View Full Version : Do you prefer running an RPG, or just being in one?

Monster Guy
23rd March 2012, 3:59 AM
Thread title is self explanitory. Do you prefer being a GM for your own RPG, or just joining others, and why?

Personally I find it easier to just be a player. All I have to do, is remember to post every now and then. Plus, I don't have to be responsible for keeping the story moving, and making sure the other players don't screw up. It's a lot of work being a GM.

On the other hand, if I have a craving to do a specific type of RPG, and no one is making one, my only options are to make my own, or wait... Not to mention, being a GM gives you a lot more control over the story than just simply being a player.


23rd March 2012, 4:05 AM
I like Co-GMing RPGs. This way I get to have some of the benefits of GMing, while only having half of the responsibilities.

I feel like this makes for a better situation for players as well. A less stressed-out GM will make less mistakes. And with two of them, there will be less continuity errors, too.

23rd March 2012, 4:34 AM
I prefer being a player in an RPG. If you're running it... well, it's more work, for one. You have to manage the plot, you have to keep an eye on all the players, and you can't ever disappear. If an RPer disappears, they can reintegrate themselves pretty easily with a couple well placed catch-up posts. If a GM disappears, or only has the liberty of sporadic/occasional visits to Serebii, well the whole thing's pretty much screwed, unless the RP is super freeform so that the players can do it on their own.

The reason I GM is pretty much what you said. If I want to take part in a certain type of RP, and no one's made one, then I suppose I'll have to do it myself. Still a tough thing to do, though. *Cough The World Ends With You RP that is being a pain to write Cough*

23rd March 2012, 5:44 AM
Being in one. I enjoy RPG and just being part of it then being the one controlling everything. I enjoy making a character and just having to worry about them instead of having to lead a bunch of people in the direction of the plot. Maybe that'll change if I ever make some RPG and learn how to be a decent GM. In my many years here I've only attempted two doing RPG: one never got started and the other one I got so very overwhelmed by it... I think after that I've been a bit cautious of making another.

23rd March 2012, 9:46 PM
Honestly, I prefer playing in an RP rather than running one. Being a player allows me to move at my own pace without being bothered to move to the next plot point or reveal the newest twist in the story. Of course, I still have to keep up with the RP - it'd be rude to just leave everyone hanging in the middle of a fight or a conversation - but on the off-chance that I have to pull a Houdini and disappear from the RP for a moment, it's much easier for me to jump back in.

On the other hand, being a GM gives me much more clout in deciding the events of the story. I can't count the number of times I've seen an RP die just because the plot was moving too slow, or too fast, or just didn't have enough new material to be interesting. As a GM, I've got the power to decide the next course of action - especially if I want to throw in a big twist or a new antagonist. The whole point of an RP is to create one huge, multi-author story, and if everyone else is providing the characters, then heck, I'll go ahead and figure out the plot.

23rd March 2012, 10:06 PM
I prefer to be running RPGs, but since I am terrible at coming up with ideas of RPGs, I'm sort of forced to take more of a role as an RPer. I love to run RPGs as I can come up with good plot twists to keep the RPG alive, but at the same time, I'm a bit too much of a softy when it comes to dealing with RPers who get out of hand.

Personally, I'd like being the GM as I am in control, but I wouldn't mind having help with moving the RPG along. I do get a bit irritated when some GMs do disappear for a while or take forever to respond to questions or ignore them. I think that having RPGs where there are few RPers help wiith keeping the flow a bit higher, although fewer RPers mean higher chance of it dying more quickly when someone drops out.

I think that the rpgs I have in mind are probably better off being written as fan-fics... (props to anyone who finds my sign-up rpg with no responses to it. I was quite proud of it too :( )

24th March 2012, 12:54 AM
I love making RPGs. Setting up the circumstances, coming up with a plot, figuring out the details, that stuff. Running games I also like, although I admit to being a ditz at times or having issues with other things needing to come first. I do get frustrated a bit in trying to keep things together, especially when players I'm counting on to find some significant information or do something interesting vanish without a word. And I really dislike games that move fast, as I simply can't keep up with that.

But I like being a player too. I'm just picky when it comes to games I want to join, having also to consider if my schedule is okay or wondering if other games are still running. I've had instances where I think a game is dead, and then all of a sudden it gets revived. I also dislike lack of communications, which is why I try to do that. Try, anyhow.

If I had to choose... uh, I'd go with making the game more than anything (I've got four nearly complete ones in my files, plus copies of my old ones in case I want to try reviving them)

25th March 2012, 6:44 AM
Hmm, for me that is a difficult question. I really like both. However, I find it WAY easier to just join an RPG than to run one. Granted, I haven't run very many RPG's before, since I only start an RPG when I have a really good idea for one.

Joining an RPG is another way for me to play with my characters, and it allows me to focus more on the creative aspects of my writing. As a GM, I tend to concern myself less with character development and writing style and more on just moving the plot along. The characters I play in my own RPG's also tend to be less interesting than those in others' RPG's. But I have noticed that when I'm in someone else's RPG, I frequently attempt to take control of scenarios (background information, the time of day, etc.) and end up getting in trouble with the GM for assuming things. So that bit annoys me...

On the other hand, I've had funny things going on with the RPG's I've been running. I think I made only six RPG's that were of any significance, three of which weren't even on these forums. The first one happened to go to completion, but it was a Digimon RPG that had a very unoriginal plot and backstory (this was back when I was way less experienced). By contrast, my more fleshed-out RPG's never got finished...

Haha, one thing I've noticed lately is that the RPG's I join run faster than the RPG's I make. I dunno why that is... I guess the thing I hate the most about being a GM is when people lose interest in my RPG's. That's worse than having it not start at all IMO, because I've already gotten my hopes up beforehand. Sometimes when an RPG of mine fails I wonder if it would've been better off as a fanfic...

If a GM disappears, or only has the liberty of sporadic/occasional visits to Serebii, well the whole thing's pretty much screwed, unless the RP is super freeform so that the players can do it on their own.
Actually, I'm in an RPG right now where that exact thing has happened. But instead, we (the players) are trying to piece it back together, putting a surrogate GM in position to run things until the real GM returns (if he ever does). Of course, such a thing happens only rarely (I was surprised it did happen).

But yes... *sigh* I myself admit to having ditched a couple of RPG's I ran in the past. One of them had six pages on it and was going strong. Nowadays I'm careful not to do the same thing again, unless the RPG is already dying. *cough Sword of Destiny cough*

And I agree with RPG's being a pain to write... The Earthbound RPG I'm running right now took a couple of weeks of preparation, and Sword of Destiny took (are you ready for this?) nearly a year. Although both have about the same degree of complexity, the latter took longer because it was a completely original concept (i.e. not a fan RPG like the former).

(While noting the above, keep in mind that the things I write tend to be quite a bit more detailed/complex than others, usually more than what is necessary/what people can tolerate. A good RPG shouldn't take a year to compose... -_-' )

@Ysavvryl: Keeping old things on file is a good habit, and not only for RPG's but for posts and signups as well. You never know when you'll want to re-use a character, post an RP sample, or simply take a trip down memory lane and read them (without going through an annoying web search).

Jonah the Slaking
25th March 2012, 12:43 PM
I like to be in one. When you're running one, ALL YOUR MEMBERS have to be active for you to advance the plot a great amount. If you're just in one, then the only one you need to worry about is you (along with any characters you're interacting with at the time, which is still better than having to wait on everyone). If you post in an RPG that you're in, it helps it keep from dying. This isn't the case with an RPG you run.