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Pokea X
2nd March 2012, 9:14 PM
I've had this idea floating around in my head for a while. So I decided to put it into words. Yeah.


"Boy, this security system is sure complicated. Must have cost a lot of money."

Suddenly, an electric zap is heard, and a smell of smoke fills the air.

"Too bad for them!"

"Stop messing around, idiot! Do you want to get caught?!"

"Caught, shmaught. We'd escape anyways."

"Yeah, but then we woulda failed our mission, and you know how much the boss don't like failed missions."

"Whatever. Let's just grab the Pokemon and scram."

The thieves were quiet as they advanced through the Laboratory. Soon, they found the door to the Pokeball room. Of course, it had a security code, but it was barely anything as far as they were concerned. Those Pokemon were as good as theirs.

Golett was jarred awake as it's Pokeball was roughly dumped into a bag. It attempted to let itself out, but the Pokeball was under too much pressure. Golett sat down and sighed, which was rather interesting considering it had no mouth. It remembered it's instructions from long ago, as all of it's species did; to protect humans and Pokemon alike. How was it supposed to do that stuck in a Pokeball? It decided to use Iron Defense so it wouldn't be bothered by all of the movement around it, and could think more clearly.

The Pokemon thieves were just about to climb into their getaway truck, when suddenly, one of them tripped and fell, scattering Pokeballs all over the place. As they attempted to pick up the Pokeballs, a light clicked on in the lab. Panicking, they grabbed the bag and left with the Pokeballs they had manged to retrieve, which was about all of them.

Well, all but four.

Golett woke up, suddenly realizing that it had drifted off to sleep during the night. It listened a few moments, but everything was still. It tried letting itself out of the Pokeball, and this time succeeded. Looking around, it found itself in the streets of Nuvema town, and saw three other Pokeballs. Activating the release mechanism, it stepped back as the Pokemon appeared. There were two baby Omanyte, and one little Pichu. They had recently been bred by their trainer before his departure to explore the unknown areas of Unova. The Omanyte started playing with each other, while Pichu started scampering around. Suddenly, Pichu climbed up onto Golett's shoulder and squealed playfully. Gollet decided that the baby Pokemon should be with their trainer for safekeeping, and started to head to his house, only to remember that he wouldn't be there. Gollet had an idea of where their trainer was going, so he gathered up the babies, with Pichu still on his shoulder, and started off on a journey that would eventually bring them to their trainer. However, they would soon find that there was more than they expected to traveling in Unova!

3rd March 2012, 3:54 PM
It's a little short, but since it's a prologue I think we can let that go.

On the whole, this seems to have potential. It will be interesting to see what happens to this Golett and the baby Pokemon and hopefully we'll find out more about the Pokemon thieves.

Just one little point - its, when used to mean "belonging to it" does not have an apostrophe. Other than that, good job.

3rd March 2012, 4:01 PM
I really like the idea of this! Gollet is a great Pokemon. I bet he evolves in a battle with the thieves.

Good job!

3rd March 2012, 5:15 PM
Gollet is spelled Golett. Very short, even for a prolouge... Otherwise I will keep posted.

Pokea X
3rd March 2012, 6:08 PM
Thanks for the feedback, guys! I have some plans for evolving the team, but first we need to get this journey on the road!

Chapter 1

Golett was getting a bit tired of traveling. Granted, they were only on Route 1, but it was rather exasperating trying to keep the little ones from hurting themselves. Not an easy task when they kept wandering off and encountering wild Pokemon. Golett had already battled three Patrat and a Lillipup, just because the babies couldn't stay out of trouble. Suddenly, the Omanyte twins ran ahead, an impressive feat considering they could barely walk. As Golett ran after them, with Pichu on it's shoulder, it wondered where their above-average speed had come from. Ignoring the thought, it raced onward, only to nearly trip over the Omanyte twins, who had stopped in the middle of the road. Pichu, however, couldn't hang onto Golett, and was sent flying...straight into the tall grass!

Golett and the Omanyte twins started looking for Pichu, but they couldn't find anything except a few faint paw prints. Noticing something odd about the prints, Golett examined them, finding them to be Purrloin tracks. Obviously, this was highly odd, as Purrloin weren't usually found on Route 1, preferring to make their territories on Routes 2 and 3. Worried, Golett gestured for the Omanyte twins to follow it. Following the tracks, it eventually came to the edge of a large clearing, where it saw something that didn't make sense. Patrat were gathered in a large group, scuttling to and fro. A Purrloin laid in the middle, being waited on hand and foot by the Patrat. Suddenly, it all clicked into place. Purrloin are carnivorous, and Patrat was a natural food source. It must've been threatening the Patrat into making them it's servants! Looking around, Gollet caught sight of Pichu, tangled up in some grass by the other side of the clearing. If Purrloin caught sight of the little Mouse Pokemon, it would find Pichu nothing but an exotic snack! Golett was the only one who knew how to use attacks, though the others had moves that had been bred down. Golett started circling around the clearing, when suddenly, a Patrat, seeing Pichu grabbed it and brought it to the Purrloin! Regarding Pichu with a look that obviously said 'You're small, but you'll do', Purrloin started batting at Pichu with it's sharp claws. Thankfully, Pichu was small and agile, but Purrloin would hit it soon enough. Golett stormed into the clearing and ran for Pichu, shoving Patrat out of the way when they tried to stop him. Purrloin mewed, ordering the Patrat to come at Golett from all directions, effectively halting it's progress. Surrounded, Golett had no choice but to stop. It raised its leg, and then stomped the ground extremely hard, creating a Magnitude power of 8, felling the Patrat. Now the battle was just Golett and Purrloin.

Purrloin looked at Golett with disdain, making it clear that it intended to win this battle. After all, Purrloin had the advantage with it's Dark type against Golett's Ghost type. Suddenly, Purrloin leaped at Golett with its body radiating a dark aura. Golett dodged the Pursuit attack, surprised. This Purrloin had obviously been training a lot to get to at least Level 15. Gollet charged up Dynamic Punch, but it's fist shone a color like iron due to it's Iron Fist ability. Golett launched the attack, but Purrloin nimble leaped out of the way. Golett fired a Mega Punch, but Purrloin countered with Fury Swipes. The battlers fought on, but the battle was obviously going towards a victory from Purrloin. As they were battling Pichu scampered over to the Omanyte twins, hiding in case any of the Patrat woke up. They had been watching the whole battle, and Pichu was feeling worried and scared. They were never going to make it! Purrloin was just too fast! Pichu realized that unless something happened to the Purrloin to cut it's speed, it would all be over. Watching on, it saw Golett getting pummeled, and it's worry was replaced by anger at Purrloin for hurting it's friend. Pichu's electric sacs started crackling, surprising both Pichu and the Omanyte twins. Pichu could feel the electricity building up power, until suddenly, with a large CRACK!, it was released.

Purrloin had no chance to dodge. By the time it saw the Thunder Wave attack coming towards it, it was too late. The attack hit right on target, effectively paralyzing Purrloin and slowing it's movements. Golett took the opporunity to launch another Dynamic Punch, this time hitting Purrloin with it. Purrloin went flying, and landed with a thud in the tall grass, knocked out.

As the sun started to set, Golett and friends strode off further on Route 1, with Golett hoping to get to their next campsite before dark. After the Purrloin had woken up, it was driven away by Golett, freeing the Patrat from it's control. Golett doubted that they wouldn't encounter that Purrloin again, but next time, they would certainly be ready for it. Next stop, Accumula Town!

3rd March 2012, 6:29 PM
Nice chapter. Very descriptive battle!

Pokea X
17th April 2012, 10:16 PM
Wow, it's really been over a month? I really AM lazy. I mean, at least a Slaking will attack every other turn. But, all of that time spent lazing around has given me insightful insight in reference to this chapter's plot. So, after a month, here is my triumphant return!(Maybe)

Golett was tired from walking down Route 1. Though this doesn't make much sense at first, as Golett are literally the 'Automaton' Pokemon, if you think about it, the energy the produce inside themselves is burned off, and may need time to recharge if continuous, strenuous activity takes place. If you remember, Golett recently fought a Purrloin and took some heavy damage.

Since it was so tired, it recalled Pichu, Amy, and Omy to their Pokeballs so it would take less time to get to Accumula Town. It stored the Pokeballs inside it's hollow body, as the energy source only took up the center of it. Suddenly, Golett heard crying. As it went over to investigate it, he found a boy about age 10 sitting in the tall grass, sobbing. Golett's ancient programming kicked in, and it went over to see if the boy was all right. It walked right up to him, but the boy was apparently too upset to notice. The boy was saying something, but it was hard to make out, and Golett had to strain to hear it.

"I don't want to be a Trainer!" The boy sobbed. "I want to just have a normal life like my friends! I wish my parents could accept that I don't want to go!"

The boy started sobbing a lot at this point, making all attempts at understanding words quite useless. After a few minutes, the boy seemed to run out of tears, and blearily looked around, finally noticing Golett. He jumped a bit, then realized what it was.

"Hey, you're a Golett, aren't you?"

Golett couldn't really speak human language quite yet, so it just nodded.

"Golett are supposed to help people out, right?"

Golett nodded again.

"Well, if that's the case..." The boy seemed to stop and think for a moment, and then his face lit up.

"Hey, I know! I'll give you my Trainer Registration Papers, and return home! When they ask what happened to them, I'll just say a Pokemon took them! What do you say?"

Golett had no idea what it would do with the registration papers, but it nodded it's head anyways.

"Really?! Thanks!"

The boy gave Golett the papers, and started running off towards Nuvema Town.

"Thanks again! Bye!"

Golett looked at the papers to discover that they weren't even filled out yet. It decided that it would fill them out just for fun, and then get rid of them somehow. It then turned back onto the main path and started walking again.

It took about another half an hour to get to the Pokemon Center, and Golett's energy source was just about burnt up. It walked into the waiting area across from the PokeMart area and sat down. It found a pen someone had dropped, and started filling out the Trainer Application. After it was done, it walked around in hopes of finding a recycling bin. Finding none, it decided to just take everyone up to the counter to be healed. When the nurse had healed the Pokemon, Golett started to leave.

"Oh, wait!" The nurse called. "That looks like a Trainer Application. Could you bring it to me, please?"

Golett went back and handed her the paper. The nurse read through it and put it down, looking for something. Eventually, she found it, and gave it to Golett. It was a trainer card. No info was on it yet, but there was a little square that explained to take it to any PokeMart to have it put on.

"There you go!" The nurse said. "You can deliver that to your trainer. Have a safe trip!"

Golett tried to explain that he wasn't here on his trainer's behalf, but could only speak Pokesangish, the language of Pokemon. Therefore, he was directed to the PokeMart to have his information filled out. The person running that Application Corner barely glanced at Golett before he said anything.

"Sorry, but you're going to have to bring the trainer in or show me some kind of I.D., bud. No exceptions."

Golett was rather confused at this point, and pointed to itself to try and make it clear that no I.D. was with him. In a strange twist of fate that happens to be a crucial plot point, the person thought Golett was the person applying for the Trainer Card.

"So, they're handing these things out to Pokemon now? Huh. Well, I've got to say, you're the first Pokemon Trainer I've ever seen that's an actual Pokemon!"

Despite Golett's somewhat useless attempts at communication, the Card was filled out, and Golett was sent on it's way with the complementary five starting Pokeballs. As it walked through the town, it wondered exactly what a Pokemon Trainer was supposed to do. Shrugging off it's doubts, it brought everyone out of their Pokeballs, and Pichu climbed on it's shoulder again. It was time to set out to the next town!