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30th March 2012, 8:55 AM
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Recently there has been a new type of human status who are affiliated with Digimon known as Hunters. Unlike past humans who were know as Tamers or Digi-Destined these hunters aren't bound to side with the good or evil ad are free to do what they please. With a the coming of the Digimon Hunter there was the creation of the DigiQuartz similar to the Digital World but it's a parallel world to the human world. The DigiQuartz exists for a sole reason for Hunters to hunt Digimon for the expansion of their collection of Digimon.

Unlike the Digital World the DigiQuartz affects most of the Digimon's behavoir whom reside there, usually these Digimon are fused with negative human emotions since th DigiQuartz and the Human world are connected closely so Digimon would act out aggressivly and to have known to posses Hunters for their own purposes. Some of these Digimon also can pass through to the human world for their own purposes.

One of the Digimon fused with the negative human emotions was too much to handle had degenetated back to an egg aborbing negative energy of the DigiQuartz and negative energy of the human world until it hatched into a Chaosmon who sought to rule over the DigiQuartz and Human World. He cannot be hunted or stopped by force due to his overwhelming negative power that can wipe out Hunters and their Digimon in a single strike or posses them to make them his pawns of his empire.

However an opposing force to Chaosmon has been set up for the safety and protection of the DigiQuartz known as "Hunter Union" led by CV Angemon and the man who mostly chooses who will become a Hunter only known as the Old Clock Shop Man.

Digimon Hunter:
A Hunter is a person with a X Loader who participates in the Digimon Hunt. Hunters are able to enter the DigiQuartz by performing a Time Shift with their X Loader, and collect Digimon either by convincing them to join them, or forcing them to by subduing the Digimon and performing a "Digimon Capture". Hunters are generally aged between 12-18 but there are exceptions of older or younger hunters.

Hunted Digimon can only stay in their form/level after being captured. eg. Meramon cannot degenerate or Digivolve.

When a human first becomes a Hunter he/she also recieves only one partner Digimon at Champion or below stage. A Partner Digimon can also perform Digievolution to it's higher forms.

The DigiQuartz is a mysterious space between the Human World and Digital World which is used as the field for the Digimon Hunt. It manifests as a digital mirror of the Human World. It is quite fragile, and the matter within can disintegrate into data at a touch. Due to the DigiQuartz's connection to the Human World, the events within it often play out in the Human World through various analogues, such as windows blowing out or objects moving around. Over time, the DigiQuartz has expanded outside Japan, and manifested in locations as far away as Hong Kong or the USA.

The DigiQuartz imposes several rules on Hunters, most of which limit their power. For example, a Hunter can only realise one Digimon that has entered the real world through DigiQuartz , and they can only DigiXros two Digimon
together at a time.

DigiXros can be performed with a Hunters partner Digimon and one of the hunters captured Digimon to fuse together to form a new powerful Digimon. Note: The hunters partner Digimon would still keep it's name and have a resemblence of it's orginal form along with some features of the other Digimon . ex. Agumon (Hunters partner) + Guardromon (Hunters Capture Digimon) = Xrosup Agumon (Guardromon) Note: DigiXros happens with the Partner Digimon is out of the X-Loader and one of the captured Digimon is in the X-Loader.

It may be called the new "Digivice" the X-Loader is used by hunters to capture Digimon, store Digimon, DigiXros, Digivolve and of it's most unique feature "Time Shift" Where it takes the user to the DigiQuartz.

How are you involved:
You have either been approached by the Old Clock Shop Man or another force to become a Digimon Hunter, you firstly learn that Hunter use's his/her's "Time Shift" ability to enter DigiQuartz where you hunt Digimon to expand your collection. Then you are returned back to where you were approached and became a hunter, from there on your journey begins.


1. No godmodding at any time this includes digievolution to a stage that would not be accessible during the time of the Rp, however there will be exceptions which will be discussed at the RPG cafe. There will be no warnings for this just a boot.

2. No double Digixros'ing, which means A Digixros'ed Digimon cannot Digixros again.

3. The limit cap of a hunters collection is 10 Digimon and no more.

4. Digimon you captured cannot Digivolve or Degenerate.

5. When 2 or more hunters are hunting the same Digimon, the conflict needs to be settled .

6. No repeated Digimon, (Dark versions are ok.)

7. The higher the level of the Digimon that the hunter/s is hunting it will be harder.

8. If we all can to make things easier, all Rp characters could try to attend the same school or be the next town away.

9. Follow the rules please.

10. You start off with your partner Digimon, no pre hunted Digimon.

11. Have Fun.

Accpeted Hunters:
1. Yamamoto Swada (dajman1996) Digimon: Veemon
2. Gabriel Drake (Titan500) Digimon: Gladimon
3. Stella Gold (Mon1010) Digimon: Gatomon
4. Sho Bari (Kissmygrass96) Digimon: Elecmon
5. Yuzuki Konoe (Raiden193) Digimon: Leskimon
6.Rebecca Klein (*Jean Grey*) Digimon Garurumon
7 Mitsu Kaneko (InnerFlame) Digimon: BlackAgumon
8.Niko Dragovic (digipoke1) Digimon: Monodramon

SU Sheet:
Age: (12-18, or another for a special reason)




X-Loader Colour:

History: (Just explain how you became a hunter either by the Old Clock Shop Man or another force)

Digimon Partner: ( Be at either Champion or lower stages)

Partner's Apperance:

Partner's Personality:

Partners Evolution Line: (Natural Evoluton line not including DigiXros's from Fresh-Mega, can be made up by you)

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30th March 2012, 9:49 AM
Looks like we gots an discussion thread..... You did get this approve by a mod, right? Anyways I drew a picture of Mitsu she looks so adorable anyone want me to attempt to draw their character?

30th March 2012, 12:21 PM
Sure, I request a picture of Gabby.

30th March 2012, 12:56 PM
I would like a picture of Sho, thank you in advance.

Also, InnerFlame, we should probably figure out who gets Airdramon, although we probably have about a week-and-a-half irl before it's needed, but planning ahead rarely ever hurts. I don't care much either way as it could be seeable (sp?) either way and if Motsu gets it Sho would just run into something else, or help Mitsu (and annoy BlackAgumon) if he gets Airdramon.

30th March 2012, 1:29 PM
I'll like an Yamamoto picture if you could do that please after Sho's picture since he requested it first!

Monster Guy
30th March 2012, 1:58 PM
Well since everyone else is requesting pictures of their characters, I may as well too. xD

Anyway, after doing some research, I discovered there's a Digimon named Cutemon. Guess what's going to be Stella's first capture. ;)

Also, If your wondering wondering why I chose Magnadramon to be Gatomon's Mega form instead of Ophanimon. It's because it's pink, and can be adorable depending on the pose it's in. xD

Plus, I expect Stella to have gone through character development by the time the Mega forms are available. xD

(Just so everyone knows, I'm a guy playing a female character.)

30th March 2012, 3:32 PM
I would like a pic of Niko, that is if you don't mind, Inner.

So just that I have this all right. We're all in the same area, right?

30th March 2012, 4:52 PM
No, digi. Me and Mitsu are elsewhere facing off against Airdramon. I think everyone else is there though.

30th March 2012, 5:20 PM
Sho can have the Airdramon; I've asked dajman about a digimon that I wanted. I'm going to get a Lucemon because I just love that digimon! I knew you were a guy Mon, you like one my few guys friends. Yup, while you guy were fighting two of the group has roamed off. I'm not quite sure where Raiden is however.

Everyone so far you request has been taken up, I'll try my best to draw your characters and it might not be in order of who mention it.

Monster Guy
30th March 2012, 5:48 PM
I'm just saying so Dajman knows.

In case Yamamoto/Stella happens. ;)

BTW, I didn't know there was already a blonde girl with a Pink X-Loader who targets cute Digimon in Xros Wars 2 untill after I made my character.

30th March 2012, 7:27 PM
Anyone mind if I go after Kuwagamon?

30th March 2012, 11:32 PM
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