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Long ago, only a century after the world had been created, there existed a floating island known as Sparx. It was an island made of pure and solid gold. Humans and pokemon both coexisted in perfect harmony on Sparx. The floating island hovered about 20 feet away from a bigger island known as Dernia, far away from any of the other regions. Sparx was floating about 30 feet above the ocean. Dernia was an island of nothing but snow, so it was always cold there. But not cold enough to not have anyone living there though. Sparx's life was maintained by a gem known as the Miracle Stone, this stone had the ability to heal anything. This stone flashed each time changing the color of itself. But it could not bring back life that was dead, even it had its limitations.

Suddenly, the other regions of the Pokemon World began to slowly lose its ability to sustain life. Fire could no longer be started, water was drying out, the wind wouldn't blow, the soil seemed to lose its quality, people felt lifeless and natural disasters occured more and more often. It seemed as if the whole world was going to end if this continued.

One day that's exactly what happened. The world was in total chaos: fire consumed everything, hurricanes rampaged around the world and earthquakes were ripping everything all over the world. The Earth had truly become a living hell. This is when all the legendary Pokemon came together to quickly think of a solution to restore peace to the catastrophic world.

There was only one option left: to use the Miracle Stone to heal the planet once and for all. But, the only problem was that Sparx would be destroyed in the process. They had no choice, with only minutes left until it was all over. The Miracle Stone was taken to the depths of the planet by the legendary Pokemon to heal the planet, they plantined it into the Earth's core. A a wave of green energy engulfed the entire planet and the whole world came to a stand still it seemed. When the light faded, the world was once again living and tranquil.

But unfortunately, Sparx was slowly disintegrating. Just as all hope seemed lost to save the thriving gold island, an ominous dark mist surrounded Sparx. The island was submerged into the depths of the ocean and with a flash of red light, gone without a trace. No one ever found out what happened to Spar or where it went. Some say that the island was teleported into a dimension of destruction, some say it was just destroyed.

Now in the present...

Pokemon and humans live together in harmony, once again. That all changed, the day Sparx arose from a black portal in the sky where it once rested. Five towers arose from each of the regions of the Pokemon World, these four towers sent streams of dark energy to Sparx. The world was not prepared for the war the vile creatures that would be released from the new island. Sparx was now made of some dark crystal and was surrounded by a field of dark energy. On board the island were both people and Pokemon, but they were not like the others. The people were radiating dark auras, there eyes piercing red. There Pokemon no different, dark auras, red eyes and lethal enough to kill. This is the Dark Army of Sparx.

Soon the Dark Army will descend from the floating island but it has an opponent. But the rest of the world has power to and is forming the World Army to combat the Dark Army. The line up consists of the best trainers from all around the world: gym leaders, elite fours and any other help they can get.

But there is a third party involved: the Gaurdians. It is their duty to help stop this catastrophe and restore peace to the world. The story begins in the town of Thalios, on the small island of Dernia.

Chapter 1: It Begins...

A commander wearing armor of silver, stands before a crowd of his fellow soliders. "We will not let these dark beings or whatever the hell they are invade us! And we will destroy them all and send them back to their pathetic island!" He yelled at the crowd and they cheered at his every word. Soon enough they all released their Pokemon, all of them fully evolved and strong. They could not hope to stand against the Dark Army, they know not of their power over the darkness. But there were two people who could stand and actually pose a threat to the Dark Ones, but not on their own. They are the Keepers of the Light: The Gaurdians. They have special gifts that allow them to figh the Dark Ones. They stood under a tree, watching the soldiers gain false confidence and hope in their pointless battle.

Zoey was a girl with long brown hair and warm hazel eyes, with pale white skin. She wore a red tank top, a black jean jacket, with a pair of black jeans. She wore brown boots and held a black belt with slots filled with Poke Balls. She stood next to her partner in Guardian-ship: Daren. He had shoulder-length black hair and crystal blue eyes. His skin was tan and he had an athletic body type. He wore a long sleeved black T-shirt, a light blue jean jacket and matching jeans. On his feet and black boots. Both were very attractive people, they have gifts. These gifts allow them to fight the Dark Ones. As all Gaurdians they could bond with their Pokemon and grow to be amazingly strong together. Gaurdians have great senses, strength and agility making them capable of fighting the Dark Ones. They could also sense dark auras, so they always knew when a Dark One was nearby. Some Guardians have unique abilities all to their own. Zoey has unique the ability to purify dark hearts, but it drains a lot of strength from her. Once they are purified they become immune to being turned into a Dark One. She needs to be fully concentrated and focused. She can also heal the wounds of those who have been hurt. Daren can levitate objects at will and petrify his enemies with fields of energy. They have trained since they were children and can use their abilities to a lethal extent.

Zoey and Daren were here because they knew this would be the first place the Dark Army will strike, since it's also the closest place for them to attack. They were prepared to fight, but this was really to test the strength of the Dark Army and to see if they could hold their own in battle against them. They have advantages but the Dark Soldiers had their own advantages as well, they could release blasts of red energy from their limbs, they had great strength and speed as well. And just like the Gaurdians some had their own unique abilites. But the worst quality about them was that they could turn normal humans into Dark Ones as well. Humans that have been turned become violent, cruel and full of blood lust, just like the other Dark Ones. Gaurdians could not be turned into Dark Ones fortunately.

Pokemon could also become Dark just like humans. But they had to be turned into a Shadow Pokemon by Shadow Pokemon. Shadow Pokemon are stronger than normal Pokemon and faster. Making them a huge threat, but the Pokemon that the Guardians have bonded with can surpass their strength. Pokemon can also be purified but that is done by Guardians not Pokemon.

"How sad, they have all been training for months and it's all going to waste once the Dark Army comes. These normal human soliders don't stand a chance, even with their loyal Pokemon by their side. It's tragic to see humans fall for their stupidity but their Pokemon to share their same fate, this breaks my heart," Zoey told Daren grimly. She gave Daren a look of pure sadness and her eyes despair for the soon to be fallen soldiers and Pokemon.

"I know, Zoey. But we have to be here to scout the strenght of the enemy. We need to really know just how strong they are, we will get away before any of the horrible parts happen. Then we will get back to the Haven and reunite with the others," Daren explained trying to comfort Zoey. They were not even supposed to be there. They were supposed to be at the Haven meeting with the Grand Elder about what their first plan of action was, but instead they came to Thalios Town. Zoey was against it but Daren had convinced her to do it. She was deeply in love with him and he felt the same for her. Of course she would come along and risk her life to stand by him.

Zoey then turned her head rapidly to the path that lead into the town. "They are here!" Zoey shouted. The entire army turned to face the entrance and they all stood there, waiting for them to appear. The whole world went silent, as if time stood completely still. Zoey did not breathe, Daren's heart stood completely still. The tension was building fast and hard, everyone filled with anticipation. Everyone flinched as a piercing screech was heard, then they came all at once.

People with ghastly pale skin and red eyes ran into the town, it seemed as if they attacked everything that moved. Their Shadow Pokemon did the same but to the soldiers' Pokemon. All that could be seen was battle and people dropping but only the soldiers were falling. Then a Dark One lunged at Zoey, she stood petrified like stone.

Daren tackled him down before he got too close to her, the Dark One was strong and threw Daren off. Zoey then crouched down to the ground and sweep kicked the Dark One of his feet. Daren then grab the Dark One's arm and tossed him into a tree. The Dark One took the hit hard but then released his Pokemon, it was a Charizard. The Charizard had piercing red eyes and a gray-ish skin tone to the normal skin tone for that Pokemon, clearly a Shadow Pokemon.

"Daren, leave the Charizard to me and my Pokemon! You handle the Dark One," Zoey exclaimed a she tossed a Poke Ball. A bright flash of light was released from the Poke Ball, the light came to reveal a big penguin-like creature. The Charizard immediately flew at Empoleon covered in a veil of fire. "Empoleon use Hydro Pump!" Zoey commanded. Her Empoleon fired a huge burst of water that sent the estinguished the Charizard's veil fo fire and sent tumbling. "Great, now follow it up with Whirlpool!" Zoey commanded once again. In a flash Empoleon soon had formed a big twister of water and launched it at the Charizard, immobilizing it. "Now my friend, let's finish this with Hydro Cannon!" Zoey ordered. Empoleon then began storing energy and he was glowing a furious array of deep blue shades.

Meanwhile, Daren was confronting the Dark Soldier. Daren failed to land his first few hits and he was hit about seven times. Then the soldier kicked Daren in his stomach hard, that stunned Daren momentarily. The soldier used this to get Daren in a choke hold. But Daren was able to break free by hitting the soldier with a rock using his telekinesis. Then he found an opening in the Dark One's defense and slammed his head hard with his fist. But the soldier got up and lunged at Daren in a flash, luckily Daren dodged and countered with a strong kick to the soldier's ribs. The solider was growing tired, but he continued to attack. The soldier lunged again and Daren dodged and countered once again. Daren looked back and saw the Charizard using a gust of wind to break the Whirlpool, but right in that instant Empoleon attacked. A huge of sphere of water was fired at Charizard and knocked him out. Zoey then kneeled down beside the Charizard and she began to purify the Shadow Pokemon.

But the soldier wasn't done, he then sent a blast of red energy from his palm that hit Daren against a rock. Unfortunately his head was hit and he was dazed, this was all the opening the Dark One needed. He was at Daren's side in an instant about to strike when Zoey shoved him away into another tree. "Empoleon stop him with your Ice Beam!" Zoey shouted. The Dark One was encased in a sheet of ice all the way up to his neck She then kneeled beside Daren and placed her hand on his head. She took a deep breath in and then exhaled. "Heal," she whispered and soon blue energy transfered from Zoey's heart down to her arm to Daren's head and he was healed. "Now to deal with you," Zoey said as she walked over to the Dark One struggling in his ice captivity. She placed a hand on his forehead and focused. "Purify," she whispered and a then a big flash of light occurred.

When the light faded, the Dark One was no more. He was back to his old self and he was knocked out. "Come on Daren, let's go before we have to deal with more" Zoey urged as she returned Empoleon to his Poke Ball.

Daren nodded in agreement and took out one of his Poke Balls, tossing it into the air. A Dragonite was released from that Poke Ball. "Dragonite, take us to the Haven please," Daren said as he and Zoey climbed upon the dragon's back. Dragonite flapped her wings and flew off towards the mountains in the distance. They were heading to were the other Guardians were currently awaiting for them, the Haven.

After a few hours of flying, they finally reached their destination. They landed at the base of the mountain and Daren returned his Pokemon to its Poke Ball. "Okay so the other's are probably gonna be pissed that we ran off so recklessly, but at least we can tell them our first fight went successfully," Daren told Zoey in a comforting tone. He attepmted to grab her hand, but she pulled it away.

"Daren, it wasn't successful. The only good part about it was that I was able to purify him. He could've killed you when he got you in a choke hold or when you hit your head, those few seconds is all he needed to kill you!" Zoey exclaimed angrily. Zoey turned away from him, hiding her tears as they rolled down her cheek. "If he had killed you...I don't know what I would've done. My whole world would be shattered, because without you...I love you too much to lose you. You should know that!" Zoey cried.

Daren then felt guilt at making Zoey feel so much fear for his life, when he had been careless. He was embarrassed for letting himself be so vulnerable out there, his feelings were a mix of guilt and shame. "I'm sorry for scaring you...I thought I was strong enough but I guess I'm not. I know you saved my life back there, next time I promise to be more careful" Daren apologized and hugged her tightly.

"I wish there wasn't a next time, though," Zoey muttered glumly. Zoey knew it was her duty to be a Guardian and protect the world. She did a good job of living up to it and accepting it, but all she really wanted was to spend life with Daren and her Pokemon happily. She wanted a normal life, yet she somehow knew deep down that she'd never have the opportunity to do so.

Daren then released her from his embrace and took a step back. "Zoey, we've talked about this many times! This is who we are, it's our job to protect the peace. I know you don't want this, but you have to learn to get used to the idea that this maybe how we spend our lives. Fighting off evil, never having normal lives," Daren told her with a flare of frustration in his voice.

"Yeah, I know. A girl can dream can't she?" she said with a sad laugh. She really felt down after Daren telling her that this maybe her life until the day she dies. "Anyways, we'd better get in the Haven before the others start to worry," she said sadly as she began walking.

The Haven was the secret hideout of the Guardians within Dernia Island. There was one Guardian base in each region, all similar to this one. But this was the smallest group of Gurdians, only five resided here at this base. There was an entrance at the base of the mountain that led to a cave that ran deep within the mountain, a variety of gems could be found there. All Guardians radiated a golden aura of purity, only beings with this aura could use the secret portal. The secret portal was located directly to the right of the cave entrance.

Daren and Zoey walked through the mountain wall right beside the cave entrance, they passed through it like nothing. The portal led to the Gaurdian base deep underground, directly below the mountain. The base was a room of pure white stone, it was mainly used as training ground or a place to plan the next course of action. There were three doors from the main room, one led to the boys' room, the other to the girls room, and one to a small pond.

As Daren and Zoey arrived to the base, three other people stood there. One was a short girl with long red hair and jade green eyes. She wore a red T-shirt, blue jeans and blue jean jacket. She had long black boots on her feet. This girl was a Guardian named Lily. Lily was 19, the same age as Zoey. Lily is just shorter than most girls her age. She is kind and caring, a real sweetheart. At first glance, she really doesn't come off as a fighter. But when it comes to being a Gaurdian, Lily is amazing like the others. Lily has the unique ability of being able to bend blue fields of energy into any shape or form.

Next to Lily stood Taylor, he was the reckless one of the group. He had scruffy black hair and deep black eyes. He is rude and sarcastic most all of the time, but he a good friend nonetheless. He wears a blue plain T-shirt with a black jean jacket and jeans to match, the usual Gaurdian clothing. He has black leather boots on his feet. Taylor's ability is that he can fly. He has wings like an angel that are made of pure light energy, that he can summon whenever he needs them.

The last of the clan of Gaurdians is Mark, the cold and quiet one. He doesn't really talk much, but he is short-tempered. He is most always serious and always ready to fight with anyone who provokes him. He has black hair in a short pony tail and dark brown eyes. He is quite muscular and the tallest of the group. He wears a dark blue jean jacket and dark blue jeans. He wears black combat boots on his feet. Mark has the special ability to be able to control minds and make them do things for him. This ability is hard to do for those with strong willpower, some Dark Soldiers are immune to it. This drains his energy quite a lot, but he has become good at using this to his advantage. Mark can see into the minds of others, but again some people have too much will-power for this to work. Or some are just immune, but when able this ability can be useful.

The three other Gaurdians all stared at Daren and Zoey expectantly. "Well, well looks like the runaways are back. Did you guys get your asses wooped by the Dark Ones?" Taylor said in a mocking tone.

"You guys went to Thalios Town, didn't you? You know it's dangerous to face the Dark Soldiers, especially with only you two on your own! Even with the whole clan of us, it's still dangerous! I'd expect this from Daren because he's stubborn and foolish at times, but Zoey your supposed to be the one to keep him sane and sensible!" Lily exclaimed in shock.

Mark could see into Daren's mind easily but sometimes he was unable to look into Zoey's mind. He was able to see the whole encounter through Daren's eyes and knew exactly what had happened, all this in just one concentrated look. When he tried looking into Zoey's mind, he saw nothing but clouds of mist. Mark was able to see into Daren's mind so easily because he has done it so much, that now it's just like an open window to look in. "You guys fought a Dark Soldier, by the judge of your memories it became dangerous. Daren got careless and Zoey had to step in to help. Then you fled to here," Mark explained to the others. Mark had seen the spat between Zoey and Daren as well, but he knew when to keep his mouth shut.

"Yes, we went Thalios Town! We saw the Dark Soldiers invade the place and we fought off one Dark Soldier, so what? I took him out and Zoey purified him, big whoop" Daren told the others angrily.

"Daren, you make it seem like it's nothing! Everyone else is right, we made a mistake going out there without them! You were almost killed for pete's sake Daren!" Zoey exclaimed in anger. "But we won't run off like that again, I promise you" she said in a calm and honest voice.

Daren sighed and clenched his fists in anger. He didn't like accepting that he made a mistake, even worse that he almost was defeated. Daren had a lot of pride and this had hurt his pride. "That all doesn't matter now, we are here. Let's just discuss our next course of action and get on the damn move," Daren urged in an annoyed tone.

The group then formed a circle around the center of the room, they were about to summon the World Map. "Temple of the Gaurdians, please let us see the world!" Lily exclaimed to the temple. Her voice echoed off all the stone walls and it soon faded. A sphere of energy appeared in the middle of their circle, it formed the Pokemon World. "Show us the closest Dark Tower," Lily commanded the world map. The sphere zoomed into the Kanto region, specifically the Viridian Forest. The picture was crystal clear, a big tower made out of dark crystal stood in the center of the forest. It was sending out this dark beam of energy from the very tip back to Sparx. "These towers are what power the dark island of Sparx, so with every passing second the Dark Army only gets stronger," Lily explained to the group.

"So we need a to shut these things down, right? There's one of each of these damned things in each region of the Pokemon World: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova. We need to take them all out!" Mark exclaimed.

"Calm down bad boy, that's a lot easier said than done. I mean these things are made out of solid crystal, it's not like one punch and they are finished. Besides they have to be protected somehow, the Dark Army wouldn't just leave their energy sources out in the open," Taylor said with a questioning tone.

"Hmmm...well one thing is for sure, we have to head out there. I say we go actually to one of these things, then we'll just wing it from there. We won't figure anything out until we actually are able to study it in person. So I say we head to Kanto first, then Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and then finish up in Unova. From there we'll figure it all out" Mark suggested.

They all nodded in agreement and broke the circle to go to there rooms. The sphere disintegrated the instant the circle was broken. Everyone grabbed their travel bags they had ready in any case they had to leave. Once everyone had gathered their travel items, they all gathered back in the center of the room. "Now we can't travel by Pokemon because they would tire out because of such the long journey, so we are gonna have to take a fairy in Aquatide Harbor that is at the very north of Dernia," Zoey explained.

"So we can fly on our Pokemon to Aquatide Harbor, but we have to becareful. The Dark Army has invaded so they could be up in the skies, so be prepared for anything. If we get separated we must meet at Aquatide Harbor. Remember to have your Poke Gears on at all times so we can contact each other. Always have your Pokemon with you, let's go!" Lily explained sternly to everyone. The rest of the group nodded in agreement and they were out of the Haven.


Soon enough the whole clan was up in the skies, all flying North to Aquatide Harbor. Lily was riding her Staraptor, Taylor his Flygon, Mark his Pidgeott, Zoey her Togekiss and Daren his Dragonite. They were all flying in a few feet apart from each other, Lily and Mark were up in the front, Taylor and Zoey in the middle and Daren in the rear. Luckily for them, there was very little wind to cause any obstacles on their journey. Things were actually peaceful, or at least they were until a red beam of raging energy barely missed hitting Daren from behind. "****!" Daren cursed as he barely evaded the attack. The whole group turned their heads and saw ten Dark Soldiers flying on Fearows after them.

"Damnit! We are definitley out numbered, team becareful these *****es are dangerous!" Mark called out to the others behind him. "Pidgeott Air Slash!" Mark commanded as his huge bird flapped his wings together and struck a Dark Soldier out of the air with a slash of vicious wind. "That's one down, nine left!" Mark shouted as he veered off to the left.

"Taylor let's tag team them, I'll use my Aura Sphere and you use Dragon Breath!" Zoey shouted as she commanded her Togekiss to fire a blue sphere of spiritual energy. Taylor did as told to order his Pokemon to fire a blue flame of dragon energy, the two attacks merged to form a cannon of volatile energy. It slammed into one soldier and the explosion took out the soldier right next to him. "That's seven left!" Zoey updated the group. She had been so focused that she hadn't noticed the Dark Soldier right beside her. "****! Togekiss-" was all she was able to say before the Fearow knocked her out of the sky with a Hyper Beam.

Zoey was sent free falling with her Togekiss to the ground. "Zoey no!" Daren shouted as he dove towards her but was cut off by two Dark Soldiers. "Get out of my way now! Dragonite use-" but Daren was then slammed into by the two Fearows in engulfed in blue raging energy, sending him out of the sky the opposite way.

Lily headed off in Zoey's falling direction attempting to find her, Taylor and Mark headed towards Daren's direction. But the Dark Soldiers trapped them in a combined Twister attack, spinning them around violently. One by one each Fearow sent a Hyper Beam that sent Lily spiraling out to the ground, then Taylor and lastly Mark. The Gaurdians had all fallen defeated and were now seperated and vulnerable. And the Dark Soldiers all around the area, just their luck.

~End of Chapter 1~

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This looks pretty good. You describe things well and the concept of this story seems quite interesting. The idea of the Guardians and the Dark Army would be a good basis for a video game, perhaps something similar to the "Pokemon Ranger" series. Good luck with it and keep writing

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Chapter 2: Divided...

"Uhh...my head...." Daren muttered as he regained concioussness. He sat up and looked around at his scenery. He was in this forest with tall light purple trees and deep purple grass. Pretty much a normal forest besides the color of the leaves and grass. He knew his location now, he was in Violet Forest. "Where's everyone else?" he said to himself as everything came back to him. He remebered Zoey getting shot down, and then the same thing had happened to himself. "Zoey!" Daren called out and his voice echoed through the forest. He alone, with no clue as to where the other members of the Gaurdian clan had ended up. I wonder what happened to Taylor, Lily and Mark. Zoey and I were shot down by those Dark Soldiers but I didn't know how they ended up. Probably ended up like Zoey and myself, lost and hurt. Daren then stood up and had to steady himself on a nearby tree. I remember that if anything happened we meet at Aquatide Harbor, so that's where I must go Daren then walked up North and does this for about an hour and a half. Then he comes upon something he was not expecting.

In a clearing in the forest, were dozens of red tents with the Dark Army insignia on them. The symbol was a circle with an upside down five in the center and three black stars surrounding the circle. A Dark Army camp...so they really have been out and about in the area. Well I gotta get past them somehow! Daren then backed up a few steps from the camp. He then grabbed a Poke Ball from his belt that held all of his Pokemon and tossed it into the air. The crystal white light that emerged from the small red and white sphere came to form a blue dragon with a red underbelly. "Gabite use Dig to make a tunnel that leads underneath the camp," Daren told his dragon Pokemon.

Gabite nodded and began digging his claws into the ground and made a deep hole. Gabite hopped in and continued digging towards the camp. Daren jumped in after his Pokemon and they made it to the other side of the camp with no problem. They both emerged from the hole some distance from the camp. "Thanks for your help Gabite, return" Daren said as he did indeed return the Gabite back to his Poke Ball.

Daren continues walking for some more time but is almost hit by a stream of blue flame: Dragon Rage. He turns to the left where it came from to see a Haxorus looking at him with an angry expression upon its face. But to Daren's misfortune this was no ordinary Haxorus, it was a Shadow Pokemon. "A Shadow Pokemon! So is that camp's plan is to turn wild Pokemon into Pokemon Shadow?" Daren said to himself. But then the Haxorus came charging at Daren with intense force. With amazing agility, Daren was able to dodge it and threw a Poke Ball. A Glaceon is released from this Poke Ball. "Glaceon use Ice Beam!" Daren exclaimed.

Glaceon launched a beam of cold energy that slammed into the Haxorus, it took quite some damage. But this was a Shadow Pokemon after all, it wasn't going to go down that easily or at all. The Haxorus then slammed its tail extremely quick at Glaceon, sending it directly into a tree. Glaceon took a lot more damage from the attack and then slamming into the tree. "Glaceon, are you okay?" Daren asked his Pokemon concerned. Glaceon stood up slowly but then roared its name. Daren nodded,"Glaceon use Blizzard!" he shouted. Glacen fired a gale wind of snow and ice at the Haxorus, this made much more damage than the last attack. The Haxours was frozen solid, this was there chance to get away. "Come on Glaceon, let's go before it thaws out" Daren said returning Glaceon to her Poke Ball.

Soon enough Daren was far enough to stop running but he contined his walk. Daren came upon a small, naitive village. Its housing structures were huts of straw and wood tied together, a rural village really. He then saw that all the villagers were kneeling at the feet of three Dark Soldiers. Those Dark Soldiers must be threatening this village and I can't just stand around here. I have the element of surprise, maybe I can take them out with the help of my Pokemon. He then sent out his Dragonite and Gallade from their Poke Balls.

"Dragonite use Dragon Pulse! Gallade use Psycho Cut!" Daren pointed to the soldiers. Dragonite unleashed a pulse of purple energy that sent the first Dark Soldier flying out into the air. Gallade had slashed his arm blades that sent out a rainbow slash of energy. That sent the second soldier flying out of the village too. The third and last remaining Dark Soldier faced Daren with raging eyes and sent out a dark mist from his palms. The mist engulfed Daren's Pokemon and knocked them out in an instant. Daren immediately returned both of his Pokemon. "Oh so you've got some tricks up your sleeve, eh? Well so do I!" Daren exclaimed as he charged at the soldier.

Daren threw a punch that the soldier dodged, then the soldier kneed Daren in the stomach. Daren winced in pain but continued fighting, grabbing the solider and tossing him into one of the huts. The entire hut collapsed on top of the solider, knocking him out. If only Zoey were here to purify him... "Gabite send this idiot flying with a dragon rage and dragon claw combination!" Daren shouted as he released his Gabite. He slashed a cut of purple energy and a blue flame that collided in the hut that the solider had crashed in, sending him flying out of the village. "Great job, Gabite" Daren told his Pokemon and then returned Gabite to his Poke Ball.

The entire village began cheering and thanked Daren many times before he was able to leave. Daren walked for about one hour more and finally arrived in Aquatide Harbor. He quickly took a seat on the pier and waited for the others to arrive. Aquatide was just a small town like place. It was all set on this wooden boardwalk type surface. There was a Poke Mart, a Lighthouse, a Pokemon Center, and a Ticket Station for the S.S. Ryder traveling fairy. The gang had planned to take this to Kanto once everyone arrived. I sure hope the others get here safely...

Meanwhile........ Zoey was roaming through the forest lost and frustrated. "I know I passed this stump twice already! Damnit, where is a map when you need one!" Zoey exclaimed in aggravation. She then took a seat on the stump and covered her face with her hands. "I should've been more careful not to have gotten shot out of the sky! I failed myself and the others!" Zoey angrily said to herself.

"So where are the others?" a dark voice said and four Dark Soldiers appeared out of a group of bushes. "Awww is the little girl scared?" one soldier said mockingly.

Zoey immediately stood up and when into a defensive position. "I'll show you scared!" she said as she lunged at one soldier and kicked him in the face. That soldier cried in pain and fell to ground, clutching his pain strucken face. The two other soldiers then grabbed her by the arms, which she didn't like at all. To escape their grip, Zoey stomped on one of the soldier's foot really hard forcing that soldier to let her go. She then used her newly freed hand to punch the soldier holding her right in the face, making him let go. She then dropped to the ground and sweep kicked both of them to the ground.

Then the first soldier she attacked slammed her into a nearby tree, Zoey cried out in pain. Zoey tried struggling out of his grip but it was firm and tight. She thought quickly and kneed him in the stomach. That made him loosen his grip enough for her to force her right eblow into his face. Now she was completely free of his hold and she took advantage of this. She then got him into a strong choke hold, cutting of all his air. She let go of him once he blacked out.

Unfortunately for Zoey, she still had three other soldiers to deal with. One of the soldiers zapped her with a red bolt of energy, burning her body. She was hurt bady, but she pushed that pain aside to deal with the soldiers. She landed a fierce punch to one of the soldiers throat, taking him out of the equation as he struggled for air. That still left two others though. She caught one of gaurd by dodging his punch by going around it and slamming into him. That sent him into the bushes and out of sight.

The last soldier aimed for Zoey's face with a left swing, but she blocked with her left forearm. That gave her the opportuntiy to quickly punch him in the gut with her other arm. She did the same action as with the first soldier, she choked him until he passed out. Now she was in the clear and began running, not daring to look back.

She kept running for a bit but then something wrapped around her legs. It was a cold and metallic chain, with a forceful yank she was on the floor in an instant. She was dragged back to where she fought the soldiers. She squirmed to get free but they soon chained up the rest of her body, immobilzing her. Though this didn't stop Zoey from struggling, but what did stop her was a dark mist released from the palm of the fourth soldier. She was out like a light and was dragged away.

Zoey woke up on the floor of a steel cell, unknown to her surroudnings. It was just an empty metallic room, but she wasn't alone. She looked to her right and rejoiced to find Lily laying on the floor beside her. Zoey noticed that Lily was just as roughed up as she was, probably a bit worse. "Lily wake up! It's me Zoey!" she exclaimed as she shook Lily's body until she awoke.

"What? Where am I?" Lily questioned as she looked around the room. Slowly her memory of how she was ambushed by a troop of dark soldiers came back to her mind. They had dropped down out of a tree and overwhelmed her. She was soon chained up and a dart filled with chemicals was injected into her left shoulder. After that she remembered nothing.

"It appears we're in a jail cell, but no way out. I was so weak to have been taken down by a simple chain, what a rookie mistake!" Zoey told her friend with a depressing smile on her beautiful face.

"Come on Zoey, that depressing pessimism isn't you! We will find out a way out, I can gaurantee you that!" Lily exclaimed enthusiastically. "Just give me a bit to come up with a plan that's all I need," Lily explained. She then sat down on the floor and pondered her thoughts.

Zoey's thoughts wandered off to Daren and how she wanted so much to know that he was safe. But then feeling of being trapped finally set in. She felt tight and compressed. Like the whole room was closing in on her, suffocating her almost. She began breathing heavy and uneasily. "I need to get out of here now!" she shouted in discomfort.

Lily quickly rushed over to Zoey and hugged her tight. "Come on Zoey, calm down. It's okay we are gonna ge out of here soon. Just relax and take deep breathes, don't think about this room. Focus your thoughts on something else," Lily said in a soothing tone.

Zoey followed her directions, breathing and out calmly. Then she focused her thoughts on Daren, Taylor and Mark. Mostly thinking about how they were doing and if they were okay. Then she thought about how her fight with the soliders back in the forest, how she should've escaped. But after that it was just back in forth between both subjects.

Lily was still thinking about way to escape this damned steel confinement. First things first, getting passed these jail bars. I could definitely use my energy to cut through these bars. But it would take a while judging by the strength of the bars. That would tire me out too quickly as well. I need to make it quick and simple work. Like busting the key hole on this thing! That could work! Lily smiled at her thought and began her focus. She shaped a mass of blue energy into a sharp diamond-like fashion. She then drove it through the hole where the key goes through, completely destroying it. She put all her force into pushing it open and succeeded. Lily let the blue energy distengrate as she no long needed it, Zoey then followed her outside of the cell.

So now they needed a way to bust down the metal door that kept them in the metal room with the jail cell inside. "I know what to do to bring this door down, Zoey step back" Lily warned as she tightened her focus. Zoey did as she was told and took a few steps back. Then a stream of blue energy was released from Lily's hands and the door was pushed off its hinges. "Now let's get going!" Lily exclaimed.

Then both girls stepped out of the room and observed their surroundings. They were in a small clearing with two red tents that had the Dark Army's symbol on them. "Let's just get out of here before we're spotted again," Zoey whispered to Lily. Both girls made their way out of the clearing and intot he cover of the lushious, green forest.

After sometime of walking, the two young ladies finally arrived in Aquatide Harbor. They looked around for any signs of the others and Zoey was the one to spot Daren. Her face lit up with a smile of pure joy as she called out to him "Daren!".

"Zoey?" he said as he turned back to see her running towards him. He stood up just in time to catch her as she jumped into his arms. They had a warm and long embrace as if they hadn't seen each other in ages. "I was so worried about you" Daren whispered in her ear as he kissed the top of her forehead. Then after a moment of just embrace, they finally pulled apart.

"Lily! Your okay!" Daren exclaimed. He gave her a quick hug, but not one nearly as long and full of emotion as the one he had Zoey.

"Good to see you too. Zoey and I didn't see any sign of Mark or Taylor while we were in the forest. Did you?" Lily asked with a tone of worry in her voice.

"No, I haven't seen any of them in the forest or here in Aquatide. I'm sure they'll turn up soon enough, we just have to be paitent" Daren sighed. "You guys look kinda beat up, like you got in a few scraps back in there. What happened?" he asked.

"It's not like your in mint condition either, you have a few scrapes and bruises yourself. Well it's a long story but I guess we have some time to kill, might as well tell you" Lily then began explaining what Zoey and she had been experiencing.

Zoey looked back into the forest that was probably being run with Dark Soldiers running about. I hope you guys get back here soon...and safe...

Meanwhile..... A vicious Shadow Arcanine and Shadow Blaziken are shooting blazing streams of fire at Vaporeon and Gardevoir. These two Pokemon belonged to Mark and he was doing his best told off these strong Pokemon. "Vaporeon use Hydro Pump!" Mark commanded. Then Vaporeon shot a pump of water that neutralized the fire attacks. "Gardevoir use Psychic!" Mark ordered. Gardevoir released a burst of multi-colored energy that directly hit Blaziken, a super effective hit. The Charizard then blew a gust of strong wind that immobilized both Mark and his Pokemon.

"The wind is too strong, we can't move!" Mark exclaimed in frustration as he raised his hands in a feeble attempt to block the wind. Blaziken was creating a giant ball of flame that was getting larger as he added more flames from his mouth. If that fire mixes with the wind, it'll burn us to a crisp! I have to think of something and fast! Just as Blaziken was about to unleash his sphere of flame he was hit a by a pulse of aquatic blue energy. This broke Blazikens concetration and the sphere disintegrated into nothing.

In the direction of the attack stood Taylor and his Buizel. Mark saw that both Charizard and Blazkien has turned their attention to Taylor and Buizel, this was his chance. "Vaporeon Hydro Pump and Gaurdevoir Psybeam!" Mark commaned his two Pokemon.

Gardevoir unleashed a ray of colorful energy from her eyes and Vaporeon let loose the same forceful jet of water as before. These attacks mixed to form a burst of water that gleamed of psychic energy that hit both Pokemon. "Buizel help 'em take out those hot heads with your Sonic Boom!" Taylor ordered. Buizel's tail was swung sending a pulse of vibrating sound energy into the psychic-water combination. This caused an explosion, after the smoke cleared both Charizard and Blaziken were knocked out.

"Great job, Vaporeon and Gaurdevoir! Return both of you" Mark praised his Pokemon as he returned both to each of their Poke Balls. "Thanks for helping out Taylor, but I had everything completely under control," Mark said coldly.

"Hmmm well if you call almost being burnt to a crisp being complete in control then you yes you had everything under control!" Taylor exclaimed. "I swear sometimes your too stupid to see your own mistakes!" Taylor shouted at Mark with an annoyed tone.

"I don't make mistakes, you should know that by now! I was just letting them think they had me right where they wanted me, I was going to turn their attack against them! But then you stepped in and ruined everything!" Mark shouted in anger.

Taylor and Mark were usually arguing when around each other for trivial things all the time. Taylor usually making a sarcastic or rude comment and Mark for taking it too offensively and getting all fired up over nothing. "Mark when are you gonna stop living in denial, everyone makes mistakes! Stop being a big idiot and admit it!" Taylor shouted back at Mark.

"Because it's not tru-" Mark was cut off by a beam of red energy sending him tumbling into the dirt of the forest ground.

"Mark!" Taylor shouted as he ran to his comrade's side. Taylor then turned to the source of the attack and saw a dozen Dark Soldiers coming from that direction. "Crap!" Taylor swore as he reached for a Poke Ball. Taylor grabbed the unconciouss Mark and summoned his wings. His wings appeared like ones of angels but made completely out of shining white energy. He began to fly away but a bolt of red energy hit him dead in the spine. Taylor fell back to the ground.

By then, the soldiers had surrounded both Mark and Taylor. Taylor rose up to punch one in the face but his fist was caught and he was jabbed in the stomach roughly. Taylor then was shocked by an Emolga that rested on the soldiers shoulder. Taylor fell to his knees and was kicked back in the center of the circle. He landed right next to Mark, both groaning in pain.

The Emolga shocked both of them with a wave of strong bolts of electricity. Both Gaurdians yelled in murderous screams at the intense pain they were feeling, but then it stopped. Taylor looked up to see that the Emolga had been knocked off the soldier's shoulder, all the Dark Soldiers looked behind them.

A knight in white midevil armor stood with a Torterra beside the mysterious person. "Hey Mark! Do you know who that is?" Taylor whispered to Mark who laid beside him on the cold dirt floor.

Mark slowly raised his head to look up and see. "No I have no idea, but I sure hope whoever it is, is a friend and not another foe" he said grimly.

"Let's banish these Dark Soldiers with a Leaf Storm!" the kinght ordered. The Torterra released a twister of sharp leaves that blew away all the soldiers out of the clearing. "Now Solarbeam!" he commanded. The day was a sunny one and that made the charging process a lot quicker for an attack. The beam of intense bright light hit the grassy area where the soldiers landed and in an instant they were on their feet, retreating.

Mark and Taylor struggled to stand, but they forced themselves in order to meet their savior. By the time they were up, the knight in shining armor was gone without a trace. "Where did the knight go?" Taylor exclaimed confusedly.

Mark shrugged and looked all around. "Whoever that was, they're gone now. Anyways we've got to get to Aquatide, remember? That's the meeting location" Mark exclaimed urgently. So they began thier journey North towards Aquatide Harbor.

After two hours of walking, they finally arrived in Aquatide Harbor at practically sunset. Daren, Zoey and Lily had been waiting by the entrance. Once the trio spotted them, they all group hugged together. There was a bunch of things said like "I'm glad you're alright," "I thought we'd be lost for days" and other things like that.

Mark was able to use his mind control to get them all tickets on to the S.S. Ryder that would take them to Kanto. The ship was big and white with pictures of all water type legendary Pokemon all over the body of the ship. They gang got one room for the boys and one for the girls, it was a two day voyage so they required a place to sleep. Once they reached their rooms, they knocked out quick and without a second thought. They had all been exhausted from all they had gone through in one day, so they deserved some down time.

Zoey was the first one to wake up and she looked at the round Marill clock on her nightstand. She saw that it was five fourty-five in the morning, Lily was still asleep in the bed next to hers. She quietly opened the door of their room and walked out, closing the door behind her carefully.

She looked up at the dark night sky and saw a beautfiul full moon that shone brilliantly. Zoey then turned to look at the direction where Kanto was, all she could see was more ocean. She stood there in her knee-length violet night gown, gazing at the road ahead. Legendary Pokemon that watch over us, please protect us from the threats of the Dark Army... Her long brown hair flowing in the cool sea breeze and her eye beautiful hazel eyes struck with traces of worry.

Zoey yearned for this not to be her life, always full of danger and risk. She wanted to be able to just settle down and live a peaceful life. But destiny never allowed her to do so, even as a child both her parents trained her to become the best Gaurdian ever. Even though she never truly wanted that, but she did it for the better of the world and those who lived in it. She never would've met Daren either if she never accepted her duty as a Gaurdian. She also would've never met her bestfriends Lily, Mark and Taylor. So some good things did come out of it though, she didn't regret it.

"Oh poor girl, I feel your sorrow. But you cannot let that stand in your way, because what lies ahead for you will be a hard course," an old voice was heard.

Zoey was starled and turned around to see an old woman standing a few feet in behind her. She was short and wrinkly, she wore a red robe with a green emerald necklace. She had white hair tied up in a bun and strangely purple colored eyes. "Do not be alarmed my dear, I am but an old psychic. I have seen a glimpses of your future and all I can tell you is to be brave and strong. You will face many obstacles in your fight, but you are the Heart of Light. You are the light," she said in an ominous yet mystical tone.

"Wait, what are you talking about? Tell me more!" Zoey exclaimed as she reached out towards the old woman. But before Zoey could get to her, an Alazkazam landed next to her and in a flash of birght light, both were gone. "That lady...what was she talking about?" Zoey whispered to herself.

Zoey looked back and saw the sun rising before her. It was a beautfiul sight, the ocean gleamed like a sea of diamonds. The light was came as a relief to Zoey, because she faced the forces of darkness everyday. To finally have some light, it was refreshing. You are the light The old woman's words stayed in Zoey's mind. She went back into her room and changed into her casual clothes. You are the light

~End of Chapter~