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12th February 2012, 11:51 PM
The League of Champions

Hello, everyone. This is a WorkinProgress Fanfic that I have been writing for a few other forums, and thought I would share with you. It's about a sort of Post-Apoctaliptic Pokemon World, and a group's Endevours to save it. Any kind of criticism is appreciated.

Chapter 1 - Luke
Luke looked out at the open ocean out of the harbor. The sun set behind the shadow of what had once been the Slateport Lighthouse. He knew he shouldn't be here. But something told him to stay.

Luke had dirty blonde hair and grey-blue eyes. He wore dark jeans, a black shirt and a grey jacket. He never cared about the way he looked though. Nobody cared about that these days.

He looked back at his old home, a place he had known as Slateport. Nobody had bothered to clean this place up, because they knew that it would only be destroyed again.

He cringed as he remembered his experiences with this place.

It happened five years ago, when he was about eleven, somewhere around the time after Team Magma and Aqua had been dismembered, and the region was once again at peace. That's what they thought, anyway.

Luke had had a fairly nice life. He lived with his father, Paul. His never even knew his mother. Paul had always said she was too busy for her family. He also had a little brother, Ben, who was three at the time.

Luke was planning on starting his Pokemon Journey in the next few months, so he was trying to catch and train Pokemon as best he could, before he went and challenged gyms.

An opportunity approached itself. The annual Slateport Beach Pokemon Tournament was coming up, and he figured this would be a good time to test his skills.

He eagerly waited his first battle with another trainer as the days went by. Finally, it came.

The crowd around the beach cheered loudly as the first two competitors took their places.

"In the right corner" said Captain Stern, the announcer. "is Mr. Briney, of Dewford Island! In the left corner, Luke Kail, a local! Begin!"

Both battlers sent out their Pokemon, the sailor a Wingull, and Luke, Riolu, a Pokemon sent as a gift from his anonymous mother.

The battle never started, though. Before anybody could do anything, a commotion began in the water adjacent to the people. There was splashing, Pokemon swimming away, but then, the true scare began.

The large white creature, a pokemon no doubt, was shot out of the water, and onto the beach. Its silver skin glistened as it rose into the air. But everybody's attention was on the much larger creature making its way out of the water as well.

This one, Blue, resembled a large wailord, except for its strange markings, huge mouth, and flowing silver tail protruding from it.

The two creatures, Luke remembered the blue one to be Kyogre, an unseen entity that most people of the region had dismissed as legend. The other one, Lugia, he decided, was of the Johto Regiom. It continued to fight with various attacks.

When a few of those attacks hit the crowd, people started to run. It was utter chaos, as people ran left and right, dodging umbrellas and small Pokemon, who also fled.

Luke grabbed Riolu and ran up the stairs to the main part of town and into his home. A third Pokemon had joined the fight, this one gleaming gold as well as various bright colors. Luke couldn't remember what this one was (he was failing Johto Mythology), but remembered it started with an "H". It shot flames at Lugia, as Kyogre stuggled to hit both of them with water, but missing, destroying buildings in the process.

Paul ran and gave Luke a hug. "Are you ok?" he said. "I thought you were dead."

"I'm ok, dad." Luke said to him. "Can't say the same about some of the people on that beach."

"Your brother!" he yelled in alarm. "he's at the lighthouse. I need to go get him. Stay here, alright?"

Luke shook his head. "No, I want to come with you."

"You need to stay." he said. "It's what your mother would do." Paul never mentioned Luke's mom, so he knew it must mean a lot if he's using her now.

"What if something happens to you?" Luke said.

"You have your mothers will to survive. You will be ok. Hide in the basement, it should be safe there." With that, his father went out the door.

Luke gathered his belongings and went down the stairs and waited.

For hours, Luke sat silently with Riolu, listening to the sounds of destruction and screaming. So much screaming. He listened to the television left on upstairs, and it only got worse. Apparently, Slateport was not the only one attacked. Legendary Pokemon, thought to be myths, had been fighting each other all over the world. It sounded as if Unova was completely under water, Mt. Coronet had had multiple avalanches, leaving Jubalife in rubble. Fissures opened up in Rusburro, completely demolishing it.
Mt. Moon had completely exploded. Most Islands outside of Hoenn were flooded.

These were all causes of legendary Pokemon, such as Kyogre, Lugia, Ho-oh, Zapdos, Moltres, Groudon, Girintina, Kyurem, and those were just the reports that Luke heard.

As afternoon turned to twilight, Luke slowly came out of the house, which had been partially destroyed. He was almost to the point of tears, as he realized that his brother and father were probably not coming back. This was not something an eleven-year-old should go though.

But then, somebody was coming. A boy, about fourteen, was running towards Luke with Ben in his arms. Finally, he got to Luke, out of breath.

"Here" he said to Luke. "This little guy told me where to find you."

"Who are you?" he said, taking Ben in his arms.

The boy had light brown hair and wore all white, which was dirty and ripped by the days events. "I'm Wally." he said. "I'm from Verdanturf town."

"Where's my father?" said Luke.

Wally looked to the ground, and immediately, Luke knew exactly what happened. His dad wasn't coming.

"I think the attacking has stopped." said Wally. "From what I hear, Verdanturf was untouched. You can come and live with us, if you would like. I knew your father. I saw him, and tried to save him. He... Went.... Saving your brother. He said... He said to tell you to leave here. To find a safe place. So I'm offering to take you guys in for awhile..."

Luke looked up at this boy. He couldn't speak. He had been forced to mature so many years in the last few hours.

"yes... Yes, ok. Just... give me a few minutes...."

"Of coarse" said Wally. He stepped outside.

"Are you crying?" said Ben. He was crying.

"No" said Luke. He realized that he needed to stay strong for Ben's sake. "No. We are just.. going somewhere." The two brothers gathered their personal belongings. Luke took his one pokeball and put it in his pocket.

The three of them walked silently though the destruction of the city. Luke tried not to look back at this pile of rubble that used to be his home. He knew that his old life was over.

The attacks continued as Luke grew up. He never left Verdanturf, except to occasionally visit Slateport and remember his life before the "Legendary War" as it had been dubbed. Verdanturf was deemed a "Safe city" which people from surrounding, destroyed places migrated to after the initial attacks, and guarded heavily to prevent attacks. Most of these cities, like Verdanturf, Lillycove, Hearthome, Sootopolas, Goldenrod, and Veridian City had been mostly spared by the attacks of the Legendaries, due to geographical or other reasons.

Places like the Orange Islands, Unova, and Barran, were completely destroyed, with few survivors who migrated to safe cities.

The Legendary Pokemon continued fighting, for reasons that nobody knew, but they fought. Things got worse every day.


Luke remembered these things, as he looked at the open water. He kept an eye out for any nearby attacks imminent.

Finally, he spoke. "What do you want?"

The man behind him looked surprised. "How did you know I was behind you?"

"I grew up in this world. You learn." Said Luke, referring to the violence and crime that had become of the world because of the attacks.

"Well. I think we need to have a chat." said the man, coming into the light. He wore a dark red suit and a single pokeball. "My name is Red."


Chapter 2 - Becoming Clear

"So, your Red?" said Luke, the final rays of sunlight turning his golden hair bright.

"That's me." his ripped bag lay next to him.

Luke frowned. "But I thought you went missing, after the attacks? You were famous! Where did you go?"

"I didn't go missing." he said, as if that explained it. He paused for a moment. "They just said that. I was really arrested, because nobody would believe me."

"About what?" he was starting to wonder if this was really Red.

"About this." he pointed to the rubble. "About the attacks. Why they are happening. That's why I'm here. It's very crucial that you listen to what I'm about to say very carefully." he took a breath.

"These attacks were not random. They were caused by something. Are you familiar with a fellow named Ghetsis?"

Luke thought for moment. He had remembered his name from the news a long time ago. He was a criminal.

"Yes." he said.

"When Ghetsis was originally sent to prison for his deeds, he escaped." said Red. "Although nobody could find him, he wouldn't survive long. He had a disease, you see. Nobody knows where he got it. But it was fatal. He did not have long to live. "

Red paused for a moment, and took another breath. "When he escaped, he went out looking for a cure. And he found it. You know about the Green orb?"

Luke shook his head no.

"Well, it's believed that the green orb brings peace to the world. It was created in ancient times by the most powerful trainers of the world, otherwise known as the League of Champions. They made the orb so that the deity Pokemon wouldn't clash and bring destruction to the earth. The orb remained safe. Until five years ago."

Red stopped and looked at Luke hopefully.

"Ghetsis destroyed it?" Luke said.

"Yes." Red replied. "When a mortal touches an orb, it is said to shatter. The league was considered to be more than mortal. So, naturally, they would be the only people who could ever recreate it."

"Where is the league now?" said Luke.

"Well, the original league is long gone." Red said, looking down. "However, there are people who are children of the league, and possess the same skill and strength to do what needs to be done. You are one of these children. You have a Champion Parent."

Luke thought he was referring to Paul at first, then realized he was talking about us mother.

"Your mothers name.... Is Cynthia Kale. She is the champion of the elite four of the Sinnoh league." Red gave Luke a second to take that in. Luke was baffled. It had been right in front of him. How had he not seen it?

"So.... The champions of the Pokemon leagues are part of the League?" he was putting it together.

"Yes." said red. "For as long as the league system has been implemented into the region, only descendants of The Leugue have been able to defeat the previous champion. However, five years ago, during the chaos of the attacks, all of the Champions went missing. This is the real reason why the gym system was shut down."

He went on. "So, we don't have the current champions. This is where you come in."
He looked directly at Luke. "There are three other children of champions. They are all currently residing in this region. I need you to gather them, and find me. I will be here. Waiting. When you do, I will explain what the four of you will need to do."

He handed Luke a list of people and their locations. He then proceeded to start walking away, before asking if Luke would even do it.

"What if I don't want to do it?" said Luke.

"You do. It's your destiny." he continued walking. And he was right. Luke had always dreamed of restoring the world. This was his chance.

The sun was rising as Luke continued packing his things. He would need to travel light, it would be a long trek.

He looked down at the parchment. Thankfully, the three people were conveniently close together, at least in the worlds perspective. The first person on the list was the daughter of Lance, and she was in Rustburo city, or what remained. Her name was Elena. Luke decided on finding her first.

He was so immersed in thought, he didn't notice his 8-Year-old brother watching him.

"What are you doing?" said Ben, "You going somewhere?"

Luke didn't turn around. "No...."

"You are!" said Ben. "Your leaving me here all alone!" he started tearing up.

"Only for a little bit. Promise you won't tell Wally. He would just talk me out of it."

"Please don't leave me... I don't like it here." he whimpered.

"Stop crying" said Luke. "Your too old for that. I need you to be strong, ok? Your old enough to make your own decisions. And.... and I'm leaving for a good reason. You wouldn't understand. I'm going, ok?" he looked down at his little brother.

Ben whispered "Your the last family I have...."

Luke finally stopped what he was doing. He realized that Ben WAS his family. Which meant.....

"Do you remember mom at all?" said Luke.

"No." said Ben simply. "I never really saw her after she... left us."

Luke considered bringing Ben along. However, he knew that it was just too dangerous for him. Never know when there will be another attack. But he resolved to ask Red if been counted as a member of the League later.

"I need to do this." said Luke. "alone."

Ben understood. "You'll come back?"

"Of coarse." I said. "Just remember. Stay strong."

Luke looked back at his home of five years, the small town of Verdanturf, and looked the opposite way. Towards Rustburo. Towards his destiny.

"Nice sunrise." said a familiar voice.

Luke turned around, facing Wally.

"He told you?" said Luke.

"Yep." said Wally. "He said you were leaving. I figured you shouldn't leave without a goodbye."

"You don't want to know why?" said Luke.

"That's your business." said Wally.

The two friends stood looking at the sun for a long time.

"I'll be back." said Luke. "Don't you worry. Everything will be great, soon."

"I know it will" said Wally. "Sure your going to be ok?" he said. Wally had taken the role as Luke's protector, someone always looking out for him.

"I just need you to take good care of my brother, Wally. And thank you. For everything."

With that, the two parted ways. Luke walked down the mountain trail, on his way to the broken place named Rustburo. This was the end of a chapter in his life. And the beginning as well.


Chapter 3 - Elena

Elena darted into an alley before anybody saw her, a black cat-like Pokemon at her heels.

"Finally" she said, holding up their reward, a warm BLT and a small pack of fries.

She cut it and gave one half to her partner. "Umbrion. Bri bri!" said her little partner in crime.

Elena and her pokemon hadn't had food for days. Rustburo no longer got shipments, so she had to feast on whatever she could find. After the attacks started, she had had to become a theif, just to stay alive.

She looked at herself in the window. Wow, did she look god-awful.

Her dark hair was in a mess, her clothes were ripped, and she looked like she was a crazy cat lady. Besides that, though, just a normal 18-year-old girl, stealing things. That's how people were now, at least here in Rustburo.

She looked up into the sky, and saw something coming for her. Somebody had spotted her.

Elena dove into the bushes and grabbed Umbrion by the tale.


"Flygon, turn left" Luke had spotted a girl with the same description as the picture. This must be Elena.

He had been flying over Rustburo for days, now, trying to find this girl. The only thing he did see was theft, slums, and a destroyed, crime ridden city. This place made Slateport look better and better.

As he landed, he noticed that the girl disappeared from view.

He got off of Flygon and called it back. As soon as he turned around, he heard her voice.

"Umbrion, use shadow claw!"

Luke flinched as the attack was about to hit, but it never did.

Instead, Luke's most loved Pokemon, Lucario, quickly came out and blocked the attack. Luke had to react fast.

"Aura sphere" he said, and was obeyed. The blue ball of energy hit Umbrion knocking it to the wall.
"What do you want?" said Elena accusingly. "You have no business messing with me." she grabbed her Pokemon and sent it back.

"Hear me out." said Luke.

He took a deep breath. He had to convince her to help him.

"Your name is Elena Belgaurde. Your 18 Years old. Your father's name is Lance, and he as well as your mother disappeared five years ago, after the attacks. You have lived in Rustburro your entire life, and have had to scavenge off other peoples food to live."

Elena simply stared at him. "Is this some kind of sick joke?"

"No." said Luke. He paused. "What if I said there was some way to stop what is happening? To bring the earth back to normal?"

"I would say your nuts. And belong in an asylum. Look, whatever your selling, I don't have money, so get the hell out of this horrible city and don't come back. Do you hear me?" she looked at Luke for one more moment and turned away.

Luke thought for a moment. He wished it hadn't come to this.

"Your older sister died in the attacks. You watched it happen. " he said.

Elena stopped moving. She turned back around and looked back at Luke. For a long time.

"Who are you?" she said. "What do you want with me?"

"I'm about to tell you. Sit down. This will take awhile."


For somebody who was ready to kill Luke a few hours ago, Elena was very interested in what he had to say. They talked for quite some time. The sun had set before they had finished.

"So" said Elena, "Your saying that I'm one of these "Champions" and I have to save the world or something?"

"Something like that. I don't have all the details myself yet. All I know all four of us need to help. We need as many champions as we can get. Please. We need you."

Elena looked at this boy who had proposed this crazy and strange thing to help him with. He looked sincere.

"Aww, what the hell. Sure. But if I'm going with you, we're taking my ride."


A gleaming black Charizard flew through the smoggy city sky with two humans and a Lucario on it.

"Never seen one like this" said Luke. "Where did you get it?"

"Found her in the woods when I was a little girl. We have been through a lot." Elena then quickly stopped talking. Luke could tell that she didn't like talking about her life.

"You look tired" she said. "I'll drive her for a bit, where we going now?"

"Make route to Lillycove. That's our next stop. We may have to stop and rest a long the way, though." Luke yawned. He hadn't slept since he left Verdanturf.

His last sight before tying himself to the beast and drifting off into a restless sleep was the first rays of sun over the horizon.


Luke awoke to the sounds of trees swaying in the windy climate.

"Where are we?" he asked Elena.

"I stopped in what used to be Fortree. Not much left of this place."

Luke took a look around. A lot of the trees looked burnt and charred. Most of them were down on the ground.

Luke took out some food, and sent his Pokemon out to eat.

"Lucario, Flygon, Luxray, and Ponyta, come on out."

The four Pokemon ate their food. Elena sent out her other Pokemon besides Charizard, An Altaria, a Dragonaire, and her Umbrion.

The sun was fully in the sky now, as the group enjoyed their food.

They were so invested in their lunch, that they didn't see the swarm coming their way.

Hundreds, if not thousands of Beedrill frantically flew their way through the group.

"Ow!" said Elena, spitting Pokemon out of her mouth. Luke began to reply, but then saw something much worse come into view.

A huge glowing red beast, Groudon was his name, stepped slowly into the clearing. It stared at them for moment.

"What's it doing?" said Elena. Her question was answered when the ground shook from under us. Luke realized they were quickly rising.

Luke called back his Pokemon except for Flygon as the monsters head finished ascending. It looked like a statue, but breathing, and getting bigger every moment. It had moss and dirt in its crevices.

"Regigigas" said Elena.

They were about forty feet in the air when the monster stopped rising. Regigigas and Groudon stared each other down for a moment. Then Groudon attacked.

"Gurrrrrrghooooooooooaaaaaaaaaa" The huge Pokemon sent a blast of fire at Regigigas, and Luke and Elena.

Luke grabbed Elena and pulled her behind his head, nearly missing death.

"Flygon!" said Luke. "Get us out of here!" Flygon flew up next to them, and the hopped on. Regigigas' Eathquake felling the trees around us.

"Gonnnnnn!" it said as flew as fast as it had ever flown, above the trees.


Luke's last glimpse was of the burning forest being exploded by another earthquake.

"I think we're safe now." said Luke. "You ok?"

"I'm fine." said Elena. "Seen worse. What's our next stop?"

"Lillycove." said Luke. "We need to find a guy named Zack Felga. He's Alder's son."

Chapter 4 - The Team

"Infernape, use Fire Blast!" The ragged looking boy focused on his Pokemon, quickly telling it attacks.

"Now, Mach Punch!" His Infernape gracefully punched through the star of fire, sending little glistening shards of light around the small stadium.

Infernape looked back at Zack, expecting another command. "Nah, We'd better go home. It's getting late." He called his Pokemon back and sighed, as he looked at what once was the Lillycove Contest Hall. The stands, the broken screen, even some old food from years back was still there. The glass dome atop the stadium was half broken off, leaving large pieces of glass lying around.

Zack wished he could have gotten the chance to be in a contest. He sighed again, and walked towards the door. It was then he heard the clapping.

He looked back to find the source of it, and saw two people, a boy and a girl, sitting side by side, watching him from a distance.

"That was pretty good." the boy said. "My name is Luke"


"So your telling me, that all of the children of the Champions have to like, get together and save the world or something? Sounds fake. And stupid. Like a bad plot to a fiction or something." He talked really fast, leaving the other two to take a moment to comprehend it.

"Well," said Elena "We need as many champions as we can get"

"The more there are, the better the world can be." said Luke. He thought for a moment. "You could be in contests again."

Zack looked at the ground. "I never even got to be in one. Those stupid Pokemon kept destroying the city. They eventually just broke it down. Especially after the champions disappeared, everything just turned to chaos."

"So?" Elena looked at him thoughtfully. "Will you do it?"

"Nothing better to do." He said, grabbing his sweatshirt. "Sure."

"Isn't there a family member or something you want to say goodbye to?" said Luke.

"Nah." Zack said. "My family is terrible. They won't even notice I'm gone. What now?"

"We have one more stop." said Luke. "Sootopolis City. We're going to find Steven's daughter."


The sun was long past down when the trio arrived in Sootopolis, on a cargo boat they found which said "Supplies: Sooto."

"Why isn't this city underwater like the other islands?" asked Zack.

"The rock walls on the side kept the water out." said Luke. "They are always in danger of collapsing, though."

"Is anybody else feeling hungry?" said Elena. Zack raised his hand.

Luke sighed. "Why don't you and Zack go find us some food, then. Here." Luke took out a twenty dollar bill and handed it to Elena. He had brought along a lot of the money that his mother used to send him every year for his birthday.

"I'll try to find this last girl. Her name is Silvia. You two go get some food."


Luke walked back and forth in the city. It wasn't very big, since it was built around a natural landmark. He had to find her. Finally, he saw who he was looking for.

A girl with very blonde, almost white hair sat by the park bench, staring out at the pool of seawater at the center of the city.

Next to her sat a small, blue pudgy little creature with a silver tail and orange protrusions coming from it's cheeks. It turned around when it sensed Luke, and notified her immediately.

"Kip! Mudkip." The girl turned around.

"You must be Luke." she said. "Steven told me you would be here."

Luke didn't expect her to say that. Steven had been dead for five years. Maybe she was nuts.

"You're Silvia, right?" he said.

"That's me." she said. "Stevens daughter. Why do you want me?"

"Didn't Steven tell you?" he said, testing her lucidity.

She just stared at Luke blankly. "My dad is dead." she said.

"But you just said-"
"I know what I said, but sometimes, he comes to me. Tells about things. Warns me. He's not even always in the vision, but he's always there in spirit. Some people call it a "Dimensional Scream", but I just call it him looking after me."

"Who looks after you in the real world?" asked Luke.

"Steven's old friend Wallace took me in after the attacks. He does a good job keeping me safe." she looked at the expression on Luke's face.

"Don't worry." she laughed, one of those amazing laughs that you wish you had. "I'm not crazy. Just hopeful. Come to my place, and you can tell me what you want from me."


Everybody regrouped at Wallace's house, including Wallace, who seemed very interested in what Luke had to say. Luke figured that since he was a Champion, he would be of great use to him.

As Luke repeated his speech for the third time, Wallace simply nodded his head from time to time. He did not interrupt until the end.

"So your attempting to get the league together." said Wallace. "You know that that is over 100 people who are unknowing descendants of them, right?"

"Of coarse." Luke replied. "We are only trying for these four. Including you and Silvia."

"I'm sorry, but I can not join you. I have this city to protect. I'm who they look to for guidance. And without me, they would have a hard time. But Silvia is welcome to go."

"How come you never told me?" said Silvia, referring to Wallace. Or maybe Steven.

"It wasn't ever relevant." said Wallace.

"Well, I want in. Anything we can do to bring the old world back. And to avenge... well, you know." she looked down for a moment. "Where are we going next?"

"Slateport" said Luke. "We need to meet up with Red."


The four left the city as dawn came on Silvia's (Steven's old) Milotic. The sun sparkled across the water as the tide retreated. They waved goodbye to Wallace.

They reached Slateport again as the afternoon sun hung in the air.

"Wow" said Zack. "This place got hammered." Elena smacked him behind the head, silently telling him this was a touchy subject.

Luke looked at the man sitting on the old pier. "That's him," said Luke.

As they approached the pier, Luke noticed a boat, not too small, not too large, swaying back and forth in the waves next to Red. It said "S.S. Mantine".

"What's with the boat?" said Zack. "We going somewhere?"

Red looked at the four of them, and beamed. "You did well, Lucas. Your mother would be proud. Come" he said, beckoning towards the boat. "We have much to talk about."

Luke wanted to know now. "But why are we here? What do we need to do?"

"I'll tell you more as we sail to our destination." Red replied, climbing in the vessel.

"And where's our destination?" said Zack, simply jumping in.

Red started the motor. "Not where." he said, replacing his vest with life jacket.



Chapter 5 - Stormy Seas

Zack whispered to Luke, "I think this guy's nuts."

"No." said Red. "I'm not. I just believe in fate. And i've had a bit of... Experience. Have you ever heard of Dialga?"

Luke remembered his father telling him how his mother had seen and even battled Dialga. He always thought it was just a story.

"Well, Dialga is very much real. And you four are going to find him."

"Why would we want to find him?" said Elena. "He sounds terrifying."

"Hell, he'd kill us if we even got close to him." Zack agreed.

"You need to try." said Red. "Because there's a plan in place. And you all need to attempt it. Even if it means your life."

The Shipdeck suddenly got very uncomfortable.

"Ghetsis" he said. "As you know, he broke the Green Orb. He broke the artifact which kept peace throughout the legendary Pokemon of the world. There is no way to fix it. But, we could stop it from happening."

Red continued. "Your mission." He looked at them, staring vacantly. "Should you choose to accept it, is to climb to the top of Mount Coronet, a place known as the Spear Pillar. There, you will find Dialga, a Pokemon who has the power to travel through time. You will travel exactly fifty years into the past, no more, no less, and you will find the reason Ghetsis had the disease or curse, whatever you wish to name it. He has had it since he was around your ages, so fifty years will be enough. Find him, and track him, until you find the reason behind his sickness. Do you understand?"

"Why don't we just go and stop him from destroying the orb directly?" asked Silvia.

"Yah!" said Zack. "That makes a bit more sense."

"It won't work." said Red, without further explanation.

"You don't know that." said Zack.

"Hush, child." said Red. "Maybe if you think before you start talking so fast, then people could understand what your saying."

He turned back facing everyone. "Think about it. You could change the world."

With that, Red disappeared into the cabin.

"I'm out." said Zack. "This guy is on Pechas or something. I don't need to take crap like this."

"Yah, he has a point." said Elena. "I sort of feel like I would be better off stealing scrap than listening to this garbage."

"Wait." said Luke. "You can't just leave."

"Sure we can." said Zack. "We can ride the Charizard."

"That's not what I meant." said Luke. "Think about all of the lives you could save. All the people that won't be homeless. All the cities that won't be destroyed. " He looked down. "All of the kids that will get to go on their journey."

"Yes, yes" said Elena. "We know all that. The world sucks. But we can't change that. Time travel? You can't seriously believe that."

"Accually" said Silvia, finally piping in. "Dialga is a real thing. It really travels back and forth through time." she pulled out a book with a small drawing of Dialga on it.


"See this?" she asked. "It says here that Dialga is actually very famous for its control over the flow of time, and does in fact usually dwell on Mount Coronet. Red was not lying to us."

"Wow..." said Elena. "Where is this place? Is it far?"

"It's in Sinnoh. A good week away from our departure. Think about it. It's not like we have much of a life anyway. If we died trying to negotiate with that thing, it wouldn't really be worse, would it?"

"Interesting logic." said Elena. She considered for a moment. "I'm back in."

"I'm in." said Luke.

Zack just stood. "Ugh, fine, I'm in too."


The next six days were peaceful for the group. Luke later learned that the driver of the boat was actually Mr. Briney, someone he thought was long dead by that fateful day.

Everyone had a certain routine on the boat. Elena fished all day, bringing in the night's food. Silvia had taken to helping Mr. Briney at the wheel. She knew all about the ocean, since she was from an island.

Zack usually took a noontime nap, or cooked dinner for the six of them. Apparently, he had taught himself to cook, because his family didn't care enough to feed him.

"How come you never talk about them?" said Luke one day. "I mean, most of us have lost our family, if you still have one, you should thank Arceus for it."

"Nah." he said. "They were no good, even before we got attacked. They never approved of me doing Pokemon Contests, they always said I should go and do something manly."

"Well, that's just ridiculous." said Luke. "Even though you definitely would a great trainer if you tried."

"Yah" Zack sighed. "I just never really wanted to battle that much. I sort of like showing my Pokemon's inner self, instead of just strength, ya know? My folks don't get that. My dads a champion after all. Of coarse, he disappeared after the attacks, so I had my mom to deal with. Not to mention four younger brothers."

"Don't you think you should have stayed to look after them?" asked Luke.

"Nah. I've been takin' care of them for five years, and now maybe she can learn a thing or two about parenting. Her fault for gettin so... busy... In the first place."

"Amen." said Luke.


The sun was setting on the horizon as the group ate their supper, caught by Elena and cooked by Zack.

"So, how much longer do we have till we get there?" said Silvia.

"According to my bearings," Mr Briney replied, a mouth full of food. "We should be there in two days."

"That's good." Red said. "We will land in Pastoria Harbor and get our way to the top of Mt. Coronet."

"How are we going to get to the peak?" said Elena. "We're hardly climbing professionals."
"I know a few pathways up." said Red. "would be hard to do if I didn't."

"Then?" said Zack.

"Then, we cross that bridge when we come to it."

It was 2AM when Luke noticed that Silvia wasn't in her bunk.

He drearily walked about the ship, looking. Finally, he found her staring off the bow.

"Your still awake?" he said.

"I can't sleep. You know how I said Steven visited me periodically? Well he hasn't since we left. I don't know what it is. Something is wrong, Luke. We're doing something wrong."

"Seems pretty right for me." said Luke. "What could be wrong?"

"I have no idea." she said. "I just wish he would come to me again."

"You miss him, don't you?" Said Luke.

She just sat there. She just sat there and looked.
"I miss him so much..." she held back a few tears. "He was the best Dad. He was always there. And he's dead. He's gone.."

"You have Wallace, don't you?"

"I did. And then I came on this stupid last stab at a normal life. We're going to die, aren't we?"

"No..." said Luke. "We aren't. We are going to make it through this. And I promise, we will change the world."

"It won't bring him back," she was crying now.

"Accually, it will. If we stop this from happening, all those cities, all those people who are gone will have never been destroyed. Everything will be as it was."

"And if we don't?" she asked.

"Then we die trying" said Luke.


The next day went on as usual. Zack was cooking, Silvia and Mr. Briney were driving, and Elena was fishing.

Before long, she felt a hard tug on her rod. And another. Another.

She began reeling. It wasn't easy. This was one big fish.

"Hey guys!" she yelled. "Get over here. I got something!"

Luke and Zack came running, the other three being busy.
The three of them pulled at once. Soon, the shadow came into view.

With one final tug, the huge creature came out. It was all too familiar.

"KYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" The huge cobalt sea monster soared over the boat and onto the other side of it.

Luke dropped the rod. Memories of Kyogre flowed back to him, all at once. He was no longer a toughened and experienced person on a quest for life or death, no, he was a child again, crying in the basement, listening to the sounds of death, of his father...

The boot lurched in the rough seas. Kyogre made a storm brew, and the sky was opened up. It rained more than any other place on the earth. The ship had entered its territory. And it was not happy.

"Luke!" Zack looked over at Luke, who was too preoccupied staring blankly at the monster to figure out what was happening. Zack grabbed him and pulled him into the cabin with the others, nearly missing the jet of water spraying the starboard.

The group stood in the claustrophobic ship cabin, panicking.

"What do we do?" said Silvia. The ship lurched the other way, sending pots and fishing rods hurling at them.

A fishing trophy hit Red in the head, knocking him out, leaving his head bloodied.

"Now what!" yelled Zack. He looked over to Luke. "Luke! Snap out of it, man! We need you here!"

Luke wasn't in the position to give an answer. he just sat there. "Dad?" he said. "Where are you?"

As the beast once again hit the side of the boat, the entire thing split, splitting an open crevice to the crashing ocean between them. Unconscious Red and the struggling Silvia were stranded in the other side. She was really close to falling into the quickly sinking boat.

Luke snapped out of it when he saw Silvia slip. He sprang forward to the edge and grabbed her hand.

"Charizard!" said Elena. "Fly us out!" the Black dragon appeared, and Elena climbed on. Soon after, Zack pulled up Luke, who pulled up Silvia, who pulled up red. Charizard began ascending as the last of the boat sunk into Kyogre's domain. Mr. Briney was in the privy. Luke made a silent reminder to say a prayer or something for him later.

"What's going on?" said Red as he awoke.

"We're getting out of here." said Luke. Charizard growled. "Grah!"

"She can't hold all of us!" said Elena. "We can't go higher!"

Red looked back down at the monster about to swallow them. "Luke, look at me."
Luke turned around.

"Your going to change the world." said Red. "When you get to the top of the mountain, yell for Dialga, he will come. And remember, don't give up. Do you understand?"

"Wait." said Luke, not quite catching on. "Why are you telling me this?"

Red just beamed. "You have you mothers eyes..." He stood up.

"We're not going to make it!" yelled Elena. "Charizard can't hold us!"

"No." said Luke. "You can't do this. We need you the most. We need you to lead the way!" he had tears in his eyes.

"Wrong." Red looked down. "You are the one who leads the way."

With that final remark, Red jumped off of the black Charizard and into the mouth of the legendary monster.

Luke looked away.

"What?!" said Zack. "Why did he just do that?!?!"

Kyogre seemed satisfied, and started swimming up back under the waters.

"We have some bigger problems at the moment," said Elena. The sea was still rough and Charizard was still having trouble flying.

Finally, a huge wave hit them directly, snuffing Charizard's tail and sending them spiraling downwards.

"Brace yourselves!" said Elena.

They hit the water, slashing to the bottom.


Luke opened his eyes to find himself facedown on a patch of sand. He turned over and brushed it off the best he could. The sky was dark and cloudy.

"Charizard? Where are you girl?" Elena yelled.

"Luke and Silvia are gone, and all you care about is that stupid Pokemon?" Zack was yelling. His red hair was dark and wet, and Elena was sopping as well. They could be dead! Not to mention Red is long gone too. We don't even know where we are!"

"You should have jumped off instead of Red. Than, at least, we would know what to do." said Elena coldly.

"Hey, I'm not the one who reeled that thing in!" said Zack.

Luke couldn't listen to this. "SHUT UP!" he yelled.

"Luke!" Elena and Zack rushed over. Luke tried to get up, only to get a sharp spike of pain in his leg.

"Don't get up." said Elena. "Your hurt." she was right. He had a jagged peace of wood in his leg. His jeans were coated in dark blood around it.

"We need to get you to a hospital." said Zack.

"Where's Silvia?" said Luke.

"We aren't sure" said Elena. "We lost her when we went under."

Luke didn't pursue his current thought more, he didn't want to.

"Zack" said Elena. "Go find someone who can help. I'm going to stay here with him."

"No" Luke said through gritted teeth. "We're going to go look for her."
He got up and started walking. Suddenly, he was so lightheaded from blood loss, he fell back down. Luke collapsed back on the sand, blacking out once again.


This time, Luke awoke on a soft bed. He opened his eyes to see a brightly lit hospital room. He had a cast on his leg, and he noticed Elena's Charizard in the room adjacent to him, tail unlit, but still breathing lightly.

"I'm glad your awake." Silvia said to Luke. He hadn't even noticed her standing next to him.

"What happened?" he asked.

"After we hit the water, I woke up on the other side of the beach, I went to go get help, and soon, me and that man out there," she pointed to a man outside the room with rugged features and a deep tan. "We came and found you three. When I got there, you were on the ground. We all thought you were dead. Thank Arceus we were wrong."

The Nurse walked in and started talking as Silvia walked back out.

She fluffed Luke's pillow and said "It's very lucky your alive. If your friend there hadn't come and found our student nurse, you wouldn't be laying here. You'll be fine in a day or two, but that Charizard will take longer. Call me if you need anything." The nurse left the room again.

As the night went on, everybody came in at one point or another and filled Luke in. He didn't like being immobilized like this. Soon, they all came in together.

"How are you feeling?" said Zack.

"Better, thanks. Nurse says I can start walking again tomorrow."

"So..." said Elena. "What's our next step?" They all looked at Luke.

"Don't look at me." said Luke. "I'm no leader."

"But you are." said Silvia. "You're the reason we are here. You call the shots."

Luke remembered what Red had said before he dropped. "You are the one who leads the way"

"Ok, then." he said. "We need to continue the mission. We need to get to the top of Mount Coronet."

"Excuse me," the rugged man who had supposedly saved Luke piped up. "but I could help with that. I'm also a mountain climber, you see. I can get you to the top in the next few days." He smiled.

"Perfect." said Zack. "We can still do it!"

Silvia nodded. "Yah, we are going to make it. But, Elena, what about your Charizard?"

"She will be fine" said Elena. Luke looked at the expression on her face.

"No." Luke said. "Stay here. You need to stay with your Pokemon. She's all the family you have."

"But, I want to help." said Elena.

"You can catch up to us." Luke replied. "We'll wait for you."

He looked around. He had a tear in his eye.

"Thank you all." he said. "For still wanting to do this. And thank you too." he looked at the man. "I'm Luke. This is Elena, Silvia, and Zack. Who are you?"

The man smiled. "Im Glad to help. My name is Brock."

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