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Trainer Sora
4th February 2012, 5:07 PM
Hello to all of Serebii! This is my first ever Fanfic that I'll actually be posting and *Hopefully* finishing. Its all a first for me. I sorta have a bad habit of dropping things, but i said I hope I won't be doing that to this.

Anyway, I'm Trainer Sora and I had this idea for a while but never really had the inspiration to start writing it down and be serious. Now my schedule is a little hectic, but if all goes well I should be updating Tuesdays and Saturdays. Those two days being where I'm actually on a computer and not logged in through my wii. Also a slight warning about this story is some of the language terms I'll be using, its called Japanese and its mainly going to be used by certain characters in this fanfic. I'll have a spoiler set up for translation when the terms and phrases come up in the story. Also some swears will be replaced with different words. This you'll see a few times in the story, mainly when a character is either surprised or angery.

The Japanese language

This is something that will be used often in this story and the native language of the Johto Region. Kanto being the english equivalent. As you'll read the chapters, you'll notice some of the dialogue done in Japanese. All sentences will be translated.

Ohayo gozaimasu Onii-chan - Good morning big brother.

Tabi - Traditional japanese socks. Ankle-high and with a separation between the big toe and other toes, they are worn by both men and women.

Bokuto - Wooden sword.

Here's to a fun time! Now for the Prologue~


It was a perfectly normal day. The skies were clear and dotted with few clouds. Perfect for picnics or having a stroll. Or perhaps sitting within the confines of a prison cell. The sunlight filtering the barred windows reminded the six prisoners of their freedom. Something they all longed for. Five of the prisoners once led influential lives, known throughout Unova as the Champion and the Elite, while the sixth had been quickly rising through the ranks as a potential trainer. Said trainer gazed wistfully out the window, wishing silently for his friends to be at his side in this new and lonely existence. He wondered how they were faring. They were probably just as miserable as he was.

Everyone in the region must be suffering from lord N's decree:” Everyone release your pokemon! Let them suffer as slaves no more!"

Trainers and civilians alike were shocked at the words spoken by their new champion. But no one dared to argue against him or Zekrom. The few who did had been captured and locked away, their pokemon taken and released into the wild.

Lord N did leave Unova with a single challenge: Those who think they are worthy of being called heroes, who feel they have hearts pure and true, then come and face me! Only the truth can stop me. This of course meant that all trainers were monitored by Team Plasma, kept under a watchful eye to ensure they didn’t try to create a rebellion of some sort.

The boy sighed miserably as those words brought back memories of his defeat at the hands of lord N. Why hadn't Reshiram appear for me? That question plagued him day and night for the past year.

The trainer turned his gaze to the empty pokeball N had allowed him to keep, wondering if the world outside his prison would ever be back to normal

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away. In a region that wasn't so black and white, two trainers slept soundly. Unaware of what the future had in store for them.

I sincerely hope you'll enjoy this and the upcoming chapters.

Trainer Sora
11th February 2012, 6:49 PM
--+-- Chapter 1 --+--

It was early morning for the small town of Newbark. The sun just barely peeking over the mountains. Fresh clean air blowing in, rotating the windmills that provided the town with power. Many of the residents were still asleep.

Except for one.

He quietly left his bedroom, dressed only in pajama bottoms and indoor Tabi. The boy’s long red locks were a mess as he was yet to brush them out. Across from his bedroom was another, this belonging to his sibling. It was time to wake her up and get the day started. According to their mother’s chore chart, it was his sister’s turn to cook breakfast.

Waking the girl wasn’t going to be easy. She was one of those late sleepers and thus usually forsook the wee hours of the morning. Red head opened the door to his sister’s room, quickly greeted with a growl. Crap. Houndoom was out of its pokeball this morning. Great. Just great. This made the boy’s task much harder. The pokemon disliked how he would go about waking its trainer and so would do its best to ward him away, protecting the girl’s right to sleep undisturbed. Without setting the house ablaze. It almost happened once.

The boy ignored the growling and entered the room. Houndoom watching him closely, ready to jump up at a moment’s notice. Fortunately there wasn’t anything on the floor, aside from the pokemon, that would trip him up. Sometimes his sister’s room could be as dangerous as a Muk. He went over to the bed. It was a mess of blankets, pillows scattered about, several plush toys lay on the floor, it all screamed restless sleeper. A foot dangled over the edge of the bed, sticking out from the twisted blankets, a sign that the occupant was still there. As indicated by the faint sound of snoring.

“Get up.” Said the boy. His sibling’s reply was some movement a sleepy groan. “ I said get up. “ He began to shake her, causing a plush toy to fall to the floor. The Houndoom started growling again. How dare that human be so forceful! Why couldn’t he find a gentler way of waking her? Water worked. Licking the face also worked. The boy ignored the pokemon, growing impatient with his sister. He took off the pillowing, revealing his sibling’s short cyan colored hair. The rest of her head buried under the blanket. “Come on! It’s your turn to cook and I am not going to eat Pop-Tarts again.’’ All that earned was a mumbled “Five more minutes…” from her.

The red head sighed and began pulling the blanket off the bed, creating an avalanche plushies and pillows. The girl caught in it all due to how entangled she was in the blanket. Again, a restless sleeper. Just as the boy was about to employ a new tactic, the Houndoom, having enough of the boy’s way of doing things, got up and placed itself between the siblings. Blocking further attempts. The pokemon then proceeded to lick its owner’s face. Earning a quicker response from her as she began to wake up, her arms moving up to try and stop licking. No likes having their face smell like smoke. A few moments later the cyan haired girl was awake enough to function. “Okay, okay. I’m awake.” She said groggily, getting up off the floor. Vaguely aware of how she ended up there. The Houndoom turned around, facing the boy, with a glitter of triumph in its eyes. See? They seemed to say. My way is better.

“Ohayo gozaimasu Onii-Chan.” She smiled, wiping the saliva off her face with her pajama sleeve. “Ohayo.” Replied her brother. Sometimes they greeted each other in their native language, other times they spoke in regular Kanto. They were fluent in both, as was most of the region of Johto. Mainly because of their trading partner, Kanto, east of the mountains. While Kanto was modern, Johto was the opposite. Preferring to keep their traditions and culture preserved as much as possible.

“Its your turn.” Was all the brother said as he left the room, leaving her to get dressed. His sister knew what he meant. A few minutes later the girl bounded downstairs towards the kitchen. Her Houndoom following after. She was wearing a long sleeve white jacket, with a pair of black shorts and boots. A look she loved and was often seen in. Except summer, that was when she traded her jacket in for a sleeveless zip up vest.

She opened the refrigerator and looked through its contents. A half gallon of Moomoo milk, some cans of lemonade, carton of eggs, lunch meat. An idea sprung to the girl’s mind. Steamed rice with eggs! Perfect. It gave her an excuse to get second helpings.

The sibling’s mother came out from the laundry room, already up and about the house. She was a petite woman somewhere in her thirties, sometimes mistaken as younger with her height making her a few heads taller than her own children. She was hardly surprised that her daughter was already working on breakfast, given her son’s tactics. “Crystal, where’s your brother, Silver?” She asked.

“Probably in the bathroom or,” Crystal placed some rice in the cooker. “In his bedroom. I dunno which.” She started mixing the eggs. The mother smiled. Silver could be just as fussy as a girl when it came to his hair. She and her husband would sometimes joke about their kids. Silver had a slim physique and long red hair that he kept loose, this making him to appear as a female upon first glance. He hated it when people thought he was a girl. Crystal on the hand had a more boyish look, complimented with such short hair she occasionally spiked. Hardly anyone could tell she was a girl until she spoke. It was as if they had switched bodies before birth. This made it hard to believe they were twins, let alone siblings. They were as different as day and night in both appearance and personality.

Upstairs, Silver had just finished changing into a pair of his favorite pants and brushed out his hair. Now to just put on a shirt and-Where were they?! The drawer that contained his shirts were empty! He knew something was up. His laundry had been done just yesterday. What could have happened to them? Silver began to search his room when there was a tap at his window. He turned to look and saw it was his Fearow trying to get his attention. Once it had what it wanted, the bird pokemon flew over to a nearby tree. Littered with all of Silver’s clean shirts! “SON OF A GYARADOS!!” He Shouted.

All the way downstairs, the oath was heard. Most likely the neighbors had heard it as well. Sounded like something happened and it didn’t seem pleasant. A furious Silver ran downstairs. “Crystal! Why’d you do it?” He demanded. A confused look came onto Crystal’s face. “I didn’t do anything.” She replied. “Well… as far as I can remember anyway.” With a shrug she went back to preparing breakfast.

“You know you did. You took all my shirts and put them in a tree in the backyard.” Her brother accused. Both Crystal and the mother frowned. “But I didn’t. I was in bed the entire night.” She turned to her Houndoom. “Wasn’t I?” She asked. The pokemon nodded. It had been with her the whole time and would have done something if she was sleepwalking. Something she hadn’t done for a month.

“Then who did it?” Silver crossed his arms, determined to get an answer. There was silence.

The twin’s mother spoke. “Maybe it was the Misdreavus at Professor Elm’s?” Of course! It had to have been that pokemon. All sorts of pranks had been pulled throughout town after a trainer had sent the professor a Misdreavus. “ Must’ve…” Grumbled Silver as he to the back door. His memory sometimes wasn’t its best in the morning.

“There. Now stop blaming your sister for things like that. Especially when you have no proof. I don’t want you two to start another fight with bokuto involved.” The mother said with a slight scolding tone. She didn’t like it when her children began fighting with wooden swords. The last time resulted in a large bruise on Crystal’s head. She went to the cabinet to start setting the table.

Crystal was barely fazed. She was used to be accused of several things, half of which she actually did. It wasn’t like her to get as worked up as her short-tempered brother. While Silver was serious and had a short fuse and patience, Crystal was more relaxed and took things in stride.

With a frustrated sigh Silver went outside to begin the task of retrieving his clothing from the tree branches. Fortunately his Fearow was a step ahead and had already begun without him.

While the prank loving Misdreavus had been blamed, this was in fact the work of a different ghost. For several days prior, the owner of the Misdreavus had gotten it back, switching for something else. What pulled the prank then? In all honesty it wasn’t a pokemon, but a true human ghost. A deceased trainer who “haunted” Crystal. He was unable to remember why he died, not even knowing how it happened. But he did know for sure it left him without his limbs, leaving the sleeves of his jacket to wave in the wind along with the legs of his half pants. His eyes were gone, leaving him to somehow see the world through two empty holes.

He didn’t mind, at least not anymore, and no longer dwelled on it, preferring to focus on the present, such as playing jokes on the living to amuse himself when Crystal was busy.
He especially loved pulling them on Silver and watching the stern boy’s reaction. Now for the true fun. The ghostly trainer floated over towards silver, who was busy climbing the tree.

“Shoulders…Suddenly…Feel heavy….” Silver’s shoulder drooped down, almost as if weights had been placed on them. Oh dear sky lord! He thought. Its back! His eyes widened and he began to sweat. Had it ever been mentioned that Silver had an aversion to the supernatural? He had just enough of a sixth sense to be affected like he was when around such things. Every time he encountered anything supernatural, his shoulders would become rock heavy,the palms of hands would become sweaty and he’d get a sense of hyper-alertness that kept him from thinking calmly. Beating Morty had been pure hell for him.

He took a deep breath, collecting his thoughts. For some reason Silver’s Sixth sense, although he wasn’t fully aware of it, had been going off more at home than it ever had when he was traveling through Johto. Maybe it was a sign that he should get back on the road and resume training his pokemon? He had been home for a good while.

The deceased boy backed off. He knew the fine line between having some fun and where things could dangerously wrong. Leaving Silver to recover his grip on the tree branch before his hand slipped, he was high up enough that a fall held the potential of breaking an arm. Silver breathed in a sigh of relief, scrambling up onto the branch and leaned against the sturdy trunk. Thankful that whatever had been there had left.

As the ghostly boy headed to Crystal’s room, he wondered she had set out anything for him. While he couldn’t eat, he still appreciated the thought.

Well there it is folks,the first chapter! I hope you'll enjoy it.

12th February 2012, 4:11 AM
Hey, I really like your story. I can't wait to see how N gets involed and I love the fact that you are using my favorite rival in it. I also have a small grammer review:

He quietly left his bedroom, dressed only in pajama bottoms and indoor Tabi.
The word "an" needs to go in between "and" and "indoor". Also I don't think "Tabi" is a proper noun, so it should'nt be capitalized.

"A foot dangled over the edge of the bed, sticking out from the twisted blankets, a sign that the occupant was still there. As indicated by the faint sound of snoring."
The bold portion is a fragment. Although, it has an action and a subject it is clearly a dependant clause, which can't stand on its own, but has a verb and a subject. I do not learn grammer in my English class anymore, so I can't quite remember the specifics about clauses. However, I can tell that it is dependant by the word "as" at the begining and by reading the sentence by itself. By itself the sentence is awkward. Try combining it with the previous sentence.

“Get up.” Said the boy.
There should be a coma where the first period is and the "S" should be lower cased of course. When you write what a person says the quotes and the indication of who said it go in the same sentence. "Said the boy" is also a dependant clause.

No likes having their face smell like smoke.
It should be: "No one likes having their face smell like smoke."

A few minutes later the girl bounded downstairs towards the kitchen. Her Houndoom following after.
Again it is the dependant clause thing. You should combine those two sentences.

The ghostly trainer floated over towards silver, who was busy climbing the tree.
"Silver" should be capitalized.

Silver breathed in a sigh of relief, scrambling up onto the branch and leaned against the sturdy trunk. Thankful that whatever had been there had left.
The bold is a dependant clause.

As the ghostly boy headed to Crystal’s room, he wondered she had set out anything for him
"If" is missing.

This story is really good. Please finish it.

Trainer Sora
12th February 2012, 4:59 AM
Thank you. I appreciate the helpful critisism.
This is honestly the first of my stories to go public, let alone be seen on paper by anyone else.

And some of the errors I missed mainly because I was in a hurry to get it up and going. Library computers are timed sessions plus I had until a certain time to get it done.

All in all though, I'm very glad you enjoyed the chapter. ^^