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6th March 2012, 12:50 AM
Welcome to d4rkest’s Happy Place

I am making this shop because my signature was getting too small lol.
This is a 4th gen shop. I function on Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5) so please take note of that when you ask for a trade. Please no hacks and I will not give you a hack (to the best of my knowledge). Please be as specific as possible as to what you want (ie. nature, abiilty, gender) and what you’re offering.
I may take requests to breed for a specific IV/nature or egg moves depending solely on my mood =P
I will NOT EV train or infect with pkrs.


Charmander w/ DD & outrage
Machop w/ ice, fire, thunder, bullet punch
Tentacool w/ rapid spin
Eevee w/ wish
Dratini w/ extremespeed
Totodile w/ DD
Pichu w/ volt tackle
Shroomish w/ spore
Roselia w/ sleep powder & leaf storm
Absol w/ mean look & baton pass
Bagon w/ DD
Gible w/ outrage
Riolu w/ agility & crunch

Adamant 31 atk chimchar w/ blaze kick & thunderpunch
Adamant 31 atk scizor w/ u-turn
Adamant 31 spe larvitar w/ DD & outrage
Adamant 31 atk absol
Impish 31 def skarmory w/ roost, brave bird, & whirlwind
Jolly 31 atk beldum
Modest 31 spe piplup w/ agility, surf, ice beam, & grass knot
Timid 31 spe gastly w/ shadowball, dark pulse, thunderbolt, & focus blast
Timid 31 spe togepi w/ extrasensory
Timid 31 spe rotom w/ shadow ball & thunderbolt

M Timid 31 hp/spe togepi (serene grace)
M Timid 31 spa/spe togepi (serene grace)
M adamant 31 hp/atk larvitar
F adamant 31 atk/def larvitar
F adamant 31 atk larvitar
Brave 31 hp/atk/spa beldum
Timid 31 spa/spe rotom
UT level 50 serious azelf
UT level 50 docile azelf
UT level 45 lonely ho-oh
Jap level 50 calm articuno (some exp & knows fly) found off GTS
Level 51 hardy zapdos (nicknamed ITSELECTRI) found off GTS
UT shiny level 25 brave noctowl
UT shiny level 22 hardy drifloon

Embedded tower Kyogre
Mew, Celebi, The Regis, Latias, Jirachi, Deoxys, All Sinnoh legendaries
TMs 24, 26, 31, 51, & 71
PP ups, PP maxes, rare candies, evolutionary held items

Pokemon to fill my dex

12th April 2012, 3:10 AM
What would you offer for a solrock, castform, and tropius to fill part of your pokedex?