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17th March 2012, 8:58 PM
CHAPTER 1: First Pokemon

For a while now Adam has been planing on venturing into the forest, which surrounds the little town of Canal Fulton, where he lives, and capture his first Pokemon. That will show that he has what it takes to become a great Pokemon trainer!

Adam had already bought five Poke Balls and a good baseball bat, just in case. Now he has been waiting for the perfect time to set out. The Ohio Professor, Prof. Finn, is traveling to Adam's town in a few days, with some starter Pokemon and two Pokedex. Three kids are going to get a Pokemon and leave town, two of them, chosen by Prof. Finn, are going to receive a Pokedex to fill. These two youngsters are chosen as the most likely to succeed as a trainer. Receiving a Pokedex is a great honor, and Adam plans on emerging from the forest victoriously, a full Poke Ball in hand, proving that he is brave, courageous, and has what it takes to catch them all and fill that 'dex!

Finally the night before Prof. Finn's arrival came. Adam waited until his mom went to bed before grabbing his bag and sneaking out of his bedroom window. The night was calm and fairly warm for being the state of Ohio. The skies were clear and the moon looked closer than usual, it was beautiful. Adam had a good feeling about tonight. Once at the edge of the forest he pulled the bat out of his bag, and, taking a deep breath, stepped into the dark woods.

The moon was almost entirely blocked out by the trees, but there were hundreds of fireflies all around him. As he moved slowly, and cautiously through the thick brush he could hear all the various nocturnal Pokemon calling to each other and moving all around him. He stopped for a minute to take it all in. This is what he wanted to do 'till he dies! The feeling he has at this very moment is indescribable. He wants to be a trainer more than anything!

Suddenly Adam heard something moving close behind him. It sounded big. He tightened his grip on the bat, and slowly turned around. There was nothing. Then he heard it behind him again, so he turned back the way he was facing at first. Nothing but darkness. Realizing that the fireflies have thinned out considerably, and now hearing the large movement in the weeds to his right, Adam got scared. He spun to the right and caught a glimpse of a shadowy blur bolt deeper into the darkness. Completely turned around now, Adam attempted to run back out of the woods, but inadvertently ran farther into the wild.

Adam felt the figure chasing him as he ran, so he ran faster and faster. He was on pure adrenaline at this point. He leaped through the thick forest growth and nearly rolled his ankle, which hurt a bit, but he kept going. He sprinted over and under logs,through bushes of thorns. His lungs burned and his legs were beginning to ache, but he pushed on. The creature just kept getting closer. Then the forest opened up into a clearing that ended at the Tusk River! Adam was trapped! His survival instincts and adrenalin taking over, Adam turned on one foot as soon as he stopped at the river edge and swung his bat at the attacker.

The wood bat was met by a large bladed arm, which cut straight through it, just barley missing Adam's head, but sending him tumbling to the ground. In shock, Adam began rolling away from the water, towards the creature, who skillfully jumped over Adam and up into a tree. Adam quickly jumped up and saw the creature. It was a grass green bug-like humanoid creature with two legs and two large bladed arms.

“Scyther...” Adam whispered. He was surprised he was able to run this far from one of the fastest known Pokemon. The wild Scyther readied to jump on the disoriented Adam, but at the last second Adam saw his bag on the ground and dove for it, luckily dodging the quick, ninja-like attack. Scyther landed on the forest floor with a fluid and skillful roll, behind Adam as he ripped open his bag, grabbed his Poke Balls, enlarged as many of the five as he could with one hand, and threw them all at the Pokemon. Scyther swung his scythes, cutting two balls, and dodged with blinding speed, but was captured by the third ball. As the Pokemon struggled to escape Adam scrambled to grab the last two balls that were still in their small function. He then backed as far away as he could, keeping his eyes on the shaking Poke Ball.

Suddenly a wild Pikachu leaped out of the weeds and landed in front of Adam, cheeks sparking. Adam ignored the Pokemon and enlarged the last two balls while watching the shaking one. Finally Scyther burst out ready to kill, but was met by a Thundershock. This took it entirely by surprise and it fell to the ground before bolting into the darkness.

Adam didn't even think to throw a ball at Scyther, he was just so blown away by what was going on. A random Pikachu just came out of nowhere and saved his life. The Pikachu turned to Adam and slowly approached, and begun searching him and sniffing him, seemingly looking him over for wounds or something.

Adam just laid there silently, he was still in shock. Then he lifted his hand to pet his savior, but it jumped back and charged it's cheeks.

“NO NO!”, Adam yelled, “I don't want to hurt you. I'm thanking you.”

The Pikachu looked at him for a moment, sniffing the air, and then slowly approached again. It rubbed against Adam's leg and he petted him. Then Pikachu ran towards the way out and seemingly wanted Adam to follow, so he got up, grabbed his bag, and went. Pikachu led him to where he first noticed the Scyther. By this time the sun was beginning to come out and Adam was able to see that the reason the Scyther attacked was because she had eggs in a nearby bush!

Pikachu hopped over to the Scyther and said something to it, probably apologizing, then ran back to Adam. When the two of them got back to the town, Adam turned, knelt in front of Pikachu, and put out his hand. The little Pokemon rubbed up against it and purred a little. Adam laughed and reached into his pocket for one of his last two Poke Balls. He pressed the little white button in the center, enlarging it; Pikachu was amused by this and curiously sniffed it. Adam set the ball before Pikachu and looked him in the eyes. The little Pokemon turned back to the forest, took a few steps, and sniffed the air. A minute later it turned back to Adam and slowly approached, watching the ball. He sniffed it and was suddenly captured in it.

Adam waited a moment, but Pikachu didn't struggle, then the Poke Ball locked. He couldn't believe it, he had caught a Pokemon. He carefully picked up the Poke Ball and weighed it in his hand. He could feel the weight of the life inside and a smile stretched across his face. Adam stood and walked to the Poke Center, where the Professor should be. When he got there, it was about 6 AM, and most of the town was gathered outside. When kids get their first Pokemon it's always a huge deal. Everyone stared at the dirty Adam as he moved through the crowed, clutching the ball in his first.

Once inside, he was greeted by The Professor's assistant, A Nurse Joy, the only one in America. She and her family are very famous nurses in the Japanese regions.

“Well hello young man, you're a bit early”, She said with a smile.

“I--”, Adam started, but was interrupted by the Joy.

“My word! You are filthy! What happened?”

“I had a mishap in the forest...”

“Oh dear! It is very dangerous outside of town alone young man. You could have gotten hurt.”

“I know, I was lucky I guess”, said Adam as he squeezed the tiny Poke Ball in his hand.

“Ok, well we are about to start, so have a seat over there”, she said pointing at a bench.

Adam sat on the bench and a moment later the crowd parted as the other two kids came in. Tiffany, the youngest at 10, the minimum age to receive a Pokemon, and Adam's old best friend Dylan, who is a year younger than him, at 16. All three sat on the bench as their parents came in to watch and take pictures. Adam's mom kept giving him a weird look, maybe because he was oddly filthy on such a special day. Soon after the parents settled in the Professor came out from the back with his Typhlosion following close behind and greeted the three kids. He Shook each of their hands and then walked over to greet the parents. After this he stepped up to the podium and begun.

“Good morning everyone. My name is Prof. Finn. We are all here today to witness three young people get their first Pokemon so they can safely venture into the world. Receiving a starter Pokemon has been a great tradition all over the world since God and Arceus created the first Pokemon and the first Humans in the Garden of Eden to live together and help and serve one another. So, it is a great honor to give these young people their very own Pokemon and send them into the world to make it a better place and be the best that they can be. If you listen to my radio show you would know I have recently traveled to the Kanto, Johto, and Unova regions with my good friend Prof. Oak to choose which three Pokemon to bring here today. I also, while in Unova, acquired the latest technology in Pokedex and Poke Balls from the world famous Silph co.

We have Charmander, Totodile, and Snivy. All three are ready and anxious to be loved by their new trainer. Lets have the youngest choose first.”

Tiff's mom begun clapping and crying hysterically as the girl walked up to the counter, on which sat a display of six Poke Balls. They sat in pairs, with a picture of the Pokemon inside each ball in front of each of the three pairs. Her face quickly turned red. She chose the grass type, Snivy. Thanked the Professor while her mom snapped a thousand pictures and then she returned to her seat.

“Next,” said Joy.

Dylan got up and walked up to the Poke Balls. He chose the Totodile because water beats fire, the type Adam was most likely to pick. He thanked the Professor and sat down, giving Adam a smirk as he passed.

“Next,” said Joy again.

Adam nervously stood and walked up to the balls.. He grabbed the last unpicked Pokemon, fallowed suit by thanking the Professor and sat down.

Then Prof. Finn readied to give out the two Pokedex. “Now that the Pokemon are handed out, lets move on to the choosing of the two kids to receive their very own Pokedex! To determine which of you three will get it, I think we should step outside and have a three way battle! Let's see what you know!

Outside, Adam, Dylan, and Tiffany stood in a triangle shape surrounded by all the people. The Professor gave the ready, set, go and all three threw their Poke Balls at the same time, summoning their new Pokemon. Dylan immediately ordered Totodile to do a Water Gun at Charmander, who was hit by some sort of leaf attack from Snivy, sending him to the ground, conveniently causing the Water Gun to miss. Charmander wasn't hurt very much so he jumped up quickly and Adam ordered him to do an Ember attack at Snivy, which nearly knocked it out. Tiffany jumped back, dodging the fiery embers bouncing off of her little Pokemon, and then ran over to it. Professor Finn yelled for her to get back, saying you should never get to close to a battle. That's why Poke Balls can withdraw from a distance. The girl withdrew Snivy and went back into the Poke Center.

Meanwhile, Adam and Dylan were yelling commands back and forth. Totodile was obviously more experienced than Charmander, let alone the type advantage, but Charmander was faster. Totodile dove in for a bite, but Charmander caught him in the face with a scratch and then hit him with a tackle. Totodile kicked Charmander off of him, tacked him, then water gunned him, and Charmander fainted.

Dylan Jumped in the air screaming, “YEEEES! IN YOUR FACE!”

A smile grew on Adam's face as he opened up his fist revealing the small Poke Ball. Dylan stopped laughing when Adam yelled, “Go Pikachu!” In a flash of red light Pikachu appeared in front of Totodile. “Electric trumps water!” says Adam with a smile. “A good trainer should always be ready for anything! Pikachu, Thundershock!”

Totodile was shocked and then immediately dropped to the ground knocked out. Dylan, Prof. Finn, and everyone else just stared in awe. Adam withdrew Charmander and called Pikachu to his side. Then everyone diverged around him, asking how he got his Pikachu. After telling them the story everyone returned to the Poke Center for the end of the Starter Ceremony.

Dylan and Tiffany were just getting their healed Pokemon back when the Nurse Joy took Adam's to be healed and Prof. Fin took the podium for the last time.

“That was a great battle” Finn started, “and what a twist! Now, here are seven Poke Balls for each of you for fighting so well. And, for the giving of the Pokedex, the part we have all been waiting for. Dylan, you showed good knowledge with your choice in Pokemon and you won because of it. Here, take this Pokedex and gather information of all the Pokemon in the world. Adam, You showed bravery, and devotion to being a trainer by risking your life to get that Pokemon, from what I see, it really likes you as well. To you I award the last Pokedex. You two boys have what it takes to be fine trainers. Now, all of you go home, get to know your Pokemon, get some rest, and pack your bags, because tomorrow you are going to start your Pokemon journey! Congratulations, all of you.”

22nd March 2012, 8:33 PM
CHAPTER 2: Mac and Eve

Canal Fulton, as well as River Fork, two very historical towns in Ohio are similar in three ways. The first, they are two of the oldest towns in Ohio, this is the reason for their second similarity: they are the only two towns not named after one of the State's trees. And, lastly, the reason for my telling you this: The third similarity is they both, near the beginning of spring, experience a very strange and mysterious happening. A thick white fog blankets these towns and all the Pokemon in the areas come together in the streets and the surrounding wilds. Legends say there is an ancient South American Pokemon that befriended the group of pioneers who founded these two towns and this Pokemon comes every year before spring to check up on the towns. This Pokemon is the bringer of the fog.

This is what woke Adam up the morning after he got his first Pokemon. Pikachu and Charmander, locked in Adam's room, were standing together at the window looking into the thick white fog. Adam awoke when Pikachu started banging on the glass. Adam sleepily looked at the time on his Android phone and immediately jumped out of bed, eyes wide.

“C'mon guys!” He yelled, “we are going to miss the boat!” He quickly grabbed his bag, ran to the kitchen, grabbed three packs of gummies, yelled bye to his mom, and ran out the door.

The fog had already dissipated, and the morning sun was quickly heating up the air. As Adam sprinted down the road, followed by his two companions, towards the canal boat, some of his neighbors and friends yelled congratulations, farewells, and good lucks to him.

Once at the port, as he was bent over catching his breath, he was approached by Dylan. “Taking the wimpy canal boat, huh?”

Adam stood up and replied, “yeah, in all the time I lived here I have never been on it. I think it would be a nice journey starter, you know, because of all the scenery and Pokemon I'll see.”

Dylan laughed, “Well you have fun looking at scenery. I figure I can take route 54 (the shortest route in Ohio), train a bit, then heal Totodile at the Poke Center in Maple Town, before tackling route 55 to the water gym in Beech City.”

“Hmm, sounds like a good plan bro'. I'm using the dense wilderness the canal goes through to get a start on the 'dex, and then I'm going to train in the fighting gym in Birch City for a while.”

“You know that's Pikachu's weakness, right?”

“Yeah, I thought having a disadvantage would be good for training.”

“The old St. Hellene is now leaving port! Last call for passengers!” A crewman yelled.

Dylan laughed again, “okay, whatever you wanna do. Have fun sitting on your *** while I'm training.”
Adam smiled and gave Dylan a friendly shove as he passed him to board the boat. Adam pulled the Pokedex out of his bag and pointed it at the two Rapidash pulling the vessel.

Rapidash, evolves from Ponyta. Fire type. When this beautiful Pokemon is at an all-out gallop, it's flaming mane sparkles, making it look even more spectacular.

Satisfied, Adam sat on a bench with his Pokemon and read more about Rapidash. Until a crewmen walked up to him. “You are a new trainer huh?”

Adam put the Pokedex into his pants pocket and looked up at the old bearded man. “Yup, I just got these two yesterday.”

“Boy, I remember my first Pokemon. She was an Eevee, then a Flareon. I got her just about 53 years ago... She passed away nearly 10. She sure was somethin'. She beat every gym without fainting, except Aquaria's water gym in Beech city. I do believe it was her mom running it back then. They both have the same name, I bet you couldn't guess why. Hahaha.”

“Man, I'm sorry about your Flareon, she sounds awesome. I'm Adam by the way.”

“I'm Mac, people just call me Mac haha. Well Adam, I recently acquired another Eevee. Would you like to battle so I can test her out?”

“Sure Mac, I would love to!”

A smile stretched across Mac's face. “I haven't battled in 50 years! But, I warn you, I was a pro! Eve! Come here girl!”

Adam got his Pokedex out as the little Eevee trotted over.

Eevee. Normal type. Evolves into Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, or Glaceon. It's genetic code is irregular, it evolves into whichever form fits best to it's environment. Also, elemental stones can influence this.

“Pikachu! Lets do this!”

“Let'em have it Eve!”

The two Pokemon charged at one another. Pikachu, being the faster one, instinctively shot electric at Eve, who was commanded to do a double team, but was too late. Pikachu's attack hit, momentarily paralyzing her.

“Again Pikachu!” Adam yelled.

Pikachu charged up for a second hit, but Eve recovered and used double team.

“Circle attack him Eve!” Mac said with a smirk.

Eve, while using double team, began running round Pikachu, then started jumping in to bite him before mixing back in.

“Get out of there Pikachu!”

Pikachu leaped though the circle of fake Eevee and spun around, cheeks charged for another thundershock. All the Eve stopped running in a circle and spread out in a semi circle in front of Pikachu.

“Tackle Eve!” Mac confidently yelled.

“Thundershock the middle one Pikachu!”

Pikachu did as commanded, but the middle one just disapeared, it wasn't Eve. Eve's tackle landed beautifully. The two Pokemon hit the deck hard; Eve rolled, skillfully, off of Pikachu and landed on her feet ready for another. But, Pikachu was done.

Mac, still smiling, walked up to Adam who had run to Pikachu. “It's okay son,” Mac said, “you're a beginner, You'll get better. You fought well, and made me feel young again. Thank you. Say, You're going to Birch Town, I'm friends with the man who runs the Poke Center there. He knows my PC password. Tell him Mac sent you to get a gift. I'll call him and tell him you are coming.”

“Thank you.” Adam said, picking up Pikachu.

“Any time kid.”

Mac took Adam to a place where Pikachu could rest, then he went about his job. Adam and Charmander returned to the bench and waited. Adam looked into the dense forest and saw a little Deerling grazing along side a Sawsbuck in the distance. He recorded it in his 'dex.

“Aye kid”, a crewman yelled to Adam, “there are some Lotad up here for your little gadget there.”

Adam ran up to the front of the boat and looked where the man was pointing. A pack of lilypads where floating just up a head. The boat went right through them. Each one it touched jumped out of the water and squirted water at the crew. Adam, laughing, recorded them in the Pokedex. One of them had a Politoad sitting on it. When the boat went by it stood up, knocking off the Politoad, revealing it was a Lombre. Then it also squirted the crew.

A little while later Adam saw three Zigzagoon playing on the shore and a flock of Pidgey flew over head. Another passenger asked a crewman about the fishing in the canal and he said he would mostly catch a Magikarp or a Barboach if he's lucky. Adam went on watching the scenery for a while and then went to check on Pikachu, who was fine now. So he joined Adam and Charmander to a feast of their three packs of gummies. “As soon as we get to town I'll buy us real food.” Adam said, petting Charmander.

Soon, the sun slowly went down. Darkness quickly swallowed the dense forest, through which the canal had been carved. It wasn't long before the ominous howls of Houndour started up in a chorus of deadly coordination and tactics. The crew quickly doused all the lamps, allowing darkness to devour the little canal boat.

Adam stepped up to the railing and looked hard into the darkness. He could hear their fast movement in the brush along the shore, closely following the boat, but he could not see them. “Charmander,” Adam whispered, “ember attack into the darkness.” Charmander did as told and shot a clump of glowing embers onto the shore. Large exaggerated shadows danced on the trees of the carnivorous pack as they rushed past the little orange light.

“You tryin' to start a forest fire, kid?” Asked Mac as he joined Adam at the railing.

“No, I was trying to see the Houndour.”

“I wouldn't do that son, they might think you are attacking them.”

“I hadn't thought of that. Why are the lights out?”

“The crew feel uneasy allowing those beasts to see them. It's hard to attack something you can't see. They are quite dangerous.”

“What about the Rapidash?”

“Hadn't you noticed the Houndour are on the opposite side as the Rapidash? They can fend for themselves.”

Adam began to reply, but was shushed by Mac who signaled Adam to listen. The rustling in the weeds form the hasty Houndour was joined by a much smaller rustling.

“It's a hunt...” Whispered Mac.

The Houndour's pace quickened and their barks and howls got louder and more frequent as they coordinated their attack. Adam heard a faint Hoothoot hoot in the distance and then, as spontaneously as it had begun, it ended with a dying yelp of some unfortunate Pokemon and a few victory barks from the pack.

Mac turned to Adam, “You better get some rest, we will be arriving by sun rise. Sleep close to your Pokemon, kid.”

Adam nodded, turned, and slowly walked away without saying a word.
He found a clear spot on the cold wooden deck and curled up with Pikachu and Charmander. Charmander's body heat and flame kept Adam and Pikachu warm all night.

The next morning Adam awoke to a wet nose nudging his cheek. He opened his eyes to see Mac's Eevee, Eve, in front of a pair a boot and blue jean wearing legs, which he followed up to the bearded face of Mac who, smiling, said, “Rise and shine kid, we're here.”