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11th March 2012, 4:57 PM
what can i do to make this team better?

evs: 252 s. defence, 112 defence, 144 attack
item: leftovers
nature: relaxed
moves: explosion, earthquake, stealth rocks, spikes

my hazard setter; forretress has crazy high defence, making him perfect to set up entry hazards. once hes donne setting up stuff, you have to give him something to do, so i gave him earthquake, which is supereffective against forretress's only weakness: fire. when his hp can only take about two more hits, i use explosion. this usually takes out the opponent.

evs: 252 s. defence, 112 hp, 144 attack
item: king's rock
nature: quiet
moves: earthquake, ice punch, waterfall, mirror coat

swampert has super high s. defence with the right nature and evs. his ice punch takes out grass types, his mirror coat completely dominates special attacks. earthquake and waterfall compliment swampert's types, increasing power exponentially.

evs: 252 s. attack, 144 speed, 112 s. defence
item: life orb
nature: mild
moves: flamethrower, ice beam, outrage, extremespeed

dragonite's the BEST pokemon ever. with a diverse movepool and high stats, he makes for the perfect bulky sweeper. his flamethrower attack is devastating against ice types who would otherwise give him trouble. ice beam is for coverage. outrage plus STAB DESTROYS nonresistant pokemon, like blissey. extremespeed is just a good move with priority

evs: 252 speed, 252 attack, 4 defence
item: choice scarf
nature: jolly
moves: aerial ace, crunch, rock slide, ice fang

as a physical sweeper, tyranitar goes great with choice scarf. scarftar is scary with a jolly nature. aerial ace is for good coverage against bug and fighting types. rock slide and crunch are good STAB moves, while ice fang takes care of ground types.

evs: 252 speed, 252 s. attack, 4 hp
item: wiseglasses
nature: modest
moves: dark pulse, shadow ball, giga drain, focus blast

THE special sweeper, maybe only outclassed by alakazam. his shadow ball strikes fear into the hit points of his enemies. his focus blast and dark pulse destroys foes he would normally be weak to. giga drain is his recovery move, for when he might survive an attack.

evs: 252 speed, 144 attack, 112 s. defense
item: expert belt
nature: adamant
moves: earthquake, meteor mash, ice punch, explosion

the strategy of metagross is to attack, attack, attack. ice punch and earthquake cover his weaknesses, while meteor mash has a chance to raise his already high attack. same strategy as forretress, when hp gets low, use explosion.

11th March 2012, 5:14 PM
Your team is t good at all.. Explosion got nerfed, so it's pretty useless. Tyranitar never needs arial ace EVER. Scarf tar needs stone edge, crunch, pursuit and super power. If he's you're lead, give him stealth rocks. Also, every single o e of your items needs to be replaced. Kings rock on swampert? Lol use leftovers for longevity and life orb on Gengar And replace giga drain and dark pulse with thunder bolt and energy ball because he will not survive even a decently powerful neutral attack. Tyranitar can also use choice band as his speed is pathetic and be is bulky. Metagross needs ice punch/meteor mash as an attacker as well as equake for power/coverage, but he needs bullet punch as well as occa berry/leftovers. Multiscale physical Dragonite is eons better than mild mix nite.

11th March 2012, 5:21 PM
thank you so much. you are the first person to actually give me some advice. the people at smogon basically said my team sucked. thank you

11th March 2012, 6:28 PM
what physical moveset do you suggest. i figured: extremespeed, outrage, waterfall, fire punch. holding muscle band

11th March 2012, 6:47 PM
D-nite @leftovers/lum berry
40 HP, 212 attack, 252 speed
-Dragon dance
-Fire Punch
-Extreame Speed/Roost

most common Dragonite set the EVs I saw on smogon the rest is what I use and see but here is a nice set I used and worked very well

Para shuffle @leftovers
252 HP, 252 Speed, 4 defense
-Thunder Wave
-Dragon Tail

paralyze a whole team then sweep with something just beat the cleric first.
you can use less speed for bulk..

and yeah your team is quite bad you need to read guides or battle more to earn experience in sets try to copy you opponent sets or understand them at least.

11th March 2012, 6:58 PM
thanx. ill work on my team. i also saw the parashuffler set on smogon and was considering it

11th March 2012, 7:14 PM
Dragonite @ Lum Berry
Evs are always full speed investment with a mix between HP and attack.
-Dragon Dance
-Dragon Claw
-Extreme Speed/Roost
-Fire Punch

11th March 2012, 7:18 PM
Dragonite is too good of a physical monster to use as a parashuffler.

11th March 2012, 8:05 PM
who would be a better bulky water than swampert? vaporeon?

also, who would make a good parashuffler? i kinda liked that set

11th March 2012, 8:15 PM
who would be a better bulky water than swampert? vaporeon?

also, who would make a good parashuffler? i kinda liked that set

Gyarados can use a similar set but dragonite is better because it is bulkier...
yeah vaporeon is really bulky

I used him a lot and he prove to be very useful:
252 HP, 252 defense, 4 something
Water absorb

-Toxic/Ice beam

wish support and just a great wall have good synergy with dragonite

or you can use gastordon which have an immunity to electric

252 HP, 252 sp.defense or defense, 4 something
bold/calm( I hope calm lowers attack)
Drain something

-Ice Beam/Earth Power

Parashuffle is good because it makes a good set up for sweepers.

wait it is gen 4... isn't it? hen stick to DD dragonite

11th March 2012, 9:55 PM
who would make a good special tank? id like to replace gengar.
i hav a lapras who has high specials. could i use her?

evs: 252 s. defence, 112 hp, 144 s. attack
item: leftovers
nature: modest
moves: t-bolt, ice beam, surf, psychic

11th March 2012, 10:01 PM
wait it is gen 4... isn't it? hen stick to DD dragonite

it doesn't really matter. i use just about the same pokemon in both generations, with the exception of ferrothorn, who i use instead of forretress