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19th February 2012, 5:38 AM
2-2 lilligant
2/2 flitini/v-blast
1 cleffa
3-1-2 vileplume
1 celebii prime
1 FA reshiram EX
1 FA regigigas EX
1 shaymin UL

3 prism
6 grass

1 IQ
1 eviolite
2 twins
4 copycat
1 cheren
3 dual ball
4 communication
3 rare candy
2 seeker
1 N
1 flower shop lady
1 burned tower
1 bianca
1 black belt

I know it look's effed up, but I shut down or crush you so it's all good, i also like the option of T1 reshiram after paralyzing and poisoning shizz for awhile, this however has the best matchup against mewtwo as every card is made to either shutdown, ohko, or tank mewtwo.

26th February 2012, 6:04 PM
IF you want to poison and confuse, use Amounguss NDE. It's ability lets you poison and confuse the defending pokemon when you play it down. With Seeker or SSU, you could play it with catcher to poison and confuse a certain pokemon. You don't need the full art versions of cards, but its all good. You don't need Regigigas, and you could probably drop the Victini lines for a psychic type that can do 90 damage or more. You should drop burned tower, bianca, and cheren becaue they aren't needed either. Replace Dual Ball with Collector, and the list would look like this

-2-2 liligant
- 1 regigigas EX
- 1 cheren
-1 Bianca
-1 Burned tower
- 3 dual ball
- 2-2 Victini

I can't think of anything else.

27th February 2012, 5:35 AM
Obviously from the fact of saying that burned tower is not needed explains to me that you have no idea how this deck work's so let me explain this in better derelict

Lilligant+vileplume+fliptini = you can't do anything.

(oh and lilligant is paralyze+poison, if I confuse you you can still retreat and ohko my useless active so no thats just a bad idea entering this equation, turning this from you can't do anything to, I'm dead next turn)

Dual ball is a much more faster and superior card in this deck then collector considering that if I waste my supporter turn to not get a rare candy out of my deck I have to basically waste another turn to try and get a rare candy and vileplume in hand for setup, mewtwo counter I have the fastest psychic weakness counter in the entire format and yet you say no, I need regular supporter's to be used once trainer lock is setup so I don't slow down, the biggest issue for trainer lock deck's is that they're whole T/S/S line is supporter's that are only designated for grabing vileplume, but only get t3 at best, I get t2 result's with T/S/S made for t3 at max, but once trainer lock is setup, not much is left for attacking use's because it's only made to evo, which is why people reduce the line as much as possible to allow other kinds of play, at the sametime I don't use the same engine but manage a regular t2, but find the issue of only being able to use re-draw cards once there after, therfore putting in cards that allow my to draw more without wasting bench space but is willing to reduce the deck to I can increase my chances of drawing what I need it's actually considered a staple in this deck.