View Full Version : First Stall RMT...Is it good?

17th March 2012, 7:04 PM
first stall team that I've ever made...hope it's good


my team is a stall team that is focused around status effects and entry hazards. this is my first stall tactic team, so it may not be perfect.

roserade @focus sash
4 hp, 252 special attack,252 speed
moves: energy ball, toxic spikes, sleep powder, sludge bomb

roserade makes a great lead with toxic spikes and sleep powder. once you sleep powder, you can either switch to a corresponding type, or energy ball/sludge bomb the opponent.

skarmory @shed shell
252 hp, 236 defence, 20 speed
moves: spikes, whirlwind, roost, taunt

with spikes, toxic spikes, status moves, and stealth rock, spam whirlwind to inflict major damage, especially when its a
physical team. although, i feel like i should add an attack... anyway, taunt is for those d-dance gyarados who think they can take down my skarmory.

blissey @leftovers
252 hp, 252 defence, 4 speed
moves: aromatherapy, softboiled, thunder wave, ice beam

stall teams can be DOMINATED by status conditions, but blissey's aromatherapy takes care of that. thunder wave the opposing pokemon to cripple sweepers.

jolteon @leftovers
252 special attack, 4 special defence, 252 speed
moves: thunderbolt, thunder wave, substitute, baton pass

a baton passer with a bit of spice, jolteon first cripples the foe with t-wave, then proceeds to baton pass a substitute to gliscor, who then proceeds to sweep. thunderbolt is there to take out gyarados and vaporeon, usually crippling the team as both are (most of the time) essential to the team, with vaporeon being wish support and gyarados as an essential sweeper.

vaporeon @leftovers
248 hp, 224 defence, 36 speed
moves: wish, protect, roar, toxic

gliscor @life orb
252 hp, 252 s. defence, 4 attack
moves: earthquake, stealth rock, ice fang/aerial ace, taunt

i suppose i should explain the moves: taunt is to prevent stealth rock and to just plain be annoying. aerial ace to take out breloom and hera. earthquake is for STAB and basic coverage, and stealth rock is to...well...stealth rock.

there you have it... my stall team. id like u guys to post:
a) how i can improve it
b) major threats to my team