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Alexis Quinn
6th March 2012, 8:25 PM
Please enjoy my fan fic ^-^. This chapter is G for the most part, but due to the direction I'm going to take it it's safe for me to give the entire fan-fic(by that meaning future chapters) a PG-13 rating... This might seem like a journey fic, but trust me... it won't be that for long....

Anja didn’t really need anything more in her life. She lived in a friendly small village and was rather happy there. Her neighbours were all friendly towards her and she had a comfortable job at the local market. She loved living in such a small community, because she ever so often became shy and sometimes even a little frightened while meeting new people, but sometimes she wished she’d have the courage to actually do something, go out into the world and meet new people. It was a small thought, but it was still always in the back of her head.

In the three years she’d lived there she had not done anything of significance, except for work and hanging out with her best friend Zoey, who would most of the time just go on and on about her undying love for pokemons. On one particular Sunday morning Zoey was hyped up as had become the norm for her. That morning she burst into Anja’s house with a giant smile on her face.

“Anja it is time” she yelled.

This was way too fast of an entrance for Anja who was startled by all of this.

“For what?” Anja asked while catching her breath.

“For you to get your very own Pokemon!” Zoey continued.

Anja rubbed her eyes having just woken up 15 minutes prior.

“You want me to get a Pokemon?” Anja asked.

“Yes! Yes! Professor Oak is in town and is giving it to new trainers”

“I really don’t want to bother him” Anja said.

“Nonsense, I won’t take no for an answer”

Zoey grabbed Anja’s arm and dragged her along whilst running out the door in the direction to the market place. At arrival they saw an old man standing behind a counter that had a lot of pokeballs laying on it. Both Zoey & Anja had never seen so many pokeballs in one place.

“Let’s get it line...” Zoey mumbled.

They stood there as the line of many children and teenagers alike got smaller and smaller. In a matter of minutes they were in front of the counter. There was no one behind them, which took the pressure off.

“Good morning ladies”

“Good morning Oak! My friend here needs a pokemon!” Zoey said, speaking quietly for the first time in days.

“Is that so, I’m afraid that I’ve only got 5 left.” Oak said.

“I have Delibird, Mawile, Metang & Spoink. Nobody really wanted them. I guess my usual starters are more popular with kids these days” he continued as he let them out for the girls to see.

Anja really tried to look as if she wasn’t being forced to be there. She thought that she could at least look at the Pokemons. She looked at Delibird, Metang & Spoink, which didn’t really impress her. But, when she got a look at the Mawile. She had seen other Mawile before since they were pretty common in a cave outside of the village and they had often been seen near the village at night, but this particular Mawile was something else. It was almost as if she had made some kind of instant connection with it. Anja also felt bad for it, since people were probably just afraid of it, which is why no one chose it.

“I’ll take this one” Anja said as she pointed at the Mawile.
Mawile was aware that he was being chose, although not the smartest pokemon, the Mawile could put two and two together. It grinned as Oak put him back in his pokeball.

“Are you sure?” Oak asked.

“Yes!” Anja said and smiled.

“Alright, here you go!” Oak said.

“Great!” Zoey yelled.

After getting her pokemon, she realeased it so it could walk freely. Anja was under the constant opinion that pokemon may feel rejected being stuck in a pokeball all day. When Anja arrived home she couldn’t help, but to give her Mawile that she named ‘Quinn’ a big hug.

After about an hour of arguing Zoey finally convinced Anja to join her on her pokemon journey. Anja being her usual self of course hesitated at first. The thought of going on a journey and see the region was something that never crossed her mind, for she had already explored a good portion of it before she settled in Magenta Village.

She eventually decided that it was a good idea, not only for herself, but also her new Mawile.
After packing up some supplies and saying goodbye to everyone in the village, Zoey , Anja & Quinn walked down the road to Opal City, where Zoey hoped to get her first gym badge. As they walked down the road they didn’t notice the cameras that were hiding on trees & in bushes along their path.

Far away from Magenta Village there was a man sitting in his chair watching the footage from the cameras. He just sat there in his dark room, the computer screen being the only source of light, which meant only his lower face and his white gloves were visible.

“I’ve finally found you” he said as he leaned towards the screen and chuckled, “...Latias!”