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24th February 2012, 11:19 PM
Rated PG-14 Tragedy.
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The arbok can talk, has hypnotic powers, and is a sixty foot shiny Arbok with red scales and green spots on his hood

One day Dawn and misty were sitting in Dawn’s room talking about what kind of pokemon they should adopt. Misty “How about a Pikachu? They are so cute.”
Dawn “Yeah Pikachu’s are cute, but I was thinking more along the snake pokemon.”
Misty “that sounds cool lets adopt an Arbok!”
Dawn “Yeah I hear they are really cool.”
Girls “ok lets adopt an ARBOK!!!!”

So the Girls drove the 10 and a half miles to the pokemon adoption agency so that they can adopt an Arbok.
Dawn “Hello do you have any Arbok that can be adopted?”
Manager “Well hello there your looking for an Arbok.”
Misty “Yes sir we want to adopt one. Do you have any?”
Manager “let me look in the back.”
A few minutes later the manager came back with a sixty foot red Arbok.
Manager “ok that will be 2 hundred pokedollars.’
Dawn “But we only have 150 pokedollars we won’t be able to adopt him.”
The manager thought about it for a second the he said “I know I’ll give him to you for 1 hundred, and you can buy supplies with the extra 50 pokedollars.”
Girls. “Really thank you so much sir.”

So Dawn and Misty were able to adopt the red Arbok. They took him home and let him Explore for a while.
Dawn’s Mother “Dawn what is this huge Arbok doing here?”
Dawn ‘well you and Misty’s mom said we can adopt a pokemon, and we choose this red Arbok.’
Dawn’s Mother “Ok but I’m not cleaning up after him young lady that is your responsibility.”
Dawn “Ok mom I understand.”

End of Chapter 1

24th February 2012, 11:20 PM
It’s a Saturday and Dawn was laying down in Arboks coils while he slept.

It’s been a week since Dawn, and Misty adopted Arbok they choose to name him Flame. He has been doing really well with this new life style, and the grils have been doing a very good job taking care of him. Little did they know that he was going to eat them.

Dawn “I wonder when Misty is going to come back from camp I sure do miss her.”
Flame “I’m sure she will be back before you know it.”

Dawn stared at Flame with fear and bewilderment, and then she said “did you just talk Flame “Yes I did, and I also have hypnotic powers.”
Dawn “really that is so cool. I have always wondered what it was like to be hypnotized.”

Flame “well maybe I can help you out with that.”
Dawn “Really that would be so cool.”
Flame “Are you ready?”
Dawn “Yeah let me have it.”
Flame “Ok here goes.”

So Flame hypnotized Dawn and started to make her do all kinds of things.
He made her do backflips, frontflips,and even cartwheels. After about an hour of making Dawn do tricks Flame asked “so Dawn do your muscles hurt?”
Dawn “Yes they do.”
Flame “Would you like a massage?”
Dawn “Sure that would be great.”
Flame “Ok get into your swimming suit, and we will begin.”

So Dawn went to the Bath room and got into her swimming suit, and when she cam out Flame said “Ok Dawn here we go.” He started coiling her at the feet and went up to the neck then he started to vibrate his coils. Dawn liked it so much it completely relaxed her muscles.

End of chapter 2

25th February 2012, 4:35 AM
It was Sunday Morning and Dawn woke up underneath Flames coils. She was being crushed a little from his weight.
Dawn “Man what happened last night.”
Flame “You were hypnotized, and I gave you a massage.”
Dawn “oh now I remember.”
Flame “So did you like being hypnotized for the first time?”
Dawn “Yeah I did it was fun.”
Flame “Would you like to do it again?”
Dawn “Sure, but after breakfast.”
Flame “Ok deal.”

So Dawn and Arbok went down stairs to eat breakfast. Dawn’s breakfast was oatmeal with apple juice. Arboks meal was three pikachus and an energy drink that is made to help Arboks with their speed and strength. Dawn just sat for awhile and stared in amazement at how the pikachus slid down his throat. After they were both done eating they both went upstairs to Dawns room.
Flame “ok Dawn you promised.”
Dawn “I know I’m ready.”
Flame “ok here I go.”

So Flame hypnotized Dawn for the second time. Flame “So Dawn I bet Misty would enjoy this to.
Dawn “Yeah I’ll give her a call right now. She should be back from camp today.”

Misty was sitting down on the couch watching tv when the phone rang. “Hello who is it?”
Dawn “Hey Misty do you want to come over?”
Misty “What do you want?”
Dawn “I want to show you a new trick Flame learned.”
Misty “Sure Dawn I haven’t seen Flame in awhile I’m sure he’ll be happy to see me.”
Dawn "Bring your swimsuit to."
Misty "Ok Dawn but i don't know what this has to do with the trick you told me Arbok learned."
Dawn "Don't worry about it Misty."
Misty "Ok Dawn I'll trust you."

So Misty told her mom she was going out, and got on her bike to go to Dawn’s house. She had no idea it would be a trap.

End of Chapter 3
Will continue and maybe end in Chapter 4

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