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12th March 2012, 4:11 AM

3-2 lilligant EP
2 victini NV
3-1-3 vileplume UD
2-1-2 reuniclus B/W
2 regigigas EX
1 cleffa hgss promo
1 shaymin UL

8 grass

2 twins
2 dual ball
3 rare candy
1 burned tower
1 judge
1 flower shop lady
2 elms training method
2 seeker
4 copycat
4 communication

After roughly around 50 different deck test's and various changes offered by other people, online and otherwise, all of which used and all of which failed I decided to remod an older decklist I used when I originally built a variation of the truth using lilligant and dragon's, in which my only issue was an actual attacker where and testing the regigigas engine I realized that regigigas doesn't need much of anything, can stand against 90% of actual ko's the dragon's had an issue with and remoded it for regigigas, which in truth regigigas doesn't need anything but one thing, stall time, No T/S/S support just energy and time to setup perturn.

22nd March 2012, 7:37 PM
I think you'll need more draw support or at least max Twins.
Also, 3-1-3 and 2-1-2 lines do not and will not work in The Truth. Fix these to 3-2-2 and 2-2-2 if possible.
You may want to lower the Grass count because if it will be dead draw early game. You want to set up first with Trainer Lock/Reuniclus and then start attacking. I also think you could drop a Petilil since The Truth ran a 2-2 Donphan and it still worked.
So, I'd make these changes:
-2 Dual Ball
-2 Copycat
-2 Elm's Training
-1 Petilil
-1 Judge
-1 Burned Tower
-2 Grass Energy
-1 Vileplume
(Total -11)

+2 Twins
+3 Collector
+2 Pichu
+3 Sage's Training
+1 Solosis
(Total +11)

I took out some other stuff because:
Dual Ball is the WORST basic search to use in this deck. That 1 heads = one less Oddish. If one is prized and you miss your second, it will get sniped off the bench and you WILL lose the game. You NEED reliable and consistent cards that can guarantee a bench of what you need. Benching 2 Oddish and 2 Solosis at the same time is a great move because your opponent can only deal with one as you evolve up the other next turn.
Copycat, while decent mid game isn't going to help you as much early game. Yes, you may be able to set up a near invincible wall but the question about the Truth is... can you? If you can't get your early game together, Mewtwo/Celebi will take all it's prizes before you set up a thing.
Elm's went because it can be replaced with something much more helpful. Max Comm is a good sign and your Twins normally grab you Candy and Vileplume or Candy and Reuniclus.
Judge in this deck is the opposite of what you want. What if you trap yourself early game? This is similar to Copycat's reason except this is worse. Yes, you may want to disrupt your opponent... but... for what? Your Regigigas won't be dieing often so what's to be afraid of?
Burned Tower also went because... well... you don't even need to recover your Energy. You have FSL for that is needed. Lilligant needs 1 (I think) grass to work and Regigias will use his DCE's. There's no point in recovering a grass when there's still some left in the deck (Twins can help) and you can't get DCE's so I don't think this is needed here.

Stuff I included:
Collector. I already talked about this before but this guarantee your T1 double Oddish.
Pichu. This was used in the Truth and you probably know why. But I'll go over just in case. The reason why Pichu is so good is because it's a prize for your opponent. It sets up a bench easy, can stall for a bit while you get your evolutions going and is an easy prize once awake, thus activating Twins.
Sage's was also used in the Truth because you get through your deck so fast! Sure you may discard some important stuff along the way, but unlike Celebi/Mewtwo and Zekrom/Eelektrik, this deck doesn't needed cards in hand to keep it living. Once it's set up it is set up. Zek/Eels need things like Switch and Catcher so live and get some prizes. This doesn't.
An extra Solosis is vital. What if one is prized? Game over. This format is so fast it's unbelieveable. Mewtwo DCE Catcher can hit anything t1 for 40 which will lose you the game if you have one Solosis left in the deck. Either that or set up a plume then Reuniclus, but this is here just in case. You never know what stuff can happen in Pokémon cards. My friend once had 3 Typhlosions prized so he scooped. 2 Solosis isn't enough. 3 is needed.

So that's about it. If you have any other questions about my changes, feel free to ask :D
I gotta say this whole Lilligant/Victini idea is quite interesting, but you could try experimenting with something more nasty like Vanniluxe NV (though that would take up a LOT of space).

Also one last thing - WATCH OUT for Terrakion NV he can and will wreck your day. You COULD include 2 Eviolite or something. It stops him from KOing your Gigas but it'd be tricky to pull off when you're trying to establish a Trainer lock.

31st March 2012, 3:58 AM
Everything you have mentioned for deck edit has already been mentioned before and tryed with not much better result's then what I put up, In truth alot of what you're mentioning is alot of thing's I have thought about when making this deck and playing it, however I found that my own personal style matches the deck's playstyle better. The only reason I'm saying this is because you're giving me format and personal edit's.