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11th March 2012, 3:38 AM
The new moon faded in the darkness of Entree Forest. Two trainers emerged from the shadows of the trees into the final clearing. One favored raising the weak to become strong in their own way. He was the one known as Darrius. The other prefered to strengthen the already strong to his own means, he was the one they called Zaden. They had grown up bickoring over how the strong trainers in Unova developed their Pokemon to their current strength. Darrius thought they worked Pokemon until they seen them as strong while Zaden favored the idea that they just caught the strongest Pokemon they could and built them up. Now, the two were going to finish their fight. Darrius's team of self-trained Pokemon would battle Zaden's team of legendaries he only wanted to be strong. The battle would end their constant bickoring over which Pokemon training style was strongest. "Go, Garchomp!" yelled Darrius, as a Darkrai emerged from a Poke Ball on the other side of the Dragon. "Darkrai, attack with Dark Pulse." had emerged from Zaden's quiet mouth. The Garchomp lunged into the air and fell down onto the enemy as it clinched it's claws into a curved position, and Darrius commanded it to use Dragon Claw. Darkrai vanished, appearing above the beast. "Darkrai, Brick Break on it's hand, drill it into the ground!" Darkrai's hand came down and smashed Garchomp's hand into the hardened soil of the forest floor. "Darkrai, float up near the New Moon, draw your power!" Darkrai shimmered with the dark ball standing behind it seeming to grow. "Now, use Dark Void!" Darkrai sent out a ghastly hand that passed over Garchomp, and forced into unconciousness. "Now, Dream Eater!" Darkrai opened it's gaping red jaw and sucked in a pink mist from Garchomp's sleeping carcus. The dark being grew as if it had made it stronger. "You don't know what that does, Darrius? How pitiful. It strengthens itself whenever succesfully used." The Garchomp had stopped moving. "My Garchomp, it can't fight anymore!" yelled Darrius. "Come back, and go, Golem!" "Darkrai, quick, Dark Pulse!" erupted from Zaden. Darkrai blasted an evil energy towards the rock monster and stopped it in it's tracks. It had flinched! "Now, Dark Void, while it's immobile!" The hand had grabbed Golem, but a well timed Stone Edge evaporated the hand from the dark world and flew in at Darkrai. it landed a critical hit. "Now Golem, Earthquake and fast!" Darrius yelled as Golem stomped on the ground, creating a massive rumble that had rumbled Darkrai too it's point. Zaden smirked "Darkrai was just the first warlord in my arsenal. Now meet my newest friend, go, Tornadus!" When the monsterous form emerged from it's Poke ball, hurricane-force winds lined the area, as it shot out towards Golem. "Tornadus, use Sky Drop!" Tornadus grabbed the boulder and flew high into the air, then chucked it down, and upon impact, Golem was instantly knocked out. In response, Darrius sent out his newest friend, his Lucario, in to battle the beast. "Tornadus, Fly!" Tornadus erupted with wind into the air, as Lucario attempted to find it. "Lucario, Aura Sphere!" Lucario readied the launch as Tornadus dropped down within inches of Lucario, who was ready to strike.

Who will win, Lucario or Tornadus. What are the other Pokemon in their teams? Who wins the battle? Find out in "Legendary Battle of Heart, Part Two"!

11th March 2012, 2:53 PM
Ok, I love the battle and all, but space out a bit more. One big paragraph is hard to read.

Also, maybe longer individual battles? A Golem knocked out by one sky drop? Seems a bit impractical.

I believe there is also a word maximum, about four pages per post. Just check the rules, and maybe have a one-shot, as it seems rather small.

11th March 2012, 6:59 PM
I felt the same way about the Sky Drop, but with Golem being a Ground type and Sky Drop being flying, that I could end one of my least favorite Pokemon a bit faster. I did not think, however, about spacing paragraphs or limiting the writing. Thanks for the insight.

28th May 2012, 1:29 AM
Legendary Battle Of Heart; Part Two
Tornadus was sent back into the air in a massive explosion of energy. It caught itself in the air, revitalizing itself. "Tornadus, use Sky Drop, maximum strength!"
"NO, Lucario, Metal Claw!" Lucario's hand began to glow as it ran forward at the beast and lunged into the air, and 3 sharp claws grew from it's hand. The hand came down, slashing Tornadus's tail.
"Lucario, use Force Palm!" The beast started running, and put it's hand up to the distracted Tornadus, who was arguing with Zaden. A huge blast of energy flew forwards at the green cloud-man and sent it to the ground. It was unable to battle.
"YOU SEE? YOU WERE WEAK!" Zaden threw down his Pokeball and crushed it under his foot. "NOW LEAVE! Now go, my pet, Raikou!" An electric charge filled the air as a yellow dog lunged through the air. "Charge Beam! NOW!!" The massive beam of light flew through the air and sent Lucario into a massive spin-out, but Lucario regained his stance.
"Lucario, use AURA STORM*!" Lucario began to glow immensely, and blasted out an immense laser of aura energy. Raikou, despite it's amazing speed, was caught in the blast. Raikou, though injured, regained it's fooding and stood up. "Lucario, use AURA SPHERE!"
"Raikou, now, Thunder!" Thhe 2 attacks fell into one another, and it became a struggle battle of the stronger. Finally, an explosion cleared the battlefield. A blue ball of energy flew back out of the dust cloud at Raikou, and Raikou was sent flying once more. Raikou, though still concious, could not get up.
"Lucario, finish it with Force Palm." Lucario walked forward at the yellow dog and Held out it's hand. A white energy beam erupted from it and blasted Raikou into the ground.
Now, what will be the next Pokemon? Who wins the battle? Find out next time, on the Legendary Battle of Heart.