View Full Version : Growth Shock and Psycho Flare halfdecks

20th February 2012, 6:23 PM
So my sister and I made these half decks, (we usually play like that) there neat so I wanted to share them with you:

Growth Shock:
X1 Shaymin EX
X1 Zekrom
X2 Jigglypuff
X1 Wigglytuff
X2 Hitmonchan
X2 Blitzle
X2 Rattata
X2 Raticate
X2 Kricketot
X1 Kricketune
X1 Life Herb
X1 Bench Shield
X2 Professer Oak's New Therory
X2 Professer Juniper
and some Fighting, Grass, Electric energy
Psycho Flare

X1 Regigigas EX
X1 Darmintian (Zen Mode)(Next Destines)
X1 Arcanine
X1 Lampent
X1 Reshiram
X2 Grimer
X2 Litwick
X2 Growlithe
X2 Darumaka
X2 Mime Jr.
X3 Elygem
X1 Beheeyem
X2 Pokemon Center
X3 Cilan
X1 Battle City
and some Psychic/Fire energies

My strategie: Discard your opponent's deck and change your opponent's hand with Mime Jr. + Beheeyem, then get more energies with Cilan to make Darmintian's DarMAXitan attack do ton's of damage, while Reshiram does high damage with a small effect and Regigigas EX does high damage if hurt by opponent's like Gardetwo.

Sister's: Get more damage done with Shaymin EX, keeping you close to winning with Revenge Blast doing high damage for how much prize card's your foe's taken. While Shaymin blast's, Zekrom zap's with Bolt Strike, doing high damage and doing some recoil, which will work with Wigglytuff making the defending Pokemon asleep, meaning sweet paths. And with Kricketune doing some serious draining, EX's become sleeping healbots, leaving nothing behind!