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23rd March 2012, 6:39 PM
Currently have 4 pokemon I'v been breeding to get absolutely perfect stats and abilitys but I only have half my team. I prefer fast pokemon and have a multiple of choices of the same ones so far.

I'm willing to Evolve my Scyther's to Scizors, My Scyther that became Scizor was 1 off max attack and after evolving still kepthat 1 of max attack so I know I won' lose anything by evolving. Heres the stats;


Nature: Adamantx3
HP: 252/270/270
Attack: 349/317/322
Defence: 190/196/193
Sp. Atk: 108/130/115
Sp. Def: 181/130/115
Speed: 303/293/295
Ability: Tech/Swarm/Swarm

Abilitys (including STAB/Tech to power);
X-Scissor = 80*STAB= 120
Aerial ace = 60*(Tech)*(STAB)= 120
Swords Dance
U-Turn = 70*STAB= 105

Noes: Currently Using the 1st scyther... Swarm is pritty useless probably going to give them away once im happy with my team!


Nature: Naughty (1st pokemon I EV trained)
HP: 270
Attack: 393
Defence: 235
Sp. Atk: 120
Sp. Def: 167
Speed: 214
Ability: Tech

Abilitys (including STAB/Tech to power);

Metal claw = 50*(Tech)*(STAB)= 100 (Trying to replace for Bullet Punch)
Iron head = 80*STAB= 120
Swords Dance
U-Turn = 70*STAB= 105

Notes: After evolving i was pritty happy with the attack increase but the amount of speed I lost was heafty. My scyther can use U-turn to escape a fire pokemon where as Scizor has lost to much speed to escape.


Nature: Jolly/Naughty
HP: 348/328
Attack: 354/371
Defence: 210/226
Sp. Atk: 165/185
Sp. Def: 187/168
Speed: 305/273
Ability: Sand veil

Abilitys (including STAB to power);

Dragon Claw = 80*STAB= 120
Outrage = 120*STAB= 180
Earthquake = 100*STAB= 150
Crunch = 80

Notes: Looking to remove dragon claw, with outrage there it's kind of stupid to use Dragon Claw instead... thats said its a multi-turn ability that can cause confusion but te power difference is huge.


Nature: Timid/Modest
HP: 257/246
Attack: 134/134
Defence: 127/128
Sp. Atk: 329/385
Sp. Def: 182/176
Speed: 335/305
Ability: Levitate

Abilitys (including STAB to power);

Hypnosis (to disable pokemon i may have a problem with)
Shdow Ball= 80*STAB= 120
Sludge Bomb = 90*STAB= 135
Energy Ball = 80 (chosen over thunderbolt due to haveing one more type its super effective agenst and multi-type pokemon with ground become immune to thunderbolt)

Notes: No much I can think of here...

Items: Life orb (scyther) - Occa Berry (scizor, saved it a few times now acctually) - Leftovers (Gengar) - Shell bell (Garchomp). Choice band is good but I like being able to change my abilitys.

Moving my pokemon to 5th gen on tuesday, Me and a friend (My aunt acctually... Pokemon fan still!) are starting together so going to xfer across. Include 5th gen abilitys and pokemon in recommendations. Looking for two stallers (for my scyther and scizor to U-turn nd switch out, preferable strong agenst fire attacks!). Herd that Milotic is a possible good staller and is water type...

I seem to prefer speed>power if i get hit by a super effective move most likely die so hitting 1st to at get some damage in (or to disable with hyponsis) is what my aims are really.

Edit: Don't how to remove my attachment, its just a pic of scyther but isn't in my post anymore as i deleted the line of text?

Sorry just checked the rules of these threads and turns out this was wrong place to post... (1st ever post mistakes can happen right...?) moving it please delete and sorry!

24th March 2012, 6:47 PM
for a scizor, use the standard smogon set:

scizor @choice band
252 attack, 248 hp, 8 speed
bullet punch

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