earned this win. By the power of the Pokemon League, I certify that you have passed your entrance exam. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

“Thank you, Professor, this is not a battle I will soon forget.”

Corey returned his Samurott and ran to the exit. As the doors swung open, Corey jumped for joy and applause erupted from his classmates. Never had people been jealous of Corey, he was rather likeable, and his passing was everyone’s joy to share. More specifically, Jasmine’s, for what she did next not only surprised Corey, but also herself. She ran up to Corey and threw her arms around him in a tight embrace. He spun her around briefly and the two laughed as friends sharing in his triumph. As Corey let her down to go high-five his other friends, she grabbed him by the back of the neck, pulled him in close, and kissed him. Not an extravagantly long and passionate kiss, and not a peck either, but just enough of a kiss for them both to feel a spark. The crowd of students fell silent and turned away respectfully, involving themselves in each other’s conversations. Jasmine pulled away from him, a faint smile dancing on her delicate, pink lips. Her big green eyes shimmered with delight, and Corey couldn’t help but stare. Idiotically, of course, Corey had no expression on his face. He was so dumbfounded by what had just happened that he couldn’t even analyze the situation fast enough. Here it was, the moment he had anxiously hoped for ever since he first laid eyes on her, happening in reality, and he couldn’t think. His mind was blank. Jasmine saw his expression of nothingness and quickly stepped back. The sparkle disappeared from her eye, and the smile turned to a frown of shock. She hid her head and ran back to the bench with her friends, who promptly looked up and gave Corey murderous looks as Jasmine hung her head in shame. There were probably a million ideas better than the one Corey had, but his absence of better judgement betrayed him, and he decided to run from the building, hop on his bike and race home to Accumula.

His victory, his beautiful victory, was tarnished by an even greater beauty.

14th March 2012, 2:45 AM
Chapter 10 – Terry (June 29)

A solemn yet excited air hung over the Battle Arena as Terry’s Raichu glared menacingly at Mr. Yukki’s Gengar, who smiled evilly. The two Pokemon were at a standoff, awaiting their Trainer’s orders.

“Gengar, use Hypnosis,” called Mr. Yukki, making the first strike.

Gengar’s eyes glowed pink as it opened its wide mouth and sent forth a torrent of pink rings. But Terry was prepared for this.

“Raichu, use Double Team!” Terry ordered, his anxiety melting away to make room for unwavering confidence.

“Raii!” His Raichu cried as it began to duplicate itself, surrounding Gengar in a circle of identical Raichu. The pink rings tore through a few copies, disappearing into thin air upon contact with the fakes.

“Alright Raichu,” Terry called, “Discharge!”

The arena was filled with the roaring hum of electricity, and Gengar whirled around in panic, searching for the real Raichu. Unfortunately for Mr. Yukki, Raichu’s Double Team had proven quite effective, and a blast of electricity shot from somewhere behind Gengar, smashing it into the ground. The blast destroyed the other copies, and Raichu stood on its hind legs, sparks flickering across its glowing yellow cheeks.

“Gengar, Shadow Ball!”

Gengar immediately flew up into the air, whirling around and throwing a huge blob of glowing dark energy at Raichu.

“Raichu, Thunderbolt!”

Raichu erupted with electricity, tearing through Gengar’s attack and blasting the hovering Pokemon through the air. The ghostly Pokemon was tossed across the field, straight towards its Trainer. Gengar phased through Mr. Yukki, who shuddered, and came to a crash directly behind him.

“Very good, Terry,” Mr. Yukki said, returning his Pokemon to its Pokeball, “That’s quite a talented Raichu you have there. No doubt it’s been trained more extensively than your other Pokemon.”

“You’re right, Mr. Yukki. Now, I think we should finish this battle.”

“I’d have to agree, young man.”

Terry returned his Raichu and took a deep breath. He calmed his mind, silencing his father’s voice in the back of his mind, telling him he wasn’t good enough. This battle was his and his alone, and he wouldn’t let anything get in the way of that. With newfound confidence, Terry tossed his final Pokeball into the air, his Pokemon appearing before him in a flash of white light.

“Sauur,” it cried quietly, ruffling the leaves on its back. Terry’s Ivysaur sniffed the air curiously and sat back on its hind legs, awaiting orders.

Mr. Yukki promptly sent out his Pokemon, a large blue being, floating above the ground, large blue forearms hanging by its side casually. Terry’s heart sank, his confidence extinguished by a sudden desire to sit in a corner and hit his head against a wall. His opponent had sent out a Metang, a steel and psychic type Pokemon. His Ivysaur stood no chance with its poison and grass type attacks. He had half a mind to give up the battle right here and now, but the thought of his father pushed him forward.

“Metang, Bullet Punch,”

Before Terry realized what was going on, the Metang had rocketed itself over to his Ivysaur, hitting it with a flurry of punches from its strong, steel arms.

“Ivysaur, grab it with Vine Whip!”

Two long vines whipped themselves from within Ivysaur’s plant-like growth on its back and quickly wrapped up around Metang, tying its arms to its body.

“Now smash it,” Terry ordered.

Ivysaur used its powerful vines to smash Metang in the ground. The metallic Pokemon had no chance of escaping, and was relentlessly bashed into the ground. However, Metang seemed almost unaffected by the blows, its sturdy body offering more protection than Terry could imagine.

“Psychic, Metang!”

As it was being handled like a rag doll by an angry toddler, Metang’s red eyes glowed brightly like headlights, and a blast of psychic energy launched Ivysaur backwards, its tight grip loosening just enough for Metang to make an escape.

“Ivysaur, Razor Leaf!” Terry cried. He was not ready to give up yet. He would do everything in his power to win this battle.

Ivysaur landed on its feet and ruffled the leaves on its back, throwing dozens of sharp leaves through the air, soaring like knives towards Metang. The floating Pokemon was rocked by the leaves, knocking it off balance and tossing it into the ground. The heavy Pokemon landed with a thud.

“Ivysaur, use Double-Edge!”

His Pokemon, panting with exhaustion, charged its downed opponent at reckless speeds, baring its teeth in preparation for impact. The collision knocked Metang tumbling backwards clumsily along the ground. Ivysaur stepped back, shaking its head in pain. Metang was hurt, but not down yet.

“Metang, Take Down!”

The Pokemon threw its two arms behind itself, speeding towards Ivysaur like a bullet.

“Ivysaur, use Vine Whip and throw it into the wall!” Terry called, his mind racing with ideas.

The small green Pokemon jumped to the side, grabbing Metang by the arms as it whizzed by. Ivysaur dug its feet into the ground and whirled around, using Metang’s momentum to send it crashing into the wall behind Mr. Yukki. He returned his Pokemon before it hit the ground below.

Terry could barely express his joy. He jumped and yelled and punched the air, dancing about and making a complete fool of himself. He felt a slap across on the back and he yelped in pain, whipping around to see his Ivysaur behind him, giving him a playful look of embarrassment; its vine recoiling back into the leaves on its back. He knelt down and hugged his Ivysaur around the neck and returned it proudly.

“I must say, Mr. Munroe,” Mr. Yukki called, seemingly all business, “I am quite impressed with your performance. You are the first one to pass your exam today, and hopefully you can inspire the rest of the class to perform as well as you did. Congratulations on passing your exam, young man.”

Mr. Yukki smiled at him and adjusted his large glasses, bending over to pick up his lawn chair he had knocked down earlier in his excitement.

His success in the exam was met with light applause and a sigh of relief. At least the other Trainers knew it was possible to pass the exam now. Mr. Demitrio clapped Terry on the back and told him to run home to tell his parents the good news. He had no intentions of doing so just yet, but he nodded to please his teacher. He left the Trainer’s School, a skip in his step. Kris hadn’t even bothered Terry on his way out the door. Terry was so ecstatic with his victory that he had no idea where he was going, and after about half an hour of wandering and admiring the sights of the city, Terry was on the outskirts, seeing Viridian Forest just in the distance.

Terry smiled at the sun, now high up in the sky and shining on his face as if just for him. He lay down in the soft grass and closed his eyes, the gentle breeze brushing his face and the grass tickling the back of his neck. The serene grace of the moment almost put Terry to sleep, but the excitement of the battle kept him in the land of the conscious.

Suddenly, Terry found himself thinking, ‘What am I to do with my Pokemon? I can’t take them to University with me, and I’m certainly not leaving them with my Dad.’

“Oh well,” he said, now thinking aloud, “That’s a problem I can solve tomorrow.”

He lay in the grass for a half an hour more.

14th March 2012, 4:47 AM
Great series! I like the improvements you made! Keep up the good work! I'll stick around for more.

15th March 2012, 3:46 AM
Great series! I like the improvements you made! Keep up the good work! I'll stick around for more.

Thanks for the feedback! You can look forward to another chapter within the next few days.

22nd April 2012, 11:05 PM
Chapter 11 – Denarah (June 29)

Denarah was scared to the core. The Battle Room was in complete darkness, and neither her Girafarig or May’s Alakazam were visible, never mind Mary herself.

“Mary, do you mind if I open the windows?” Denarah called.

“Don’t touch the windows!” Mary responded hastily, “This is just a minor detail. If you truly hope to be a Gym Leader you’ll have to be able to deal with all sorts of difficulties and problems created by your challengers. Now, Alakazam, use Calm Mind again!”

The room was lit up with an eerie pink glow as Alakazam appeared in the darkness, hovering gently in the air, eyes aglow. Denarah quickly spotted her Girafarig just beside the Pokemon, its rear, black head gazing right at the Alakazam, biting at the air furiously.

“Girafarig, use Crunch!” yelled Denarah, taking advantage of the opportunity.

With a quick leap backwards, Girafarig’s jaws snapped shut around Alakazam’s mid section, breaking its concentration and causing its spoons to clatter upon the floor. The light from Alakazam’s meditation faded away, and the only sound was an aggressive shuffling, and Alakazam’s grunting.

“Girafarig, use Energy Ball right where your tail is biting!”

Denarah couldn’t tell if her Pokemon hit its mark, but she saw a ball of green energy being hurled through the air somewhere off to the side of the field. A thud echoed through the near silent arena, and the two Trainers waited in anticipation for anything to happen.

The anxious silence was broken by Mary. “You can open the windows now, dear.” she called.

Denarah knew where the switch to open the windows was, it was a matter of getting there. She made her way back wards to the wall and awkwardly fumbled along the wall until her hand it a plastic case. She felt for the handle to open it, and with a flick of a switch, mechanical shutters all around the arena shot up, instantly bathing the field in near midday sunlight.

Denarah squinted as her eyes adjusted from the darkness, and punched the air in satisfaction. Her Girafarig stood off to one side of the battle field, facing backwards to an unconscious Alakazam, whose leg was still caught in the mouth of Girafarig’s tail and was sprawled across the floor.

“Well,” Mary called, “I must train my Alakazam a little more. It is only a Pokemon I received recently. Now, let’s continue this battle!”

She returned her Alakazam from the floor and threw out a new Pokeball while Denarah did the same. The two new Pokemon appeared simultaneously, each Trainer anxiously waiting to see what the other had chosen. Denarah had to resist the urge to slap herself as her opponent’s Pokemon stood tall across the field, roaring viciously. It bared its fangs and terrified Denarah’s most timid Pokemon. Her Ampharos was tiny in comparison to Mary’s beast of a Pokemon, and its knees shook in terror. Mary’s Pokemon stomped its foot in intimidation, shaking Ampharos. The huge Tyranitar opened its mouth, and a stream of sand poured out, suddenly picked up by a powerful breeze that came from nowhere. Tyranitar’s Sand Stream ability had activated, whipping up a sandstorm indoors in a matter of seconds.

The sand whipped and scratched Denarah’s skin, feeling like pointed stones digging into her skin. She had to cover her eyes with her hands as she walked backwards to the battle kit hanging on the wall behind her. She quickly opened it and strapped on a pair of black Go-Goggles. They prevented any sand blowing into her eyes and gave her better visibility. Through the dense storm she could see that Mary had done the same. Her Ampharos had its head underneath its short arms, and was swaying violently from the wind.

“Tyranitar, use Earthquake!”

Mary’s Tyranitar lifted a powerful tree stump of a leg and stomped it to the ground with such immense force that the ground cracked, sending a huge split in the earth hurtling towards Ampharos. The ground under the little yellow Pokemon exploded, flying chunks of rock bashing it and throwing it like a rag doll through the air.

Ampharos collapsed with a thud in front of Denarah.

“Ampharos,” she cried, dropping to her knees, “Are you alright?”

Her Ampharos squirmed in response, and with great effort, stood up, grimacing.

“Alright Ampharos,” Denarah called, her Pokemon’s recovery filling her with hope, “Use Signal Beam!”

The gem on Ampharos’ head began to glow pink, and with a loud cry, Ampharos shot a beam of pink energy from its head and threw Tyranitar off balance, crashing it to the ground.

“Ampharos, Iron Tail!”

Ampharos charged towards its downed opponent, tail glowing white.

“Tyranitar, use Stone Edge!”

Tyranitar quickly got to its feet, creating a ring of rocks to surround it. With little effort, Tyranitar swung its arm and sent the heap of rocks at the charging Ampharos, knocking it flying back to Denarah’s feet, fainted.

“Good try,” called Mary as she returned her Pokemon, “Tyranitar’s a tough opponent. It takes a lot of strength and skill to take it down.”

Denarah returned her Ampharos and grasped the last Pokeball on her belt with a shaky hand. It had come down to this; her final Pokemon against Mary’s in this battle to determine whether or not she could continue on her dream and head to the Pokemon League University. Her grandfather had given her this Pokemon when she was just six years old, and it had never left her side since. She grabbed the ball and whipped it into the air.

“Feraligatr, come on out!”

With a blast of white light, Denarah’s strongest Pokemon appeared on the field, eyes glaring at an opponent which Denarah had seen before. It was one of her favourite Pokemon, Scizor. Something was interesting about this Scizor. It was flying.

“Yes,” Mary called, reading her mind, “Scizor do not fly, they merely jump and make it look like they’re flying. Well, my Scizor has the ability Light Metal, which reduces its weight greatly while still keeping the toughness of steel, and I have trained with it for years, drastically increasing its wing strength and agility. Now my Scizor can fly for miles, carrying me on its back.”

Denarah nodded, understanding that fighting this Scizor would be a lot different than the past fights she had with Scizor.

“Feraligatr, Hydro Pump!”

Feraligatr blasted a torrent of water from its gaping jaw before the words were completely out of Denarah’s mouth. Scizor had no time to react as the water smashed him into the wall with the force of a train. The eruption of water stopped, and Scizor struggled to its feet. It flapped its wings quickly, the light from the sun reflecting off the drops of water flying from its sleek exoskeleton.

“Scizor, in the air!” shouted Mary.

Scizor leaped into the air, hovering above the ground, glaring at Feraligatr with its cold eyes.

“Scizor, use Night Slash!”

Scizor’s sharp claw began to give off a dark purple aura as it shot from the air and towards Feraligatr, who anxiously awaited orders.

“Feraligatr, Ice Fang!”

Feraligatr reared its head back as Scizor’s claw whizzed by, and snapped its jaw shut around its thin arm, releasing a blast of cold air that froze its claw shut and sent it tumbling off balance, sliding to a stop along the ground. It leaped up and began to smash the ice off its arm with its other claw, but the ice held strong, and the powerful Scizor could barely crack it.

“Now Feraligatr, Hydro Pump!”

Scizor was blasted once again with water, throwing it into a wall and shattering the ice into a thousand tiny shards. Scizor collapsed to the ground, resting on one knee, shaking with the effort to stand up.

“Finish it with Hyper Beam!” yelled Denarah, her joy and pride swelling inside of her like a balloon ready to explode.

With a deafening blast that shook Denarah halfway off her feet, Feraligatr shot a beam of white light at its opponent, throwing it back into the wall and straight into unconsciousness. Denarah had won. She ran onto the field with a squeal of feminine glee, and embraced her massive Pokemon around the midsection. Her Feraligatr cried out happily and hugged her back with its massive, scaly arms.

“Oh Arceus,” cried Mary, “That was one of the best battles ever! I’m so proud of how you pulled through, Denarah! I can’t wait to see you at the University, following your dreams! Congratulations on a great win, I hereby announce you as the winner of this examination battle.”

Out of sheer impulse, Denarah charged across the field and half tackled, half hugged Mary.

“Thank you,” she said. Then, regaining her composure, she raced back from the Battle Room and into the classroom.

Everyone clapped politely, and she grabbed her best friend, hugging her tight and jumping around giddily. The two girls, now both having passed, left the school and walked around the city for a while.

They walked from the Trainer’s School to the Violet National Park, a serene patch of land filled with cute, happy Pokemon, peaceful ponds, and rolling hills covered in wild flowers of all colours, a perfect place to have a picnic. Sprout Tower, the tower that has stood for hundreds of years and attracted most of the tourism in Violet City, watched over the National Park, its long shadow stretching out over the hills, providing shade on hot summer days. Denarah squinted up at the tower, the light shining behind it as it blocked out the sun, her Feraligatr lumbered along behind her, panting with exhaustion.

“Denarah,” Crystal said, “Feraligatr looks tired. You should let him take a dip.”

She turned around to examine her beast of a Pokemon and nodded. “Feraligatr, go for a swim.”

The Pokemon charged off into the nearest pond, scaring off a flock of Pidgey and scattering a group of Poliwag that was floating around lazily.

“Crystal, I can’t wait for next week.” Denarah said, her attention returning to her best friend.

“I know what you mean, Denarah.” Crystal said, “It’s going to feel like forever until we get to go to the Sharaku Region.”

“That’s not what I mean, Crystal.”

“Then what do you mean?”

“I don’t think I can last a week with...him still around.”


“I was fine until he got back from the stupid Gym Leader conference last week. It brought back all of those old feelings and I hate it. I don’t think I can be near him anymore without wanting to burst into tears or kiss him or punch him or-“

“Denarah. Stop. You’re being ridiculous. If you really think it’ll be that hard being around him, then you can stay with me until we leave.”

“Really?” Denarah asked, her voice trembling with emotion.

“Of course,” Crystal responded, smiling, “We’re not going to be seeing each other at school this week, and I was going to spend it hanging out with you anyways, so you might as well stay with me.”

“Crystal, you’re the best friend I could ever have, I love you.”

“Right back at you, Denarah. Hey, you might want to grab your Feraligatr, he’s starting to scare that old couple over there.”

Denarah turned around to see her Feraligatr staring at an elderly couple enjoying a nice picnic by the pond. It sniffed the air with pleasure, eyeing the basket full of food.

Denarah grabbed her Pokeball, “Feraligatr, return!”

“Sorry about that!” she called to the old couple.

The two girls walked back to Crystal’s house, laughing excitedly and wondering what the University will be like when they get there.

25th April 2012, 3:49 AM
Chapter 12 – Corey (June 29)

Corey was fighting back tears as he rode his bike down Route 2 to Accumula Town. He couldn’t believe how much of an idiot he was, and he couldn’t get the image of Jasmine’s precious smile out of his head. When he got back to his house, he tossed his bike into the garage with a loud crash, and stomped into the house.

“Hi honey,” his mom called from the living room.

“Hi,” he responded rather coldly.

She poked her head out around the door frame, smiling, “How did it go?”

“Great,” he responded without the excitement that would be expected given the circumstances of him winning the battle, “I passed.”

“Honey, that’s great,” his mom yelled, embracing him, “You should call your father and tell him.”

“Not right now, mom,” he said, not returning the sentiment of her hug, “I just want to rest for a bit.”

“Right, right, you must be exhausted.”

“Yeah,” he said, brushing by her and up to his room, “That’s it.”

He lay on his bed, holding his hands to his head, eyes closed in frustration. He heard a loud “Bing” from his computer and slowly sat up to check it. He looked at his email icon, and it flashed red, alerting him to new mail. He clicked on it and began to read his new message from Terry.

Hey Corey!

Guess what! I totally passed my exam today, and I was the first person in the class to do it! Everyone else failed, and I was pretty worried, but I pulled through at the last second with my Ivysaur. Anyways, I really hope you’re exam went well, and I’m totally pumped to see you next week at PLU!

From, Terry

At any other point in time, Corey would have been happy for his friend, but his current situation with Jasmine kept him from being happy for his friend. He decided not to respond. He closed his laptop and lay back on his bed.

Corey’s eyes snapped open. An idea had raced across his mind as he laid there, one that would solve his problems. It would take courage to do what he had to do, but it needed to happen. Corey stood up and ran down the stairs.

“Mom, I have to go out for a second, I’ll be back in a bit!”

“Honey, where are you going?”

Her question was never answered as Corey burst through the door and into the garage. He picked up his bike, but the chain was broken, and the front wheel was bent out of shape.

“Probably shouldn’t have thrown it,” Corey mumbled, “Oh well.”

He walked out onto his front yard and grabbed a Pokeball from his belt, “Go Druddigon!”

His Pokemon popped out of its Pokeball and waited for orders.

“Druddigon, fly me to Nacrene City!”

Druddigon cried in understanding, and grabbed Corey’s outstretched arms in its able claws, flapping with its huge wings and sending it soaring through the air. Corey smiled, feeling the reassuring, and only slightly uncomfortable, grip of his Pokemon carrying through the skies. The wind tossed his hair around, and the people on the ground looked like Joltik to him. He soared over Route 2 faster than he ever could on his bike, and made his way through the taller buildings of Striaton City, soaring briefly over a forested area and Route 3. Then Nacrene City came into a view and his heart skipped a beat with excitement as the next stage in his plan got closer and closer.

Corey scouted the ground below, “Drop me off here Druddigon,” he called up to his Pokemon, pointing at a street below. His Druddigon dived down and carefully placed his Trainer on the ground, returning to his Pokeball. Corey looked at the house he was facing. It was large, but modest, and the white picket fence in the front yard was immaculate. Corey opened the gate and walked up the stone path to the front door. He stepped up the dark wood stairs to the patio and rang the doorbell. He heard a Lillipup and a Herdier barking from within the house. Corey heard soft footsteps approaching, and they sounded like the beat of his heart, which he felt in his throat. Corey heard a lock click, and the door slid open.

“What do you want, Corey?” said Jasmine, a stinging tone of insult, but also fragility coming out in her words.

“Jasmine, I...” Corey fumbled to find the right words, he found himself once again enthralled in her beauty, her messy blonde hair, her gorgeous green eyes, her soft lips, her perfectly smooth skin, the soft patch of freckles across her nose. Everything about her drove him crazy.

“Corey, I don’t think we should be talking anymore. I can’t handle being around you if I feel this way and you don’t.”

“Jasmine, when you kissed me today, I was just so overwhelmed, and I don’t know how to explain it, but you see...I...”

“What, Corey?”

Corey had lost all use for words. He knew that he had no chance of explaining how he truly felt inside. He had no words to express what he meant to say. So he decided to speak louder than his words. He walked right up to her, put one hand on the back of her neck, one on her back, and kissed her. He let out all of his emotions into that kiss, and he felt her kiss him right back. After a passionate moment, Corey pulled away and looked at her. She looked up at him with those big eyes and smiled, giggling softly and shivering nervously, as if a bunch of Butterfree had just been released in her stomach. She grabbed him by the hand and pulled him into her house, bringing him close and kissing him again. Her Lillipup and Herdier barked and jumped up on the two, but Jasmine shooed them away with her foot.

“Jasmine,” Corey said, breathlessly in between kisses, “What about your parents?”

“Don’t worry, they took a day trip to Nimbasa to visit my grandma, they shouldn’t be back until late tonight, even if they travel by Pokemon.”

The two of them fell onto Jasmine’s bed, her legs wrapped around him and her arms around his neck, holding him tight while they kissed. Her heels bore tightly into Corey’s lower back, and the passion she expressed brought Corey in even tighter. She grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off, tossing it aside and rubbing her hand on his bare chest. Corey’s heart was racing. He had no idea how many times he had hoped something would happen between Jasmine and him, and now something was, and it was beyond anything he could have dreamed of. He pulled her by the hand off the bed and began to remove her pink shirt, feeling the smooth skin on her back with his fingertips. They fell back onto the bed and Jasmine reached for Corey’s belt, undoing the snap and unzipping his baggy jeans. Corey pulled his pants the rest of the way off and started to unclip Jasmine’s bra, his fingers grasping uselessly as he fumbled to find the right way to remove the clips. Jasmine laughed and kissed Corey’s neck.

Then the door slammed.

Jasmine shot up so fast she almost threw Corey off her bed completely. A muffled call for her was heard from below, and she quickly threw her shirt on.

“Corey,” she whispered, wide-eyed, “They’re home. Why are they home so early? Oh Arceus, put your clothes on.”

Corey scrambled for his pants and had his right leg halfway in when the door to her bedroom swung open and her father, a burly man with a dark beard and typically kind and welcoming eyes, stepped in. The look in his eyes began as pure shock. A wide-eyed, mystified expression with a tinge of fear hung on his face. It quickly evolved into one of pure, held-back rage.

“So,” he started, anger seeping through his waveringly calm voice, “This is what you do when we’re not home? We leave the house, and you decide to bring this idiot with a blank look on his face over and have...have...”

“Dad,” Jasmine replied, speaking slowly and calmly as if to a child, “If you can give me a second, I can tell you what’s going on.”

“Oh, by all means, I would love to hear your explanation.” he responded, his tone dripping with sarcasm.

“You see, Dad, today we had our exam and after Corey passed, I was so happy that I just had no idea what I was doing and I kissed him, but I thought he didn’t like it, then he came all the way here to tell me that he really does like me, and...yeah.”

“He likes you. So you just throw away all your dignity and self-respect and decide to go to town on him.”

“Dad, I was just really happy.”

“Arceus, forgive me for what I have to do.”

Corey, who had been slowly been trying to pull his pants up inconspicuously, and also completely remove himself from the conflict, suddenly found himself in the sights of Jasmine’s father’s death glare.

“You, punk” he said, each word he said sounding heavier and angrier than the last, “You have ten seconds to get out of my house before my Krookodile shreds you to pieces.”

“Dad!” Jasmine yelled, appalled.

“Yes sir, I’ll be going now.” mumbled Corey nervously, his voice cracking. Before anyone could say anything more, he grabbed his shirt and belt from Jasmine’s bed, and ran down the stairs, shame blaring on his face like a flashing red light and an alarm. The front door to Jasmine’s house closed softly behind him just as Jasmine’s father began a rant of anger unlike any other. Corey put his shirt on and stood outside the door, his hair a mess, his head rattled from the encounter, and his heart somewhere else.

However much of a mess Corey had made that day, he knew he had made things somewhat right. He knew that, no matter what, he and Jasmine would be together. Maybe not today, maybe not until he was done schooling at the Pokemon League University, but someday they could. He promised himself that as he flew back to Accumula Town with a smile on his face.

21st May 2012, 5:10 AM
Chapter 13 – Monica (July 6)

Monica awoke to the pleasant chirping of Taillow outside her window. The chorus of the calling Pokemon was soothing in contrast to the loud snoring of the Whismur sleeping at the foot of Monica’s bed. In her many trips through Rusturf Tunnel, Monica had befriended quite a few of the little purple Pokemon, and four of them lived permanently in her Aunt’s house.

Monica had lived in Verdanturf Town with her Aunt Linda for the past eight years, studying and training at the Trainers School in Rustboro City. Her Aunt was a lively, down-to-earth sort of woman, with a carefree attitude and a love for Pokemon. Monica, on the other hand, desired structure in her life. She loved to be organized, to abide by the rules, and to make sure everyone else was well-informed and behaved. She knew she was the best Trainer in Verdanturf, the best at Trainers School, and maybe even one of the best in the Hoenn Region. At least, that was her intention.

Sitting up, Monica ran her hands through her brown hair and looked around her room. The Whismur slept peacefully at the foot of her bed, a small puddle of drool dripping from its mouth onto the pink blanket. She glanced at the posters covering her walls: a map of Hoenn, a Sceptile in the midst of battle, a glamorous shot of Brawly, holding his blue surfboard, hair blowing back, abs gleaming in the sunshine. She picked up the picture frame on her bedside table, smiling at what was framed. It was her acceptance letter from the Pokemon League University, and she had framed it the moment she got it. This chance to become a Gym Leader meant the world to Monica. She had to be a Gym Leader to prove her worth to everyone who had ever doubted her. She put the frame back and gazed at the suitcases stacked around her room. The majority of her clothes, supplies for the University, books, electronics, and anything else she thought she might need were packed up in the three large suitcases and two duffel bags waiting by the door, as if they couldn’t wait to go either.

Monica crawled out of bed, careful not to disturb the Whismur, and got ready for the day as she typically would. After showering and doing her hair she packed up the pyjamas she had been wearing in one of her suitcases, and got on her outfit for the day, a pair of green shorts and a white t-shirt with short black sleeves. She grabbed the ticket for the boat to Sharaku from her bedside table and put it in her pocket, smiling with satisfaction. One at a time, she pulled her suitcases from her room and shuffled them into the living room. As she went to retrieve her last bag, Monica stopped in her room, looking one last time at the familiar bed, the dent in the wall from the time when two of her Whismur got pretty rowdy, the pink carpet between her toes as she stood barefoot in the doorway. She smiled, and walked back out into the living room. She put the bag down softly and went to make herself some breakfast.

“Good morning, my big university student niece!” exclaimed Monica’s aunt as Monica stepped foot on the cold tiles of the kitchen floor. Monica jumped, but smiled.

“Good Morning, Auntie,” she said cheerfully, taking a deep whiff of the heavenly aroma coming from the table. A pile of eggs, toast, bacon, and pancakes sat on the table, steam pouring off, beckoning Monica to dig in. Two Whismur were already sitting at the table, playfully poking each other with their long ears and giggling under their breath.

“Help yourself, dear,” Linda said, “You’ve got a long day ahead of you. The Sharaku Region is a long boat ride away.”

Monica patted the Whismur on their heads and sat down, helping herself to a heaping portion of breakfast. Her aunt placed a bowl of brown Pokemon food in front of each of the Whismur, and the two tried to push each other out of the way to grab the first bite. If anything, Monica would miss the Whismur and her aunt when she left for PLU today. She would cherish these moments forever.

As Monica was eating, Linda sat across the table from her. She was a naturally beautiful woman, her brown hair falling loosely all over her head, brushed out of her bright green eyes. The faint lines of wrinkles were slowly spreading their way across her face, but no age could slow her down, she was always puttering around in her garden, playing with the Whismur, cultivating her herbs, cooking delicious meals, or fixing something around the house.

When Monica finished eating, Linda swept up her plate and placed it in the sink.

“Thank you, Auntie,” said Monica sincerely, “We should probably go soon.”

Linda sighed, “You’re right. Here, I’ll help you with your bags.”

The two women, followed closely by the two Whismur, went into the living room to load the suitcases into Linda’s car. Another Whismur stood beside one of Monica’s suitcases, trying to push it towards the door. Monica laughed and helped it out, pulling the suitcase out into the warm air of Verdanturf Town. The clean, fresh air smelled of sweet flowers, and rightfully so, every inch of grass was covered in bright, colourful flowers, each more beautiful than the next.

Monica and Linda lugged the suitcases into the trunk of Linda’s red car, its immaculate surface gleaming in the morning sun peaking out above the peak of the mountain. Linda got in and started the car. It quietly whirred to life, its electric motor offered little to no sound. The three Whismur climbed into the back seat, laughing and jumping around excitedly.

Monica slowly spun around, looking around her small little neighbourhood, admiring her aunt’s house, taking a deep breath in, wishing she could bottle the scent of this town and take it everywhere she went. She would miss this place. So many great memories were had at this little house, and in this town in general. She remembered how big this house had looked when she first came here years ago. She remembered her aunt walking her through Rusturf Tunnel for the first time, holding her hand and smiling reassuringly. She remembered when that Whismur had followed her home on her way back from Rustboro and she fed it dinner scraps under the table. She remembered her Roselia helping out Aunt Linda with her garden. She remembered seeing the first guy she had a crush on walking the streets of Verdanturf, walking alongside his Zigzagoon, who had since evolved. She remembered the first time she talked to that guy, and they began to take walks together with their Pokemon. She remembered the first time she had kissed him, after a walk so long they forgot their surroundings and walked half way to Mauville City before they realized where they were. They had been so happy just to make it back before dinner that they couldn’t stop laughing, and in the heat of the moment, exhausted from running, he kissed her. She remembered the two of them going for their walks, holding hands, going on picnics outside the town, and those late nights where they would sit on his father’s porch under a blanket and watch the stars, talking for hours. She remembered when he told her he loved her. She remembered when he told her he was moving. She remembered that one last kiss before watching him hop into a moving truck and drive off into the sunset, heading for the Johto Region.

She wiped a tear from her eye and looked away from the sidewalk where he had once walked outside her house. The fourth Whismur stumbled sleepily outside of the house, and Monica smiled, holding back a sob, picking him up and holding him tightly in her arms. She crawled into Aunt Linda’s car, holding the sleepy Whismur on her lap as they drove towards the mountains.

Monica took a last look outside her window as the rest of the town whizzed by. Soon, the last glimpse of houses on the outskirts disappeared behind the mountain as the car climbed up and over. The three Whismur in the back hopped about excitedly, giggling and pointing things out through the window to each other. The Whismur on Monica’s lap breathed slowly, relaxing and taking in the sights of the mountain.

Monica and Linda barely said a word during the ride, although Monica heard her aunt sniff back a sob every now and then, occasionally wiping her eyes with the sleeve of her grey sweater.

Soon they were driving through the streets of Rustboro City, passing the Trainers School and Roxanne’s Gym on their way to the coastline on the West side of the city. Linda parked at the docks, among hundreds of other cars, and helped Monica with her suitcases. Monica sent out her Exploud to carry a few suitcases, and the four Whismur danced and pranced around the huge Pokemon, idolizing it. Hundreds of kids from all over the Region had flocked to Rustboro to head to the Pokemon League University, and they all were headed to the huge ship floating in the water. A massive cruise ship with the symbol of the Pokemon League, a gold, winged emblem with a Pokeball in the center, painted along the side. Smoke poured from the towering smokestacks, and a long blast alerted the passengers that it was time to board. Monica sent out all of her Pokemon: Grovyle, Roselia, Kecleon, Tropius, and Breloom. She hugged each of them, tears streaking down her face. The University had told all of the students that any Pokemon they had must be left with a person of choice before coming to the University. Monica handed the six Pokeballs from her belt over to Aunt Linda, leaving them in her care while she was gone. The two women looked at each other and burst into tears, holding each other tight.

“Monica, you’ve done it. You’re the best Trainer I’ve met by far, and you’ve grown into a strong and beautiful woman. You’re going to be a Gym Leader one day, I know it. Your parents told me to say goodbye to you for them, and that they wish they could have been here to see you off themselves.”

The Whismur and Monica’s Pokemon joined in on the hug, and the group all squeezed one another tightly and solemnly.

“I love you, Auntie Linda. I love all of you.”

The horn from the ship blasted again, and the farewell party followed Monica to the ship, helping her with her bags. A man dressed in a spiffy red uniform with perfectly polished gold buttons was waiting for her.

“Good day, miss,” he said cheerfully, “May I see your ticket?”

Monica pulled the ticket she had been sent by the University out of her pocket and showed it to the smiling man.

“And your Trainer Card,” the man said.

She showed him her Trainer Card, and the man was quiet for a moment, checking the information.

“All clear!” the man exclaimed, returning her card and ticket. He whistled and beckoned to a crowd of men in blue uniforms standing around beside the bridge to the deck of the ship. A young man with short brown hair quickly hopped over, grabbing Monica’s bags, managing to carry all of them by himself up the bridge to the deck. Monica followed, looking back once again, getting a sweet and fleeting glimpse of her aunt and Pokemon as they grew further and further from Monica as she made the climb up to the deck. Her Pokemon rested on each other, comforting one another as they watched their Trainer move on to a new adventure. Monica had half a mind to run back down the bridge to her Pokemon and never leave, but she knew she couldn’t; this was her destiny, her dream, everything she had worked for.

Monica climbed onto the deck of the ship, the polished light grey floor gleamed in the sunlight, matching the sparkling waves of the sea, stretching out further than Monica could imagine.

“Which cabin are you in?” the man carrying her bags asked, his voice strained from exertion as he carried her luggage.

“Umm,” Monica mumbled, voice shaking with emotion as she pulled the ticket from her pocket, “Section 310, Cabin 4.”

“Alright, follow me, dear,” he continued, shuffling off through an arch way into a large hallway with a glass ceiling and continued towards a row of white elevator doors. Men dressed in similar uniforms were carrying the luggage of students, none of which had as many bags as Monica, most had a measly two or three bags. Monica blushed and hung her head down, as other people were staring at her, a few workers chuckling at their exhausted co-worker. There were twenty-four elevators, a dozen on either side of this wide hallway, and each worker went down the elevator with their student, one at a time. After a brief wait in line, Monica and the man with her bags got into their elevator, and the man pressed a small button with a 3 on it. Some soothing elevator music played as the elevator smoothly and slowly descended to the third floor of the ship, just below deck.

After exiting the elevator, Monica found herself in a hallway identical to the one above, but with no glass ceiling, only artificial lights. Sunlight poured in through the windows that made up the exterior walls of the ship. The man shuffled along the maze of hallways, Monica trailing closely, taking in the sights. Some students were wiping their noses with handkerchiefs, some students’ make up was running from tears, some rambunctious males ran through the halls, yelling and laughing. The walls were a nice white colour, some paintings of Pokemon or famous Gym Leaders hanging from the walls. The man stopped by a sign that read “Section 310”, and lead Monica down the hall to a door labelled “Cabin 4”.

The man dropped her bags in a pile and rubbed his aching shoulders. He pulled a small handheld machine from his belt and pressed a few buttons. Soon, a small orange card popped out of a slot on the top, and he handed it to Monica.

“This is your room key,” he explained, “You’ll have one other cabin mate on your trip, we’re expecting to reach the Sharaku Region in two days time. I hope you enjoy your time on the Pokemon League University’s Students Transport Cruise.”

The man smiled and walked off, his knees shaking and wobbly. Monica chuckled to herself and inserted the room key the man gave her into the card slot. The door popped open, and she proceeded to haul her bags into the room, throwing them around the bed beside the window. She sat on the bed and looked around her room. There were two large beds, perfectly dressed up with soft, silky sheets, and beautifully polished headboards. A wide, flat-screen television hung on the wall, across the room. A mini-fridge rested below the TV, and upon inspection, was found to contain bottled water and assorted snacks. There was a painting of a man with dark blue hair riding a Pidgeot through the sky at sunset hanging on the wall between the two beds, and Monica knew he was a Gym Leader, but couldn’t remember what Region he was from. A Pokeball lay on the bedside table next to a sign explaining that within the Pokeball there was a personal assistance Pokemon. It was not to be used for battling or trading, but for any assistance cleaning, locating something on the ship, or simply to play with for entertainment. Any mistreatment of the Pokemon would result in immediate removal from the ship, by force if necessary. Monica, eager to find out what Pokemon lay inside, picked up the Pokeball and pressed the button in the middle. After a flash of white light, a yellow Pokemon with a snout, a brown pattern on its lower half, and a pleasantly simple look in its eyes stood in front of Monica.

“Zee,” the Pokemon said calmly.

“Hi, Drowzee,” Monica said cheerfully, pleased with her Pokemon, “I’m Monica.”

“Zee,” the Pokemon said, smiling.

Monica was suddenly hit with a wave of exhaustion. It had been a hard day for her, saying goodbye to the Pokemon she had raised for years, and all she could think of was sleeping.

“Drowzee, do you mind using Hypnosis to help me get to sleep?”

In response, Drowzee closed its eyes, and a wave of pink rings washed over Monica. Her whole body tingled from head to toe, and she fell asleep before her cabin mate even arrived.

Metal Bagon
21st May 2012, 6:51 AM
Maybe edit the earlier with some of Psychics suggestions (especially the spacing, I skipped to when you started spacing after Chapter 2). And the showing not telling improved after taking on Psychics comments as well. Maybe revise your earlier chapters incorporating that as well.

The "new league" thing has been done to death, but this fic shows some potential and was a good read.

22nd May 2012, 3:27 AM
Chapter 14 – Terry (July 7)

The last week had been great for Terry. He had come home to his house after spending his day wandering the city and enjoying his win, expecting his father to be enraged thanks to the previous incident with Terry’s Raichu. Instead he came home to find his mother sitting at the kitchen table, sipping a hot cup of coffee and reading the news. His father had had to work late, and wasn’t going to be home for another hour or so.

Terry’s mother was a kind, but timid woman. Terry got his looks from her. She had thin brown hair that tumbled down below her shoulders, she had a small, frail, bony structure, a thin face with big brown eyes. Wrinkles had appeared on her typically smooth skin only in the last few years, and they appeared in a way that made her look sad. Faint, dark circles hung under her eyes, and she always looked like she could use more sleep.

She was Terry’s father’s second wife, and Terry was their only child. The two of them had met in the Unova Region. She was a reporter from the Primetime Kanto News, and had been covering a story on rare Pokemon sightings on the East Unova coast. Terry’s father had been vacationing in Undella Town, where she was staying at a small resort. He was the owner and manager of a chain of restaurants around the Unova Region, where people could enjoy meals and a Pokemon battle. The Region loved the concept, and tourists flocked from other Regions to enjoy the battles and the world famous food. He had been a cheerful man, and the two had met at a dance club in the resort, and they spent a romantic week together on the beaches of Undella Bay. Terry’s father had had a love for scuba diving, and the two of them dived down to try and see the Abyssal Ruins. Their mission failed, and Terry’s father was so disappointed. Terry’s mother left at the end of that week, saying a tearful goodbye.

Terry’s mother returned to Viridian City, a hole left in her that she couldn’t fill. Soon she discovered that she was pregnant, and frantically tried to find the man she had spent the week with, but could never get a hold of him, despite her calling him multiple times throughout the day. After a month of trying to contact him, he appeared at her doorstep. He pulled out a beautiful diamond ring and asked her to marry him, explaining that for the last month he had been trying to reach the Abyssal Ruins to find a diamond to propose to her with. A touching story Terry’s mother had told him when he was younger. He moved in with her, and months later, Terry was born. He had been a loving father, as he had plenty of experience with his three sons who he had with his ex-wife, and they were currently attending the Pokemon League University. He managed his restaurant business from Viridian City, and made frequent trips to the Unova Region to attend meetings and such.

However, his franchise was doomed when a group of Pokemon activists soon started protesting the restaurant battles, saying it forced Pokemon to be constantly harmed, and glorified battling to an extreme extent. They labelled the battling as torture and slavery. The activists brought so much negative publicity to the restaurants, that Terry’s father had no choice but to shut down the battling. But once the entertainment aspect was gone, people stopped coming for the food, and he quickly ran out of money. He pled a case to the Pokemon League to support one of his restaurants as a Pokemon Gym, and they granted his request. He also requested that his three sons, who had recently graduated from the Pokemon League University, become the Gym Leaders. The League agreed, and the three brothers took over his last restaurant in Striaton City, converting it into a Pokemon Gym.

After the collapse of his business, Terry’s father grew bitter and angry, and he had to get a simple job as an accountant for the Viridian Gym. The loving, energetic, passionate man was gone, replaced by a resentful, insensitive, discontent one. Terry’s mother had held on to those memories of the man she once knew, and stayed with him, obviously unhappy. Terry had watched her wither away into a shell of her former bright self, only appearing happy when she spent time alone with Terry. In the eyes of his father, Terry would never be close to achieving as much as his other three sons, and voiced this opinion more often than not.

Terry had told his mother about his winning of the battle, and she had been so overwhelmingly happy for him. When Terry’s father came home, she told him the good news and he was content with Terry’s result, although slightly disappointed that Terry had only scored a four, when his sons had all scored a six. For the remainder of the week, Terry’s mother was a little brighter than usual, and his father ignored him most of the time, involved in his own life and leaving Terry to go about his business undisturbed, although, Terry’s father expressed that he didn’t want to keep Terry’s Pokemon while he went to University, and to figure out his own daycare service. Terry spent most of his week sleeping, watching TV, packing, and researching the University.

The day before he left, Terry visited Mr. Demitrio at his house, and asked him to keep his Pokemon for him. Mr. Demitrio was a lonely man, much like Terry, who kept to himself and had no family nearby, as he came from Sinnoh, and Terry felt bad that he lived all by himself, alone with his only Pokemon, a Venonat. Mr. Demitrio, rather surprisingly, graciously agreed and took the Pokemon in immediately. Terry said his goodbyes to his Pokemon, spending a moment with each of them to reflect on their time together. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he said goodbye to his Ivysaur, who had been with him since the beginning. Finally, Terry left the house, wishing his old teacher luck as Terry’s Primeape caused a loud commotion in the kitchen.

Finally, it was the day Terry would board the train to take him to the Sharaku Region and onwards to the next step in his journey to be a Gym Leader. Terry grabbed his suitcase and his duffel bag, and hurried out of his room, not looking back. His father was at work when Terry packed up the car with his mother. They hopped in the car, and she drove him to the Viridian Train Station, where all the students headed to the University from Viridian City would board. Due to the difficulty students had with the exam when Terry had taken his, he expected a minimal amount of students to be graduating from Trainers School, but a surprising number of about twenty-five students were awaiting the train, saying tearful goodbyes to their parents and Pokemon.

“Honey,” Terry’s mom said, already starting to sniffle and sob, “I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too, Mom.” Terry said, hugging her.

“Don’t worry about me, honey,” she continued, “I’ll be fine, your father has been happier lately. Don’t worry about me.”

Terry frowned at her and was about to protest her staying with his father when he was interrupted by a booming voice coming over the intercom.

“Train to the Pokemon League University arriving now, all students please have your Boarding Pass and Trainer Card at the ready. Make your boarding swift, and enjoy your trip. Thank you.”

The train shot into the station, seemingly silent except for the low hum from the electric tracks. Terry hugged his mother one more time and dragged his luggage to the nearest door, waiting his turn in line. A man in a blue uniform with polished gold buttons asked him for his Boarding Pass and Trainer Card, scratching his bushy moustache as he examined the information. He handed his information back, and sent Terry onto the train.

The train was beautiful, sleek, and immaculate. The interior was more like a hotel than a train, and a man in a blue uniform identical to all other workers on the train approached him.

“Which cabin are you in, sir?” he asked politely as he took Terry’s bags.

“Cabin 42,” Terry responded.

The man hurried off down the hallway, the doors between cars sliding opening automatically as they quickly walked by doors labelled with cabin numbers. They passed pictures of Pokemon and Gym Leaders, and countless cabins. Other students were walking through the surprisingly wide hallway, large enough to fit two people carrying bags to walk side-by-side. Some students were crying, some were mingling, asking each other where they were from, as this train had already picked up all the students from Johto and was going to make its way through Kanto today, arriving in Sharaku the next day. He walked by a couple of girls, who were headed in the opposite direction excitedly. He caught a brief glance from the taller of the two girls, and found himself looking at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her brown hair fell almost down to her waist, and it was messy, but somehow perfectly messy. Her brown eyes were full of life, and Terry almost lost himself in them even in that brief moment of eye contact. As she walked by, her friend must have said something funny, because the beautiful girl smiled, and Terry’s knees felt a little weak. She had perfectly white teeth, perfectly placed dimples, and her entire face lit up with her smile. She hurried by and Terry watched her as she continued down the hallway, bumping into the uniformed man, who had stopped. Terry took a step back and returned to the real world. They had finally reached a door labelled 42. The man pulled a small machine from his belt and pressed a few buttons, and a few seconds later a brown card was printed out.

“This is your Room Key,” the man said, ignoring Terry’s earlier nudge, “Don’t lose it, and enjoy your stay, sir.”

“Thanks,” Terry said, the woman from before disappearing from his vision into a cabin down the hallway.

The man hurried off back to the front of the train, and Terry inserted the card into the card slot. He pulled his luggage into the room just as the train lurched to a start, and was thrown off balance, tumbling to the ground on top of his bags, as the door shut behind him. Terry awkwardly rolled over his bags and stood up, looking around the room. There was a door to his left, presumably a bathroom, and two bunk beds on either wall. A large window stretched across the far wall, and Viridian City whizzed by outside. Two of Terry’s three roommates were already in the room, one sitting on the top bunk on the left, the other on the lower below him. Both of them were smiling, holding back laughter.

“Hey,” Terry said, trying to recover smoothly, “I’m Terry.”

“Hey Terry,” the guy on the top bunk said, he was a shorter guy with shorter dark brown hair, and he wore a white t-shirt with an Ultra Ball on it, “I’m Simon.”

“What’s up, Terry? I’m David.” said the guy on the lower bunk. He was a lot taller than Simon and Terry, he had a dirty-blonde faux-hawk, and he had huge muscles. He wore a sleeveless shirt with a picture of a Machamp punching an Alakazam with text that read “Me vs. Nerds”.

“Hey, nice to meet you guys,” said Terry, afraid to make eye contact with David. Terry turned to the other side of the room, tossed his duffel bag on the top bunk, and slid his suitcase under the lower bunk. He climbed up the ladder to the top bunk, Simon laid back on his bed, closing his eyes for a nap, and David put in his earphones and started blasting music by Conkeldirty, a vulgar rap artist, and one Terry especially despised.

‘This is going to be a long train ride.’ Terry thought to himself as he gazed out the window.

22nd May 2012, 3:40 AM
Maybe edit the earlier with some of Psychics suggestions (especially the spacing, I skipped to when you started spacing after Chapter 2). And the showing not telling improved after taking on Psychics comments as well. Maybe revise your earlier chapters incorporating that as well.

The "new league" thing has been done to death, but this fic shows some potential and was a good read.

Thanks for your input! I really had no idea what to name the series, and The New League was just something I picked at random.

13th July 2012, 9:48 PM
Chapter 15 – Denarah (July 6)

Denarah was having another dream. This one, however, was much more pleasant than the dreams that had been haunting her as of late. She was flying through the air over the Lake of Rage, Pokemon leaping out of the water, fishermen laughing with excitement as they tried to see who could reel in the biggest Magikarp.

Denarah smiled. It was a warm feeling, seeing the Lake of Rage again. She had spent a lot of her childhood living in Mahogany Town, after her parents died. She had stayed with her grandfather, Pryce, the Gym Leader of Mahogany Town. She had spent many summers down by the banks of the Lake of Rage, searching for an elusive red Gyarados, hanging out with her friends in Mahogany, sometimes getting away from Pryce after a big fight.

Only when she remembered the anger she had felt towards Pryce did she think to look at what she was flying on. She saw that she was on the back of a large orange dragon, her arms around its neck as it soared. She noticed her hands weren’t hers, but were the hands of a man. Taken aback, she pulled her hands away and was thrown from the back of the Pokemon. She tumbled through the air, not knowing which way was up or down, the wind whipping in her ears, tossing her like a rag doll as she plummeted to the water below. She suddenly stopped falling, frozen in midair, her frightened gaze focusing on a building towering over the trees in the distance, an orange blur flying around it, blasting it with Hyper Beam attacks. She opened her mouth to scream, but not a sound came out. She suddenly began falling again, and her eyes fixated on the quickly approaching water. A face was reflected in it, the face of the man she had met as a child in that laboratory. He spoke her name, “Denarah,” and smiled. The face began to change, twisting into a more familiar face, and when it spoke it sounded more urgent, “Denarah. Denarah wake up.”

She snapped into reality, Crystal’s face above hers.

“Denarah are you alright?” she asked, worried for her friend, “You were twitching like crazy.”

“Yeah,” Denarah gasped, the excitement from her dream slowly dying away, “Just a bad dream.”

“Okay,” Crystal mumbled somewhat suspiciously. Denarah hoped she wouldn’t ask about the dream, and she didn’t; Crystal wasn’t one to stay on one topic for too long. Her attention span was just as short as her fuse, and her fuse was just as short as her, and she wasn’t a particularly tall person.

“Hey, get ready,” Crystal continued, beaming with excitement, “The train picks us up in two hours!”

“I know, I know,” Denarah mumbled, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. She sat up, stretching out on Crystal’s couch. She had spent the last week with Crystal, sleeping on her couch, spending time with her family, preparing herself for University. It had been a wonderful week, one she would look back on fondly when she felt homesick. The pleasant memories were dampened by the events of the previous night, and a knot tightened in Denarah’s stomach when she thought about what happened.

It had been a day just like any other. She slept in, ate brunch with Crystal and her Typhlosion, and went out for a walk with Crystal to go meet some friends from school. They all enjoyed the day, discussing Pokemon, reminiscing about the past, and talking about the future. In the evening, Denarah had to do what she had dreaded for the past week. She had to go to Walker’s house to pack up for University. She knew that Falkner was at the Gym until nine o’ clock, and she headed over to Walker’s to pack up at seven. Before she packed, she decided she needed to leave her Pokemon somewhere safe. However, she couldn’t leave them with Crystal’s family, for they were already looking after Crystal’s, she couldn’t leave them with Walker because he was much too busy, and she definitely couldn’t leave them with her grandfather, he was too busy being a Gym Leader, and she couldn’t even think of speaking to him again, never mind asking him to look after her Pokemon. She had no one to turn to, and so she made one of the hardest decisions she could ever make.

Before she headed to Walker’s house to pack, she walked over the Violet Bridge to Violet National Park below the Bellsprout Tower. It was a protected area; the monks of the Tower forbid any catching of Pokemon in the park, and they took care of all wild Pokemon within, feeding and looking after all of them. Denarah knew it would be a change for her Pokemon, but there was nowhere better. She grabbed the first Pokeball from her belt, her hands shaking as tears began to roll down her cheeks. She pressed the button in the middle, and her Golbat popped out, soaring through the cool evening air before landing in a nearby tree, hanging upside down from a branch and looking expectantly at Denarah. She sent out her other five Pokemon, who stood around her, looking at Denarah fondly. She looked into each of their eyes and burst out crying, falling to her knees in the grass, hands covering her face. This was the hardest thing she had ever done. Her six partners, who had helped her through so much, all huddled close to her, worried at their Trainer’s breakdown.

She wiped her tears and lifted her head, kneeling on the ground and looking up at her Feraligatr, who was gazing at her with concern.

“Guys,” she sputtered, her voice shaking uncontrollably, “We had a good run. You’ve done so much for me. You’ve gotten me so much further than I could ever get in my life without you. But I have to go to University, and you guys can’t come with me. I’ll miss all of you. I’ll miss you so much. I’ll cherish these memories forever. You’ll be looked after here, and I promise I’ll visit you. Guys, I’m releasing you into the Park.”

Her tears came rushing back and she collapsed to the ground, her Pokemon piling up on her in a huge hug of love and sadness. All of the memories came flooding back, and she was awash in a torrent of good memories, bad memories, nostalgia, and insecurity in regards to her future.

“Now go,” she whimpered, “It’s time you guys got back to the wild for a bit.”

Her Golbat closed its eyes and immediately went to sleep, and her other Pokemon slowly backed away from their former Trainer, turning to give her a fond look before stepping out into the bushes. Only her Feraligatr remained. He looked down at his Trainer; at his friend, and gave her a hug. His huge muscular arms squeezing her tight, her face squished into his scaly, smooth skin.

“I know it’ll be hard, Feraligatr, but you’re strong. You’re the toughest Pokemon I’ve ever met, and you’ll be just fine without me. You’ll always have your friends.”

“Gatr...” Feraligatr growled sadly. He looked up at the Golbat hanging from the tree and back at Denarah. With a quick glance and a pat on the head from his former Trainer, Feraligatr wandered off towards the tree, trying to figure out the best way to climb up to the sleepy bat.

Denarah smiled, wiping away the last tear from her eye. She thought she could cry no more today. She was wrong.

She walked from the Park to Walker’s house behind the Violet Gym, an unusual skip in her step despite the recent events. Maybe she felt better about meeting new Pokemon at University, maybe she felt a little relieved that her Pokemon hadn’t followed her, and maybe she was just happy that she was leaving Falkner’s house forever. Whatever the reason, Denarah was surprisingly happy, and she hoped to be packed quickly.

She used her key for the last time to get into the big house, the door swinging open soundlessly. Denarah stepped into the house, portraits of flying Pokemon hanging all over the light blue walls. She quickly headed to her room and hauled out her two suitcases. She tore through her stuff, pulling every last piece of clothing from her dresser, wrapping up every last keepsake and decoration and arranging it in her big. Denarah never had too much to begin with, and all of her possessions fit in the two suitcases. She hauled them both to the back door and took one last look around. Hanging on the wall just down the hallway was a picture that caught Denarah’s eye. Almost in a trance she approached the picture, her footsteps the only sound echoing through the house. She removed the picture from the wall. She held it in her hands, felt its weight, brushing some dust off the cool glass with her thumb. It was a pleasant picture, a picture of her and Falkner, arms around each other in a friendly hug, both smiling at the camera. What struck Denarah about the picture was that it wasn’t there when she had left a week ago. Someone must have put it up recently.

“Maybe...” she trailed off, “Maybe he...”

But her train of thought was derailed as she heard a key turning the lock of the back door. She held the picture tight to her chest in surprise. The door swung open and Falkner stepped in gracefully. He had bags under his eyes, and a brown feather clung to the shoulder of his jacket. He closed the door behind him and looked up, noticing Denarah standing there, holding the picture, eyes wide in dread and embarrassment. She had been distracted during the day, and she had left to release her Pokemon late. It must have taken her longer to pack than expected, because her eyes flashed quickly to the Hoothoot shaped clock and it read nine thirty.

“Hi,” he mumbled, his voice confident and cool, shattering the silence.

Denarah opened her mouth to respond, but all that came out was a high-pitched gasp.

Falkner looked at her bags by the door, “I guess you’re leaving tomorrow, then.”

She nodded. She was screaming in her mind, ‘Tell him how you feel, punch him in the face, he’s so beautiful, that bastard, why can’t we be together, why did he reject me, why am I just standing here, why is this picture bothering me so much?’

She finally spoke, “Who put this picture up?”

He winced, “I did.”

“Why?” she asked, “I thought you didn’t care. I thought you’d be happy when I left.”

“Because,” he stopped, almost as if it were painful to squeeze out the words, “I’m going to...uh...miss you.”

Denarah melted. Right there, on the spot, her knees went weak, and the Butterfree in her stomach erupted to life. She fought hard to keep a smile off her face.

“Oh,” Denarah muttered shakily.

‘Idiot,’ she thought to herself, ‘Tell him you’ll miss him, and tell him you love him. No, he broke your heart, he’s a jerk, he’s just doing this to try and patch things up. He still cares, he put up that picture of you two, he wants to be with you.’

He looked away, and Denarah could see him blush in the dimly lit house.

“Want some help carrying these out?” he asked, referencing the suitcases.

She nodded, hanging the picture back on the wall. He grabbed both of her suitcases and wheeled them out the door. She followed, closing the door behind her. He walked her to the sidewalk and turned to look at her.

She had her head down, and not noticing he had stopped, she bumped right into his chest. She looked up into his eyes, he looked down into hers. Their lips were close. She could feel his soft breath on her face, sweet like a thousand Pecha berries. Why she did it, she’ll never understand. After all he had done to her; she still stood up on her toes and kissed him. His lips were just as soft as last time, his smell was just as intoxicating, and her heart was beating just as fast.

This beautiful moment was brought to an abrupt halt when he pushed her. With a strong grip on both her shoulders, Falkner wrenched her away and through her to the ground. Her eyes snapped open in shock as she landed hard on her back, her head smacking the hard concrete. She tried to break her fall with her hands, but the rough ground simply tore her skin, and she felt the burn instantly on her palms and forearms. She lay there for a moment, tears welling up in her eyes. Falkner gazed down at her, at what he had done to her. He ran back to the house and slammed the door behind him. Denarah began to cry. She began to sob uncontrollably, her body shaking, her hands over her eyes as tears poured out, her cries echoing through the night air. She barely remembered the walk back to Crystal’s house. She remembered the heavy weight of the suitcases, the looks from passing strangers, and a lot of tears.

Denarah swallowed a sob and got ready for the day. She ate breakfast with Crystal and her family, and the five of them piled up into Crystal’s Dad’s car. Denarah, Crystal, and Crystal’s brother Milo sat in the back seat, Crystal’s Typhlosion stretching out across their laps. After a fifteen minute ride, they arrived at the Violet City Train Station.

Denarah was happy to see about forty-five students or so waiting for the train. She spotted some of her friends and waved politely. Denarah hugged Crystal’s family and gave her Typhlosion a scratch behind the ears. They were the closest thing she had to a family. Denarah felt the urge to cry, and she wouldn’t fight it, but the tears wouldn’t come. She had been sad enough lately.

Crystal shared a long, tearful hug with each of the members of her family and her Typhlosion, as they whispered words of encouragement in her ear.

“Train to the Pokemon League University arriving now,” a feminine voice squeaked over the intercom, “All students please have your Boarding Pass and Trainer Card at the ready. Make your boarding swift, and enjoy your trip. Thank you.”

The train rocketed soundlessly into the station, and the students gave their families and Pokemon one last hug before heading towards the open doors of the sleek train. A man in a blue uniform inspected Denarah’s Trainer Card and Boarding Pass, waving her on. A man in an identical uniform grabbed her suitcases, and asked her for her cabin number.

“21,” she replied, a little thrown off by the beauty of the interior, and the bustle of workers and students like a hive of Beedrill. The man hurried off down the wide hallway, and Denarah followed, taking in the sights. The main train station for the Johto Region was in Goldenrod City, so the train had already picked up all students from the west side of the Region before making its way to Violet City, so the halls were fairly busy with Trainers still exploring, gazing at pictures and mingling with each other. The train still had to make its way past Blackthorn City, Mt. Silver, and the Indigo Plateau before arriving in Viridian City. The trip would take at least all night, and the following day would be spent speeding through the Kanto Region.

They stopped outside a white door with the number “21” displayed on it in beautiful gold writing. The man put down Denarah’s luggage and pulled a small machine from his belt. He pressed a few buttons, and after a quiet whirring a white card printed out the top.

“This is your room key,” the man explained, “Use it to get in and out of your room. There are many other functions it can perform on the train, ask a worker if you wish to know more.”

Denarah nodded and the man smiled, rushing off to the front of the train. Denarah inserted the card into the slot and pushed open the door. She stepped into a beautiful cabin. There was a bunk bed on both sides of the room, a window along the length of the far wall, and a door on her right that lead to a bathroom. Denarah knew it was a bathroom, because the door was wide open, and a girl stood inside, touching up her make up in the mirror.

“Hi,” said Denarah meekly.

The girl looked at her for a moment, and then turned back to the mirror, “Hi,” she said, rather snootily.

Denarah could feel the mood of the room and walked over to the bunk beds. There was a pile of designer clothes on the lower bunk to the left, so Denarah shoved her suitcases under the right bunk and climbed to the top.

She was closing her eyes and settling into a nap when the train lurched to a start. Denarah closed her eyes once again, and her roommate screamed from the bathroom.

Denarah grinned, ‘Must have smudged her mascara,’ she thought to herself.

She fell asleep so fast it was as if a Pokemon had used Hypnosis on her.