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25th March 2012, 11:32 PM
Here his the questions and answers and anything else that goes along with the Explorers of the Unknown RP


Date: June 13 2002
Location: Mid Pacific Ocean
Time: 13:34 (1:34 PM)

The Sinnoh region experiences a devastating 7.2 Earthquake, causing a standstill in all mining facilities and trapping forty-eight people underground. Aftershocks lasted six hours past the initial tremor, thanks to the meticulous airway systems, no miners were killed and they were quickly brought to the surface. Around the same time the Sinnoh incident occurred, both Kanto and Johto regions were also hit by tremors that registered up to 9.8 on the Richter scale, but due to the structure codes that the buildings had, only minor damages were reported, however, cities like Cinnabar Island, Pallet Town, and Newbark town were either leveled or temporarily submerged, despite the damages, only fifteen lives were claimed in the end, including the late professor Oak.

O: June 22 2002
Location: All known regions
Time: 03:53 (3:53 AM)

A luxury cruise ship; the S.S Lillycove was a course from Slateport city to the Unova region when yet another earthquake hit, capsizing the ship and leaving no survivors, the Hoenn and Unova Governments now concerned that this may be caused by the possible Awakening of Kyogre and declares that all Hoenn ports are to be closed off. This however did not alert Johto, Kanto, Orre, and Sinnoh until a Johto cargo carrier en route to Saffron City was sunken only a day later, causing a massive oil spill in the Vermillion City port.

Date: July 12 2002
Location: Mid Pacific Ocean
Time: 17:22 (5:22 PM)

The once mysterious tremors had finally ceased to happen, but one week after the sudden stop, a record breaking 13.9 Earthquake ripped through the middle of the Pacific Ocean now named "The Unknown", causing multiple 9.0 through 9.6 aftershocks in the end and completely flooding the remains of cities like Cinnabar Island, Vermilion city, Pallet town, and multiple Johto region cities. After the aftershocks ended a research ship named the S.S Celadon set sail to "The Unknown" armed with seismologists and geologists to get heavy research done on the area and what is causing the sudden disturbance in the Earth's crust and Mantle. Upon the final approach, the S.S Celadon lost contact.

Date: July 14 2002
Location: Mid Pacific Ocean
Time: 11:57 (11:57 AM)

The moment the S.S Celadon lost contact, search and rescue teams were set up from each region and were sent out towards "The Unknown", after two days a Hoenn Search and Rescue helicopter spotted what looked to be a scorched ship rested on a large spike coming out of the ocean, upon a close look in the ship the rescue team reported seeing shadows burnt into the walls of the ship and fried remains of the crew members laying in the halls, signaling that the source of the blast was a high powered explosion. Before getting off of the ship, one of the flight crew discovered a camcorder that was partially shielded by the remains of one of the scientists, once the flight made it back to the mainland, officials played the video, the audio was the only part released to the public:

"Caroline, are you getting this?" A young male’s voice said in excitement.
"Yeah, what's going on?" A female asked.
"Well, one is the fact is that all Pokémon have left the area in a ninety mile radius and two, the tremors are caused by a landmass that is starting to emerge."
"So, these Earthquakes are being made by what? Atlantis?"
"It can't be, this landmass hasn't surfaced in well over two hundred thousand years and..." The male said before being cut off by a loud creaking of the ship.
"Attention all personnel, the hull of the ship has been breached by a rapid growth of magma, Everyone abandon ship immediately" A voice said over the speakers.
"We gotta get out of here Dylan!" Caroline's voice shouted as a pound hit the floor.
"I can't just leave the camera here, It has valuable information." Dylan said as the camera was picked up
"There! We gotta get up through here!" Dylan also said before a sound of someone climbing a metal ladder and the sound of the ship creaking again.
"Dylan! I can't hold on! I'm slipping!" Caroline shouted in panic.
"I got you! Hang on!" Dylan yelled before a loud bang and the sound of a rapid wind shear.

The Audio was then cut off from the public and nothing else was to be said about the incident.

Date: December 13 2004
Location: Mid Pacific Ocean
Time: 11:57 (11:57 AM)

Well over a year after the last ship was sent out and six months after the end of the quakes, the landmass rose above sea level, another ship named the S.S Glacier was sent out in a scouting mission from Slateport City to the Unknown, it too lost contact, it was found a day later by a helicopter that was touring in the Johto region. When a search and rescue party made it aboard, it was noted that the ship had massive claw marks slashed throughout the hull and a search on the inside found one survivor who was severely burned and cut up who described that the ship was single handedly destroyed by a single pokémon that was made almost purely out of lava. Shortly after the reports made it to the governments, the Kanto, Sinnoh, and Unova naval fleets were deployed to the unknown only to come back with no reports of any strange events, then yet another ship set sail to the unknown, which made full examinations of the land mass and made it back safely, the reports came in that the island was still uninhabitable because of the heat during the day and the unforgiving cold at night. After the report, recon aircraft were sent out every six months to analyze, and after six years results showed that plants and bird pokémon have started living on the island, and two years later, trees have grown at a unbelievably fast rate and the region was deemed completely habitable, and shortly after a outpost was established on the southern shore which was then named "Bayview Harbor".

Date: February 19 2014
Location: The Unknown
Time: 12:00 (12:00 PM)

After two years without any strange reports, government from across the globe have allowed young trainers to go forth and explore "the unknown" for other people to inhabit the land, out of hundreds of hopefuls, only eight were chosen to go to the unknown and begin their adventures of being the first permanent inhabitiants of the new region...


1) no godmodding (Moving waterfalls, volcanoes erupting by your pokemon's command etc.)

2) swearing is okay, but don't go overboard

3) leave any perversion out of this or at least the best you can.

4) no chain posting (Person1, Person2, Person1, Person2,Person1, Person2, Person1, Person2,Person1, Person2, Person1, Person2, Person3,Person1, Person2, Person1, Person2... you get what I mean. )

5) you cannot find items around, you must get them from the supply store at the harbor, I will not allow you finding a potion in the desert or a pokeball in the snow... Berries and other NATURAL Items are an exception (Revives count due to being found underground in D/P)

6) No quick Evolution (Stones, Trading, and items are a exception)

7) Please Please Please, no bashing the other players, unless it's in the story... don't be like Ex: LegnaK your Pokémon is so stupid.

8) No finding Pokémon in unlikely places (Weedle in a Volcano, or Slugma in the Artic...)

9) If you are lost on what to do... just ask people (More than likely me for the terrain areas)

10) Have fun

11) you must like pie

12) Ignore # 11 on the rules

13) You must post at least three times a week, I don't want this to die off again as quickly.


(Names of ships:
Kanto: S.S Anne
Johto: S.S Aqua
Hoenn: S.S Tidal
Sinnoh: S.S Sinnoh (I'm using D/P standards here)
Unova: S.S Royal Unova
Unknown (Fake) Regions: S.S Leviathan)
-- All ships will dock at same dock --


the western portion of the region is abundant of caves, volcanoes and mountains, and prone to some heavy flooding due to the region in a Hurricane prone area, the north part of the region is a very cool and icy area with massive gorges and rapids, making it a very hazardous area for a permanent settlement whereas just south of it is a very dry desert with a unique oasis on top of a plateau, and to the east; a massive plains area that has almost no trees. The south is very tropical and also is dotted with small islands just south of the mainland that are surrounded in deep water, deeper than the depths of Hoenn regions trenches.

Players so far:

(LegnaK) Timothy - Ginguin, Gavrovoid

(Supermariofan64) Axel Alche - Tynamo "Pulse", Rotom "Vein"

(Zerkisrom) Lillian Mozanado - Kasai "Hono", Riolu " Auroro", Ralts " Tekina"

(Silver_fang) Bill Silvers - Litwick

(Bobbyjoe500) Moltar Morter - zubat "charlie bean"

(NOTE: all pokémon found on island will be any pokémon from generations 1-5 and non legendary, the only Fakemon on there are the legends and they play a big part of the RP)