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1st February 2012, 11:54 PM
Author's Notes:So, what's this I'm calling a Half Shot, anyway? Well, this fic started as a future chapter for my on-going "World Turns", but I had too much fun writing it, and I'm no where near any place to put it, nor do I even know if it will for sure be used. By the time I think I'll be ready for it now, things may go in a vastly different direction. Also, as it stands now, it uses Janie's current team, even though I know for a fact she'll be catching at least one more Pokemon. This A) allows me to avoid major spoilers, and B)unhooks me from having to write myslef to a certain position. If I do decide to do a physical tie-in, this will be modified and reprinted to reflect the current status of the story as an actual Chapter of "Turns." Hence it being a Half-Shot.

There's exactly one spoiler in this, for the three of you following "Turns". I warn you now, if you haven't figured out what the egg is yet...

"And after I light the candle, I'll go to sleep, and the Birthday Fairy visits bringing good luck for the week."

Beedrill gave her a disbelieving look. 'And you buy into that?'

"Whatever you said, I'll take into account so I can say "I told you so." she gestured playfully with the lighter before setting the Lavender candle aflame.

"There we go. Now we add the Pecha Berries to the bowl under it, pull the shade on the lantern, and we all go to sleep so the magic can happen."

Aww, phooey. Beedrill waved his hand.

The First thing Janie saw was a door. Odd thing, that, for being in a tent.

"Must be a dream." She decided. The young lady backed up to study the structure attached to the door. It was a modest hut built from mud and plaster, with a few still natural trees. From the brush strokes, it looked to have been white-washed by a Smeargle.

To its side was a small garden, with berry plants growing beautifully in the moist soil. She moved onto a small wooden a-frame rack. On it were some fresh berries, and a silver sphere, which she picked up and studied. Then her eye caught a pink and cream pokeball on the bottom, which she picked up, looked at for a moment, then decided to take, leaving one of the red dragonberries she'd not seen before, but was appearently the only thing in her backpack, in its place.

"Time to look inside then." She went for the door.

"SURPRISE!" Her Pokemon shouted. Castform hit the lights as his trainer stepped in. "Happy Birthday!"

"Wow, thank you guys. This is impressive."

"We have, or at the least, had a cake for you."

"Oh, hush, buzzkill." Tally growled as she walked over to Janie.

"Tally, you have icing all over your face. What's the quill in your butt?"

"Oh, that?" Beedrill said innocently. "Nothing. It's nothing."

"Uh huh." Janie wrapped the glowing poison quill in a napkin, and pulled. Tally yelped, turned, and charged the Beedrill.

"Hey, OW,no teeth, and AH! No Flaming Teeth! Stay away from me dog! I'm soorrryyy!!!"

"Janie?" her Beldum quried from the table. Why does it not strike you odd that you can understand us?"

"Easy, I figure I'm dreaming. Dreams make more sense when I can understand you."

"Ah. Okay. That's a logically profound thought. But then, if true, then why am I having the same dream as you?"

"I don't know. I try not to think too hard in conscious dreams, I tend to wake up." She watched as her Beedrill was only somewhat playfully mauled by Tally. "And I kinda like knowing what's going through their heads."

"We should do something about them."

"Probably. Who wants cake?" And just as they sat down to eat, the front door flew open. A large, white pillowy shape dashed in and slammed it, holding it shut with its wings.

"HappyBirthdaytoyouHappyBirthdaytoyouHappyBirthdayd earJanieHappyBirthdaytoyou." Poof! The shape tossed a cloud of pink magic dust as Janie, accidentally choking her. "If you'd be so kind now, HELP ME!"

"Uh, sure. Who are you?"

"Isn't it obvious? I'm the Birthday Togekiss. I visit you in your dreams and bring happiness. Normally I'm not this direct, nor are you this aware, but I'm kinda desperate."

Janie brushed fairy dust off of her. "Oh, Uh, okay. What's after you then?"

"ME!" a gruff voiced boomed, reminding Janie of the Grinch. "I'M AFTER HER, AND I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE YOU JOYFUL LITTLE PEST."



The Togekiss dashed from the door and cowered behind Janie as best its pillowy form could.

"Some Fairy."

"Shut it Tiny. Remind me to cut you off your Pecha nectar when we wake up."


"Cause you're beginning to outgrow your stinger."

"If I may, what is out there, madam Togekiss?"

The fairy turned to face the Beldum. "It's a monster! It follows me, trying to kill the goodness I bring. It's pure evil it is."

"That's a lot of help."



"No, he's right. I’m a failure."

"Oh you are not. Come, let's open presents, see if there's something useful. This is a dream, afterall."

The Togekiss gulped. "Presents?"


"Oh no."

One of the brightly wrapped boxes floated up. Berres shot out of the top of it at great velocity.

"No, not those! I picked them for Janie myself!" Janie tipped the table up, spilling cake and making a small barrier.

"Thanks anyway Tally."

"Say, I only picked 11, one for each year, shouldn't we have runb out?"

"Tally, it's a dream." Janie informed her. "There are a few things we have to forget about, such as physics."

"More like a nightmare." Togekiss pouted.

"We'll be fine. It's not like any of you bought me a nail gun."

"No, just a bouquet of flowers."

"See, Beedrill got me a bouquet of flowers. Nothing harmful -GHURK!"


"AH! My flowers are choking my trainer! And I can’t even learn Grass Knot!"

"Ghet ah grhip ahnd hehlp!" Tally now had a mouthful of stems in her fiery muzzle.

"Behind you!"

Nimbus lept up to throw a small blob of atmospheric energy into an encroaching, half-eaten daffodil."

"Ice!" HAL called. "Make it cold in here!"

"Got it!" Nimbus blew a cold air, forming a blizzerd and hurling it at the boquet monster.

"Gu-HUNH! Heh. Thanks guys."

"Sorry about that."

"No problem. Let's see." She looked over the edge of the table. A gift card to the PD*A App store was buried in the wood an inch from the top. "I guess that just leaves Nimbus's gift."

"It's uh, an umbrella. To replace the one I fried."

"No doubt out to club us. Thank you though." Janie turned to the door, patting the Castform on its head. "Alright you! Come in and face us!"

The Togekiss dashed to the door. "NO!"

"We can't do anything here!"


"We'll see." Janie shoved the Birthday Togekiss aside and threw the door open. At its base sat a pile of old dolls. Janie couldn’t believe it, her old toys. She immediately grabbed at one, and fell into a trance.

"Lamby?" Tally asked, surprised.

Beedrill wasn't fooled though. He took stance and readied his points. "C'mon! Move! Let me at him!"

"Beedrill, that's a Banette. Odds are good they only see their belongings. If I made a rough calculation, most likely birthday presents."

"So once again, they’re too weak for their own good. Stupid domestication. Okay, I got this. Tally? What do you see?"

"It's Lambykins." She stuttered, disbelievingly.

"And what is Lambykins?"

"A stuffed squeaky lamb Janie’s parents got me. I used to love ripping its head off when I was a Lillipup, then they’d so it back on and I'd play some more. Until I was a bit too hard on him one day."

"Good, and what do you do when you see Lamby?"

"I, I wrestle him. With my teeth."

"And do you miss Lambykins?"

"Well, yes. Bunches."

"Then by all means, make up for lost time."

"But, but that can’t be Lamby. That’s not my Lamby."

" Of course it can. Go on, scoot mutt."

"Well, if you insist..."

"I do, I do."

"LAMBY!!" All the ghost saw was a bared set of teeth charging furiously as a long separated lover at a train station.

"AH. CRUD." The Banette cried out in pain as the dark energy-laced fangs buried into its body. Tally got a mouthful of cotton as a barrier, just like old times, but it was the sudden nausious wave took her by surprise.

"It's body is cursed! You can't touch it!" Togekiss cried, still hiding under the table.

The attack had broken the Banette’s ruse, and Janie snapped to immiediately. “What?”

"Cursed Body Janie. Like Frillish. It's rare amongst Banette, but we are dreaming."

"Got it. Thanks HAL.. Nimbus, wet it down and strike it!"

"One all-natural light show! Bang Bang Boom!"

Water condensed over the Banette and fell. Soon the wet Cotton Guard matted and bogged it down.

"Now Tally! Grab its Zipper and pull!"



The doll swatted furiously, Tally winced at the Cursed Body but the Ghost type couldn't touch the Normal Herdier. After a few brief struggles, The metallic zipper landed in the Herdier's mouth. Tally closed her jaws, and pulled. Weak cloth hands tried to brace against Tally's neck, but the dog was stronger.
“NOO!”A fierce rush of cold wind burst from the creature, accompanied by a feral cry, and all that was left was a swatch of dark grey cloth that only a Dusclops could love.

The Togekiss crawled out from the table. "Thank you. That was awfully brave."

"He won't bother you again."

"I'm afraid that's not the case. He's the embodiment of every Birthday gift that has ever been lost, destroyed, or forgotten. He'll be back sometime."

"Ow."Janie awoke in her tent. The candle had snuffed itself out, the three Pecha berries eaten. "I feel like I slept on a- Hey!" from under her, she pulled a Heal Ball. She studied the oddly placed sphere.

"Did that really happen?" Tally and HAL looked up sleepily and nodded.

so, since you already know what we got you, can I go ahead and eat the, he added under his breath, (rest of the) flowers?

Tally growled at his yellow and black-striped team mate a decisive “no”.


At her feet, a Togepi held the tent flap open. "Hey there little one. Where did you come from?

'Pi Togepi toge togepi!'

"I see. I think we were all going to get caught up on some sleep. --some wild party, eh guys?-- you care to join us?"

'Togepi!' It rummaged around in its shell and handed Janie a small glowing package. The gift burst into a soothing energy, rolling over the tent's occupants. It would indeed, be a good birthday.