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Shadow Lucario
4th April 2012, 1:03 PM
Shadow Lucario here bringing you another fan fiction. This one is more like my second, Dedication through Light and Darkness in that it takes place at an academy. Even though they are both similar and use the same characters they are both drastically different in plot and Pokemon. This story does not take place in the same universe as my current fic Hero's Bond. It's been a while since I've done an academy story so I hope I still got it. If you would like to be apart of a PM/VM list then say so in your review. Enjoy!

Invasion of Chaos

Chapter 1: Let’s Begin…


“What?! What?! I’m up! …Where am I?”

“We’re on our way to our new lives! How could you fall asleep at a time like this?”

Sailing through the waters near the Johto region was a large luxury ship. On the ship were many young teenagers eagerly awaiting their destination; the Pokémon Academy of the west. It is here that teenagers from all over come to learn about the different aspects of Pokémon training. It is here they would receive their first Pokémon. Many of the teens paced the boat, waiting in anticipation. There were, of course, the few that weren’t too excited about leaving home. Jyharri was part of an even smaller group. He was part of the group that wanted to rest while he could.

“Sydnie, I’m tired. Let me sleep.” The boy pulled a book off his messy black hair, placing it on his face.

“I don’t think so,” said the girl. “You’re going to walk around the ship with me. We’re going to need some friends before we get to school.”

“But we have friends. There’s you, me, Chad, Jessica, and Jasmine; the Blackthorn crew.”

Ignoring his comment, Sydnie pulled Jyharri from his lawn chair, dragging him across the deck of the boat. The boat was very large, having three different decks on three different levels. Chairs had been situated around the decks with some tables here and there. The inner deck appeared to be a fancy restaurant, waiters and chefs running around trying to get things ready for the students.

Crowds had already begun to form around the outside of the restaurant, stomachs grumbling all around. Once the waiters let everyone in nearly every table was filled. Jyharri tried to break free from Sydnie’s grip in an attempt to get some food, but his friend proved to be far stronger than she looked. Sydnie had long dirty blonde hair and dark green eyes that looked as if they could pierce your soul.

“But food,” Jyharri said, trying to slip out of his grey jacket.

Sydnie grabbed onto the collar of his black shirt, still dragging him along. Going down to the second deck, they saw there was much less people. The second level appeared to be more for sitting around than the first. It was set up like a theater without a stage. Pushing Jyharri into a seat, Sydnie sat next to him, a smile on her face.

“Now was that so hard?” she asked.

“So why did you want to come down here?”

“Well once we get to school we don’t even know if we’ll be in the same dorm…This might be the last time we actually get to spend some time together.”

“We might have some classes together. If not then we’ll definitely hang out outside of class. Stop your worrying!”

Sydnie nodded as Jyharri patted her on the back. “What type of Pokémon do you think you’ll get?”

“They look over our grades from elementary school right?” Jyharri placed his hand on his chin, trying to think of what he had gotten in school up until this point. “I think they’ll give me a super strong Pokémon! I did have perfect grades in some areas.”

“And completely failed in others,” said Sydnie as she let out a laugh.

A loud horn sounded, echoing through all corners of the boat. A large plume of steam shot out of the smokestack. Looking ahead, the two friends saw a large island start to come into view. Occupying a large portion of the island’s east side was a collection of buildings, all topped with a different color. A large tower lay behind the buildings, easily being the tallest on the island. As they got closer, the buildings became clearer, the shine from the clean paint more noticeable.

A large group of people were waiting by the docks, all waving and shouting inaudible things. One woman stood in front of the crowd, her hands planted firmly on her hips, her light brown hair flowing in the wind. She had a confident smile on her face as she saw the ship dock.

“Welcome to your new home!” she shouted, her voice surprisingly loud. “I would like any new students to follow me!”

Shuffling off the boat, the younger students began to follow the woman up a staircase that led to the buildings. A large group of people all dressed in four different colors traveled a different way, going along the docks as opposed to the stairs. Jyharri swallowed a large amount of saliva, the gulp reaching Sydnie’s ears. Sydnie took in a deep breath, her hands slightly shaking.

“Are you ready to meet your Pokémon?” the woman asked, stopping at the entrance to a wooded area.

Just above the trees, the students could see the tops of the buildings. At the word Pokémon, the kids began to buzz, some even hyperventilating. The woman chuckled as they entered the wooded area, a smile on her face.

“We’ve evaluated your previous school records and chose your first Pokémon based on one factor. Some of the older kids might have told you that grades were a big part. I want you to know they aren’t. We take what your teacher’s say about you, match you up with what we feel is a necessary Pokémon and then we are done. As you attend this school you will grow with your Pokémon and come to trust them completely.”

The woman pulled a red and white sphere from her belt. Pressing a button in the middle, the ball enlarged to the size of a tennis ball. Tossing it into the air, the ball cracked open; white light spilling out and hitting the ground. The light slowly began to form into a large creature, taller than any of the humans. The light broke off to reveal a penguin of sorts. The ends of its fins had been tipped with blue metal, three golden claws on the inside. Its black feathers had sheen to them that showed it was taken care of. In front of its face was the head of a trident, extending several inches above its head.

“This is my Empoleon,” the woman said. “I’ve had him since I was your age. Together we got stronger, overcame many challenges and became number one on this island!”

“Headmistress Taylor,” a man called, running up from behind her. “We’re ready to hand out the Pokémon.”

Many gasps were heard from the students, the already evident excitement bursting out. They began to chatter, many speculating on what their Pokémon was. The headmistress tried to calm them down, but her attempts were in vain. With a chuckle, she patted Empoleon, a smirk appearing on his face. The large creature let out a load roar, a sound one would not expect from a penguin. The noise died instantly, all the students facing Taylor.

“Good,” she said. “Now how we hand out your Pokémon is simple. You will proceed to the first building. In there you will be assigned to a dorm. There are four; Fire Red, Leaf Green, Thunder Yellow, and Ocean Blue. Once you have been assigned a dorm you will pick up your uniform and Pokémon. After that your schedule will be made and you are free to do anything you like!”

“What about our luggage?” one student asked.

“Who cares about our luggage?! Let’s go get our Pokémon!” said another.

Just about the rest of the group agreed with the latter. Jyharri looked at his hands, his body trembling with excitement. He would finally get his first Pokémon, a day he has been anticipating just about his entire life. He looked over at Sydnie and she had been trembling as well. The headmistress held up one finger, signaling for them to wait.

“Remember, first building,” she told them. “Annnnnd….”

The students all leaned forward as if they were about to run a marathon. Some were bouncing on the balls of their feet while others placed their hands on the ground. A bead of sweat trickled down Jyharri’s temple. As soon as it hit the ground the headmistress released the bulls.


The large group took off through the woods. Taylor jumped to the side, avoiding getting trampled. With his heart racing, Jyharri tore through the woods, dodging low branches and vines. His breath was already heavy, but he didn’t stop; none of them stopped. Sydnie was keeping up with her friend, a few steps behind. A boy next to them tripped over a tree root, hitting the ground hard. Without missing a beat, the boy jumped back to his feet, keeping the same pace he had.

The group ripped through the exit, a large building a few feet away. The kids began to file in, a line forming over time. Inside the building appeared to be a factory, different color jackets being streamed along lines above their heads. Conveyor belts brought them to a long counter on the opposite side. Closest to the entrance were three large owls. When a student would step up to them, they would spread their wings, the large V on their heads glowing blue.

“Next!” a loud voice yelled.

It had been Jyharri’s turn. Sydnie, Jyharri, and the boy who tripped stepped up to the owls looking at them in awe. Turning their heads, the owls spread their wings as they did before.

What’s your name kid? The voice appeared in Jyharri’s head, but he didn’t see anyone’s mouth move.

“Huh?” he said confused, still looking around.

I’m the one asking you! The Noctowl in front of you!

“You can talk to me?!” Jyharri asked startled. “But you’re a Pokémon!”

I have Psychic powers so that means I can talk to you telepathically. Cool right? Don’t think only you humans can communicate with each other. Now tell me your name.

“My name is Jyharri and…”

You can just think kid. I can hear your thoughts.

Talk about an invasion of privacy! Jyharri thought.

I’m here to choose which of the color things you belong to. Now what is your favorite color?

Jyharri put his hand on his chin, trying to come up with a color. Purple! It’s awesome!

Well purple isn’t a choice! Choose again!

I like black too…

You’re a Red! Now move!

Stepping aside, Jyharri placed his hand on his head. Sydnie stepped right next to him, a confused look on her face.

“Did you get your mind blown too?” Jyharri asked.

“He went through all my personal history…” Sydnie told him, walking towards the counter. “He evaluated everything I’ve ever done…”

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Once they reached the counter on the opposite side, Jyharri stepped up, a plump woman with glasses sitting in a chair behind it. She had a stack of papers in her hands, smacking her bubble gum as she looked the two over.

“Name,” she asked, her voice dry and hoarse.

“Jyharri Ahmed,” he said with confidence.

“Ahmed…Ahmed…Ahmed…” The woman began to flip through the papers, pulling a single piece out. “There you are darling. It says here that your Pokémon is a Togepi. Ain’t that the sweetest thing? Here you are.”

She pulled a Poké Ball from a tray behind her, placing it on the paper. When Jyharri’s hand touched the ball he felt his heart leap. The cold metal against his skin, the smoothness of the ball, the weightlessness of it in his hand; it was just as he pictured it. With a kiss, he began to giggle, jumping up and down. As he was about to take off, the woman grabbed the end of his jacket.

“Don’t forget your uniform,” she told him, pointing down the counter. Further down were colored jackets, each corresponding with the four dorms. Each time one was taken, another was put in its place.

“I’ll catch you later Sydnie,” Jyharri said, focusing on his Poké Ball.

Jyharri grabbed at a jacket without looking, picking up whatever he felt first. Looking at it right before he exited, he saw that he grabbed a yellow one. Placing it back, he grabbed a red one. Looking back at the woman, he saw Sydnie receive her Poké Ball, the same reaction coming from her that he had. With a smile, Jyharri left the building in the back exit. The back was majorly different from the front. There were no trees, only buildings and sidewalk. There was some grass here and there as well as a few small water spots. Many of the new students were concentrated in this area, some of them talking with their Pokémon already.

Deciding it would be best to do the same, Jyharri tossed his Poké Ball into the air. When the light hit the ground, it formed into a small egg shape. Not only did it take on an egg shape, but its body appeared to resemble an egg. Its head, its arms, and feet were the only parts that weren’t an egg. Red and blue shaped emblazoned the shell.

“So you’re Togepi?” asked Jyharri, kneeling to be closer to it. The Pokémon nodded, looking at Jyharri with great interest. “I’m Jyharri and I’m your trainer.”

Togepi let out a shrill, jumping into Jyharri’s arms. Standing up, Jyharri turned to see Sydnie, a small red creature in her arms. Its arms and legs were short, its tail being just about the same length. On its stomach was a small flame marking. Looking down on her forearm, Jyharri saw she was also carrying a red jacket.

“Meet Togepi,” Jyharri said, holding his Pokémon out.

“This is Magby,” Sydnie told him, scratching under Magby’s yellow mouth. “Looks like we got into the same dorm. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about that anymore.”

“Let’s compare schedules then.”

Taking out the piece of paper the lady handed him and taking Sydnie’s, Jyharri looked over them simultaneously, checking each class.

“We both have Battle Tactics first period,” he said. “Then you have Finding and Catching second and I have Environment Studies. Third period is a break for both of us and the last three periods are History. We’ll be together for a good amount of time.”

“This sounds like it’s going to be a great year already!”