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3rd February 2012, 3:28 AM
Let me start off by saying the idea behind this fic has been in my head for quite some time (almost a year), but due to me being busy with school, and working, and whatnot, I've held off really working on this. Now that I've had some free time lately, I've sat down, and worked on fleshing this idea out, and forming a plot, as well as doing a bit of research.

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This fic is rated PG-15 for planned violence, and swearing. Anyway, here goes nothing...


May 19th, 1931

Captain Scott McAvoy relaxed in the wheelhouse of his ship, Leviathan, as it plowed through the mild waves of Southern Sea. He was in a good mood, primarily because they were about an hour ahead of schedule, having passed the strange mountain that jutted far above the seas about an hour before, marking the halfway point between Dewford, and Slateport. The reason they were ahead of schedule was primarily due to an easterly current which was gently pushing them along, allowing the ship to maintain almost fourteen knots. The monstrous ship had been turned out by the Slateport Iron Works only a year before, and was still completely state of the art, as far as ship designs went. It was currently the largest ship ever produced, measuring some 612 feet long, and eighty-six feet across, and was capable of carrying 13,000 tons fully loaded. It was currently hauling 11,000 tons of coal from the mines near Dewford, as well as some other various cargo, to Slateport.

He examined a small picture frame showing a young boy, and his mother. He smiled slightly as the carefree expression on the boys face, then stiffened for a moment as he heard footsteps approach from behind him, but relaxed again, as First Lieutenant Wells stood next to him. Wells was a massive man with dark skin, who rarely spoke, but when he did, it was always in a calm, measured tone. His dark eyes studied the black seas in front of them.

"The waves seem to be growing larger." Wells noted. McAvoy nodded, but was unconcerned, as long as they continued to remain spaced apart as they were now.

"How is our guest aboard doing?" McAvoy questioned. Wells snorted, his face showing an odd cross between amusement, and annoyance. McAvoy chuckled.

"He was griping about his luggage being in the main hold, with everything else. And vomiting over the edge ." Wells shook his head.

"I wonder what's so special about that crate of his, anyhow." McAvoy wondered aloud. "This entire trip, he has been saying that it's very sensitive, and shouldn't be just mixed in with the other cargo." Wells shrugged. He didn't know, and quite frankly, he didn't care. "I'm going to fetch a cup of coffee. Can you keep an eye on things up here?",Wells gave the Captain an amused look. McAvoy chuckled in response. Of course he could. The two men had known each other for two decades, and had served together almost as long.

McAvoy gingerly made his way down the narrow stairwell into the main hold, holding a mug of coffee. The seas seemed to have picked up some, as the ship was rising and falling with the swells more than it had been fifteen minutes ago. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Stone was sitting in front of the small box holding his valuable item, whatever it happened to be. The man was in his late thirties, and was of average build, and had average features, except his hair, which appeared to have prematurely whitened. The man must have dozed off, for he jumped as McAvoy approached, and turned to looked around, before turning back to stare at his crate.

"You've spent most of the journey down here, examining your mystery box." The Captain remarked, not really expecting a reply. Unsurprisingly, he didn't get one. "Mind if I ask what's in the box?",*

To his surprise Mr. Stone turned, and gave him a bemused look, before turning back towards the box.,"An archeological artifact, on it's way to a museum."

"Must be incredibly valuable." Mr. Stone nodded, but didn't say anything. Sensing that further conversation would be pointless, McAvoy shrugged, and made his way back to the bridge.

At the wheelhouse, McAvoy could sense the unease radiating from Wells. The swells were now at about ten feet, and seemed to be getting larger, with the occasional wave rushing over the bow of the ship. "They've been getting progressively worse, sir." Wells remarked, talking about the waves. McAvoy nodded, and examined the sky above. It was a cloudless night, and the moon, and stars were clearly visible in the sky, and yet the waves were acting as though there was a storm going. He exchanged another look with Wells. Both men had the same feeling that something bad was about to happen. The Leviathan pitched sharply into the trough between two waves, her stern rising out of the water, and exposing her massive, four-bladed propellers to the air for a brief moment, before they became submerged again. Both men had been knocked off their feet, and as they climbed back up, were greeted by a terrifying sight.

Illuminated by the moon, a black wall of water, at least thirty feet high, rushed towards them at an incredible speed. The Leviathan pitched forward once more, this time so steeply that coal within her holds started shifting. The weight of the coal helped drive the ship forward even faster, and this time the stern rose out of the water a good forty feet. Within the forward hold, Mr. Stone was thrown against a bulkhead, and promptly crushed by the crates that had broken free of their restraints. "Arceus almighty." McAvoy murmured, in an almost reverent tone with his last breath, as the massive wall of water smashed into the ship's superstructure, shattering glass, and filling any open space with cool water, rapidly drowning everyone aboard the sinking ship.

• • • • •

July 12th, 2005, present day.

There wasn't a cloud in sight as the sun relentlessly beat down on the waves below. Scores of Wingull, and their larger brethren, Pelipper, wheeled around in the gentle breeze coming from the east. A small boat gently floated in the small waves, and several curious Wingull had landed on it. Eighty feet beneath the rocking waves, its owners were exploring another ship, one that had been almost forgotten since it had sunk, almost seventy-five years before.

"Good god, we've done it." Travis Smith breathed, the headset built into his diving suit sending the message to the other diver with him. His twin brother reverently reached forward, and tenderly picked up the glowing sapphire orb from a bed of silt, and rotten wood. Both men were in the forward hold of the sunken ship, Leviathan, searching for treasure.

"The old man was right." Joshua Smith whispered. He held the blue orb up higher, so his brother could study it as well. Even in the murky water, the blue orb had a strange light pulsing from within. He laughed, and a second later, his brother joined him. After months of planning, they had finally obtained the strange gem. He slipped it into a small sack he had tied around his waist, and cinched the drawstring shut on it. "Let's head up then, shall we?" He looked over into the grinning face of his brother, who nodded eagerly. Both men carefully swam towards the rusted stairwell, and slowly made their way through the opening, so as to not cut themselves on the sharp metal. Once they had reached the deck of the ship, it was a simple matter of swimming to the surface, eighty-four feet above. Both men breached the surface, and swam over to their small ship, the Hunter, and climbed back aboard. They both took off their helmets, and set them down, before Joshua pulled out the blue orb, and held it up. In the sunshine, it looked even more magnificent, as the sunlight shone through the orb, and cast strange, blue hued patterns over the pair. In the sunlight, it almost seemed as if it were actual water shifting around in the sapphire orb.

"It's quite beautiful, isn't it?" The twins both jumped as a man spoke from behind them, holding the remains of a sandwich he'd clearly made with their supplies. The man who'd spoke had to be the largest man either had ever seen. He was nearly seven feet in height, and sported massive shoulders, and a powerfully built chest, which was highlighted by the grey tank top he was wearing. He had handsome enough features, with an easy smile, and light blue eyes that missed nothing. A neatly trimmed black beard bordered his jaw, and extended to meet his short, black hair. He took the last bite of the sandwich, then drew a small handgun from his waistband. "I hadn't expected you two to be quite so quick in recovering the orb. Now, if you would be so kind as to hand it over." He gestured with the gun.

Reluctantly, Joshua stepped forward, and handed it over. The man closed his eyes, and a small, content sigh escaped from his mouth as he closed his mammoth hand over it. "So, what now?" Joshua asked.

The mans eyes snapped open again. "Do you know what this is?" He revealed the orb again. Both twins shook their heads. "This is Kyogre, god of the seas. Well, this isn't actually Kyogre, per se, rather, an embodiment of his power. In addition, any human who wields it, has access to the powers of the ocean." He shrugged offhandedly.

"How is that possible?" As with any child who had grown up in the Hoenn, both twins were intimately familiar with the legends surrounding Kyogre, and his battle with Groudon, god of the land, one which had ended in a draw, and had resulted in both of them in a deep slumber. Or so the myth went. "You're trying to claim that Kyogre exists?"

"Oh, Kyogre definitely exists. And even better, his power is all mine." His face contorted into an evil smile, and hunger gleamed in his eyes.

"That's impossible." Joshua repeated, taking a step away from this man. A quick glance to his brother confirmed they were thinking on the same page. This man was definitely insane.

"Perhaps a small demonstration of the power this orb grants me, then?" He gave both men a small grin, as though they were all privy to an inside joke, then he raised his arm, and thirty feet from the starboard side of the ship, a geyser of saltwater shot up 300 feet in the air, before crashing down, dousing them all. "Believe me now?" He asked quietly, taking a step forward. Both twins glanced at each other desperately. If this power was real, there was no way they could let it fall into the hands of this madman. In this distance, they could see a large ship approaching. If they could keep him occupied for long enough, then maybe the men aboard the ship could help them.

Simultaneously, they both lunged forward, only for the other man to shoot both of them in the head faster than seemed humanly possible. Both men fell to the deck of the Hunter with a dull thump, their lives snuffed out. The man smiled wryly at the pools of blood forming, then tucked the gun back into waistband. He tucked the sapphire orb into a small bag that was attached to his belt, then leisurely waited for the ship to approach. It slowed as it came closer, and came to a halt only yards from the much smaller Hunter. The first thing one noticed about the ship were its massive guns, then the towering superstructure. The man patiently waited as a crew member aboard the larger ship tossed a rope ladder over the edge. He took a small jump off the Hunter, and landed in the water, then leisurely swam towards the ladder, and climbed up.

"Sir, where to now?" The same crewman who heaved the ladder over, asked, while simultaneously pulling the ladder back up.

"Set a course to Sootopolis." He waited a moment for the other man to make his way towards the bridge, before he headed to the stern. As his ship slowly pulled away from the Hunter, he took a deep breath, and concentrated on a whirlpool forming underneath the small ship. Moments later, the ocean started to churn in a counterclockwise direction. Several Wingull that had landed on the Hunter let out cries of protest as the ship started to spin along with the water, and immediately took flight. He gave a small smile as the little ship was sucked underwater, bringing it to rest only yards from the hulk of the Leviathan. He continued to watch the sea for a moment, before turning, and heading to his quarters.

He closed the door of his quarters, then crossed the room in several large steps, and knelt in front of a small safe. He entered a password into the keypad, and the door swung open, revealing a ruby orb of the same size as the one he'd forcefully obtained from the treasure hunters. He gently picked it up, and held it up next to the sapphire orb, before he started to laugh.

Above the battleship, the sky darkened, completely blotting out the sun. One by one, the Wingull and Pelipper wheeled off to find shelter, as the rain started pouring down, accompanied by the occasional crack of thunder, and flash of lightning.

big thanks to Razor Xtreme & ladykiwi for looking this over, and listening to me babble on about ideas :)