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AK Adam
13th March 2012, 5:10 AM
Hey guys, if you are anything like me, you're a bit disappointed by the brevity and ease of arresting the Seven (Six) sages. Not only do they not put up a fight, but they also give you items. Here is what I would propose instead. Each of the Sages put up a fight. Since they are all from different regions, they each could use a different region's Pokemon too. Here are the teams I'd suggest for each.

Sage Rood- All Kanto
4 Full Restores
Starmie 68@ Sitrus Berry
Alakazam 68@ Sitrus Berry
Snorlax 70@ Leftovers
Gengar 68@ Lum Berry
Dragonite 72@ Yache Berry
Gyarados 70@ Wacan Berry

Sage Gorm- All Johto
4 Full Restores
Crobat 68@ Lum Berry
Kingdra 70@ Lum Berry
Fortress 68@ Leftovers
Scizor 70@ Muscle Band
Tyranitar 72@ Chople Berry
Umbreon 68@ Sitrus Berry

Sage Ryoko- All Hoenn
4 Full Restores, Dire Hit
Absol 68@ Razor Claw
Flygon 70@ Sitrus Berry
Salamence 72@ Yache Berry
Shedninja 68@ Focus Sash
Aggron 68@ Chople Berry
Milotic 70@ Leftovers

Sage Zinzolin- All Sinnoh
4 Full Restores
Infernape 68@ Lum Berry
Lucario 70@ Sitrus Berry
Duskonoir 70@ Leftovers
Garchomp 72@ Yache Berry
Weavile 68@ Chople Berry
Magnezone 68@ Shuca Berry

Sage Bronius-All Unova
4 Full Restores
Reuniclus 68@ Sitrus Berry
Exadrill 70@ Sitrus Berry
Conkeldurr 68@ Lum Berry
Darmanitan 68@ Sitrus Berry
Volcarona 72@ Leftovers
Escavalier 70@ Sitrus Berry

Sage Giallo- All Regions
4 Full Restores
Zoroark 68@ Wise Glasses (Illusion of Heracross)
Metagross 72@ Leftovers
Haxorus 70@ Haban Berry
Machamp 68@ Sitrus Berry
Yanmega 68@ Charti Berry
Heracross 70@ Flame Orb (Causes Zoroark's Illusion)

After battling each one, they are arrested by Looker. After all of the sages have been defeated, Ghetsis returns from the Sinnoh region. But he isn't alone. He has brought back another legendary Pokémon. In White Version, he has brought back Dialga. Dialga is making temporal disruptions across Unova and must be stopped. As you strive to reach Ghetsis in Pinwheel Forest, Dialga sends you back in time. You must solve a puzzle to get through th forest without being spotted. After battling your way to get to Ghetsis, you are transported to a time when N was just a young boy. Celebi, being a time traveler that is threatened immensely by Ghetsis and Dialga, comes to N's aid and brings him his future Pokemon. Little N assists you in a double battle against Ghetsis

6 Full Restores, 2 Max Revives
Genesect 82@ Chill Drive
Dialga 84 @ Adamant Orb
Hydreigon 80@ Lum Berry
Cofagrigus 78@ Leftovers
Boufflant 78@ Life Orb
Bisharp 78@ Chople Berry

Celebi 84@ Leftovers
Reshiram 78
Klinklang 76
Archeops 76
Carracosta 76
Zoroark 76

After the battle is done, N is restored back to his own time. Dialga and Celebi then send Ghetsis a few million years back in time, where he is unable to harm anyone. While Ghetsis is alone with Pokemon such as Omastar and Armaldo, you have some words with N about the man he will become. You have a dramatic goodbye with N, but you get the feeling the Celebi will be watching over him. After returning back to your own time, you have the ability to catch Dialga.

In Black Version, Ghetsis returns from the Sinnoh region with Palkia. He causing spatial rifts and wreaking utter chaos. After facing through numberless grunts, you finally get to Ghetsis. He manages to escape to a moon base and seems to be out of reach. Looker quickly transports you to Mossdeep City in Hoenn, where you launch off to battle the super villain. After fighting through even more grunts on the moon, Palkia traps you and your Pokémon in a spatial rift. To save you in your bleakest hour, 2 Deoxys come in and break the Spatial Barrier. They then join Looker and his team, as you have a double battle with Ghetsis.

6 Full Restores, 2 Max Revives
Genesect 82@ Shock Drive
Palkia 84 @ Lustrous Orb
Hydreigon 80@ Lum Berry
Cofagrigus 78@ Leftovers
Boufflant 78@ Life Orb
Bisharp 78@ Chople Berry

Deoxys N 81@ Life Orb
Deoxys D 81@ Leftovers
Toxicroak 78
Tropius 76
Charizard 76
Mantine 76

After epicly having an epic battle of epic proportions in spaaaace, Ghetsis finally loses. In a last ditch effort, he orders Palkia to destroy the moon. You and Looker rush to the shuttle while the Deoxys try to hold off the rampaging Palkia. You make it to the shuttle and launch off. Ghetsis loses control of Palkia, who then destroys all of the remaining escape shuttles. The two Deoxys and Palkia abandon Ghetsis to his lonely fate on the moon. After landing, Looker makes you an honorary International Police Officer, Executive Administrator of the Unova Region. After a happy ending, you have the option to catch Palkia.

I know Black 2 and White 2 are coming out soon and perhaps they will fix some issues, but I still think that this would have been a better way to close off the story. I suppose the sequels have something else in mind.

13th March 2012, 5:33 AM
Sorry, this section is for fan fiction, which are stories. This isn't the place for your dream teams for the seven sages or what you'd like to happen in a game (unless it's written in a story format). Please try the General Pokemon Discussion or Black 2/White 2 speculation sections. Thanks,