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23rd February 2012, 8:04 PM
Rated PG


I walked ahead, up in to the great metropolis. Greeted by millions of people, daily. I strolled to Castelia’s Main Street, almost hit by six cars when crossing the road once. “Joyous,” I muttered to myself.

I wore a black T-Shirt with a pair of jeans. I thought about how my science “project”, and how it could help the world. My thoughts were soon interrupted by a gangster, armed with two PokéBalls in his hands.

“Hey, nitwit! Don’t bump into me like that, you bloody idiot!” Like the typical gangster, he soon sent out his Pokémon for a battle, a Scrafty. I could see the anger boiling up in him.

Grinning, I tossed a PokéBall with an indentation on the top as far up in the sky as I could.

“Aw, little nerd forfeiting. Fine, Scrafty will just beat YOU up!” yelled the gangster. His Scrafty punched and kicked me with full force, and I was forced to dodge and counter his moves. I caught him in mid-Drain Punch, then pushed him on the floor. The PokéBall I had thrown up came flying down, glowing white. It signaled that it had caught a Pokémon. I shoved my cartridge into the sphere, and chanted seemingly random incantations.

“A2E6ED364...” My chanting went on until the PokéBall glowed green, then I said “Enter.” I threw out the Pokémon trapped inside the sphere. It was a Pidgey, chirping and pecking at the ground.

“You’re fighting me with a PIDGEY!?” The gangster then chortled. “What kind of-” His chattering was interrupted by a glowing green light around the little bird. It arched its back, and grew ten times its size. The feathers smoothed out, and after the glowing stopped, emerged a Lugia. I grinned. My device, no, his device, had worked.

“Wha...” said the gangster in complete confusion. Lugia, in rage for calling him weak, blasted him with a Hydro Pump and sent his Scrafty right into his face.

“You can complain to me when people bump you like THAT.” I smirked after my comment, returned Lugia to its indented PokéBall, and dashed to work.

The reign of the Action Replay had begun.

(Get over it, I know it's short)

23rd February 2012, 11:04 PM
Interesting... I'll be waiting for another chapter to come out...

24th February 2012, 10:57 PM
Hm... Really intresting...
Can't wait for more