View Full Version : Together; a short story

15th February 2012, 8:30 PM
Here is a very short story I wrote based in a picture I drew. Please leave comments about it, and bear in mind that I am a kid.
I sat on my own, holding it. The moon shone and the wind made the grass sway in the starlight. I clutched it to my thumping chest, feeling the first tear run down my cheek and onto the dark grass. I wondered what happened to the tear, and the others after they left my face; just like I wonder what happened to him after he left this earth.
Why him? I loved him. Anyone could have done it, but at least someone would be sad, whoever did it. Only I was still sad though. I was closest to him. Then it took him. On that day that was supposed to be happy. We were happy. Together.

I hope you liked it.