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30th March 2012, 1:36 AM
First: Some exposition.

I am the very definition of a new guy for Pokemon TCG - I only started playing last weekend when my boyfriend and I played around while waiting between panels at an anime convention. I don't really intend for my deck to be professional or play in tournaments or whatnot, but I do want to ask you on the forum if my deck would be at least playable and if it could be improved at all.

Pokemon: 23
(2) Zekrom
(2) Pikachu (Next Destinies)
(2) Raichu (Next Destinies)
(2) Emolga (Next Destinies)
(4) Gastly (Stormfront)
(3) Haunter (Either Expedition Base Set or Diamond & Pearl)
(2) Gengar (Arceus) (With the "Shadow Skip" ability)
(2) Spoink (Legends Awakened)
(2) Spoink (Triumphant)
(2) Grumpig (EX Emerald)

Trainers: 17
(2) Bill’s Maintenance
(2) Relic Hunter
(2) Pokemon Communication
(3) Potion
(2) Cilan
(2) Warp Point
(2) Level Ball
(2) Pokemon Center

Energy: 20
(9) Lightning
(11) Psychic

Total: 60

So, the gist of it here is: The majority of the Pokemon in my deck have an ability that allows me to switch it with one of my Benched Pokemon after it attacks. Anything that doesn't have that ability can Paralyze or put to Sleep the Defending Pokemon to buy some time. My whole strategy is to keep switching my Active and Benched Pokemon after every attack so that my opponent never gets the opportunity to kill any of them while I slowly whittle away theirs.

Zekrom is there in case I need a late-game heavy hitter to end with. And Pikachu and Raichu came with him in the starter deck, and they're pretty cool, so I kept them too.

My biggest problem is with Trainers I think. I specifically chose the Stadium Pokemon Center so I can heal my Pokemon on the Bench before switching them back into battle and Relic Hunter helps me get it out as quickly as possible. Warp Point helps in case I need to change out a Pokemon that doesn't have that specific ability like Haunter or Pikachu - with the added bonus of forcing my opponent to switch theirs as well. But all the others... I seriously don't know for sure if they work or if there are better cards out there that will help with my strategy.

Anyway, what do you think? Interesting? Crap?