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23rd March 2012, 6:52 AM
Leo's Pokemon Adventures
Pokemon Leaf Green

1) Must nick name all Pokemon
2) Fainted Pokemon are dead and in PC Box called Grave. (NO REVIVING)

~Up and at em!~

Coo coo coo... Leo's Pidgey alarm clock kept repeating. Coo coo coo...

Leo: (Eyes half open) What time is it?

He leans over to check his Pidgey alarm clock.

Leo: Goddammit!!! I over slept. (He puts his hands over his eyes) I hate it when SHE 's right. “Leo do this, Leo do that. Make sure this gets done and that, and that, blah blah blah!!! Oh and make sure you get up early to go see Prof. Oak tomorrow.”

He laid on his bed contemplating if he should muster up strength AND courage to face his mother. Suddenly he is startled from a loud knock on the door.

Mom: LEO you better be up and fully dressed! Prof. Oak Isn't going to be waiting for you forever.

Leo: Good God mom, calm your nipples.

Mom:What did you say?

Leo: Oh dammit Um I said I'm gonna be downstairs in a minute.

Mom: Mhm I thought so. Now hurry up, don't make me come back upstairs!

Ah motherly love... Ain't it grand?

Leo: I guess I should start getting ready then.

Leo makes his way to his dresser. On top of his dresser stood a picture of his father with his beast of a Blastoise, Turbo.

Leo: I'm gonna make you proud dad... (Sigh) wherever you are.

Leo's father, Owen, disappeared a few years ago. Owen was a renowned trainer, known for his quick thinking and brisk fighting style; as well as a respected member in their home town of Pallet. Things didn't always go well at home, and he missed traveling with his Pokemon. Beating bad guys and trainers alike. So one day Owen decided it was time. Time for a new adventure with an old friend. He left with Turbo without saying a word to his wife or son, Owen was never good at saying goodbyes. So two years later and Leo is now 18 and ready to embark on his very own adventure. An Adventure filled with strong bonds between friends, persistent rivals and ambitious enemies.

23rd March 2012, 6:53 AM

Leo takes a last look at himself in the mirror, all he sees is a reflection of who he can become... A hero, a champion or maybe even... A legend. He truly is the spitting image of his father.

Leo: Well now, lets do this!

He makes his way downstairs slowly and very cautiously, trying to avoid his mother; for is she catches him there is no telling when the scolding will end! She was watching T.V, the news to be exact. The stairs were a few steps away from the couch.

Mom: I hope you know I'm very disappointed in you Leo!

She looks back and catches Leo in his tracks, trying to tiptoe his way out.

Mom: What a shame.

Leo: (Stops and exhales a deep breath) I'm used disappointing you Grace.

He only addressed her as Grace when she said the words “Disappointed” and “Shame” usually she said them in the same sentenced. Grace had a very youthful look to her, she took her husbands leaving fairly well compared to Leo. Though she did miss the man, every now and then.

Grace: Then you should stop doing it! Why don't you ever listen to me?!

Her Meowth laid on her lap, as always. Darn thing was so spoiled.

Leo: Mom I completely forgot! I had so much in my mind last night... Um... What are you watching?

He noticed the news on the T.V they were talking about a lab on Cinnabar Island which laid in ruins. Not much was known about the lab except that they ran continuous test on Pokemon, as was noted on a video log by Dr. Fuji, who is presumed dead after the video log.

Mom: (Sigh) They are talking about some lab they discovered on Cinnabar Island, dreadful place. Ran test and other nasty things on Pokemon. Its so disappointing to see such things... (sigh) what a shame.

Leo: (Looking at his watch) Yes Grace... Such a shame.

Mom: You should be on your way Leo. Prof. Oak is waiting for you.

Leo: Oh dammit I forgot!!

Mom: Language Leo!!!

Leo: (Bolting out of the house) Sorry mom... Bye mom!

Mom: Bye... Leo

She was starring at the door as he left, the news still playing on the T.V
Dr. Fuji: “For years we struggled to successfully clone a Pokemon to prove our theories. From Mew's DNA we created... Mewtwo. We used the most advanced techniques to develop its psychic powers. We dreamed of creating the world's strongest Pokemon... and we succeeded.” (Excerpt from Pokemon: The first movie.)

When she turned back to watch T.V the news were over. She started stroking her Mewoth's soft fur, as he purred away. What strange thing that her son would follow on his father's foot steps, the same way he did when Owen was Leo's age. Grace pondered at the idea and formed a smile.

Grace: If only you were here to see him. (Sigh)

23rd March 2012, 6:54 AM
~Pokemon I Choose You!~

Leo: Dammit! I'm so late!

Leo ran as fast as he could to Prof. Oak's lab, He didn't live far from the lab but it was still quite a walk.

Leo: Oh God! Please save me a Pokemon.

He kept repeating himself all the way to the lab.

Leo: I'm here. Finally! Ugh.

He makes his way into the lab, Prof. Oaks assistants looked like busy little combees, working on projects and data. Leo recognized a few of them from their town, but most of them were unfamiliar. There were a lot of faces there, but no Prof. Oak to be found. Hm so why did Grace rush him so much?

Leo: Eh where's Prof. Oak? (He thought to himself).

Leo notice three Pokeballs on top of a desk. He walked slowly to it and stood in front of them, looking at each one... Wondering which one he would pick.

Prof. Oak: You're late.

He caught Leo off guard, nearly giving Leo a heart attack.

Leo: Oh CRAP Prof. Oak!

Prof. Oak: Leo I hope you know you are 42 minutes late. May I ask you why that is?

For some reason Leo couldn't come up with anything to say.

Leo: Um... you see I-

Unknown person: Yo gramps is this him?

Leo looked for the unfamiliar voice.

Prof. Oak: Yes this is Leo. Leo this is my grandson, Cole.

Cole: What's up?

Prof. Oak: Cole is a promising trainer, he just graduated from the Pokemon Tech Academy with honors! Maybe he can give you some tips on how to get to IMPORTANT appointments on time.

Leo: I- I'm so sorry Prof. Oak I-

Cole: Its cool gramps.

Prof. Oak: (Sigh) Ah well now that Leo is here we can continue. In front of you there are three Pokeballs. Within them, there are three different Pokemon; each one with its own strengths and weaknesses. Bulbasaur the grass Pokemon, Squirtle the water Pokemon and Charmander the fire Pokemon. Now, I ask you two to please make your choice... WISELY! Leo, you may go first.

Cole: Why does he get to go first? Eh its cool I guess.

Leo: Okay I choose...

He stood there. In front of him laid three Pokeballs. Who will he choose? A Bulbasaur? Trainers say it is the easiest to train, and it grows quickly, Its the perfect choice for a beginner trainer. Or Squirtle maybe? Trainers say its worth it. Very balanced and plus every body loves a Squirtle. Or a Charmander. Owen once told him “you must have a lot of patience when it comes to raising a Charmander. A Charmander requires a strong bond with their trainer in order for it to grow strong and healthy!” Hmm decisions, decisions. He touched each Pokeball with his right hand, Trying to sense something. In his mind he heard his Owens' voice, “Let the pokemon choose you, for both of you shall stand tall together.”

Leo: I choose... Charmander! And I shall name him... Cinder.

Prof. Oak: Okay, Great! Now Cole you may choose your Pokemon.

Cole: That's easy gramps. I choose Squirtle. I've always wanted one, so thanks Leo for not choosing it.

Leo: Cool, I thought about it. But for some reason I felt this warm feeling when I held Charmander's Pokeball.

Prof. Oak: Oh really?

Leo: Yes, it was... Interesting.

Prof. Oak: Hmmm... I see.

Cole: Yo Leo! Lets have a quick battle.

Leo: Is that okay with you Prof. Oak?

Prof. Oak: Sure! To the Garden!

The three of them made their way to Prof. Oaks garden.

Prof. Oak: Alright, Leo are you ready?

Leo: Yes...

Prof. Oak: Cole, are you ready?

Cole: As I'll ever be!

Prof. Oak: Alright... Begin!

Leo: Cinder I choose you!

Cinder came out, and set his tail a blaze.

Cole: Hmph okay... Squirtle I choose you!

Squirtle came out, he was pumped for battle.

~~~~Battle with Cole #1~~~~
Cinder used Growl
Squirtle used Tackle
Cinder used Growl
Squirtle used Leer
Cinder used Scratch (critical)
Squirtle used Tackle
Cinder used Scratch
~~~~Leo wins battle #1~~~~

Leo: Nice! Cinder we WON!!!

Leo ran to hug Cinder, the bond between then was already growing.

Cinder: Of course we won. You did great too Leo!

The stood there looking at each other. It was destiny for Leo to be Cinder's trainer, as it was Cinder to be Leo's Pokemon.

Cole: Well I guess I should be on my way, Squirtle you did great! Just need a bit more training. Gramps I'm out! Later Leo.

Cole went back into the lab and went on his way, to do his own journey.

Prof. Oak: I'm amazed with your battling skills Leo. No doubt your Owens' son alright! Anyways, you should make your way to Viridian City, check out the site while your there. And make sure you train as well. Great things await for you Leo... Just make sure you get to them early.

Leo: (Laughs) Okay Prof. Oak. Will do, I'll be back soon.

Prof. Oak stood there absorbing the battle he just witnessed. Great things surely await Leo in his journey. It will be long, but it will be fun as well. Filled with laughter, joy and excitement. As well as loss, sorrow, and unfortunate events. But he will strive to become a Hero... and maybe even... A Legend.

Charmander (Cinder) Lvl 6

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