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11th March 2012, 10:00 PM
Rate my deck 1 to 10. It's called:


X1 Regigigas EX
X2 Growlithe
1 Arcanine (non-abillity)
X3 Elgyem
X 1 Beheeyem
X 2 Hippopotas
X 1 Hippowdon
X1 Reshiram
X2 Ralts
X2 Kirlia
X1 Gardevoir
X2 Darumaka
X1 Darmanitan
X3 Cilan
X 3 Pokemon Center
X 2 Heavy Ball
X2 Double colorless
13 fire energy
8 fighting energy
7 psychic energy

My strategie is first, set up with a Hippowdon. Quietly evolve Ralts if you have it. When Hippowdon is dead, get a Darumaka fast. Then evolve. Use Cilan to get 3 psychic energy, attach to Darmanitan, with with 3 energy already now, use a Gardevoir with an abillitie. 5 energy equals 500 damage killing any Mewtwo EX in one shot, Pokemon center for Gardevoir. Get Beheeyem for controlling the opponent's deck, use Synchrodraw from Darmanitan. Then, Reshiram attacks! You can charge up with the heavy amount of energy with Cilan. Now with the Hippowdon. Switch your Darmanitan, use Hippowdon's Sand Bazooka with high energy. Darmanitan, healed and recovered, can be switched back. Arcanine is a support system. Then, with all this rumble, attack with a Regigigas EX, set up at the beginning. Use Sand Bazooka. Then, use Giga Power, keeping hits. 40 damage done, use Raging Hammer.


12th March 2012, 2:50 AM
1 being worst 10 being awesome, this deck is a 2. Reason: not enough evolution cards to carry out the strategy consistently, not enough T/S/S to move energy and pokemon out from the deck to make the strategy viable, to many energy.

12th March 2012, 11:21 PM
That's okay. This was made for a challenge made by my sister, only using ND cards. I wonder why Darmanitan is super under used! Sure, it's flippy, but give it a Fliptini and Gardevoir it's a beast. I NEED VICTINI. >0<

15th March 2012, 4:02 PM
because of it's low hp, weakness, and setup time it lose's more over all. What do you mean challenge? To make the deck?