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30th March 2012, 4:01 PM
So I've been running this unlimited deck for about a year now, with on and off upgrades, and I think I've gotten it to it's best point (within my ability right now) but I'd love your guys opinions on it and what I can do to improve the overall speed of the deck.


1x Zekrom EX
2x Zekrom
2x Reshiram
1x Victini (V-create)
2x Cyndaquil
2x Quilava
1x Typhlosion Prime
1x Elekid
1x Pikachu (100dmg thunderbolt)
1x Raichu (100dmg Burst Ball)
2x Larvesta
2x Volcarona
2x Tynamo
2x Elektrik


3x Energy Search
1x Energy Retrival
1x Interviewer's Questions
1x Cheren
1x N
2x Potion
1x Pokemon communication
1x Pokemon Collector
1x Heavy Ball
1x Dusk Ball
2x Great ball (Top 7 Cards)
1x Great Ball (Any Basic)
1x Sunyshore City Gym


9x Electric
10x Fire
1x Double Colorless
1x Prism

31st March 2012, 3:02 AM
How about Eelectrick from black and white emerging power's, it's ability, dynamotor, brings back electric energy from the discard pile for your bench attacker's are setup for battle.

1st April 2012, 3:52 PM
Yeah, I've got two of them in there, their at the end of the Pokemon list. Sorry I misspelled the name :P