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20th March 2012, 9:29 PM
CloseCombat woke up to a bright and sunny day. It didn't matter to him. He hissed like a snake and closed the curtains, for the fear light would block up his creative "juices."

He found his coffee machine groggily and was quickly woken up by the sound of the grinding. CloseCombat then sat down to work on his new story. He was ready to go, with his knuckles cracked, computer on, and shades down.

"Once upon a time, there was a trainer named Bob. He lived in Pallet Town. He got a cool Charizard. The end." He found the story very stupid, and promptly erased it. A pop-up appeared on his screen.

"BOB wants you to continue the story." Since this happened quite often when he wrote stories, he got VERY angry at this one.

"DAMN IT! IT WASN'T EVEN A GOOD STORY?!?! WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO KEEP IT!" With a smile full of hatred and revenge, he started retyping the horrible story.

"Once there was an idiot named Raisinface, previously known as Bob. He was a total dunce who wanted to enter the Grand Festival. His favorite Pokémon is Stunfisk." The pop-up proceeded to type up a middle finger. "He lives in the stupid-as-hell Pallet Town. When he goes to Professor Oak's lab, he gets a Stunfisk, who will surely win him the Grand Festival. When he steps outside, he falls into a pit trap. Jessie and James came up to him, stole his measly allowance, and said 'Hey! How would you like to join Team Rocket?'"

CloseCombat spitefully laughed at the story, but was interrupted by the click-clack of his old keyboard. It was typing itself! The story now said..

"'Yes' said the absolutely amazing Raisinface. He flew out of the hovercraft with his amazing new jetpack."

"No!" CloseCombat yelled.

"Sorry, now I have a life of my own. Can't erase me, either. You shouldn't treat your stories this way!" Raisinface typed up "hahahahahaha" then typed out "Raisinface and Team Rocket destroyed the town while flying away."

"OK, this is crap. I need to create another main character..." CloseCombat said to himself. "Oh what shall I do, what shall I do..." He snapped, then got back to furious typing.

Joe woke up in his bed, on an island near Seafoam Caverns, as the locals called it. His bedroom door was knocked on.

"COMING MOTHER! Just gimme a damn minute..." Joe muttered. CloseCombat barged in, with a PokéBall in hand.

"Who the hell are you!?" exclaimed Joe.

"The creator of you, your mom, your dad, and anything else in this universe. I'm the author of this story." CloseCombat replied.

"So...I'm in a story where everything I know is being created in an alternate universe? Riiiggghhhttt. So, why are you here if you are the almighty creator of everything?"

"Because I need your help. One of my characters have gone rogue with power. He's writing his own journey to destroy MY world, and I can't erase him. I need the power of another Internet character."

"Umm.. why should I accept?"

"Because I can give you an ultra-powerful Pokémon. FERROSEED!" CloseCombat pulled out a PokéBall and handed it to Joe.

"I'm in! So, how do we defeat this maniac?" Joe quizzically asked.

"I don't know. Hey, since we're at it, can this be one of those journey stories where we travel around getting gym badges?" CloseCombat asked.

"Sure, I don't care. There's a gym over in the caverns, if we can challenge that first."

"To the caverns we go!"

__________________________________________________ _________

Well, there you go! First chapter so far :)