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7th February 2012, 3:42 AM
Pokemon (18):

2 Reshiram EX
2 Zekrom EX
2 Kyurem EX
2 Moltres
2 Zapdos
2 Articuno
2 Fliptini
2-2 Eelektrik

Trainers (13):

4 Eviolite
4 Super Rod
3 Switch
2 Pokemon Communication

Supporters (8):

2 Pokemon Collector
4 Cilan
2 Professor Oak's New Theory

Stadium (1):

1 Pokemon Center

Energy (20):

4 Water Energy
4 Fire Energy
4 Electric Energy
4 Prism Energy
4 Doucle Colorless Energy

I'll post the strat later, but it's pretty self explanatory. BTW this is for Modified play.

8th February 2012, 6:02 PM
let's see, kyurem ex is better then regular kyurem, and you're gonna need 4 communication or this deck will flop.

28th February 2012, 1:05 AM
I'm taking the communication into consideration, edited this deck a whole bunch last night, swapped Kyurem for the EX. I also added some DCE for quicker buildup. Will edit the first post now.

2nd March 2012, 4:11 AM
reduce the super rod to 2, you don't want to rely on anything dieing, if you take to much damage switch and then use seeker, since you're using a multi type energy deck I'd higly suggest using a combination type strategy like using seeker, shaymin, 2 prism energy, and 4 rainbow energy, that way you take no damage from rainbow and you don't need to worry about having a certain type of energy per pokemon so like this

4 dce
4 prism
4 rainbow

as this is a bit more universal, also take out moltres and articuno, articuno doesn't have the power to ohko reshi and moltres doesn't have a good type advantage in comparison to the EX's, if you take to much damage from a rival articuno or whatever, you could alwasy just switch out, shaymin (switch energy), seeker or ssu to take damage, set, seeker or ssu (to grab shaymin back to basically move all the energy back), then switch so it's as fresh as a daisy after taking a 170 hit. If you find further issue's drawing energy, Interviewer's questions should help out alot.